Winter Family Fun Prt 3


As the door opened we saw that dad was standing facing the sink and had his head buried in sis’s sweet pussy sucking and licking like there is no tomorrow. Sis was horizontal with her arms beneath her holding herself up from the sink. Mom dropped to the floor under Sara and began sucking on dads huge tool, while I moved over and started sucking on sis’s tits, she looked at me smiled and ask how was it, I said great but it’s not over by a long shot. We then kissed and I could taste dads cum on her so I knew she was not adverse to sucking cock.
Sara said her arms were getting tired and that we should move to get more comfortable so with a loud pop mom let dads dick lose. We helped lower Sara and moved into the bedroom.
As we got on the bed mom moved over to dad and said that they should go first and give us a few pointer. Sara moved over closer to me and we instantly began to explore each others body, I went straight for her tits and started pinching and pulling slightly onto her puffy nipples. She let out a low moan and moved her hand down to my cock and balls touching almost like she was examining them which actually that’s what was happening.
Dad laid on his back with his cock pointing to his chest and mom slid in between his leg she grabbed dads dick and lightly cupped his balls then turned to us and started talking about men’s sensitivities in the area demonstrating by licking dads balls under his shaft and around his head.
As we stared she mentioned about how men love a woman who can deep throat, at that time she lowered her head and began to lick the underside of dads shaft then up the head swirling her tongue around it as before, then suddenly took the whole thing into her mouth swallowing it to the hilt like it was the nothing.
She stayed there for a few seconds then raised up looked over at me then patted the bed next to her and so I moved up and laid on my back like dad and as I did mom asked Sara if she wanted to try, Sara quickly jumped at the chance and climbed in between my legs and with her soft gentle hand she grabbed my dick and slowly started moving up and down feeling all the veins and the large red head.
Then all at once she knelt down and took my head into her mouth. I almost lost it but somehow held out, her tongue felt like velvet as she took my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Mom looked on and gave advise telling Sara to go slow and feel my head reach the back of her throat and to relax and not to rush.
Mom then told me to just lay still and let Sara do the work so that I wouldn’t cause any discomfort, which I gladly complied.

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   Sara was doing an amazing job she was stroking me with her right hand and cupping and playing with my balls with the other.
As she got going mom turned back to dad and quickly took him all the way down. She then turned herself around so that her steaming hot pussy was just over dads mouth. I could see dads tongue darting quickly then alternating to long licks from moms clit to her asshole.
Taking my parents lead I reached for sis and she needed no further encouragement and before I knew it I was looking up at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, which wasn’t many unless you count the magazines and movies but none the less it was the best. She had a little puffy mound covered just barely with light wispy hair and pink little lips just protruding out from her moist slit.
I took a moment to take it all in and then Sara getting impatient lower herself on my mouth, I started kissing the edges of her mound then out to her inner thigh hitting the other direction making her squirm in anticipation. Finally I could hold out no longer and spread her thin juice dripping lips and began licking like I hadn’t eaten in a week.
Sara’s ass started rotating and gyrating from my attention. Having watch mom and dad I decided to expand my area of coverage and with a slow long lap I went from the top of  her pussy to her asshole, she nearly jump off the bed when I shoved my tongue as far as it could go, at first I got scared that she either wouldn’t like it or would bite my dick off or both, but she settled down and lowered back down to me giving me full access to her behind.
From the sounds mom and dad where making they were both about to cum, sis and I both stopped to watch and learn. Moms ass was bouncing all over dads face while he was thrusting his cock into her throat making it hard for her to hang on.
Mom let out a loud moan and dad let out several grunts as he lifted his ass up off the bed and stayed there while he slot his load down moms throat. Mom just took dad deeper swallowing all dad could give her, damn she was good. Having drained dad of all his manly juice she let his dick fall from her mouth as she sat up and apply more pressure to her burning fire hole.

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    Dad took the cue and really went full force, shoving a finger in moms ass as he sucked on her pussy causing mom to start bouncing up and down feeling her own orgasm building. Mom reach over and started rubbed her hand up and down Sara’s ass crack and pussy as she went over the edge screaming in desire and flooded dads face with her wonderful mommy juices.
    That was all I need I told Sara to watch out as I was coming thinking she would remove my dick from her mouth but to the contrary she only went all the way down and sucked harder as I released my cum down her throat, to my surprise she only gag a little and never spilled a drop, she looked back at me and just smiled asked if she was good. All I could do was grunt and smile back.
    As I recovered I let her know that now it was her turn.
    Wanting to give my sister the same pleasure she gave me I inserted two fingers into her sloppy wanton pussy all the while licking and sucking on her clit as she approached climax I soaked a finger from my other hand in her pussy and then when it was nice and wet I moved up and slowly inserted it into her tight little pucker hole.
    She let out a sigh of surprise but quickly settled down and started riding my face and fingers, mom having calmed down lent a hand and leaned over and started sucking and rubbing on Sara’s boobs. Sara’s ass started moving in time with my tongue and fingers, her pace quickening as she felt the burning building deep from within her.
    She started whimpering then became louder to a low moan all the while she rubbed and push her wonderful ass and pussy all over my face like she was trying to smother me, what a way to go. I started moving my finger in and out of her ass at an increased rate and that was all she could take.
    The next thing I knew I was the recipient of my sisters release of which I tried my best to swallow it all but some still spilled out and ran down my cheeks to the bed soaking the sheets. Mom leaned over and started licking her daughters cum off my cheeks as well as using her tongue to try and steal some from my mouth as she kissed me.
    Sara collapsed on top of me and just let out a sigh of contentment as mom slowly laid back down on dad gave is dick on last lick and then we all fell asleep with Sara on me and mom on dad it was one of the best sleeps I had ever had.



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