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     So this story starts off on a very cold winters night about 9pm or so.   I had just awaken from a nice little cat nap after work I walked out of my room into the kitchen, the phone rang.   It was my mom calling to say that her and my dad would be staying at my aunts house tonight because of the bad weather.   This wasn't unusual because my aunt lived closer to both their works.   I wish them a good night, they told me that they would be home after work tomorrow.      I hung the phone up and headed down the hall, in a quiet and indescrete manner hoping to scare the ever loving shit out of my sister Annie.   As I headed slowly down the hall I thought I would have heard one of two things, a quiet playing radio in the background, and or Annie talking on her cell for like 3 hours talking to a freind she did this alot.   But as I slowly crept down the hallway my heart beating so damn loud, I thought that if I weren't carefull she would hear it.   As I reached the rim of the door I noticed that the door was open ever so slightly I couldn't hear anything no phone no radio, I assumed that she was asleep.   So I crept a little closer and stuck my ear to the door and instead of heavy breathing, I hear light moaning.   Excited to see what was going on I very carefully opened the door a little more just enough so I can peak inside.     What I saw changed the way I would ever think of my sister again.   There on the bed in plain view was Annie laying almost completely spread eagle fingering her clit very quickly in a small circular motion, and from time, to time she would slip her finger inside.   As I watch this my heart still beating very lowdly seemed to double it's pace.   I soon noticed that I started to buldge in my boxers, it wasn't to long before my cock sliped through my boxers, I quickly took my hand and started to rub my cock slowly at first, but noticing that Annie was comming to a climaxe I furiously began to stroke myself so I could finish with her.   After about a minute or so had gone by Annie came to a fairly loud climaxe loud enough for if someone were to stand in the kitchen could hear it.

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    I soon spat my hot cum all over the door frame and couldn't help but let out a little moan.   As soon as I moaned I saw Annie pop up out of her bed and head towards the door, as though she heard it.   I booked down the hallway full hull till I reached the first corner which was just past the kitchen.   As soon as I reached the corner I stopped for a second to listen for her comming down the hall I couldn't hear her, after a second or so I heard Annie's door close and her radio turn on.   I headed to my room in a full sweat an collapsed on my bed, thinking of what just happened again getting hard and having to masturbate to get rid of my damn hard on.     I let an hour or so pass I was still in my room reading my email and surfing the web, then all of a sudden a thought had popped into my head, I had left a horrible mess all over the door frame and didn't clean it up.   I quickly threw on a pair of sweat pants and hurried down the hallway again very quietly as not to bring any attention to myself.      As I reached Annie's room to my Horror there was no mess there at all I couldn't understand I know that I shot something out but what happened to it.   A second later Annie's door opened there was Annie standing there in an old pair of flannel pajamas that she had taken from me a long time ago which seemed to hang off of her.   Annie immediatley said "What do you want Dweeb" (A cute little pet name as I like to think that she has been calling me for years).   I said "I just wanted to let you know that, mom and dad won't be home tonight. "  She said "Well if that's cool and all as long as they're safe, anything else?" I nodded my head no and stepped down the hall towards the living room to watch some tv and relax.     As I sat there I couldn't understand what had happened to my mess, if Annie had cleaned it up she would have said something I am sure.   Well the night had passed fairly quickly I had work the next day, work seemed to take longer than usual as I did nothing but day dream about what had happened last night, not to mention that it was Friday and well usually everything seems to take longer getting to the weekend.   After the long day I got home around 5 or so it was already dark outside.

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    I walked into the kitchen, hoping that dinner would be ready by now.   Of course to no prevail there was nothing cooking and nothing in the microwave.   As I searched the kitchen for something that I could whip together, Annie walked in wearing a tight pair of jeans and a big puffy fleece sweater which she wore all the time.   Annie said "Mom and Dad are staying in town for the weekend, they'll be back monday, so I guess you'll have to fend for yourself Dweeb. "  The only rebuttle I had was "Atleast I can cook" (I know not very snapy but I never said I was bright) this of course ended the conversation after a few minutes I found what I was looking for a few Hot Pockets.   I headed to my room and from the sound of it so did Annie as I could hear her music throughout the house.      I sat in my room thinking about what I have been thinking about all day "Annie" so pretty darn perverse things, like what I would do with her if I only had the chance.   It never hit me that she is my sister and that it might be wrong.   After a little while I started to doze off.   I awoke about an hour later with a raging hard on, which probably meant that my dream was about "Annie. "  I rubbed it a little but with a huge headache my hard on soon died off.   I slipped on my sweat pants, and my t-shirt, and headed into the living room where to my surprise Annie was sitting watching TV which is odd, becuase she usually dosen't watch it at all.   I jumped over the back of the big L couch we had making Annie jump a little.   We sat quietly for a while watching the movie that Annie had on not saying a word to one another.   Soon though the movie turned into a sex scene, which if I were watching alone, would be nothing more than a boring old tity scene for me.

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    But for some reason I started to get a huge hard on which even with a pillow I had couldn't hide it because it was pulling on the fabric from the crotch.   Soon enough it was fairly obvious that I had this huge hard on.   I was hoping that Annie didn't notice and that she would go to the bathroom or something so I could run back to my room, no such luck.      I caught a glimpse of Annie looking directly at the pillow I was using to conceal myself.   I was hoping that she thought nothing of it, but I wasn't exactly sure but I saw her start rubbing her pussy which could of been her trying to warm her hands, it was quite cold in there even with the heat on full blast.   But after a few seconds she moved one of her legs as to show me that she was rubbing her pussy through her pants.   I could do nothing but stare, soon enough Annie looked at me and she said "What are you looking at Dweeb not like you've never done this before, I remember cleaning up a big mess last night all over my door. "  I sat there in silence in horrid thought of what she would do next.   All I could do is appologize "Annie I am so sorry I couldn't help myself I am so horny and you are so hot," (My face turning several different shades of red of course. )      There was silence for a few seconds neither of us moved neither of us made a comment I think she was letting what I just said sink in.   Then unexpectidley she moved closer to me, leaning face forward between my legs still eye level though.   Annie said "I think it only be fair you've seen me naked, I think it only fair that I get to see what you are hiding under that pillow. "  I didn't stop to think about it, I quickly moved the pillow from my lap, revealing my raging hard on as I did Annie let out a little gasp, perhapse in thought that she wasn't prepared to see what I had.      Annie leaned closer to my pants and gently tuged my pants down from my waist, I helped as much as I could.   Soon enough my pants were off and my cock was slipped through the slot in my boxers.

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    Annie sat there just staring at it for a few minutes, almost at a whisper I asked "well now you see it what are you going to do with it?"  Annie paused for a second in almost shock that I said that, but softly moved her hand to my cock.   She softly started to slide her hand up and down with a little twist which made me think that she had done this before.     Before I could begin to moan from the pure pleasure that I was recieving, Annie slipped the tip of my cock in her mouth which was amazing.   Annie would suck on the tip of my cock and use her hand on the rest of the shaft, then she slid my cock as deep in her mouth before she began to gag, then pull it out and lick the shaft.   She did this for a few minutes I was sure that I was about to cum in her mouth but she sensing this stopped.   I quickly sat up a little Annie sat back a little, so she could remove her shirt and pants which she did fairly quickly, just leaving her underware on a sily laced transparent set very nice in black that matched.      She leaned forward again pressing her breasts against my chest, and my cock against her stomach.   She leaned close to me and whispered into my ear "now it's your turn. "  I softly but firmly layed Annie on her back.   I took this advantage to lean in for a deep kiss which was met by her tounge, we kissed for a few minutes I could feel her hand on my cock lightly rubbing it keeping it hard for me.   I slowly started kissing down her neck, I gently slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders.   She smelled amazing her skin was so soft, her whole body seemed to omit energy.      I slowly kissed down her shoulder and onto her breasts, and slipping her bra down a little so I could see her nipples which were very hard.   I waited a second so that I could burn this memory into my thought, I slwoly slipped her right nipple and part of her breast into my mouth.   As I did this Annie moaned every so slightly as if she were awaiting for this, as I feasted upon one breast, my hand found the other and started to slowly massage it and taking her nipple in between my fingers to feel how hard they really were.

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        After taking my time with her breasts paying particularly good attention to each one.   I slowly kissed bown her stomach to her inner thighs, I could feel the heat comming off of her.   I sofly slipped her panties aside that were soaked in her own juices.   I firly placed my tounge on her pussy which made her moan, I began to eat her pussy until her hips seemed to clench my head ever so tightly then a rush of her juices sprayed into my mouth.   It was so sweet and wet I wanted to keep eating her pussy but Annie stopped me, and begged my to fuck her.   I slowly moved up on her placing the head of my cock at the slit of her pussy, I took some of her juices and rubbed the shaft of my cock and made sure it was nice and hard for her.      I slowly placed the tip of my cock inside of her, she was so tight I gently took her legs and pressed them against her chest.   As I did so Annie seemed to moan not in pain but in extacy this seemed to be the best way to hit her g spot, I slowly slid my cock deep into her until my pelvis was hitting hers.   That slow pace didn't last for long I quickly started to thrust into her not nearly as deep as the first time.   I could see Annie's face she, had her eyes shut and her mouth was open moaning, with the ocasional "OH YES" and, "Fuck me harder Brother. "  I had been thrusting in and out of her for a while now before she had another orgasm, this made me want to cum, I began to pull out she grabbed my ass and said "NO I want you inside me, it's alright I'm on the pill. "  With no resistance I had the best climaxe that I had ever had I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go.   After this I laid there ontop of her still inside her, letting her legs fall back down.   We laid there for a few minutes colapsed in a pool of sweat ocasionaly kissing.      That night passed fairly slowly we slept in my room that night, the next morning we took a shower together which lead into some more oral sex of course.

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    As we stood there in the shower Annie all of the sudden kneeled down and began to slowly slip my cock in her mouth, it didn't take long for me to get hard she was able to take me in deeper almost to the hilt this time.   Before I knew it I was about to cum of course being a gentleman I let her know, she took my cock from her mouth looked up at me and nodded and placed my cock back in her mouth within a few seconds I began to cum, I could hear Annie chocke a little but she was swallowing every bit of it.   We finished our shower and headed into our seperate rooms.   The sex didn't end there all weekend long we had amazing unbridaled sex.   The last thing that Annie said to me right before out parents got home was, "This has to be our little secret, and to tell you the truth I am glad that you were my first time. "  With the end of that our parents walked in and well the rest of the story for another time. . . . . .   Please tell me if you like this it's my first attempt at a story I hopped you liked it constructive criticisim is welcome. . . .

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