Winter Family Fun Prt 5


Part 5
Sara and Rick decided it was time to join the rest of the world for awhile and dressed as their parents had, in just bottoms under their snow suits. Rick noticed Sara’s tits swaying as she pulled up her suit making him almost change his mind about leaving but he resisted knowing it will fuel his fire for awhile. They gathered their skis and headed out looking for the lodge.
The signs made it easy to find and as they entered they noticed the lights where low compared to the glaring sun reflecting off the snow. It took a moment for their eyes to adjust but as they did they noticed that there was a roaring fire in a built up pit in the middle of the room surrounded by many booths with people snuggling and lots of movement. They finally spotted their parents talking to another couple, they appeared extremely into the new acquaintances as they seemed to be almost flirting with each other.
Tom looked up to see his kids enter the lodge nudging Mary and pointing to the door, they both smiled and waved explaining to their guest as they smiled knowing what had happened just earlier.
Mary got up and met her two offspring halfway to the table she first gave Rick a hug, a surprising intimate kiss as she put a full lip lock on her son, and gave his dick a quick rub. She then turned to Sara and did the same only she added a slight grab of her daughters ass. Both were a little taken aback as to her boldness but at this time they were up for anything
As Rick and Sara eyes adjusted they looked around walking to their parents booth they noticed that there where a lot of families mothers, fathers and siblings in the lodge, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary except some were very scantily clad and a few in what appeared to be various acts of sexual carnage. Seeing this made both Rick and Sara horny, excited and a little nervous.
When Rick and Sara reached their parents booth they were introduced to the Henderson’s who had a cabin next to theirs. First was Jill a very striking blond about 38 or as she stood and gave each a hug they both noticed she had a nice rack with melon size tits and a bigger than average ass which Rick noticed right away. Then to Steve a handsome gentleman who rose shook Ricks hand and gave Sara a hug with what seemed like a not so accidental squeeze of her ass.
As they sat back down Sara took a seat on the Henderson’s side next to Steve with Jill on the inside, Sara was now intrigued to how far this meeting might go. Rick sat down next to his mother with dad on the inside.

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   Tom noted that Steve and Jill had 3 children of their own 2 girls Robyn, Candy and 1 boy Bill and that they were out on the slopes at the moment but they should all get together later of which all agreed.
A waitress came to the table wearing a loose top with tight shorts leaned down giving all a great view of her perky tits and ask the new arrivals their order, feeling brave Rick asked for a rum and coke and taking the chance Sara asked for a fuzzy naval and to their dismay the waitress simply smiled and left to fill the order. It was at this time that Sara noticed Steve’s hand on her thigh and it made her smile.
Rick notice the smile and was about to ask why but before he could he felt his mothers hand gliding up his own thigh to his crotch searching out his newly fucked dick. Rick got the same smile. As he looked over at his mother he noticed that her top was unzipped about half way down allowing her cleavage to be exposed to all at the table. He took a quick look to see who all was looking and as he did he noticed Jill had her suit top unzipped and her nipples where poking through the material.
The waitress returned with the drinks and said the first round is on the house being that this was their first time well, this caused Rick and Sara to blush not knowing just what she meant by that, still a little nervous about the previous fucking.
As they sat drinking and conversing Steve got a little bolder leaving no doubt about what he wanted as his hand moved up Sara’s leg to a full assault on her pussy, whether it was the alcohol or the tingling in her hot twat she didn’t care but she wanted more.
Rick was noticing his mothers hand also becoming more aggressive in her groping of her son’s cock, so he figure two could play at that game as he began to run his hand over her leg and inner thigh but not yet bringing it up between her legs as to not be so obvious. After a few drinks he without thinking reached up and cupped one of her breast making her moan before he realized what he was doing and quickly stopped and look across the table to see the Henderson’s reaction.
Neither Jill or Steve seemed to notice or if they did they didn’t seem to be bothered by it, so Rick returned his hand to his mother’s breast as she continued to stroke his dick though his suit. As he looked down he noticed his dad’s dick was sticking straight up out of his suit and mom was jacking him off, Rick thought too bad I’m on the outside as it would be too noticeable to have mom do that to me.
Sara was now getting red hot and wet from the new acquaintance’s attention so she took the liberty and not even bothering to start at the leg she went straight for Steve’s snow suit covered boner as she did she met Jill’s hand already there. Sara jerked her hand back and looked to Jill to apologies, Jill just gave her a big smile and winked.

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   Sara smiled back and returned her hand to Steve’s ever growing cock.
Rick and Sara took a quick look around and noticed that no one was paying any attention to them as each booth seemed to be lost in their own little world of some kind of debauchery. It dawned on them that this must be one of those resorts were anything goes. So as the drinks kept coming their courage kept rising.
Without warning Mary and Jill both smiled, nodded at each other then slid under the table telling the rest that they would be right back and no peeking. As the two mothers came face to face under the table they giggled a little with their hands exploring each others body as they fondled each others tits and locked into a deep kiss both shoving their tongues into each others mouth and feeling the heat of each others pussy’s.
They broke the kiss then switched sides but stayed under the table. Jill was now under Tom and Ricks feet, she reached up and began to feel two new cocks that she couldn’t wait to soon have in her. Mary unzipped Steve’s suit reached in and pulled out his dick, she almost had to fight Sara for it but she knew patience was a virtue so she let Sara’s hand have the first few pulls. As she watched Sara gripping and stroking Steve’s cock it continued to grow to full glory. It felt great in Sara’s hand not as big as her dads but a little fatter than her brothers.    
Mary taking this opportunity brought herself over in between her daughters legs and began running her hands up the top of her thighs to the inside, joining Steve’s hand already there. Mary grabbed Sara’s zipper pulling it down exposing her young still budding breast. Steve taking this chance leaned over and started sucking and licking on Sara’s right tit. Finally mom had Sara’s zipper down far enough that she could see her daughters pussy fur.

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Mary reached a hand into the suit and began to do little circles around Sara’s nubbin. Sara quickly pulled her arms free of her suit and push the top down and raise her ass up so her mother could pull the bottoms down enough to give her full access to her dripping pussy.
All caution was to the wind at this point as Sara now free of her suit pushed Steve further to the inside of the booth so she could lean over and take his raging cock into her mouth, as she did she felt a wet pair of lips on her soaking pussy making her jump when a warm tongue entered her hot honey hole.
Concentrating on the task at hand she began licking Steve’s dick first as her mother had taught her by giving the head a lick down to his balls sucking, teasing then back up to the head. Once there Sara took the fat head into her mouth and went down as far as she could go. Steve just grunted enjoying how good it felt.
Rick on the other hand, was having to split time with his dad as Jill took turns sucking one cock then changing to the other but it was better than nothing and her hand was as smooth as silk as she jerked off who ever she wasn’t blowing at the time. Rick and his father looked at each other and gave each other a big smile then looked over the table to see just part of  Sara’s head bobbing up and down on Steve’s cock.
Rick reached under the table and felt a smooth round ass by his right knee so he continued to investigate finding his own mothers back side. Mary feeling the hand raised and moved her behind so that her sons fingers could find her holes. Rick wetted  a couple fingers in his mouth then returned them to the more than willing ass. He first slowly started inserting his thumb into his moms ass while reaching under with is fingers finding a soaking hot hole.
Mary feeling the insertions, turned on a switch leaving her burning for more as she began to boost her exertion on her daughter shoving her tongue as far as it would go and increasing the fingering of her clit, which made Sara amplify her suction on Steve’s cock almost like she was trying to suck it clean off.
Sara locking down on Steve’s dick lowered a hand down under his balls to his ass crack, finding what she was looking for, she jammed a finger in his ass making him jump and moan. The unsuspected attack on his ass was all he could take, Sara felt Steve’s cock swelling and knew to be prepared as she continued to ram her finger in Steve’s asshole as he let go a gusher down Sara’s throat she swallowed and sank further down his shaft not wanting to lose any of his fluid.

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As she felt Steve cumming she too sensed her own orgasm build as her mother expertly exerted just the right amount of tongue and fingers to her bottom. Sara reached down grabbed the back of Mary’s head and tried to push her further into her smoldering pussy causing her to soak her mothers face with her own girly liquid.
Rick felt Jill return as she started licking and sucking his balls before raising up and taking his whole cock into her mouth and like his mother putting it into the back of her throat. Rick thought he would lose it if she kept that up but he wanted to ensure his mother came first so he increased his focus on his mothers ass and pussy.
Mary being rewarded for her efforts by her daughters pussy juices sucked up as much as she could then continued to lick the rest until Sara could take no more and pulled her mothers head from her spent pussy. Sara just laid there glowing in the after gasim.
Mary then could concentrate on the pleasure she was receiving from her son, by now he had his thumb buried all the way up her ass and what felt like three fingers in her pussy causing a familiar feeling boiling up inside her. She moved back further to help add to the pressure in her rear. Rick feeling this increased his speed and the power of his hand strokes determined to get his mother off for the second time.
Jill moved off Rick and was now busy sucking Tom taking more time now with each dick she began paying more attention to the whole package playing with their balls and cock, leaving the other to their own devices until she returned. Rick was too busy finger banging his mother to really pay to much attention to his own needs.
Rick then felt another hand running up and down his ridged member but knowing his mother was close he couldn’t be worried about it now. Mary started rubbing her own clit and pushing back on the wonderful digits in her ass and pussy. As soon as she encircled her little poker she knew it was time she raised up and near knocked the table over as her own orgasm raged through her body.
Bouncing back and forth she began spreading her cum all over Rick’s hand, moaning and frigging herself in time with her sons fingers.

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   She could take no more and finally fell forward into her daughter’s pussy and just sat there exhausted and very satisfied.
Rick smiled knowing he had brought great pleasure to his mother, raised his fingers to his mouth he began licking her mommy cum off them. That’s when his thoughts returned to the hand on his dick, it felt rougher than Jill’s then it dawned on him as he looked down to see his fathers hand jacking him off. Rick again looked at his father with a little more than a surprise on his face. Tom just looked at his son and said “just returning the favor, you don’t think I didn’t know who jerked me off in the car did you” and with that he smiled and started jerking his son’s cock in earnest.
Rick was to far gone to say anything as he started spurting cum all over his father’s hand and arm hitting his own chest and belly. Tom continued stroking as he took his sons sperm and spread it over his cock head causing Rick to sigh and stiffen until he had no more to release.
Tom thought that if his son could do it so could he so he also gathered what he could of Ricks white cream in his hand and brought it to his mouth giving a lap with is tongue tasting for the first time not only someone else’s cum but that of his son. He was not to surprised as Mary had given him a taste of his own sperm many times and he had eaten it right out of her freshly fuck cunt more times than he could count.  
As Rick slumped over in his seat that left just Tom and Jill to get off. Jill worked on Toms cock taking him deep into her mouth and using her tongue she made swirls on the under shaft and head making Tom squirm with delight as he finished licking his sons cum from his fingers.
Jill loved giving head and knew that just the thought of Tom’s love sap shooting down her throat would be enough to put her over the edge, just to be sure though she has been riding her pussy on her own foot as she sat under the table.
Jill could feel Tom’s cock starting to expand and twitch knowing that he was about to lose it, she raised up as she wanted to catch the first couple loads on her tongue so she could taste it. She gave a couple jerks with her hand and licked the bulbous head like a lollipop until she got the creamy reward. Tom grunted and shook as he watched his sperm land on Jill’s tongue then on her face squirting along her nose, eyelid and hair.

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Once Jill felt the warm life juice hit her tongue and face she was overwhelmed and started her own orgasm flooding her foot and floor. She then took Tom’s dick deep into her throat sucking out what was left, as he started to soften she climbed out from the table having a seat in between Rick and Tom. Using her fingers she scooped up the spunk left on her face, placed them into her mouth so she could enjoy the last little bit.
As everyone started recovering they all straightened their suits tucking in all those semi hard dicks and luscious tits. Jill looked up and saw her children coming across the lodge as they approached the table she introduced everyone. Robyn and Candy were twin bombshells both with blond hair green eyes and bodies to kill for and Bill was just as handsome at least 6 foot and broad shouldered with a smile that made Mary and Sara wet instantly. Tom, Mary, Rick and Sara liked what they saw as before them stood three very appetizing morsels that they would hope to get to know later. But for now the parents all need rest and the younger adults want to play in more ways than one as they left to hit the slopes.