Wake Up, Daddy! Chapter 7


 Chapter 7
“He’s not really my Uncle,” Jill explained between playful licks of Michael Taylor’s cock. They had showered and were dressed again, but his fly was open and she knelt between his legs as he sat back in the recliner. She told him the rest of her story while they waited for his wife and daughter to come home.
“He’s my Dad’s best friend,” Jill continued. Eric Sanders and Paul Barns had been best friends since grade school, and ever since Jill could remember, she had called him Uncle Eric. As she walked in the house, the taste of Mr. Cole’s cum still strong in her mouth, she could hear him laughing out back on the patio.
“Hi, Uncle Eric,” she called out as she jumped into his lap. As usual he was sitting at the patio table drinking a beer while her father laid steaks across the barbeque grill. Jill’s little sister Katie was splashing around in the hot tub with Samantha and Tabatha, Eric’s twin daughters. And as usual, as soon as she settled into his lap, his hand slid up the inside of her thigh stopping just short of her damp panties. Each year, as Jill got older and her legs got longer, his hand seemed to inch further and further away from her knee. Jill had always liked the way she felt when he touched her and she cuddled up to him, purring like a kitten.
Today was different though. Only fifteen minutes ago, Jill had had a man’s cock in her mouth and her young body was still burning with desire. Today she was thinking about the other things she had seen in her father’s magazines and videos.

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   Today it wasn’t enough just to cuddle up to her Uncle Eric. As her father rambled on about some baseball game, Jill reached across her lap and rubbed her hand over the bulge in Uncle Eric’s jeans.
“What’s that?” her father called out in response to Eric nearly choking on his beer.
“Nothing, just went down the wrong pipe,” he coughed and Jill sat there trying to look innocent, her hand back in her own lap. For a moment she thought Uncle Eric was upset. His hand had left her thigh and his face was blushing deep red. Then he took a long drink from his bottle, and as Jill’s Dad turned his attention back to the steaks, he reached under the table and slowly guided Jill’s hand back to the lump in his jeans.  
Jill leaned her head against his shoulder and spread her thighs open as his hand moved those last few inches to her tender sex. She closed her eyes as his fingers massaged the damp cotton covering her pussy. Her hand slid up and down the hard tool buried in denim and she desperately wanted to feel his hot flesh against hers. The drone of her father’s voice and the giggles of the girls in the hot tub seemed to fade away as his fingers worked magic between her thighs.
“Jill,” cried her mother, “Don’t be hanging all over Eric!” Jill jumped as if waking from a dream. Uncle Eric grabbed for his beer and quickly downed the rest of the bottle. “Go get dressed for dinner,” she called out from the kitchen behind them and Jill jumped up from Eric’s lap.
“Hi, Mindy,” Jill said smiling at Uncle Eric’s wife as she passed her in the kitchen.

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   She was just Mindy, not Aunt Mindy. Jill pulled off her skirt and damp panties as she stood in front of her mirror. Her blouse slipped from her shoulders and she stood staring at her budding breasts and narrow hips. She had purposefully left the door to her room open and goosebumps jumped out across her body when Uncle Eric’s reflection appeared in the mirror behind her. She turned to face him, her heart pounding in her chest, her naked body trembling. He stood there, his eyes unblinking. Then he held out his hand.
Jill stepped across the room on rubber legs until she felt her hand in his. He pulled her across the hall to the bathroom, pushing the door closed behind them and pressing the lock. Jill could hear her father’s laughter from below the window outside as Uncle Eric pulled her close and kissed her. His hands slid over the curves of her body and his tongue slipped inside her mouth. It was Jill’s first real kiss and she melted in his arms.
His kiss dropped to her neck then lower until she felt the warmth of his lips covering her sensitive nipples. She held onto his shoulders as his hands curved around her ass cheeks and his fingers dipped into the valley of her sex.
“Shh,” he whispered and Jill remembered where she was.

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   Katie and the twins were screaming and laughing just below the window.
He was on his knees in front of her, his lips fluttering over her flat tummy, when he suddenly spun her around. She grabbed hold of the counter as his hands reached around, sliding up the front of her thighs to her burning slit. His kisses covered the firm globes of her ass and she bent forward over the sink.
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! was all she could think as she felt his tongue slide down between her cheeks and push into her cunt from behind. He squeezed and massaged her ass as he wiggled his tongue inside her virgin slit and Jill fought to keep from crying out. Her entire body lit up and she understood the expression she had seen on her mother’s face as she looked at her own face in the mirror, twisted with pleasure.
His lips were suddenly gone and Jill nearly cried until she saw his reflection in the mirror and heard the grind of his zipper. She was ready to turn around, to get a look and a taste of her third cock that day, but he put his hand on her back and held her there bent over the counter. “Don’t move, Baby,” he whispered and Jill’s heart jumped when she felt the hard piece of flesh wedge up between her thighs. His hand was on her ass and she could feel the tip of his cock sliding up and down her slit from behind.    
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! she cried out inside her head. This is it! and she felt the head of his cock, both soft and hard, prying open the tight lips of her cunt.
    “Bite down on this,” he moaned and he handed her a towel that she cried into as her virginity gave way to his welcome cock. Her cunt stretched and gripped him at the same time, her body adjusting to this new sensation.

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       He massaged her arching back and round little ass as he sank deeper and deeper inside.
    “Oh fuck!” he called out as his hips met her ass. Jill wiggled her cunt around him as tears streaked her face. She tried to relax her body, desperately wanting to love this moment. He pulled back slowly, only an inch or so, then pushed slowly forward again. Back again then forward again, each time his stroke growing longer and Jill’s body responding. She wanted to cry out but the voices of her mother and father were right outside the window, completely unaware that their daughter was getting fucked for the first time.
    I’m fucking, she thought, he’s fucking me, and his cock pounded out a rhythm against her aching cunt. Each slap of his hips against her ass, each thrust of his cock, sent a wave of pleasure and pain through her young body and she wanted it to go on and on. She bit down on the towel as she rocked back to meet him. His face in the mirror reminded Jill of her father’s the night she watched him fuck her Mom.
    “I’ve wanted you so long,” he moaned into her ear and suddenly his hips thrust hard against her ass and his cock sank deep into her cunt. “Oh fuck!” he cried, and Jill could feel her pussy filling with his hot seed. She was in heaven as he collapsed over her, sinking his teeth into her shoulder and kissing her neck. “I’m sorry,” he breathed into her ear.

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    Uncle Eric told everyone downstairs he wasn’t feeling well when they noticed the change in his mood. The elation Jill had felt from fucking her first cock had been deflated by her second I’m sorry that day. The men in the videos never said I’m sorry after they fucked a girl, and she didn’t remember her Dad saying it to her Mom.
    Jill would meet her Uncle Eric in the park the next day and fuck him in the back of his minivan. He explained that he was sorry for cumming so quickly which Jill thought was funny. It would be almost a year later, bouncing up and down on the cock of her best friend’s Dad for the first time, that she would experience her first orgasm and truly understand how sorry her Uncle Eric had been.
    Jill had never told Uncle Eric about Mr. Cole, but it excited her to tell Sara’s father everything. She climbed up into his recliner and straddled his lap, riding his cock to her fourth orgasm that day before Sara and her Mom came home.
    Jill sat back in her best friend’s bed that night as they took turns painting each other’s toenails. Sara hovered over Jill’s feet unaware that her best friend’s cunt was filled with her father’s cum. The secret made Jill feel powerful somehow, like she knew something that no one else knew. It made her feel nasty and she liked it. But it would be almost a year later before Jill learned that her best friend had nasty little secrets of her own.
    To be Continued.

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