With My Sister-In-Law and Mollie to Introduce Mollie to Bandit


As you may see this also includes K9 loving so I just picked the one catagory. Well, after a coulpe days Mollie, Vickies Mom, was not objecting to sex with Me, her daughter Vickie of my brother (Vickie's husband) Mason. In fact Vickie we woke up one morning by Mollie screaming downstairs for Mason to "oh yes, yes, fuck me harder. " in the kitchen. There was Mason with Mollie bent over the island in the kitchen getting fucked. She almost collapsed when Mason finished and he had to leave for work. I had some evil plans for the day and thought that I should introduce Mollie to Bandit. I told Viskie and she said, "Oh my god, should we, reall?" and I smiled and said yes and I would get it all set up. THere was a nice foot stool in the living room, very heavy and had four legs. That afternoon I gt the wine out and gave Mollie a little something in her wine. We began playing sex games and I had the idea to tie Mollie over the stol her legs spread so that these home invaders could do as they liked. She played along and after a litle I had her tied over he stool, her ass exposed and her tits hanging from the other side and Vickie was sucking the nipples. I winked at Vickie and went to get Bandit. It was hard to keep him quiet when he saw the female bent over the stool and his cock began to come out. He began licking Mollie right off and gave her an orgasm quickly. I blindfolded Mollie and slapped her ass so Bandit mounted her.

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   I helped his cock to find her pussy and he jammed it in making Mollie moan with pleasure. "Oh Mason is back home. " she was moaning but Vickie and I did not say anything. Then the knot was hitting her pussy lips and then went in and she gave a scream. "Damn, what is in me. " and I took off the blndfold and she looked over her shoulder to see Bandit humping away. "Get him out, oh shit no, no, I can't do that. " and she finaly gave up until Bandit finished. She was really pissed even with he 2 orgasms she had with the dog. We left her tied and Vickie began eating her Mom's pussy giving her another orgasm.

I was over playing with Bandit to get him excied again and soon he was and I slapped Mollie's ass again and again Bandit mounted her. She did not resist this time but I saw her push against his cock that was still growing. I got the biggest dildo we had and put it on and when Bandit finished I popped it into Mollie and just kept on doing her until she was just babbling. By this time Vickie had Bandit hard again by sucking his cock and he mounted Mollie, this time I guided him to her ass and he did not care. It went in and Mollie woke up and said, "Oh no, it will not fit, oh no please.

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  " and Bandit was filling her ass with his cock.
    After a little the knot was trying to get in and then it made it making Molie yell but this time in a diferent way, "Oh fuck yes, fuck me, oh damnit, yes, fuck me. " she was saying over and over. Bandit did just that and she finaly relaxed as Vickie and I ate her ass and pussy and Bandit went back outside. She laid there even after I untied her and then roled ontothe floor laying spread out. "Well, is that it?" she said looking at Vickie, "Come here daughter, we have something to finish" she said and Vickie began eating her, "Fist it baby, fist it hard. " Milie said and Viskie slipped her hand into her Mom and began fisting her hand and fast. Orgasm followed orgasm and then they feel asleep, Viskie with her fist in her Mom's pussy and Mollie kissing Vickie. I had taken a movie of all the events and was watching them when Mason got home and seeing his wife and her mom in the flor the way they were he loked at me on the couch naked and said, "THere has got to be a story behind this. " he said. "I patted the cushion next to me and he strippoed and sat down and we cudled and I rewound the movie and he really enjoy it a lot. He laid me on the flor next to the sleeping women and fucked me hadrer than he ever had. Vickie and Mollie woke and watched us finish. We all kissed and went to the hot tub and continued the night.

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