Wife Seduces 14 Year old Nephew


Now that the kids are out of the house we keep a couple of really sexypictures of my wife displayed in the bedroom, nice see-thru tops andshort skirts. I like to see the reaction when new friends see them forthe first time. We keep our Mac in the bedroom so it is easier for Maryto use the video cam when she performs for her friends on the internet.

Hersister and hubby had a trip planned abroad and asked if Clayton theiryoungest son could stay with us for a few days as he still had had acouple of days left at school and a friend of theirs would drop him atour abode. I told Mike it would be fine and that we would take good careof him seeing that he was Mary's favourite nephew, he in joking mannersaid he is sure she will.

Now that put the idea into my head, that maybe i should introduce the young man to some adult going ons of life.

Marytold me the day before he arrived that we should make the house Claytonproof and remove her pictures and toys in the bedroom and from the bararea (i keep a photo album that contains lots of pictures of Mary nudeand having sex with lots of guys, cream pie and facials )We like to lookat it when friends and us visit in the bar and joke about ourescapades.

I suggested to her that she maybe, we could have alittle fun with him and that she could show off a little. She said that iam mad, just because she has fucked his father does not mean she shouldfuck his sons as well, she gave me a hard time about what her sisterwould do if she found out.

I left it at that, later in theevening we had a few beers and i got her a little drunk and startedplaying with pussy once she is turned on she can not say no to anything. I convinced her that it would be fun and that it is all innocent, sheagreed on the condition that we should at least hide her large dildosand toys from the boy, and that all the explicit sex pictures should beremoved from view.

She told me that she would not have sex withhim, but would play along and be a tease. (I wanted to see how far icould get her to go)
I told her put him in the room opposite ours andto move the sleeper so that could look directly onto our bed via thecorner mirror drawers. (We have used this setup before when we wantedvisitors to watch us having sex) just in case she wanted to show alittle more i said, she arranged his room as requested.

Maryalways dresses very sexy and Clayton grew up with that , i told her toturn it up as he has not seen her about seven months and it would benice to see his reaction when she came home looked really sexy(Like aslut is what i had in mind) we chose her red tight fitting chiffonblouse and short black skirt with boots , she would wear a light sweaterto work and remove on the way home, we giggled like horny teenagersthat night and made little plans to make it all look normal.

Claytonarrived at about three and i helped him with his luggage to his room ,we went downstairs and chatted a bit , i had a beer and offered him one ,he declined and said his father checks him drink all the time , i toldhim i won't tell and that he must enjoy himself while he is here. 

   Hewanted to phone his mother to let her know he has arrived safely andwanted to use his world call card , i told him to use the phone in mybedroom , what a luck i thought he would go into my bedroom and see thephotos of Mary we had left there for him to see , we had left somereally nice ones showing her tits and plump nipples clearly , it doesnot matter where he sat he would get a good look at his slut aunts tits. i heard him talk upstairs so i phoned Mary from my mobile and told herthat he was in the bedroom and looking at her photos , she said in iswrong but see is getting a little exited by all of this.

Afterabout 18 min he came down and said all is well with the family and itwould be nice to see aunty Mary again (i thought really) i offered him abeer again and sheepishly accepted. We chatted and had another beereach, when i heard Mary at the door; she came in looking absolutelyfantastic no bra tits swinging nipples rock hard in a very see-thru redtop.
    She did not give him change to get up , she opened her arms andsmothered is face between her tits and hugged him for awhile telling himhow much she had missed him , then held him at arms length to see howmuch he had grown and to give him the opportunity to see her tits realclose-up. I thought i was going to come in my pants. I could see that hecould not believe his luck, he stammered a little trying to greet isaunt, Mary played the game perfectly and asked all the right familyquestions moving just right to get her tits swinging (she is a pro afterall) the boy never knew what had hit him, he was glued to her everyword and movement.

    She said to him that she sees he is a big boynow referring to the beer in his hand , and that he must be careful ofme as i will corrupt him , she smiled at me and told me to refresh ourdrinks and to pour her a glass wine. She left us to remove her boots andto freshen up a little.

    Clayton told me how nice it was to seeus again and how glad he was that he could stay with us. Mary camedownstairs still in her skirt and redtop and hugged him again. She ledus outside to the patio as it was nice and bright (as put it) outside,in the afternoon sun even i could not keep my eyes of her tits. Shechatted nonstop, untill i said that we should get ready as we are going out for supper.

    I could see the third beer was a bit much for Clayton and suggested we all have a little rest before supper.
    Whenwe got to our room she closed the door and told me that she did notrealize how much this turned her on but it is wrong as it her nephew.

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       Itried to get her to open the door and show a bit more flesh but shewould have none of it , we did however have very loud sex and she askedme if i think she made an impression on him , I said i am sure he wasjerking off in the opposite room.

    Will complete story if any body is interested.