water park


Topic: The water park part one. So I was about 18 years old when this happened. It was summer vacation and my mom had to work. That left me and my dad to fend for ourselves most days. This particular day, we were planning to go to the water park with one of my friends. We were going to pick her up at noon, while it was still mildly warm outside. We had gotten up early and were ready way to soon. Dad and I were watching TV to pass time, and I got very horny for some reason. I decided to formulate a plan of action. Dad and I have a weird relationship. I torture him all the time, like pull his arm hairs and whatnot. So, I climbed into his lap cowgirl style. I decided that I was going to tease him.
 After a while I got even hornier and was doing that thing where you kind of lick the person’s earlobe. I felt a bulge in his pants start to form.

I sat on it.


   I felt him tense immediately. Not really knowing what I was doing, I rested my head on his shoulder, and he started stroking my back. I fell into a daze. I think I started to doze then. I became alert again when I felt a finger brushing between my legs. At the time I was involuntarily moaning, not very loud, mind you. After a bit of this, Dad decided to go further. He pushed my cover up shorts away, very slowly to gage my reaction. I felt his index finger slide over my slit and enter my lips. I was sooo wet.
He started to rub my clit, which, at the time was still very sensitive. *sigh*. I started thinking about what we were doing. ‘ isn’t incest wrong? We shouldn’t be doing this. What if mom came home in the middle of this? That would be bad.

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   ‘ I jerked awake, if that is what you would call it. Dad came to his senses to and leapt up, tossing me onto the couch. “ sorry, that… uh, I shouldn’t have done that. “ and he darted upstairs.
 At the time he was having stomach issues occasionally, and I assumed that this was one of his blow outs, but now that I think about it, I think he was jerking off. Sorry this was so short, but I'm just getting started. Part two will be posted soon!