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House is full of joy. As soon as I entered, my parents informed that my sister is engaged for marriage. My sister Jay is just 18 years old and undergoing Pre- college studies. S he is a young man’s fancy and an old man’s dream. She is very beautiful and her body is covered with velvet like skin, juicy sweet lip, small but curved tits, slim waist, and cushioned ass. With 5 feet 8 inches tall and attractive eyes, you can call her as a queen of sex. Many used to envy her perfectionist structure and beautifulness including me. I used to dream of her in my wild dreams…. Wah. , Who is going to possess her. Really he will land into pleasure of paradise.
I am just 18 years old. I use to dream of girls and enjoyed many in dreams. When I dream about the girls, my nine-inch penis use to get full length. Yet, in real life I have to penetrate a pussy. The pornographic movies and pictures made growing need in body.

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   My sister’s body disturbed many times. Her natural aroma and beauty made me mad many times. But I know that I should not do any sin by having any affair with her.
Her in-laws came to our house for the marriage arrangements. They are all impressed with the beauty of my sister. Her father in law in excitement opened his mouth with lust. Through his eyes he was feasting her. At that point he must have planned something. His wife, on the other side, was moving her eyes over my body. Some occasion she was trying to feel my body. While departing she invited me to come her house for next day morning. I accepted her invitation.
Next day, on the way to my school I went to their house. When I pressed the bell. I could not hear any response.

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   I thought electricity might not be there. I went back side of the house. When I sneaked through the window. I really shocked. Aunt Sara was in naked position. She is getting fucking from her own brother Arju. Both of them where moving together as one unit. Over his sister body Arju was moving with his thick barrel of cock deep inside her. He deep tongued her mouth and their lips locked together. The room was filled with their fucking sound and lustful cry due to flurry of cock strokes inside the cunt. The situation indicated that they are long-term incest lovers. They were enjoying every moment. Soon Uncle Arju filled deep inside of his sister womb with his hot semen After five minutes he separated his body as well as his sex tool from the clasp of his sister body. Aunt Sara was in an awkward position, her well-fucked pussy kept widely opened to have clear view. Her cuntlips were swollen in reddish color.

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   From her fucking tunnel, her brother’s love juice was oozing   out.
As soon as their mating is over, I went to the door and waited for their arrival. Once some movement came, I knocked the door. Aunt Sara exhibited her and greeted me. ‘Hei, Raj when did you come? . . Come inside…’. I came in. Though she looks little tired her face expression indicated the satisfied fuck she got little away from her own brother. Her lower lip (big and mouthful) was slightly swollen and reddish may be due to deep kissing received from Arju. Uncle Arju was sitting in couch after completing his banging. “ I came here to complete some repairing job. Now I have to leave as my wife will be waiting there?” . Aunti secretly grinned at him. ‘Arju, Today night also you can come and complete the work.

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   Inform your wife that some important assignment is there” . He happily nodded by looking at her crotch. After five minutes he left the place.
Sara put a bolt on the door. Now, she gets a new companion. She smiled and came towards me. She sat next to me very closely. “Do you want to drink some thing,,. I nodded. “Yes, A cup of apple juice for my thirst”. She brought the juice. Her hands brushed me slightly. After seeing me she must have applied some deodorizer on her body. That evoked my hidden pleasure. “ Why cant I get some pleasure from this old but beautiful lady? ” .

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   She put her arm around my shoulder and started to talk. “Don’t be shy, I am going to be your relative, feel free to talk. How do you feel me? Though I am not young like you I am fit enough to be a companion for you ” She has given more sound for the last sentence. I studied her mind. She wants me to her younger lover, to ride her, to fill her and to satisfy her inner urges. ‘ Aunt, You are beautiful. You are looking like around 25 years old only. I will be happy to have you as my companion”. I surveyed her body Her fingers slowly moved from my shoulder and placed near my abdomen and slightly touched my bulging. “Are you a virgin? Anytime you had experience with girls in sex…. I told “no”. Her mouth with red juicy lips was moving slowly to mine. She kissed on it. I reciprocated. I wrap my arms around her and gently kiss those sweet lips.

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   We pressed each other for exploration. I tasted her lip and swallowed it entirely and sent tongue in deep of her mouth. She allowed me to have her saliva taste. I sucked her lip ferociously and kept in my captivity for 18 minutes. ’ Oh…Don’t hurt it. Now it is for you only. As long as you can kiss me you can kiss. But have it slowly my young lover. . ” I deep kissed her till turning my concentration to other sex parts of her.
My virginity was in stack. Aunt Sara slowly removed the top, letting it fall to the floor. Her perky breasts and hard pink nipples were begging for a mouth to suck on them. All the while keeping her eyes on me, she then lowered her panties, letting them drop to the floor, to reveal her blond bush. Then, giving me a big grin, she turned around to expose her full, creamy ass, giving it a little wiggle.

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   God, what a sexy ass she had! This blonde was all booty! I was breathing heavily, devouring her with eyes, a little less nervous now. Her cunt lips were protruding out and were quite wet due to earlier fuck received from her brother as well an anticipatory leak out from my fuck. Sara then looked me in the eye and said "Take your shirt off, my young lover. " I slowly did. As I stood up to remove my shorts, Aunt looked at my crotch, which was bulging, with huge wet spot. Aunt's eyes twinkled and she smiled that devilish grin of hers.
"Now your shorts," she said. My young prick was obscenely making a tent of my shorts. Aunt didn't have to say anything as she was all wide-eyed with excitement at what I am covering up. Without anything being said, I pried open the waistbands and slid down my shorts, letting my young, hard teen-age cock bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down, freed from its confinement. There I stood, giggling, nervous adolescent with my cock high in the air. At the time I was only about eight inches. My Aunt's eyes bulged as she caught her breath. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips as she looked over my hard, young prick. I even noticed my aunt checking out my tool with less hesitancy and more desire in her eyes.


  ” You have really grown up, I have never seen like this big cock" Aunt said with a smile. “Even your brother?’ I asked. She exclaimed. I whispered to her. “ Just now I have seen your screwing session”. ‘Please don’t tell to anybody. Before my marriage itself we were doing this. I was getting good satisfaction from him than my husband”. I told, “ Don’t worry I will not reveal to anybody. Now I my only aim is to enjoy you. I have never fucked anybody. It is good that I am going to learn from your experienced cunt. Aunt, will you give it to me?”. She urgently told” Certainly, now it is waiting for your riding. .

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   even you can make me your permanent lover. I am readily available for your lust…enjoy me. I am very happy that I will be your first fuck. . come on…we will do it…”.
The sexual tension in the room was massive. While looking at my naked Aunty, I could barely contain myself, and began tugging on my dick, which was getting harder as pre-cum oozed out even more. Aunt broke away her stare, looked at me and said, "Go on. " I started playing with my cock and I fisted it to rock solid and slick with pre-cum, Aunt couldn't control herself. She spread her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was soaked and protruding outward, beckoning me. I was breathing heavily.
A horny and attractive 45 years old women and young, ripe, teenaged virgin boy was about to make history and fuck each other silly! "Oh, sure you are big," Aunt moaned while frigging her cunt. Aunt then snapped out of her clit-rubbing dream, and stood up. "Come sit down here on the bed," she told. God, her fingers were so wet! As I sat down Aunt gently said, "We're going to have sex.

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   You're going to become men now. " Then with a smile she asked, "Are you ready to loose virginity to me?""Um, yeah, okay," I replied, a little uncertain. Aunt then knelt down and took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times.
"My own young fucker’s hard-on," she said, smiling at me, tugging my dick. "Wow!" She then lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. I was shocked at first and noticed my half penis disappeared down Aunt's throat. She went up and down a few times, coating my shaft with her saliva. It felt incredible! Her tongue was so hot and slick as she took me to the root and back up again. I began breathing heavily, loving every bit of it. Aunt was now really going at it, sucking and slurping and pumping it until I couldn't stand it any longer. I began groaning louder and louder as I approached orgasm, and quickly grabbed Aunt's head and started shooting my cum into her mouth. After I finished cumming, Aunt let it run down and out of her mouth and over my cock, as she continued sucking on my cum-slick joystick, occasionally swallowing more and more of my cum down her hungry throat until she swallowed every drop. What a treat to have your first blow job, and from a real talented lady!
"You taste good, your virgin cum may give youth look to me" Aunt said. "Mmmm, god, I love your teenage cock!" I was in heaven. I'd experienced an orgasm many times through masturbation, but nothing like this!   Just then, Aunt stood up and hold my penis in her hand directed to follow her upstairs to her private room.


   That was quite a sight, walking upstairs behind Aunt's ass! I'd never seen anything quite like it. When we entered Aunts room, she fell on her bed, while I just stared at her. "What now?" I asked. "The best is soon to CUM," she said with beady eyes. Then Aunt spread her legs to flash me her wet cunt. Looking at me she said "You're going to put your cock in HERE. It's gonna feel soooooo good!""We're gonna fuck?" "I am gonna make men of you. I will take your virginity! I want to be your first feast. “ Then noticing my again-erect cock, Aunt told me to climb on the bed and get on top of her. As I did, she held out her arms and hugged me, as my cock nestled near her pussy. Thickness of the wall and circumference indicated how much she experience in her 45 years of life. She wanted this 18 years old cock to fuck her very badly.
As I held her, she then reached down and took hold of my erection with one hand, while trying to maneuver my body to insert it inside her. Once I was at the entrance to her cunt, Aunt said, "Okay, push forward your big and beautiful cock inside of yours love hole . " I did.

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   If I thought her mouth was incredible, this was sexual Disneyland. All of a sudden, first time wet heat blanketed my teenage prick as I pushed further inward, inch by inch, until I was in as far as I could go. End of fuck tunnel as my cock filled her cunt tightly like virgin cunt. At that point, instinct took over as I pulled back a few inches and thrust forward again. I repeated the action until I began developing a rhythm and started thrusting in and out, in and out; faster and faster, harder and harder. It felt soooooo good and I wasn't the only one who thought so. Aunt was moaning with each thrust of my cock and while I grunted and groaned, she got vocal. "Oh, yes honey! Ooooooohhh, yeeeaaahh! That's it, that's IT! Oh god, yes! Fuck me! Oh yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck Auntyyyy! Ooooohh god, fuck Aunty! Fuck your Aunt GOOD! Fuck with big cock. . don’t stop. . ride me completely…enjoy your feast . . I am ready to give everything . .

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  fuck me continuously…. ahaaaaaa"
I was moaning and saying, "Yeah! Yeah!" over and over while my aunt cried out with each powerful thrust of my cock. Aunt said not a word except this loud, incredible cry with each stroke of my hefty cock. As my aunt held me, she lifted her pussy up to meet my thrusts, giving back what I gave her. With each thrust of my cock, Aunt cooed in my ear. I started kissing her cheek, and uncontrollably I moved my mouth to hers and began kissing my aunt. She seemed surprised but responded to my kisses with her tongue. It must have seemed weird; a teenage boy passionately kissing his forty-three year old aunt, while his young cock pounded in and out of her mature cunt, but we were exchanging all sorts of fluids, from our tongues and saliva, to my pre-cum leaking into her cunt. While we were lost in our own ecstasy, we were really fucking up a storm. The room was filled with the sounds of fantastic sex! The big bed really shook as I grunted and groaned with each thrust, in and out of my aunts' cunt, while she cried out in pleasure over this fabulous act of deflowering incest! I lasted a lot longer this time, giving my Aunts' cunts a good workout. I was getting near to shooting and could feel the tension building up in my cock. Frantically, I hammered my prick in and out of Aunt until I lost it and crying out I began shooting my fertile seed into deep inside of her unprotected pussy.
"Oh yes baby!" Aunty cried out. "Give Aunty your cum! Oh yeah! Cum in me!" I just laid on top of her feeling my twitching cock shoot more and more sperm into her hot, wet cunt. I felt hot and wet myself as perspiration covered me; my body heat meshed with Aunt's, and my hot cock shooting hot cum inside her even hotter fertile cunt and unloaded a gallon of baby making juice into her.

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  Aunt just held me and stroked my hair. After a moment of trying to catch our breath, I removed my sweaty bodies from my sweaty aunt.   I pulled out, newly hard but happy and satisfied. Aunt was lying on the side like a widely opened book. Stream of sperm were flowing out from her cunt after filling the entire channel as a prize of love making. She submitted her mature body for enjoyment of her young lover. With no shame, she expressed her happiness of being thoroughly used for sexual pleasure. " You're men now!" Aunt proclaimed. "How was it baby?""Mmmm, nice," I moaned. "Thank you," and, "I love you. " At that moment we really did love each other. Aunt quickly found that she and I were totally compatible when it came to sex.
  As we rested a bit, we talked about little things, but with teenaged boy in the same room with naked women lying in one bed, little things soon became big things!" You want more, huh?" Aunt snickered. We laughed. After a brief rest we made a body love once again, but this time more reflexively and powerfully in a way of sucking her cum filled juicy cunt and fucked in different positions.

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   Aunt Sara enjoyed every moment and allowed my youthful encounter on her until I freed her prostrated body after five hours enjoyment.   Our sexual relationship was started to go in steady ship before my sis’s marriage. Many time she called me to have screwing session in her house. Some times I fucked her in my school premise after the school timings, but for that she shared the sex with school watchman once after my turn was over. I continued to fuck her whenever and wherever things fit ideally. I made her pregnant in the age of 45. We were excited. As her lovers were all family planned already, it was my seed strongly united with her ova. She decided to carry it as a token of love with me but we have decided to keep her pregnancy a secret until my sister marriage is over.   Our relationship was entered in new dimension that she almost became my wife. I screwed her daily as a part of my school studies. I felt grown up in my class, as I became a screwing master and possessing a mature lady for my sexual encounter.
In the next part I will tell about how I managed to fuck my sister and gang banged her with her in laws during her first night. Please watch next part.

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