Warmth of a Sister Part II


I lay there stupidly looking at my flacid, stained cock, not knowing what to do. Glancing up to see that noone was awake I just put my dick away and pretended to be asleep. After what just happened I stopped pretending and really dozed off.  I woke up the next day to the usual sounds of the full house, but curiously there was no beatings, yellings or anything really out of the ordinary. I looked over to the other cots and saw my oldest brother laying back watching TV. I started to think  maybe it was a dream until my dad yelled in from the kitchen if anyone saw my sister. Having to pee like a racehorse I offered to look upstairs. I went to the bathroom not really looking just yet. I groggily lifted the seat cover and let fly. Along with the "tinkle tinkle" sound you would normally expect I heard a soft wimper. I Pulled back the shower curtain and saw my sister crawled into a ball sleeping fitfully. Realizing that everything wasnt a dream I started to make some noise to wake her up. I dropped the toilet seat rather loudly and flushed. When I heard her start to stir I ran out of the bathroom back down into the living room and plopped on the couch. "Shes in the bathroom!" I yelled back into the kitchen. My mind racing what would I say.

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   I decided to play dumb. My sister came down the stairs like a zombie and shuffled into the kitchen. I braced thinking the shit was about to hit the fan. . . An hour went by, then 2 and nothing happened. The movers show up to bring the rest of our stuff that would fit  to the apartment, and the rest of the day continued with out incident. I gess she wasnt gonna tell. Its now one month later and were settling in fine. Its only a 3 bedroom apartment now so me and my 2 brothers share a room, my sis gets her own room and my mom gets her own room. My dad decided to find an apartment for himself. Since what happened my sister hadnt really said much to me, but she was cordial. I couldnt get what I did out of my mind. Not because I was feeling guilty, but because it was so damn good.   And I had apparantly gotten away with it.

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   I started to formulate a plan for tonite. I went into the medicine cabinet and grabbed 3 of my moms sleeping pills and snuck them into my sister's Pepsi at dinner. As we all sat around eating my sister was slowly sipping her drink. I was wondering if she tasted something funny when she finished her plate, gulped down the rest of the soda and excused herself from the table. My mom asked her what the rush was and she said she wanted to mess around with the PS2 she got for christmas. With that she ran back to her room. Later that night me and my brothers were watching some crappy movie on cable and I couldnt wait for them to fall asleep. Glancing at the clock every 5 minutes I was starting to worry. I finally heard them snoring at around 3 am. I snuck out of the room as quietly as possible. Walking past my sister's door on my way to the bathroom I saw blue light from under her door. Hoping she fell asleep playin games I pissed and hurried back to her door. I slowly opened the door and saw my sis asleep in her customary nightshirt. She was on her stomach with her arms draped over the edge of the bed and the controller on the floor near her hands. I was silently celebrating right now I could see every detail of her.

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   The game she was playing provided plenty of light. I did a slow walkaround of her bed admiring her chubby panty-clad ass. She was wearing baby blue undies with a carebear on the left cheek. Moving around to the head of the bed I cursed, her hair was draped over the edge of the bed too and I couldnt see her plump tits just yet. Making sure she was really out good I walked over to her and tapped her on her shoulder. . . nothing. I Brushed the hair out of her face and flicked her cheek. . . still nothing. Growing rock hard already I pulled my underwear off and started brushing my rock hard dick over her parted lips. I almost creamed on her face when I felt her breath on the head of my cock. Not wanting to wait anymore I turned her head to face me and opened her jaw alittle bit.

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   I slowly slipped the head of my cock in her mouth and she tried to smack her lips alittle. . . This created a sucking motion and my dick grew harder than its ever been. I started to pump my dick in and out of her mouth about an ince at a time. Her teeth started to irritate my cock so I rolled her onto her back. I pulled her nightshirt up as high as I could and admired her curves. The way the panties looked compared to her glowing ivory skin. I Couldnt bear it anymore. I lifter her nightshirt over her head and off and saw my sisters beatiful full breasts. Chubby girls have their advantages. I put my mouth on her bright pick nipple and licked it like and ice cream cone. Her nipple instantly grew hard under my tongue. I massaged her right breast while I licked her left nipple. I must be the only kid who lost his cherry before he felt up a girl.

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   I loved the way her breasts felt but I didnt really have much time being 3:30. I went to work and peeled her pretty panties off her round ass and rolled her back on her stomach. Intrigued at what anal would feel like. I found some baby oil on her floor and lubed up my cock. I straddled her ass on the bed and lined my dick up to her puckered sweet little starfish. I stopped and thought this might wake her up I rolled her back on her stomache and spread her legsI put some more oil on her pussy and rubbed it in good. I slid my finder from the base of her pussy up the crack of her chubby lips and to her firey bush and back down. Once back at the base I slid my finger into her cunt. I guess I did a good job the last time, the wasnt much resistence this time. I positioned the head of my cock at he pussy and hunched over her and slid my dick in her in one long slow thrust.
    My sister stirred a bit but didnt otherwise move. I grabbed her by the shoulders and started riding her like one of those 25 cent grocery store rides. One hand on her shoulder and the other mashing her tit like it was bread dough I fucked her hard and fast. I remember being slightly concerned her bed was squeeking, but at this point Ididnt really care. I Picked my head up while still thrusting and started to nibble on her right nipple while I mashed her left breast and fucked her pussy raw.


       Not long after I started I felt that familiar feeling bubbling in my nuts. My whole body started to tingle and I thrust so hard I pushed her off the bed alittle bit. I Came so hard I literally saw stars. I pulled out and inspected her red irritated pussy and was pleased to see the gobs of cum leaking out onto her bedspread. I spent about 18 minutes fondling her trying to figure out how Im gonna get her clothes back on and finally decided to worry about it after I butt-fucked her. My dick was at attention again. So I grabbed the bottle of oil and lubed myself up again and roled her over. I dropped a big dollop of oil right on her anus. I straddled her ass again and used my dick to spread the oil around her crack. I lined up the head right for the center of her ass and slowly but firmly pushed. I guess she was a tight ass  cuz I wasn't getting anywhere. I said fuck it and pushed with all my might steadily until I felt my dick creep into her rectum. I kept pushing until the head was in then I grabbed her shoulder and violently stabbed her ass with all my might. She grunted louder than I thought she would but when I was in up to the hilt she didnt really moved again. I pulled out until just my head was in again and put more oil on it the plunged in again as hard as I could.

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       I fucked her like this for a long time. Having just blown my load in her cunt I lasted longer that I thought I could. Everytime I stabbed her ass she made this sexy little grunt as if she was actually enjoying it. After about 18 minutes I was about to come and her grunts had turned into moans and whimpers. She was waking up! And with that thought I hammered home and blew my load in her ass. I probably came in her stomach I came so hard. Wanting to see what I did this time, I watched my dick slide out of her ass. Covered in streaks of blood and shit this time I was amazed to see how big her asshole had become. I bit her right ass cheek and quickly threw on my shorts. Before I left the room I covered her up and turned off the game. I snuck back into my room thinking my brothers were still asleep. My oldest bro asked me where I was. I told him I was taking a shit. Im not sure if he bought it but what the hell, whats done is done. .

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