I arrived home let myself in and was met with pounding bass sounds resounding all over the house and didn’t take a lot of figuring out that they emanating from my brother’s bedroom. I tried to ignore the continuous thumping in my ears and prepared to get on with the tasks in hand. Once in the safety of my room, door firmly closed behind me I slipped out of my uniform, folded it and put it away. Well that was a start. As I walked past the mirror I caught sight of myself in my grubby white trainer bra and dark green knickers. I hate those knickers, I thought They do nothing for me. Fancy a boy ever getting to see me in them – Yuk - How embarrassing. I quickly slipped out of them and my school bra. Briefly I looked at myself again quite pleased with my naked form. Not a bad body I mused, studying my boobs, a little small for my liking but never the less quite a nice shape compared with some I had seen in the shower at school. I liked my bum and legs. And was quite happy with my tummy with it’s little gold ring piercing my tummy button. I remembered how my mum had gone ape shit when she first found out I had it done. I studied at my pubic hair thinking it needed trimming. I shrugged my shoulders slipped on my old dressing gown and began my chores. I was right it did only take about half an hour to make my room look passably tidy.

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   Content with this I thought about my backlog of homework. But no way was I going to be able to concentrate on that with the thumping music coming through the wall. Not wanting to have a run in with my brother I decided to go down stairs and prepare the dinner things. Another job well done I thought and returned to my room. Still the music thumped. My brother is older than I am by a year and a half but that don’t give him the right to make my life impossible. He does nothing. He doesn’t work or go to college just sits about all day playing music. This played on my mind and began to make me feel annoyed, very annoyed. I stomped out of my room along the hall, and burst into his room unannounced. I was just about to give him a lecture on being inconsiderate. Bu no words escaped my open mouth it just froze wide open in shock. Directly opposite the door he and two of his mates were sat on the bed. I stuttered tried my best to speak. But the best I could do was ‘Whoops – I’m sorry – thought you were alone’The three boys were to my horror were masturbating.

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   I say to my horror, if it really was that. If it was, then why couldn’t I take my eyes off what they were doing and why did I just stand there, making no attempt to turn and leave the room. They made no attempt to stop or cover themselves up. My brother just said nonchalantly, ‘Oh this is my kid sister’ then raising his voice said, ‘Well don’t just stand there - Shut the fucking door!’I don’t know why but that was exactly what I did. With me on the inside staring at these three erect penises each with a hand wrapped tightly around them and sliding up and down. I was suddenly aware that I was actually gawping. ‘Never seen a guy wank before Sis? My brother retorted. I shook my head. It was true although not a virgin, I lost that a year ago when I fifteen and had a few boyfriends since. I had not actually seen a boy masturbate especially as openly as the three were doing. ‘Done all your little jobs?’ my brother said sarcastically and still he quite openly masturbated. ‘Yes’ I answered without even thinking still fascinated by the sight before me. ‘In that case I have a couple or three jobs for you’ he laughed. He looked at his mates and said, ‘not bad for a sister eh?’‘A bloody sight prettier than my one – one of the lads chirped, the other agreed with him, ‘Mine’s a right dog’ he laughed. ‘So sis’ my brother smiled lecherously ‘are you going to show the lads what’s under that dressing gown?’ My heart was thumping almost as loud as the music, I was fighting with all sorts of mixed emotions knowing full well I should turn and leave the room.

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   But an awful spark of mischief was welling up inside me. And I found myself questioning myself, am I going to let him get away with humiliating me or do I show them what I am made of. A dangerous line of thought but I didn’t seem to care. Apart from that I have to admit I was more than a little fascinated by the sight before me. ‘Get it off’ my brother chanted, ‘Give the lads something to wank for. ’‘So is that it Simon – do you need to see your sister – would that give you that added incentive?’ I jeered. ‘Too bloody true it would. ’ A pause, ‘I’ve never seen you naked – not like all those boyfriends you’ve had. ’ He laughed. ‘Have you had many boyfriends?’ one of the lads asked almost shyly. ‘Many!’ my brother snapped, ‘She’s had loads – she’s known at school for being cock happy – aren’t you sis? How many is now eight or ten?’‘You bastard!’ I snapped back knowing he was closer to the truth than he knew. ‘So you think by insulting me you will get this dressing gown off– do you?’ I smirked, and turned to leave the room. ‘No – I’m sorry Emma. – Its just we are getting a little too bit horny here. ’I turned to face them, feeling really wicked now I got my brother on the defensive, he even managed to call me by my name I also notice that their collective adore was a little on the wane.

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  I smiled wickedly and said ‘Perhaps if you asked nicely I might and who knows perhaps those things might show their appreciation. ’ I said pointing at their diminishing manhoods and laughing. I don’t exactly know why but I was beginning to feel very mischievious and it had been ages since I’d had sex and the thought of making those three stand proud again did have a strange effect on me. I undid the tie and held my dressing gown kept it closed with my hands. ‘So!’ I asked somewhat coyly ‘Do you want me to show you and your friends what your sister looks like. – Naked?’ ‘Oh yes – Emma - Please show us your body. ’‘Oh it’s please now?’ I laughed. Opened my housecoat exposing myself to their gaze. I counted to ten and closed it again. Then said mischievously, ‘You like?’ I stared at their laps, each of their cocks were standing erect and hard again. I laughed again and said, ‘Seemingly you did. ’It was too late now I was lost to my own misbehavior and excitement. Just as their bodies were obviously expressing their desires. Mine was beginning to tell me that this game was getting a little out of hand and that I too had certain needs. I slipped the housecoat off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

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   The boys gasped. I felt their eyes explore every inch of my body, drilling into my sex. The thought of this attention made me begin to feel wet. I felt my lower lips swell and twinge. It was too late now I was lost not to their desires but to my own. Here I was their junior by about two years and seemingly in control of the situation. What ever I asked now I would get. I walked forward singling out my brother first. ‘You like what you see?’ I asked. ‘Oh yes’ he gasped. ‘You like what you feel?’ I asked again as I wrapped my hand round his hardened erection and began to stroke it slowly but firmly. He almost choked as tried to reply. ‘Am I a good sister to you?’ ‘Yes – oh my god yes’ It felt so good in my hand, so hard and smooth. I kept hold of his shaft turned round and lowered myself onto him. I felt his swollen gland part my lips and slide deep into me.

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   ‘Is that nice?’ I panted. A sort of appreciative groan came as a reply. Now I really was feeling mischievious. I had my brother’s cock buried deep inside me and it felt wonderful. I lifted myself then lowered onto him again. He groaned. I asked, ‘What’s it like fucking your sister?’ he didn’t reply just kept gently sliding in and out of me. I reached out took a cock in each of my hands and started to pull at them. I felt them stiffen get harder swell in my hand. It was so exciting; I had never felt like this. So wanton yet so wanted. Just as I was really beginning to enjoy this new experience I felt a degree of urgency in the way my brother was trying to get deeper into me and knew he was pushing towards his climax. I quickly lifted my bum off of Simon; told him he couldn’t cum inside me. That wasn’t allowed. I looked down at his twitching jerking cock.

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   I reached down, wrap my hand round it, squeezed it tight. Then gave two or three quick jerks. He yelled, swore profusely, stiffened and shot ropes of cream onto his stomach. It was so exciting to watch him cum, another first for me, I had never seen that happen so close up. Now I was really getting excited, my pussy seemed to twinge and pulsate. I knew I wanted to have a cum. I wanted to feel it burst in my tummy, take over my body. Yes I needed it badly. I moved over to his mate who’s name I know now to be Brian. Gripped him hard, squeezed him, then slid my hand up and down his shaft rapidly. He nearly jumped off the bed. I slid to floor between his legs grabbed his cock by the base lowered my head and took him into my mouth. I licked and tasted his salty pre cum. Then clamping my lips tight around his shaft I sucked hard and took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could get. He yelled and thrust forward filling my mouth with cock.

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   I drew back, let him escape. Gripped him hard, felt him throb. I looked at Steve my brother’s other mate, raised my bum, smiled and said, ‘You can if you want’. An invitation that did not need repeating. Soon I was to feel his cock nudge against my lower lips part them and slide easily inside. Steve was good – so good – he didn’t just slam into me as I expected – he slowly gave me his full length, then pulled back so slowly it was almost painful, then he slid back into me. It felt so good. As he pushed forward I pushed back to meet him. I felt his hand slip under me and with a single fingertip he teased my clit. I was panting and groaning and getting so so close. My tummy was knotted. I lowered my head and took Brian back into my mouth and tried to adjust the rhythm so the cock in my mouth was moving at the same pace as the one in my pussy. It felt so brilliant. I had never done this before, I had never been taken from both top and bottom at the same time. I was in heaven.

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   I felt Brian begin to twitch and throb. It expanded filled my mouth. I looked up at him through a haze of hedonistic eroticism. His face was strained. At that moment I felt my tummy tighten, my muscles involuntarily contract. I gripped the cock inside my pussy. Felt it throb and expand. Then all my emotions burst, stars flew, my mouth filled with warm salty fluid. I sucked and swallowed hard. Steve grabbed my waist and speeded his rhythm. Although I knew he too was filling me I was lost to own incredulous orgasm. I wanted to scream but couldn’t my mouth was still full of pumping cock. I shook, I trembled, I gasped and groaned and eventually collapsed. It was the most powerful orgasm I’d had up until that time. It obviously has been surpassed since but I will never forget the first time I took those two boys at the same time.

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  The only one to left out in the cold so to speak was my brother, but so be it. This time he had to settle for, as he put it a wank but for a short time he did get to fuck me so knew how nice his sister’s pussy was. I should of felt dirty or disgusted with myself but I didn’t I felt satisfied completely satisfied. I never had sex like that before and never have since. Mores the pity. My brother has been very good to me since then. Possibly because I give him the odd blow job but I have never allowed him to fuck me again. So I am hoping what we do now is not exactly incest. Just a brother and sister having fun. Oh yes I have had sex with his mates again but not both together strictly one at a time. But who knows maybe one day. Ends………………. . .



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