Visiting My Brother And His Wife Pt. 2


I was laughing with the wine on my night shirt and the fact that it had come over my tummy to expose the fact that I had no panties on at all made my brother stare at it as if he was starving. I looked up at Vickie and smiled, "She ever let you eat her pussy? I said. He looked at me and as he did I spread my legs apart. "She hardly ever does and when she lets me she will not kiss me and I am not sure she has an orgasm. " he said. I pulled off the night shirt and tossed it at Vickie who stood there watching, her mouth wide open. "MMMmmm" I moaned, "Come on, have all you want and show her how a real woman can enjoy it. " and he stood up and took off his boxers and his very nice cock sprang into view. He turned my around so that he was on the flor and my legs over his shoulders and he began slowly licking my pussy lips and they responded really quickly getting soaking wet. I ran my fingers through his hair as he gave me an expert licking and finally brought me to a wonderful orgasm. He rode it out with his face in my pussy and then got up and I took his face in my hands and kissed him, the juices all over his face as I licked and kissed him.

I laid down pulling him with me between my legs and it took very litle guidance for his cock to find my pussy and sink into it. I actually had an orgasm as he entered me and sprayed his cock and balls and the couch. Vickie was still there watching and I found later getting hot but trying not to admit to herself that she was. Mason sank his wonderfully thick cock into me and I wrapped my legs around his hips so he would not get away. It took about 20 min for him to cum but when he did it was a wonderful load that filled me up to overflowing.

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   We laid there after for a second then we looked at Vickie. I whispered to him, "Now her turn. " and he got up and a load of cum came from my pussy. He got up, his cock still with opur cum on it and reached for her hand and she gave it to him. He took of the little that she was wearing and then put her hand on his cock. She drew back but he grabbed it and made her take it into her hand. He brought her back and gave her the bottle of wine, "Drink. " he told her. "But I, I don't hardly drink. " she said and he looked at me and I sat up wrapping my arms around her, "That is going to change along with a lot of other things. " I told her. I was kissing under her ears as she drank and stoped and I said, "More. " and she drank more until she had about half the bottle down. It was doing what we wanted it to and Mason leaned forward and pushed her back into my arms her back towards me, "Oh no. .

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  " she managed to moan as MAson began eating her pussy like he had eaten mine. I held her in my arms and began massagging her tits, pinching her nipples and kissing her neck. She responded by moaning, "I can't do this, it is not right. " and I said, "You are going to start doing anything my brother says, right or not. " and I began pinching her nipples harder as I knew she was getting closer to an orgasm. Mason met my eyes letting me know she was closer and then as it happened I really pinched hard and she cried out in pain as well as soaking his face with an orgasm. "Oh no, no. . . " she was saying over and over. Mason began eating again and after a litle she began to get another and again I pinched her nipples harder and harder. Another orgasm shook her body and Mason got up carressing her body as he did. She was between us and he sat her up so that she was open, her left leg over mine and her right leg over his. Mason winked at me and I leand forward kissing her cheeks then to her mouth which she closed. "Oh Dear, that is not nice.

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   I think you need more to drink. " I said and Mason dropped a small pil in the wine and shook it up good as it disolved. She did not see it since I was still kissing her neck and her closed mouth. He put the bottle to her lips and she drank it down. Three full gulps and she looked at us. He began kissing her and I took over playing with her pussy and sucking her pert nipples. After a while she looked at us, "I feel funny how did I get here?" she said and we looked at each other. Mason laid her on the floor and I was next to her and he was on the other side.

I laid there and she looked at me, "What are you doing?" she said and I told her, "I am going to make love to you and you are going to really enjoy all of it. " and she moaned some. I kissed her and her mouth opened and she kissed me back. I was moving my hand from her nipples to her pussy and found her clit and played with it. "Oh that feels good. " she said and then looed at me, "are you doing that?" she said, "Yes Vickie, you are making love with another woman and Mason is watching us. " and she looked at him.

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   I moved my mouth back to her lips and kissed her and she lost herself in the kiss and I was playing with her clit as Mason kissed her nipples. It took a little while but her orgasm came and she held me tight. I worked my way to her tummy and then between her legs and floud the clit I had been playing with and began sucking and licking it and my tongue went to her ass as Mason pulled her legs up and her bottom came into view. "Oh that is so good. " she said as I went all over from her pussy to her ass and then back again. Her orgasm sprayed my face and hair and then I told her, "Now do me. " and she moved to my tits as I laid on my back and she began kissing me deep and long. Soon my nipples were in her mouth and then down to my pussy and she ate me like she had been at it for a long time. I soaked her face and then Mason kissed her and licked the juices from my face.

We laid there and then I moved over and we put her on the edge of the couch her ass in the air. "Now dear, Mason is going to fuck you the way you should beg him to. " and she looked at me, "I do want him to. " and with that Mason sank his cock into her and she let out a growl. He drove it deep and she was now puching back against his cock. It did not take long for her orasm and then Mason winked at me, "Ready for the next surprise?" I asked her.


   "What is it?" she asked me and I spit on her ass and the hole got really wet. Mason sank his cock into her pussy to get it wet then rubbed it around her ass, "Oh no, not there please. " she moaned but did not move and he began sinking into her ass slowly and a little at a time. The head popped in and she let out a small cry. He began pushing slowly as he moved in and out and then she begged, "Oh get it over with. " and he sank it hard and deep into her ass. She really let out a scream and begged him to be stil. AS he did she began moving some and soon he was slipping in and out of her pussy. He moved her so I could eat her pussy and she was moaning louder and louder, "Oh yes, yes. . . " and her orgasms began happening one after another.

Mason took his cock from her as without cumming and we moved her so she was on the floor betwen his legs. His cock was inches from her face and I put her hands around it, "Suck it dear. " I said and she began licking and then finaly it went into her mouth and she was jacking it off slowly and had a litle more than the head in her mouth.

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   Mason began to get close and I told her, "You are going to take his cum and swallow it all. " and she moaned and soon he began filling her mouth and it came out on her chin. She tried to swallow and swallow as she could and a lot of it went down and she finally swallowed the last of his cum. She had it on her chin and tits and so I cleaned her up good. We were laying on the flor intertwined and kissing her between us and she was kissing us back.

Mason ooked at me and whispered in my ear and I laughed, "If you think so. " and he said yeah, I think so. I got up and went to the back door and called their Rotwhiler Bandit and he came across the yard. He came in and was licking the juices from my legs and hands and I took him to Mason and Vickie. "Over the fot stool" Mason told her and she colapsed over it. Bandit began snifing her ass and pussy and his tongue found her clit and she jumped and looked around, "Oh no, no please. " and Mason said, "Oh yes," and soon Bandit was licking her like crazy and she was moaning with me in front of her kissing her. He got up on her back and with our help found her pussy and slammed into her making her yell out. He was on top of her now and his cock was sinking into her deep and she was moaning and begging, "Oh yes, oh yes, . .

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  " and I said, "Oh yes what. " "Oh yes, fuck me. " and she looed at me. Bandit began hitting her pussy harder and harder and then the knot went in and she just moaned, "Oh god, he is in me. " and we said "Yes, now your pussy will be filled with dog cum. " and she was in the middle of an orgasm and rode it as much as she could. Bandit ploppled out of her and his cum hit the floor. I got down and ate her oussy and had a mouth full and kissed her and gave it to her. She did not object and swallowed it all down.

We all went to bed, Mason and I carrying Vickie and we laid her between us in case one woke up and wanted to play with her. It was noon the next day and I woke up to Mason fucking his newly obedient wife like crazy and she was begging him for more. They finished and we thought about breakfast. Mason kissed me and Vickie had gotten up. "I don't suppose we are wearing clothes today?" she said and Mason "No clothes. " "Okay, well, if you don't want me to fuck the dog, you need to come on down.

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  " she said and left. We followed her to the kitchen and she began cooking breakfast. Bandit was there and he jumped up and down and she kissed him and her mouth got his tongue in it and she moaned, "Not now boy, later. " and he sat. None of us had showered yet and so had dried cum all over the place. Her legs had a lot on her legs and her ass and tummy and all over. I was not much better and MAson had it caked on his cock and balls. We ate looking at her and she looked at Mason, "I hope you like what you have made me now. " and he said "Why is that. " and she smiled, "Cause I now I really wanna see how sex is with a everything that we can arrange. " and he said "How about a gang bang after you recover. " and she said, "Thant is me with a lot of guys?" and he said yes. "How many, "She asked and I said, "Best to start with about 4 or 5. " and she got a thoughful look. "10 men, all hung, of all colors, but they have to be hung.

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  " she said and swallowed some juice. We said sounds god then she looked at Mason, "Sweetheart, do you still wanna have kids?" and he said "Yes, of course. " Do you mind whose it will be or what color?" she said. We looked at each other, "I think we have created a nymphomaniac. " ai said and Mason laughed, "I think so, I would like it to be my kid if that is okay. " and she said, "Well, it depends on how horney I feel but as of today I do not take any more birth control pills. " and she smiled.

We all ate and showered and decided to go to the park and we walked around in the woods and soon Vickie and I were naked and hugging and Mason had his shirt off. We came to a clearing wear some men were playing flag foot ball but we were not visible. THey were just taking a break and they were all sweating and looked in good shape. There was a black guy that was about 6'2" and he was as hard as a rock and looked like he had something in his shorts that would get huge. "MMMmm, I guess now is as good a time as any. " Vickie said and stepping into the clearing she waved at the men and began to jog towards them. They all stoped and I put on my shorts and shirt and Mason and I held hands and walked out behind her. She was in front of the black guy and was touching his chest and talking to the men, "You guys wanna help me out?" she had said and they al asked "How.

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  " and she saw a blanket and sat on it her legs apart, "I need a good fucking and I think you guys will be perfect. " and then she held her hand out to the black guy. He came to her and she pulled his shorts down and a long monster sprang out. She began massagging and licking it and soon it was wet and she laid back and slapped her wet pussy, "Okay hun, fill it up and don't pull out, I want you to cum in me too. " and he was between her legs and ramming her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around him and begged him to fuck her and he did and soon her orgasm shook her body while he kept driving into her. Finally he groaned and filled her pussy and after he had filled her up and moved over. "She sat up, "Next please. " and another black guy began fucking her and after that another guy and another. She laid there waiting for one after another to fil her pussy with their cum. After they were done she sat up and I gave her the clothes we had. She held them instead of putting them on and as we walked cum came from her pussy and on the ground and down her legs. We went back to their place and she laid around without cleaning up.

She came to me and took off my clothes and began sucking my nipples and eating me and gave me a couple orgasms. We all finally went back to bed and slept.


   I left and we all kissed to say bye and Mason said, "Come on back anythime Sis. " and Vickie kissed me, "Even if he is not here you came come back. " and I left. They are doing great now and she is a little less the nympho but she will do as her husband askes. Sometimes before he askes. . . See ya soon.