Weekend With Mom


It was a Friday and my Mom had gone to bed at about 7. 30pm.  Since her divorce from Dad a couple of years ago, she rarely went out in the evenings.   Often she would get up early and go to the gym; she liked to workout and she kept her petite body in great shape for a woman of 36.
I had a shower at 10pm and decided to grab a glass of water.   The temperature was still around 90F and the air conditioning was on the blink again.   Thinking she was in bed, I didn’t put any clothes on and hung up my towel to dry.   I’m 18 years old, pretty good looking, but not the type of kid that girls usually go after.
I was startled to find Mom in the kitchen; she was just finishing up making some sandwiches.   Judging by the fact that she was wearing just a pair of blue low rise bikini panties, she must have thought I had gone to bed also.
We had always been open about nudity in the house, but I hadn’t seen her like this for a couple of years.
“Hi Sammy. ”  She said, un-phased by our nakedness.   “Are you hungry?  I have made some sandwiches. ”
I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts, they must have been C cup, but on her tiny body they looked much bigger.   They swung forward away from her chest as she reached inside the refrigerator for a bottle of lemonade.

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“Oh sure, I was just getting something to drink. ”
“I’m watching TV in my room, grab a couple of glasses and come and join me. ”
I took two glasses from the cupboard and followed her into the bedroom.   I could feel my dick stirring as I watched her scantily clad ass jiggle from side to side as she walked.   Mom had those classic curvy hips and one side of her panties was pulled over, exposing an ass cheek.
Mom had pulled the bedclothes off due to the heat and sat down on the left side of the bed, her back up against the wall.
I sat down on the right and tried to ignore my hardening, twitching cock and brought my leg up to hide it.
We sat there watching TV, eating the food and drinking the lemonade.   My eyes kept drifting over to her panties.   They were pale blue, almost sheer and I could see her black strip of pubic hair through them.
My cock started to harden again, so I decided to concentrate on the TV, I would die of embarrassment if Mom saw me with a hard on.
Unfortunately the movie started to get a little raunchy and Mom kept commenting on how good the girls looked and what they were wearing.  
“I wonder where she bought that lingerie from?  Don’t you think that looks sexy?  I would like to wear stockings more often. ”
“Moooom. ”  I complained.

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She started laughing as she bit into her sandwich and ketchup dripped down onto her chest.   She reached over to the bedside table to get a tissue to wipe it up, but the box was empty.
“Darn it, there’s no tissues left in the box.   Can you see where the ketchup went?”  She tried to tilt her head down to see.
“Err, it’s on the inside of your right, umm tit. ”  For the first time I could legitimately stare at those beautiful breasts.   They looked so lovely and white with big flat nipples.
“I can’t see it.   Wipe it off for me hun. ”
I reached over and scooped the ketchup off with the side of my finger.   The softness and warmth of her breast surprised me.   I licked the ketchup off my finger.
“All gone?”  She asked.
This may be my last chance I thought.   “I think a bit went on the underside.

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I reached over, cupping that delectable tit in my hand and lifted it upwards.   It was heavier than I would have imagined and I loved the smoothness of the skin on the underside.   My fingers lingered before I retracted my hand.
“Your nipples have gone hard. ”  I commented as the once flat dark brown circles formed into little tips.
“They’re just not used to having someone else touch them, that’s all.   They go harder than that. ”  She teased her left nipple between her finger and thumb making it stand out further.
“Wow. ”  Was all I could say.
“Come on, you’ve seen nipples before on your girlfriends?”
“Errr, I kind of never got that far before.   All I got last time was just a feel up outside of the sweater. ”
“Oh, I thought the younger generation was freer with their loving. ”
We carried on watching TV for another 18 minutes until she yawned.
“Hun, you can carry on watching the movie, turn off the light for me please and I’ll get some sleep.

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“I’m also feeling a little tired, okay if I just crash here?”
“Sure sweety. ”
She moved down the bed and lay on her side facing me, her head on the pillow.
As a reached across for the switch on the bedside light I heard her chuckle softly.
I turned around to see her staring at my raging hard on.
“Oh my, you have grown up. ”  Mom said.   “”You had better take care of that or you won’t sleep a wink tonight. ”
“Moommmm. ”  I protested.   “I can’t, not in front of you. ”
“Of course you can, I’ll just close my eyes. ”
I checked on her to see if she really had before grasping the shaft of my cock .   I started to stroke it up and down quickly.   I was so horny.
“Make it last, savor it.

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  ”  I heard her say.
“Don’t be in such a hurry; you will get a much stronger orgasm if you take your time.    Here let me show you. ”
Before I could say anything, she knelt beside me and took my dick in her right hand.   Slowly she moved her hand up and down.   I just groaned, lay back and closed my eyes; I couldn’t believe my own Mom was doing this to me.
Whenever I came close to cumming, she would stop allowing the moment to pass before resuming those delicious strokes.   She was right; I knew that when I eventually came I knew it would be explosive.
I heard her whimper softly and opened my eyes.   She had her left hand inside those translucent panties fingering herself.   The sight of her masturbating put me over the edge and I could feel an intense warm feeling building inside.  
“Mom I’m cumming, oh God, oh God, ooohhhhhhhh. ”  With that I arched my back letting loose a stream of cum that shot from my cock and splashed over my chest.   Mom kept stroking me, gripping me hard and timing her movements with every jerk of my body.   I felt that my insides were being sucked out as she milked every last drop from my cock.

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“Shoot that sweet white load.   Ohhhhhhh that feels better eh hun?”
As my orgasm finally faded, I looked across at her, watching those busy fingers working inside her panties until she finally removed her hand and lay back on the pillow.   I turned away before she opened her eyes.
“Sleep now. ”  She muttered and closed her eyes.   I turned off the light and left the cum to dry on my chest.
I awoke to the sound of the shower.   Mom had got up and was in the on-suite bathroom.   I lay there thinking of the night and I started to get hard again.   I heard the shower stop and shortly after Mom opened the door, drying her hair with a towel.
She was completely naked and I took a long hard long look at her black pubic hair for the first time.   She had shaved it into a thin long V.
“Morning hun!  Oh my, you have a morning woody.   Do you want me to take care of that?” 
I nodded and she walked over to the bedside cabinet and pulled out a tube of lubricant and squeezed a big goop into her hands.   Without further hesitation she straddled my thighs and grasped my erection with both hands.

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With a firm grip she started stroking it.   She didn’t think I noticed but I could tell she was pushing it against her pussy lips to give her some stimulation.
“You’re so hard, so big now. ”
She ground against me and it was all too much for me and I cried out “Sorry Mom, you’re making me cum too quickly, ohhhhhh. ”
I watched as a thick white stream of cum shot out of my cock onto my stomach.
“Yes baby, ohh yes, cum for Mommy. ”  She pounded my dick with her fist until I was completely drained.
I lay back on the bed; the intensity and sensation had made me light headed.   Mom went into the bathroom to get a towel and cleaned me off before announcing she was going to make some coffee and breakfast.
I went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower.   I couldn’t help wondering where this was going to end, but I knew where I wanted it to!
Not bothering to dress, I went into the kitchen.   Mom had started the coffee going and was making some scrambled eggs.
“You want a hand Mom?”  I asked, using the question as an excuse to come around the other side of the breakfast bar.
“No I’m okay.   You want two eggs?”  I nodded a reply and she bent down to pull out the egg carton from the bottom of the refrigerator.

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    It gave me a fantastic view between her legs for the first time.   Her pussy lips were very pronounced, two beautiful mounds separated by a pink strip of folded flesh.
I moved back round and sat at the breakfast bar as she cooked the eggs and put them on a plate in front of me with some toast.   I was ravenous and ate quickly.
“It’s going to be another hot day, but I don’t fancy going out.   What would you like to do?”  She asked.
“How about a swim in the pool before it gets too hot?”  I suggested.
“Good idea, then get a little sun eh?”
We put on our swim clothes and spent some time in the pool before lying on the sun chairs.
Mom lay face down and asked me to put some lotion on her.   Her skin was very warm and soft to the touch and I started at her shoulders and moved down to her hips.   I slipped my hands under her bikini bottom savoring those lovely ass cheeks.
“Do the backs of my legs also hun. ”
I put some more lotion on my hands and worked my way up to her thighs.
“That’s good enough thanks Sammy. ”
I was a little disappointed; I desperately wanted to touch her pussy.

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    I put some lotion on my chest and shoulders and closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of the sun.
Towards lunchtime we went back into the house and after some more sandwiches, Mom announced she was going to have a shower to wash the lotion off her.
“Do you want your back washing Mom?”  I asked hopefully.
“Oh, that would be nice.   Thank you. ”
I followed her into the bedroom and she slipped out of her bikini before running the shower to get it warm.   As she stepped in she asked me to bring her sponge and shower gel to her.
I pulled off my shorts and my cock sprang up, grateful to be free again.   I opened the shower door and got in behind her.   The shower was a walk in type and had lots of room.   I squirted some gel onto the sponge and started to wash her back while she shampooed her hair.
“That feels good Sammy. ”
I scrubbed her back down to her hips and then washed her sides, across her tummy and moved upwards until I brushed the underside of her breasts.   She raised her arms up to massage the conditioner into her hair and I took the opportunity to soap those beautiful breasts.
I ran my fingers over those fleshy mounds and her nipples hardened.

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    I cupped both of them in my hands and again marveled at the weight of them.
“I think they are clean enough now hun, you shouldn’t really me touching your mother that way you know. ”
“Sorry Mom, I just love the way your tits feel, so soft. ”
I started soaping the back of her legs, starting from the calves up towards her thighs.   As I reached the apex of her legs I carried on upwards until the edge of my hand brushed her pussy lips.   Her body jerked.
“Ohh. ” She said.
“Are you a little ticklish?”  I asked innocently and slipped my fingers between her legs again.
“No, ah, oh, you just surprised me.   You shouldn’t, ohhh, that feels, ooh. ”
I felt her hard clit slide between my two middle fingers and I gently stroked it.
“Sammy, oh, you should stop that, ohhh, ohhh. ”  She protested, but she parted her legs a little and put her hands on the shower wall.
“Sammy, Sam, oh God.


  ”  She started breathing in ragged bursts.
I pulled my fingers back until I found the entrance to her pussy.   It was very slippery and I inserted two fingers inside her warm hole and moved them in and out.
“Ahh, ahh, ahh, oh yes, oh yes, you should stop now, oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhh. ”
With that she started to buck against the palm of my hand and with a loud cry began to orgasm, her body shuddering as waves of pleasure rocked her tiny frame.   Once she stopped moaning, I pulled out my fingers and gently stroked the cheeks of her butt.
She turned off the shower, opened the door and loosely wrapped a towel around her and lay on the bed, arms extended, her eyes closed.
I got out of the shower too and without getting a towel knelt beside her.
“You okay Mom?  I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. ”
“No, no Sammy, it felt wonderful, it’s just that I haven’t had sex for so long now.   I had forgotten what it was like to have such an intense orgasm.   I masturbate occasionally, but it never feels the same as when someone else stimulates me. ”
She rolled over and looked at me.   The towel slipped off her hips.
“Mom, don’t worry, you have me.

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  ”  I reach over and touched her bare thigh.   She shivered.
“Yes Sammy, I have you, but it is kind of wrong.   I should not be tormenting you this way. ”
“I love you Mom, I want what is best for you. ”
She moved over on top of me and gave me a hug.   Her towel left her body and lay discarded on the bed.
“Oh Sammy you are so sweet. ”
My erect cock was pressed against her belly.   She looked into my eyes.
“Do you love me?”
“I love you with all my heart Mom. ”
She shifted upwards so my cock was at the entrance of her vagina.   I could feel the wetness of her pussy as it probed the entrance.    I was so aroused my heart stopped.
She slid downwards and I started to enter her.

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    Her hips flexed and I felt her hot wet cunt envelope my stiffness.   She pushed again and again until I was totally inside her.   I could feel her pubic mound pressed against my groin.
“You really want this?  It will change everything between us forever. ”
Without waiting for my reply she moved up and down against my body.   I had never experienced such a hotness, her vagina contracting in little spasms as she ground her hips against me.
She lifted herself up from my chest and I took one of her nipples in my mouth.
“Let me fuck you Sammy, let me fuck, oh oh God, I’m cumming, aaarhhhh jeeezzzz, Sammy. ”
“Mom I can’t hold on, ummmmmmmm. ”
I felt myself swell and stiffen before that exquisite release.
“That’s it, shoot your cum inside of me, ahhhhhhhh, I can feel it going so deep, oh shit, oh that’s so good, so good. ”
She continued to thrust and thrust against me, long after I could cum no more, before she collapsed on top of my body.
We lay there for 18 minutes savoring her decaying pleasure until I was completely soft.
She stirred and kissed me.
“Move your things into my bedroom son.

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