Visit from the Easter Bunny - pt II


“Daddy, where are we going?” I asked curiously, bracing myself against the car seat as we drove along because the small bumps in the road pushed the tail further into my ass and it was getting sore. “I have to stop at work for a few minutes and I want you to take everyone they’re Easter treats from me while I finish what I need to do,” he answered as we pulled into the parking lot of his business. “Goody goody gosh!” I said excitedly, clapping my hands. “Should I hop too?” Daddy smiled at my enthusiasm. “You’re so precious, Krissy! Help Daddy carry the baskets from the trunk inside. ” I unbuckled myself and hopped out, anxious to be a REAL Easter Bunny! *** “Now, just make sure you check the names on the labels before you pass them out, alright?” Daddy kissed my forehead and disappeared into his office. Eagerly, I began my task, being polite to everyone and hopping along on my deliveries. Everyone was commenting that I was so precious and that they loved my new tail, but I don’t think many people knew it was actually an anal plug. I smiled naughtily to myself knowing that my pussy was aching with that egg inside of me and my ass was stretched from the plug. All of a sudden, the egg began to vibrate! I moaned out loud and people around me gave me a questioning look. I clamped my hand over my mouth and my cheeks flushed slightly. Daddy had activated the remote control device and my pussy’s insides were being worked in front of all these people! Daddy hadn’t let me wear panties because they got in the way of the anal plug and, if this kept up, there would be cum dripping down my thighs in no time. On shaky legs, I tried to control myself as I continued the basket delivery. I couldn’t talk as freely as before because moans kept threatening to escape my lips whenever I opened my mouth. I sucked in air, trying to think about other things rather than my ass and pussy aching. “Hey! There’s that sexy, little bunny that your Daddy told me about,” I heard from behind me.

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   I turned around and saw Daddy’s friend, Paul, standing there! I threw my arms around his neck tightly and kissed his cheek. “I missed you!” He hugged me back and I knew he could feel me trembling slightly. “Are you alright, Honey?” “Daddy put toys inside me,” I whispered to him. “I can’t cum…” I was concentrating so very hard not to disobey him. One of his rules for me was that I wasn’t allowed to cum without his permission. I closed my eyes tightly and thought of everything non-sexy I could! Luckily, the vibrating stopped as suddenly as it had started. I let out a whoosh of air in relief. I had been on the brink and almost went over… “Hey, Paul!” I heard Daddy call from across the room. “Happy Easter!” I turned to see him with the remote in hand, waving at us. He had such a devilish grin on his face! I beamed happily at him for succeeding the surprise test. Paul waved back and then turned his attention back to me. “Come into my office and tell me about how school is going, Princess,” he instructed, taking my hand and leading me. Once in the office, he quietly locked the door and closed the blinds. “That sure is a pretty puff you have in your bottom. ” I giggled and turned to bend over to give him a better view, pulling my skirt free and flipping it onto my back.

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   I knew Paul seeing me this way would make him hard and I bent over further to give him a better view of my puffy lips from the stimulation. The egg began to vibrate again without warning, more intensely this time, faster. I almost fell forward in surprise! Without thinking about it, I dropped a hand between my legs and worked my clit madly, needing to cum so badly that I couldn’t think straight! It took only a few minutes for me to come close to orgasm and I sank to my hands and knees, breathing hard and as I was just about to cum, there was a knock at the office door. As Paul stood up to answer the door, I quickly regained my composure and fixed my skirt. I noticed that my juices had started to flow down my legs so I crossed them as the door opened.
    It was Daddy! “Young lady! Your cheeks are flushed. . . What do you think you’re doing?! Have you been playing with that little pussy of yours in front of Paul? That’s not very lady like!!” Daddy was not very happy with me. "I thought I told you that you were not to cum!" As I was about to open my mouth, Paul jumped in. "Oh no, she wasn't doing anything like that. She was just showing me the great bunny tail that you had given her. She's been nothing but a good little angel. " He turned and looked at me and gave me a small wink. "Okay then.

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      " Daddy replied suspiciously "As long as she's a little lady. I have strict rules that she must follow or else she knows that she will be punished. Paul, could you watch Krissy for me while I make an important call with a client? I shouldn't be too long. " A smile crept to Paul's face. "No problem. Take your time, Krissy can tell me all about the chocolates the Easter Bunny left for her. " With that, Daddy left the room. . . Paul locked the door behind him. "Phew. Thank you Uncle Paul. That was close. Daddy was going to use the belt on me if I made myself cum without his permission. " Just then, I felt the egg starting to vibrate deep inside my drenched pussy again.

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       I dropped to my knees. "Mmmmm. . . Daddy makes it so hard for me not to cum! The egg he placed inside my pussy is vibrating so much. . . . I need to make cums Uncle Paul. " "I have an idea Krissy. . . and you won't get into trouble. . .

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       and you won't have to lie. " Paul told me to sit on his desk as he spread my legs wide. My shaved pussy was dripping wet. He ran his finger along the wet slit and gently pushed it in. It felt incredible. I closed my eyes and my head went back as I moaned out loud. The next thing I felt was Paul's warm tongue running up my legs, licking all my juices that had coated them. He spread my swollen pussy lips apart to reveal my throbbing clit. He barely touched it with his tongue as I shuddered. "Ohhhhhh. . . Uncle Paul. . .

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       if you keep that up, I will make a BIG cum for you. " He continued licking around my lips and started poking my hole with his tongue. . it felt so good to have him lick me. I felt his hands on my hips and my legs as his tongue flicked my clit. . . I was so close. My head was spinning now. The combination of the egg vibrating and then stopping and then vibrating again with Paul's tongue flicking at my clit was more than I could take. "Mmmm. . Uncle Paul. . .

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      . I'm going to cum!" I grabbed his head with both hands pressing him harder against my wet pussy. I felt the waves build up until I could not hold it any longer. Wave after wave of a powerful orgasm hit me. I thought I would pass out. "I'm cumming Uncle Paul. . I'm cumming!" He slowed his licking and gently pulled away as my breathe started to slow. My heart was racing. "There, Princess. " he said as he took his handkerchief and gently wiped my legs and pussy of it's juices. "Now you can tell your Daddy that you didn't make yourself cum. " "Oh thank you for that Uncle Paul. You're the best Uncle EVER!" I exclaimed as I jumped into his arms to give him a big hug. Just then, someone knocked on the door again.

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       Paul went to open it, it was Daddy again. "Young lady, were you a good girl? Did you touch that pussy and make it cum?" he asked sternly. "Oh no Daddy. " I said innocently "I can honestly say that I did not touch my pussy and make cum. " I turned and gave Paul a "our little secret" wink. "well, we must be off little one. Say good-bye to Paul. Thank you, Paul, for keeping Krissy company. " Paul smiled and replied "Oh please, the pleasure was all mine. " I could see that Paul had a huge bulge in his pants. I liked knowing that I was able to give him that. I wish I could have had the time to make it go down, but I will always see him again. My pussy still throbbed from the wonderful orgasm he gave me. I jumped up and gave Paul a hug and kiss again. "Thank you so much for the fun visit to your office Uncle Paul.

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      " He winked at me as Daddy and I left the office for the car again. Paul walked us out and waved as we drove off. . . . I closed my eyes and relived the office encounter as my pussy twitched. "Krissy, that's a huge smile on your face. Are you thinking about all your chocolates at home?" I didn't say a word. . I just grinned ear to ear. . .



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