It started as normal day for Tim, he woke up got dressed went to school. For lunch he came home because he was bored but little did he know that his sister was, Emma was also home for lunch. they said the odd 'you alright' or 'hey' you know the usual things brothers and sisters usually say to each other but, for Emma it was different she was taking interest into her brother more often as she was maturing into a young lady being 18 and virgin and Tim being 18 who also was a virgin but every girl fancied the shit out of him but, he just didn't know.
For some strange reason she kept looking at him and when ever he saw her she'd turn away and blush but he didn't notice. Anyway he went off back to school and Emma tailed behind him with a few friends a few minutes later. They soon caught up with him because he just couldn't be bothered to go back to school so he picked up his pace so the girls wouldn't follow him but they did and they caught him try to hop over some gardens to get back home.
'tut tut tut' his sister said, 'you got to get back to school'
‘I’m going home, I can’t go to school I just, don't feel well' he said
' okie dokey' she said, 'but could you do me favor and buy me some fags for when I get home' she said
‘sure, gimme the money then'
'what money?'
'for your fags!' he shouted
' who said anything about me buying them, you have to or ill tell mum and dad when they get home later that you skipped half a day of school' she replied.
He just gave the most evil stare at her while she just gave the biggest grin back at him 'aaarrrrrrr for FUCK SAKE!!!' he shouted.
He walked to towards the shops went in, bought the smokes and buggered off home. He got in and went straight outside to the back garden made sure no-one was looking and lit up a fag for himself. He finished went back in ordered some pizza and put some music on quite loud and chilled out on the sofa with a freezing cold can of pepsi.

 About half an hour later he had finished about 7 cans of pepsi and needed to go for a slash so he turned off the music went upstairs to the toilet when someone started to bang at the door,' SHIT, SHIT AND SHIT!!!' he shouted as he was half way through his slash,'must be the fucking pizza', he ran down the stairs opened the door where a someone was just standing there with the pizzas in front of their face but he looked down and noticed it was a girl delivering them and he said under his breath'DAAAAMMMNNNNNN' because this girl had the most sexiest legs on a body he ever saw and seeing as how she was wearing a skirt it made the day even better for him. then the pizzas moved so he could see the persons face it was his sister who took the pizzas from the delivery person and have them the money.
'AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH' he shouted as he jumped back.
'What, whats the matter?' she said back to him really scared.
He just looked at her and laughed grabbed the pizzas off of her and pursued to the kitchen for a plate, and she followed.

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'What are you doing home by the way' he said
'I don't feel well either, maybe it was that disgusting curry we had last night' she said with a smile
'Maybe, any way cheers for paying for the pizza' he said as he sat down to take a bite from his pizza
‘What do you think ya doin’ she said
‘Eating my Pizza’
‘Well I paid for it set me some of it’ she replied
‘Fine, whatever’.
So they were jus finishing their lunch when as Tim was eating his last slice he dropped a bit on his jumper which left a big red stain on it so he went out to the garage where they kept their washing machine and tumble dryer. He plonked in the jumper and walked back in to the kitchen wearing nothing on his top half because he only had that jumper on him. Emma looked up at him as he was walking through and noticed he had an 8 pack and those muscles stopped her from watching the T. V and made her keep drool.
He ran up stairs without even noticing her when actually he did notice her looking at him but he didn’t say anything, and went to get a vest on then he jumped down the whole flight of stairs and landed with a huge bang at the end which knocked Emma out of her trance.
‘What the fuck was that!’ she shouted
‘Haha, whats up, did I knocked you out of ya daydream, huh?!’
She went bright red turned away and smiled and said with her back to him, ‘I don’t know what ya talking about?’
‘I saw you lookin at me, why?’
‘ok, ok, ok I never knew you had such a buff body’
‘Fine, ok then, I’m going up stairs to take a shower, ok’
‘KK’, she replied.
He went and took a shower came out and went to his room sat down on his bed grabbed his PSP and started to play his new game Vice City Stories. He played for about 20 minutes and became exhausted again so he turned it off and fell asleep and as he rolled after about a half an hour into his sleep he knocked the PSP on to the floor but, he didn’t wake up though.
Emma, who was downstairs, heard the thud and went upstairs to see if anything was alright. She knew he was asleep because she heard the snoring, so she knocked three times before entering and made sure things were alright.
She turned away and caught in the corner of her eye his body again; she couldn’t help herself she just had to touch his body to see what it felt like and when she did she was in pleasure paradise, she looked up to his face and noticed he was still asleep so she kissed him on the lips but, this wasn’t no normal brother and sister kiss this was a lovers kiss but with no tongue. She pulled away just as she turned to go he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him and they kissed passionately for what seemed like eternity. They broke off and looked at each other, smiled and both said,
Chapter 2 coming soon! Jay