What to do about Candy?


What to do about Candy?
 The whole affair with Dave, Jimmy, Sherry and me had been great fun. Every opportunity we had we engaged in intercourse. Dave and Jimmy seemed to take great pleasure watching Sherry and I get it on. Sherry was a quick study and eager to please.
Nightly the living room witnessed new trials of a variety of positions and partners. Pat and Cal could never find out, of coarse, or there would be hell to pay. Candy was a problem though, as long as she remained outside the loop the chances of being discovered were multiplied two-fold. Candy was like a sister to me and this game could be even more fun if she was added to the mix. So we hatched a plan to ensnare our unwary prey.
 Pat and Cal left for work right on time, as always, and as holiday vacation had already started for the rest, we would have the house to ourselves the remainder of the day. Jimmy got Sherry up and quietly led her to his room for some foreplay. Dave joined me in the master bedroom to await Candy’s rising. We amused themselves with some much-wanted foreplay. Candy finally arose to find a quiet house. She found Sherry to be gone and Jimmy still asleep, as was I. She decided to avail herself of this quiet time and went in the bathroom to relieve herself and take a shower.

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   She skimmed off her nightgown as she finished with the toilet and turned on the shower. While waiting for the shower water to warm she admired her body in the mirror for a moment. She ran her hand over her velvety bush, which covered her pubic area to her wide hips and across her slender waist to cup her D-cup breasts in which she took great pride. She tweaked her nipples and bent her head to suckle each, she smiled at their answering swell. So much for that she thought as she pulled the curtain aside to step into the shower pulling the curtain closed behind her. She lathered up her washcloth and began to scrub herself. Her solitude was broken when she heard the door to bathroom open Jimmy, Sherri and Dave crowded the doorway behind me to watch. “Debbie?” she queried. To which she heard my voice reply, “Yes?” Candy’s figure was clearly silhouetted on the shower curtain by the light shining through the bathroom window. My audience was pleased with the show I was about to give them. She was surprised when the curtain drew back to allow my naked form to enter. “Mind if I join you?” I queried as I stepped in and drew the curtain back behind me. Candy was a little flustered but knew they had community bathrooms at the school I attended and didn’t want to appear a prude. I reached across her snatching the soap and washcloth from her and said, “Mind if I scrub your back?” Candy shook her head no. Candy felt my hand on her shoulder as the other vigorously scrubbed her back.

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   I paused only to lather up the washcloth and return to the task at hand. Candy could feel me going down her back, past her waist scrubbing her ass, paying special attention to the crease. I then continued down each thigh and calf to her feet. “Turn around” I instructed. As Candy did so she found me kneeling at her feet. I scrubbed Candy’s feet and worked my way up Candy’s legs. Candy began to feel odd, not unpleasant, just odd. The nearer I came to Candy’s ample bush the more these feelings began to grow. Candy was disappointed when I skipped her hairy matt, choosing to start at the abdomen crossing over the stomach to her chest. I seemed to take an inordinate amount of time with each breast. Candy was lost in the feeling she had when she heard me say, “Open your legs. ” Dazedly Candy complied with my request as she felt me running my fingers through her ample bush. I reached between Candy’s legs and swiped the cloth back and forth across her gash. I noticed the petals of Candy’s labia were full and thick, like my own, but unlike Sherry’s leaf thin petals. Candy wasn’t sure when it happened but she felt my fingers between the petals of her labia stroking its length.

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   Each time I touched something by the front of her gash her body shuddered and her knees went weak.
 “Candy?” I asked and Candy looked down at me kneeling before her with a dazed questioning look. “May I show you something?” I asked. Dazedly Candy nodded her compliance. My face moved toward Candy’s crotch,  tongue outstretched. Candy lifted her foot placing it on the edge of the tub and rested her hands on my shoulders, to steady herself. Candy was not prepared for the shudder, which ran through her body when my tongue grazed her hooded clitoris. Soon Candy was gasping for air and her hips swayed to the lapping of my tongue. Whatever I was doing Candy must have liked as her hands grasped either side of my head and pulled it firmly against her crotch. She looked down to see me smiling up at her with a glint in my eye. Her mood dropped when I stood and turned off the shower and drew back the shower curtain. I took Candy by the hand and led her to the master bedroom. There I positioned Candy on the bed flat on her back and spread her legs. I climbed on the bed and straddled Candy’s face; I spread the petals of my labia and pointed at a small pearl shaped object, “Lick this!” I instructed. Than I sank my head between Candy’s legs and began to lick furiously at Candy’s gash. 

   My tongue found its mark and Candy was again writhing in the ecstatic waves that washed over her. Candy was new to this and lashed her tongue along my gash as she had been instructed and was rewarded by a shudder from me. Determined to give as good as she got Candy threw herself into her task. Candy could feel me dip a finger into her pee hole only inflaming her passion. I began inserting the tip of my finger and removing it in rhythm with my tongue. Her vaginal canal leaked copious amounts of clear fluid as Candy’s hips rocked in tune to my beat. Candy felt the bed shift and something touched the inner thigh of her leg. Still she focused on the task at hand licking my clit furiously. Candy gasped for air as my finger dipped into her pee hole than withdrew completely. Candy’s disappointment was replaced by suspicion when she felt a larger bulbous knob press against the entrance to her body. My tongue reached a frenzied pace causing Candy to rock her hips against the object lodging it in her in. I watched in fascination as the head of Dave’s cock spread the petals of her womanhood only to vanish into her body. Dave drove his cock forward inch by inch only to pause when about three inches had disappeared into her. He pushed and Candy’s body went taut, this was the moment of truth, he pulled back slightly and she relaxed for the moment. Dave drove his hips forward mightily splitting her cherry asunder ramming the entire length of his cock into her.

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       Candy’s hands pushed me off her face as she sat up to stare at her cock-impaled cunt. Her head rose and her eyes locked on her brothers lust filled face and to his surprise he saw lust in hers. Her virginity gone not to some stranger but to her own brother. She could feel the brush of his pubic hairs against hers; lips began to suckle each of her breasts. The pulsating living object deep inside her began to withdraw from her as Dave began the first of a series of long slow strokes with his cock now glistening with a milky white substance I mistook for Dave’s cum but was actually Candy’s creaming lubricant. Candy’s abdomen convulsed with every move of her brother’s deeply imbedded cock and she gasped for air as her hands clutched her rippling stomach. Reluctantly at first and than with more enthusiasm Candy’s hips rocked in response to his thrusts as her passion over took her shock. She wrapped her legs around her brother’s waist and her arms around his neck as she pulled him back into her with ever more force. “God! That feels wonderful. Fuck Me, Bro. Fuck Me Hard!” She groaned. Instinct driven by passion took over and she matched every piston stroke with one of her own. Their bodies smacked together with an ever more thunderous impact. Soon the knot in her stomach turned into a fist her vaginal muscles firmly gripping the tip of Dave’s fabulous cock as it swelled deep inside her until his hot semen exploded from it slamming against the back of her uterus like lava spewing from a volcano opening the floodgates of her first clitoral orgasm. Dave collapsed on her chest.

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       She could feel his glorious cock pulsing deep inside her and pulled his head to hers and kissed him deeply their tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths. As her breathing slowed she felt him roll off her, his dick sliding out as he went.
    Eager hands grabbed his cock as my mouth sank around it to suck it back to life. Candy felt a mouth at her swollen breast as Sherry suckled her sister’s tit into her mouth. She turned to the other side to see Dave’s sweat covered face starring down at me as I mounted his now turgid pole. Candy felt someone place his arms under her knees and looked down, she saw another cock headed for her hole. In an instant it was deep inside her pistoning in and out as if driven by a madman. She looked up to see Jimmy grinning down at her snatch as he plunged his dick ever harder and faster. Candy felt lips about her tit and than saw Sherry’s face rise to kiss her full on the mouth. Someone took her hand and when Sherry moved away she could see it was my hand grasping hers and guiding it to my yearning breast. As she struggled to wrap her mind around what was happening. Candy’s mind reeled as this new intruder pistoned on and out of her body. This new intruder did not arouse her as the previous one had. This didn’t seem to concern its owner but was evoking only passion’s candle within her versus the inferno Dave had evoked.  

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