Virgin Girl Scout Ripe to Eat


Nikkie Louiston undressed in her bedroom and put on her girl scout outfit, picked up the cloth bag filled with boxes of cookies, and then headed out. She called to her mother as she went through the living room: "Mom, I’m going. " Her mother answered from the kitchen: "Hold on, dear. "
Nikkie waited impatiently at the living room door. Her mother came from the kitchen and asked her: "Where exactly are you going? Are you selling or are you delivering?"
"I’m delivering. I’m going to some of the places on the list. "
"I’ll drive you," her mother said.
"Oh Mom, no. I’m just going to a few places - four or five - just around the neighborhood. To Aunt Clara’s and Mrs. Wallace and the Simmons’, and Uncle Gerald. Just the ones who have placed orders for the cookies and are within walking distance. "
"Okay, dear, but remember, dinner is at six. Don’t let Aunt Clara trap you into having tea and talking, or else she’ll keep you there and you’ll never get out. "
"I know," Nikkie replied. "Well, I’m on my way.

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She left her house and walked down the residential street, planning her route as she walked along. Aunt Clara first, she thought, then the Simmons’, then cross the street and down to Mrs. Wallace, and then, last of all, on my way back, Uncle Gerald.
Nikkie was a typical girl scout, in that she was an adolescent, fourteen years old, full of vim and curiosity, and a virgin. She was well-developed for her age; the girl scout outfit she wore fit snugly around her pubescent body, outlining her budding breasts, developing hips and thighs, and her perky rump. The outfit was short, ending a good six inches above her knees, showing plenty of her soft full legs.
She delivered the cookies to Aunt Clara, the Simmons and Mrs. Wallace, collected the money, and reflected on how many more boxes she needed to sell to win the computer. She had already sold a total of six dozen boxes of cookies in the past two weeks, but she figured she would need to sell at least that many more to have any chance of coming in first in her scout troop, and winning the grand prize: a brand new pc. But time was running out. There was only one week left in the cookie sale. I need to find people who will buy more than one box, she thought. Maybe Uncle Gerald will.
She made her way to her uncle’s house, thinking about him. Over the past year, he had become more attentive to her, calling her "sweetie" and "honey" (but only when no one else was around), and touching her.

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   Whenever they were alone, he would find some way to touch her, to place his hands on her shoulders or arms or back or hips. Once, he had come to her house when her parents were gone, and he had finally pulled her onto his lap. He had stroked her hip and flank and nuzzled her cheek and neck. She had felt him moving his crotch up and down and around on her rump, and she had felt a stiff lump throbbing and pressing upon her butt. Her uncle’s lips nuzzling her cheek and neck, his hand stroking and softly squeezing her hip and flank, and especially his rotating crotch and that stiff lump throbbing and rubbing upon her rump, had sent a warm tingly fizzy feeling shooting through her body. She wondered what would have happened next had her parents not come home at that time.
She knocked on her uncle’s door and reached in the bag and pulled out a box of cookies. Her uncle opened the door and his face lit up. "Well, well, if it isn’t my favorite niece and girl scout. Come on in, honey. "
She entered her uncle’s house and he closed the door.
"I see you’ve got the cookies. " He said, pulling out his billfold. "Well, I’ve got the money. This should take care of it.

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  " He handed her a bill and she opened her bag. "Let me see, let me get the change," she said.
"Oh, no change," he said. "You keep it. "
"But it’s a lot of change I owe you. "
"Don’t worry about it. " he smiled. "Keep it. It’ll help you in your sales. "
"Gee, thanks, Uncle Gerald. It will help. Now, I only need to sell about six dozen more boxes minus the one you bought. "
"Why so many?" he asked. She explained about winning the pc, and he smiled and wagged his head. "Well, good luck to you.

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   Maybe I could buy another box from you. But first, let me sample your wares. " He opened the box and pulled out a cookie. "Umm, nice shape. " He slipped an arm around her shoulder and bit into the cookie. "Yum, quite tasty. " He slid a hand down her back. "Here, have a cookie on me. "
"We’re not supposed to eat any of them," she said.
"But I bought the box, and I’m giving you a cookie. It’s not as if you’re eating up the profits. Here, have one on me, and let’s sit and discuss the possibility of my buying another box from you. "
He guided her to a big chair and sat and pulled her down on his lap.
"I do believe this is the best cookie I’ve ever had," he nibbled. She smiled and nodded and bit into a cookie.

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He brushed his lips on her cheek and neck, stroked her hip, and pressed his crotch upon her rump. He moved his hand up, unbuttoned the top of her scout outfit and slid his hand under her bra. She clasped his arm, holding it back.
"Let me stroke and rub you, honey," he breathed in her ear. "I’ll buy a box of cookies. "
"You will?" she asked.
"Yeah," he answered. He slid his hand onto a breast and began massaging it. "Oh, honey, you’ve got nice breasts," he rasped. He briskly stroked her titties, rubbing them good. He began rotating his crotch on her rump, pressing his stiffening cock upon her butt.
He stroked her legs, running a hand between her thighs.
He tugged at her panties, sliding them down. She grasped his arm and pushed back on it. "Let me lick and suck you, honey.

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   I’ll buy another box of cookies. "
He slid her panties off, got down on his knees in front of her, pulled her down in the chair and raised her legs and drew them back. He lowered his head between her thighs and began licking.
He slid his tongue up and down, rubbing and lapping her pussy.
She breathed out heavily, huffing, almost panting. She clasped his head and raised her pelvis up and moved her cunt around on his mouth.
He moved up on her body, sliding between her legs, pressing his crotch on her pubic hair. He stroked his fat dick up and down on her pussy and mashed his full balls upon her ass. Then he began pushing the knob of his prick forward - upon her cunt-slit.
"Unh unh," she gasped, pulling her pussy back.
He wrapped his arms around her back and tapped his cockhead upon her slit. "Let me do it to you, honey," he rasped. "Another box. I’ll buy another. Oh honey, I’ll buy three boxes from you.

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"Three boxes," she breathed out.
"Yes, honey, I’ll buy three boxes of cookies from you," he panted. "Just let me do it to you. " He pushed the head of his dick into her slit, on up to her hymen. "Just let me fuck you!" He strained and heaved and pushed his prick forward, jabbing it against her hymen.
"Ah, yes," he huffed. "You’re a virgin, aren’t you, honey. Ah yes, virgin pussy!"
He kept straining and pushing his cock forward, till he felt the hymen give. "Oh yes!" he hissed as he popped her cherry.
He didn’t let up. He kept pushing his dick in, stuffing it into her minty channel. Her quim was so tight; it felt like a vise squeezing his prick.
"Oh god, oh Uncle Gerald, oh, it hurts!" she cried. "Oh god, it burns, it hurts so much!"
"It’ll only hurt for a minute, honey," he huffed as he dug his dick up her quiff. "Then it’ll start feeling so good, you won’t want me to ever stop.

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He began jamming his cock in her, sawing it back and forth. "Fucking you, honey," he panted. "Oh yes, fucking your virgin cunt. Jesus Christ, I’m fucking my fourteen-year-old virgin niece!"
"Oh, ooh, ohh!" Nikkie chuffed and puffed and squirmed and writhed as her uncle lustily fucked her. "Oh baby, welcome to the world of fuck!" he hissed.
He felt the cum churning in his fat balls, felt it gush up. He slid his prick out and rubbed it fast and hard on her pussy. He grunted and groaned as he spewed semen on her pubic hair.
Nikkie was growing concerned. There were only a few days left in the cookie sale, and she still had a couple dozen boxes of cookies she needed to sell.
I could contact the people who have already bought some, she thought. They might buy some more - if I explain the situation.
Uncle Gerald, she thought. I bet he would buy some more.
Uncle Gerald would indeed buy some more from her, and not just cookies.


He sat with his arm around his niece’s shoulder.
    He unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. "Touch it, honey. Wrap your hand around it and stroke it. "
    She rubbed his prick, marveling at the warm silky-smooth firmness of it, and the way it grew in her hand. His cock rose and stiffened, straining and throbbing.
    He tugged at her head, pulling it down. "Lick it, honey. Lick and suck it. "
    "Unh unh," she murmured and tried to pull her head back.
    "Do it, honey," he said huskily. "Lick and suck my dick. I’ll buy a box of cookies from you. "
    He pulled her head down and guided his cock to her mouth.
    "Ah, that’s it," he breathed out heavily.

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       "Open your mouth, get your lips around my prick. Lick and suck it, honey. Oh yes, use your tongue and lips on it. Suck it, baby. Oh yes, suck my dick. "
    He slid his prick into her silky warm wet mouth. "Ah!" he gasped, and began sliding it back and forth. "Oh yes, you’re sucking it now, honey," he wheezed. "Sucking it good. Ah, your mouth’s so warm and wet and silky smooth. Oh baby, you’re sucking your uncle’s cock. "
    He felt his balls swelling and tingling and the juice inside of them swirling and churning. He pulled his dick out of her mouth. He didn’t want to shoot his load just yet.
    He slid her panties off, turned her over on her hands and knees and got behind her.


       He lowered his head below her rump and began licking her cunt.
    "Oh, ah, umm, ah," Nikkie cooed with delight as her uncle licked her. His tongue was so thick and wet and he flicked and lapped it all over her pussy.
    He slid his hands up to her tits and rubbed and kneaded them as he dug his tongue into her quim and began tongue-fucking her.
    "Oh, umm, ah, ooh, oh Uncle Gerald," she gasped with pleasure and moved her pelvis around in little circles and twirled her pussy.
    He moved up on her back, wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his crotch upon her rump. He pushed his prick forward against her quiff.
    She squirmed and whimpered.
    "Ah, don’t worry, honey," he rasped. "I’m going to buy another box of cookies from you. Ah, I’ll buy two boxes from you, honey. " He strained forward, pushing his cock into her cunny. "Oh yes! Goddamn, I’ll buy three boxes from you!" He huffed and panted as he stuffed his fat dick in her tight quim.
    "Ah, oh baby, you’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked!"
    She gasped and bucked and writhed as her uncle screwed her. He huffed and puffed and hunched as he fucked his pretty fourteen-year-old niece.

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    His balls throbbed and ached; cum churned in them. He slid his dick out of her cunt.
    "Oh, Uncle Gerald, don’t," she moaned in disappointment. "Don’t take it out. Stick it back in. "
    "Unh unh, honey," he wheezed. "I was just about to cum in your pussy, and I can’t do that. Can’t take the chance of getting you pregnant. "
    He lowered his head to her rear end and began kissing and licking it. "Ah, such a sweet soft smooth ass you have," he said. He slid his tongue between her butt cheeks and began licking, swiping and rubbing her rump crack.
    "Oh, ah, oh Uncle Gerald," she breathed out huskily and began rotating her rear end.
    He moved a hand up to one of her breasts and rubbed and squeezed it as he slid his middle finger into her quaff and dug his tongue into her rosebud and began sliding it back and forth.
    "Oh god, ah!" she panted and hunched as he tongue-fucked her ass, rubbed and squeezed her tits and finger-fucked her cunt.
    His fat dick throbbed and ached; the sperm swirled in his puffy balls.

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       He moved up onto her back, wrapped his arms around her tummy and pressed his hard cock between her ass mounds. He grunted and strained and pushed the knob of his prick upon her rump hole.
    She gasped and winced and jerked away. He pulled her back and pushed harder against her ass. "Oh honey, let me frig you," he wheezed. "I’ll buy more cookies from you - I’ll buy four boxes, five - goddamn, I’ll buy a half-dozen boxes from you!"
    "You will? Six boxes - a half dozen?" she breathed out raggedly.
    "Yes, a half-dozen," he panted and pushed his hard cock forward, into her rump hole. "Jesus Christ, yes!" he cried as he dug his dick in her ass.
    "Oh god, ooh, ahh," she gasped as his prick jammed up her channel.
    "Ah yes!" he panted with lust as he screwed his fourteen-year-old niece’s butt. "Up your ass, baby, up your sweet virgin ass! Buggerfucking you, frigging your virgin ass, you sweet tight hot-fucking girl scout!"
    On the final day of the cookie sale, Nikkie still had six boxes of cookies. But Uncle Gerald helped her out. He bought all the boxes she had left. "I’ve got enough cookies to do me a whole year," he said. "At least until your next cookie sale.

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    Needless to say, Nikkie won the cookie sale and the computer - thanks to Uncle Gerald.



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