Wild Thing


Once we got home Krista was all over me man. I’d just closed the front door and she pounced on me, throwing her little arms around my neck, climbing up my body just to plant a big wet sloppy kiss on my lips! To balance her weight and keep from falling over backwards I had to drop the grocery bags I carried and slip my hands under her bottom. No panties? Why was I not surprised? “Kris, you’re being very naughty today”! She wriggled out of my arms to stand before me. reaching down she took hole of her pink and yellow sundress then in one smooth move pulled it right up and off over her head. Letting it fall to the floor she happily stood there naked and gave me her best sexy pose. You guys know the one, where a girl starts by putting her hands way up high on her collarbone the slowly sides her hands downwards. Her hands stop at her puss, where she uses her hands to pull open her slit for me. Giggling she says. “But you know how much I love being naughty for you”! Just like that she turns and runs off into the house, knowing full well I would be right behind her. Naturally I was hot on her heels with the intent to catch her throw her down and fuck her little brains out. What can I say; I’ve grown quite addicted to fucking my own daughter’s brains out!
  Believe it not our story only started last weekend. See I’m only a part-time father. I get my baby girl every weekend then all summer long. Krista’s mother and I never married, I did ask her too, but she is one of those women who’s already married to her career and has no time for a husband. She has little time for our daughter too. Almost every night we talked on the phone when she wasn’t here with me.

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   I’m the one to take her to her after school functions, the parent who never misses one of those milestone events in her life.
  So what happened last week was pretty simple. A buddy of mine gave me a few left over bottles of champagne from his sisters wedding. Normally I’m a beer or whisky drinker but I took them anyway and found they tasted just like Kool-Aid. Krista asks if she could have a sip. I thought why not it seemed pretty weak. I was wrong, that stuff sneaks up on you!
  Before either of us knew it we had killed two bottles of the bubbly stuff. The music was up and my kid and I drunkenly danced in the living room. “Dad, your hands are on my butt”! “Oh, sorry honey I didn’t realize”. “Daddy”! “Yes sweetie, what is it”? “Your hands are still on my butt”! “Oh, sorry honey I didn’t realize”.
  I couldn’t honestly say who kissed who first. Only that once we did kiss we couldn’t get enough of each other. Next came that mad rush to rip at each other clothes, our hands eagerly exploring where our mouths would soon follow. Now don’t get me wrong this wasn’t all one sided. Krista was so egger to get at my cock she only pushed my pants to my knees.

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   Hobbled like that I feel over pulling her down with me. Krista laughed as she landed low on my chest. Then with a wicked grin slipped her slender body down to suck on her daddy’s dick! I wish I could tell you what that looked like but her long silky brown hair completely hid her pretty face.
  Right there in the middle of the living room floor I spun her around and went to town licking her perfect pink puckered pussy! Damn was she hot. Her liquid flooded out her tender young body filling my nose and almost drowning me in her juices! Not a minute later I learned my own daughter was a screamer. With her mouth clamped firmly on my cock she starts to moan loudly. The vibrations shooting up my shaft were exquisite! Krista’s orgasm triggered my own. She was so into her own pleasure I don’t think she notice my creamy white stuff pouring down her throat. I never did stop lapping away at her cute cunt; Krista just kept right on sucking her dear old dad so I never had the chance to go soft.
  Fucking her was all me though. I just had to try out that tasty tight little snatch of hers. As I pulled her legs up over my shoulders she did say, “No daddy… no”. I found that odd as she said one thing but her hips were wiggling up to meet my thrusting cock! Three small pushes and my tip popped in, her eyes went as big around as dinner plates! She wrapped her arms around me pulling me down to her. I gave a mighty push and Krista screamed, “NOOOOoooo”, as she slammed her puss up to help me drive home.
  As I pounded my sweet no longer quite so innocent baby girl she thrash her head form side to side chanting, “No,no,no,no”.

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   That was another contradiction as it was Krista wildly humping up at me as I ground down into her! I can’t say how long it took, time seemed to stand still. Minutes an hour, who knows? I can only say we got to the point where I muttered, “I’m going to cum now baby. Do you want it in you or on you”? Krista didn’t answer with words; she just wrapped her legs around me trapping me in her then redoubled her humping efforts. The last thing I remember was just as I felt my nuts explode filling my little girl with her daddy’s sperm was Krista screaming out, That all happened on a Saturday. Sunday I woke, with a headache, and found Krista sleeping in my arms in my bed. I didn’t know how we got there. But I did remember what we had done the night before. Feeling a bit guilty I reached out to stroke her hair and back. Krista stirred in her sleep, “No more dad, please, I’m a little sore. Wasn’t three times enough for you”? Three times? I only remembered the one time! What else had I done to my precious little angel? Even as my baby complained about my appetite her soft little hand reached down to stroke my morning hard on, “Let me sleep a little longer and I promise to give you a blow job later k”? Now who can say no to a deal like that?
  My baby was sore and wouldn’t let me anywhere near her puss all that next day. No fucking, no licking not even touching. We did kiss, almost all day long too. She happily let me fondle her tiny tits; she loves me sucking on her perky pink nipples. I got three blow jobs that day, as promised. The first after breakfast, the second after several hours of making out on the couch and the last in the car as I drove her back to her mother’s house.

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   I warned her she was going to make me crash. Krista said I had to bear with it, this was her last chance for daddy dick until next weekend and she wasn’t about to miss that opportunity!
  That brings us to this weekend. After chasing my kid through the house I finally caught her in the kitchen. Knowing she was trapped Krista simply smiled shook out her long flowing hair and hopped her cute little bottom up on the kitchen table. Her green eyes sparkled mischievously as she opened her legs for me, “Well you caught me, I give! So how bout a little snack before we start playing daddy”?  Oh yes I’ve grown quite an addiction to fucking my own kid. All this week on the phone it was all we talked about. She decided my semen only belongs “In” her tender young body. But to make sure she doesn’t end up knocked up she suggested we start ass fucking. That way at the end I can pull out of her tight little cunt and plug up her even tighter ass. Already I’m looking forward to her summer break. I have three months vacation time coming. Or in other words, three months of none stop cumming and a beautiful little lover egger for every drop!.