Whatever it Takes 2


This is a sequel to the original story 'Whatever it Takes' 

It had been three weeks since my son and I had had sex for the first time and since then I was starting to feel the guilt of what I was doing. My other children were returning home from a visit to their grandmother’s house today and I was becoming more and more nervous about their return. Since I first let my son fuck me he had gone through some fairly serious changes. He had become even more reclusive than previously was and he would come out of nowhere and start coming on to me. I had stopped trying to refuse and had simply gone with it to avoid an incident. The strange thing about it was that the guiltier I felt about it the better the sex became.
I was getting ready to go done to the bus station and pick my other kids up when James came down the stairs. He had a hungry look in his eye and I didn’t need to ask what he was doing when he started rubbing up against me.
‘James stop it. I have to go down and pick up your brother and sister’ I told him firmly
His hand reached between my legs to feels if I was wearing any panties. I heard a groan of disappointment when he found I was wearing them. I tried to leave but he still had hold of me. He threw me down on the couch and jumped on top of me. He grabbed my skirt and tore it right up the middle and ripped my panties off.
‘James that was my favourite skirt, you cant just do this when ever you feel like it anymore’ I said
‘Calm down, I’m not gonna do this in front of Trish and Chris I just thought we should get one last chance to do this before they come home’ He said grabbing my tits through my shirt
Well I guess there isn’t any point in denying you at this point so lets just get it over with’ I said
With that he got naked and pulled my boobs out of my shirt. His dick was already rock hard so he shoved his dick inside me without any regard for my feelings.

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   He began to slam his cock into me as hard as he could and he looked like he was trying to get it over with quickly like I asked. I was just getting into it when James began to groan.
‘Oh fuck I am going cum, mum, Oh god’ he yelled as he pulled out of me and sprayed his cum all over the clothes I was still wearing
He stood up and with his still semi-erect cock he smeared some cum on my previously clean face. He then knelt in and gave me a kiss with a lot of tongue. “Perfect” he said as walked upstairs to his room, leaving me a complete mess. I stood up and walked over to the phone to call a taxi for the kids because I was in no state to go and pick them up now.
My two other children Chris and Trish arrived home about an hour later, by which time I had showered and thrown away my ruined clothes. Both of them ran up to me and gave me a big hug. Chris was sixteen and unlike his father and brother he was a rather skinny boy. Also unlike his brother, Chris had gotten into the punk music style of dressing. If you were to look at James and Chris you wouldn’t know they were brothers. Chris had dirty black hair and his clothes looked like something you would find at a Green Day concert. Trish was 18 and had developed quite nicely for her age. Trish had flowing auburn hair and a great body for someone of her age. She had a very bubbly personality and idolised her brother James as opposed to the distrain that she seemed to show for Chris.

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‘I am so glad your home, how was your trip?’ I asked
‘It was awful, I am so glad to be home. Where’s James?’ she asked as Chris rolled his eyes and went upstairs without saying a word.
‘He’s upstairs in his room, lets go say hi’ I said cheerfully hoping things would now return to normal. Trish and I went upstairs and knocked on James’ door. There was no answer so we went inside. We were both shocked to find James lying on his bed, naked, masturbating his 8-inch cock. I was in shock he was able to get it so hard so soon after the sex.
‘James!’ I yelled trying to get him to focus. He had his headphones in and his ears and his eyes closed so he continued to beat his dick slowly. Trish just stared at his huge member with her mouth hanging slightly open. A gave James a soft kick in his beautifully toned abs to get his attention. He opened his eyes and looked up, taking the headphones out of his ears and smiling.
‘Hey sis, how was your trip’ he said with a cocky smirk on his face ‘not that I am not glad to see you but have you ever heard of privacy’
We left his room in a hurry and I mumbled something about dinner. We ate while James and Chris stayed in their rooms. I started thinking about what we could talk about that would take her mind off of James so I brought up her boyfriend.

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   That did the trick, for the rest of the night she went on and on about how great her boyfriend was and how much she was looking forward to seeing him. Now I had never approved of Trish’s boyfriend because I had found out that he was cheating on her while she was away. I had seen him behind the supermarket with his tongue down another girls throat. I was planning to do something about him before she came back because I knew she would never believe me.
After Trish had gone to bed I went to James room to have a talk with him. I quietly snuck into his room so the other wouldn’t hear me. I was relieved to find that he wasn’t masturbating this time although he was just as naked.
‘What the hell do you think your doing, you knew your sister was coming home and would want to say hello so you decide to greet her with your engorged dick’ I said trying to keep my voice down
‘I got horny’ he said simply ‘I had to do something about it and I didn’t want to bother you’ he said standing up. I could see his penis was getting harder. ‘Look I know you want to be some kind of super mum but the fact is that we both enjoy what were doing, theres no point denying it’ he said moving closer to me ‘Chris and Trish don’t have to know but we cant just stop, its too good’ his dick now fully erect. ‘Take care of that for me would you’ he said looking at his dick
I smiled as I said ‘I am not going to have sex with you again today’. He looked disappointed until I got on my knees and took his throbbing cock in my mouth. He moaned as began to deep throat him and grab hold of his firm ass cheeks. He started to all out face fuck me and as my eyes began to tear I could feel he was about to cum. He tried to pull out but there was no way I was letting ruin more of my clothes again.

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   I held him close as his cock spasmed and sent his cum down my throat. There wasn’t much left after what he had done today so instead of swallowing I got and gave him a sensual kiss transferring the cum to him. I had never felt like such a vixen when I ran my hand over his facing telling him swallow. ‘Good boy’ I said as he did.
The next day James took his siblings out for lunch to catch up with them. I was home alone when Trish’s junkie boyfriend came to the house looking for her. He would have looked handsome if he weren’t so scruffy. He had huge bags under his eyes and he looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days.
‘Look Kane, I don’t think that you should really be dating my daughter. I think that you two should break up’ I said as I slid him a check for one thousand dollars.
‘I don’t think so’ he said handing the check back to me. ‘There might be something else you could tempt me with though’ he said as he ran his hand up the side of my leg.
‘There is no way that I am having sex with you, and sweetie, if you expect anyone to then you might want to take a shower’ I said arrogantly
‘Fine I guess I’ll have to find someone else to have sex with, maybe Trish?’ he said smirking
I was boxed into a corner, how long would it be before Trish started doing drugs with this guy if I didn’t do something to help. I grudgingly said ‘ no kissing’ he took this as a sign to jump on top of me. A strong smell of hemp and cheetohs flooded my nostrils and he started to take his clothes off.

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   At this point I wasn’t enjoying the sex at all so I decided to take control and got on top. He was already in his underwear so decided to take off all my clothes. When I was finally naked I felt his dick poking me through his boxers. I striped them of and although it was of decent size, his penis was a few inches shorter than my sons. I started riding his dick as quickly as I could too try and make him cum fast. I had never been attracted to the stoner type so when I looked at him I tried to picture someone else. The first person that came to mind was my son, but it was the wrong one. All I could see as I looked down at the man I was fucking was Chris with his black shaggy hair. This was really turning me on just as I felt the boy succumb.
‘Shame I was staring to get into that’ said looking down at him. I was surprised he wasn’t staring at my tits but he was looking over at the door in shock. I looked around and saw my daughter looking shocked and furious. I jumped off of her boyfriend as he ran out the door. It was a mistake to stand up because cum dribbled down my legs as I tried to explain.
‘Save it, you can go to hell!’ she yelled as she ran upstairs to lock herself in her room leaving me standing naked with a puddle of cum on my floor.

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