dis is erum christine from delhi. let me introduce myself i am a raMp model in contract wid nifts. i hav a very hot figure of 33 27 30. havin a good hight of 5ft 11inch fair n pointed chin n nose n pink lipsi hav such a killing smile. i love to expose myself in public areas. dats y i wears only short skirts with cleavedgerevealing tops. some times i wear only a sports bra on denim skirts dis is my fav dress. i hav a flat in noida sector 16.

thre is a disk in sec 18 "elevates". mostly night we all friends meet here to enjoy. 1 incedent happend wid me 4 days ago. my friend stecyshe is also a model havin same as my figure except her twinssize is 34. she was a real rival of mine coz i seduced her boyfriend to fuck me n was successfuln she become to know abt it and den asked me dat can i make seduce any 1 i nodded in yes denshe gav me a bet dat if i could seduce a person of her choice den she will live a night lik prostitute. i like her bet and accept. den d next day is the setting day she about to showme dat personand beyond any 1s expactions she told me to seduce her father. it's so strange but i accepted.

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  and he is a widower so its easy too. she told me to come in evening as she planned dat she will not be thre but iwill act lik i were there to pick her to the disk. dat day its too difficult to seduce a man of doble of ur age but still not impossible. i was in great troule dat wat shud i wear, den first i took a red bra n panty dat has a strap only between hipsand only a pieace of net to just to covr my pussy n bra was a push up bra to expose my cleavedge n i wear a very shor skirt of red colourn in a shiny step just tight till half of my hips n den loose and a top just to hide my bra actually its a bra typ top matching of skirt. . . and a pair of red high heels n a red apple cap wid dark red lipstic n matching necjless n braclet. . . den i came out from my flat d driver looked at me and stared to chkeck me ou from bottom to topand had a hard on den i told him to drive to the stecy's home. . . i reached thre n knock her servent was on d door n said me dat she is not in home but i replied him that i will wait for her. . .

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  n i sat down in the living hall. i looked for her father n he was busy wih his drinks. den i went near to him. . . . . he was intoxicated enough n was jst checkin me out from top to bottemden suddenly he asked me to sit down near him as he wanto to talk to me. . . . . please sent me comments n compliments dat if u lik my story after dat i will write the whole story. . .

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  my e-mail id is era. babe@ymail. com.