Vegas, Night #2


I instantly remember what the gentleman in the lobby said to me when I checked in. I raced to my closet and found what I was looking for. At the bottom right corner, of the closet wall, was a small 2” by 2” hole. On the other side of the hole was the room where “the action” was going on. So I peered through the hole, knowing that it was covered by a plastic switch cover, and saw nothing but a bunch of furniture. I dropped my head in disappointment. I jolted my head back up when I heard a loud thump on the floor. I saw a man pounding his meat into what appeared to be a pussy. From my point of view the man looked not so big but really thick. In and out he thrust. He went slow, then fast, then slow again almost as if teasing her. Two more minutes of this and the poor girl was out of breath, panting “I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming……. Don’t stop, faster, faster. ” He responded with “Me too bitch……. . Now tell me how much you want it.

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  ” “ Tell me how much you want it,” he shouted. Following was a loud moan and a loud grunt. As I looked on, I saw both of their juices mix together as they burst out of the girls pussy. The guy pulled out his limp and sat, panting, on the floor. A few moments later he moves across the room in silence. I’m thinking its over, so I start standing up when out of nowhere I here some sucking sounds. “How can this be,” I thought to myself. I see the girl, still out of breath, laying on the floor with no sudden moves yet I hear sucking sounds across the room. Only one thought popped into my head. I quickly change positions and there it was, my exact theory. There was a girl down on her knees sucking on this guys dick like there was no tomorrow. But there was something strange, something oddly familiar about this girl. Such enough I was right. As the girl removed the cock from her mouth, to take a breather, I was able to see her whole face. I knew that face, that was the one and only Kathy.

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   My daughters best friend. With this piece of knowledge I was able to figure out who the girl on the floor was. As this girl sat up to watch Kathy going at it with the guy, I was perfectly able to see Chelsy’s face. With all the excitement, my cock was ready to rip through my pants. I let the poor fellow out and started to stroke it as the thought of my daughter, her best friend, and a complete stranger go at it. At that moment a great idea ran though my head. I jumped up, with my dick sticking out of my pants, and ran to my suitcase. I rummaged through all the clothes and found what I was looking for. I ran back and sat back down. With the push of a button my video camera instantly turned on. I placed it through the whole and found the wild threesome being. I pressed the record button and watched on with great lust. With one had on my cock, I watched how Chelsy reached inside the night stand looking for something. Moments later, I think she found what she was looking for as she pulled out a, what appeared to be, 9” pink dildo. She moved herself across the room, boobs bouncing in such an erotic way, and started running her hands up and down Kathy’s body.

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   As Kathy sucked on the guy’s cock, a grin formed across her face as she felt Chelsy’s hands rubbing all over her. Chelsy started with her back. Running her fingers up and down Kathy’s spin. Then she moved her hands to Kathy’s flat, yet firm belly. She massage her body as she moved to Kathy’s chest area. My cock became instantly hard. She placed one hand on each tit and started to rub. Tugs and pulls every chance she got. The guy starred down with a smile as he was getting his dick sucked from one girl and watching another girl do her. Chelsy slowly moved her right had down to Kathy’s oh so wet pussy. She teased it a little, circling Kathy’s opening and touching her lips. Then without a warning she slipped two fingers inside Kathy. In and out she went, going deeper each time. By this time, the guy was ready to cum as he pushed Kathy’s head and started to fuck her mouth. Just about ready to cum he lets out his cum inside Kathy’s mouth and watched in pleasure as she swallowed it all up.

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   Just as he was pulling out of her mouth, Chelsy rammed the 9” dildo up Kathy’s round little ass. In and out she rammed the dildo. The excitement was too much for Kathy, she let out a loud scream and came all over Chelsy’s fingers. At that moment, it was too much for me too and I let out a low grunt and came all over the closet wall. Just then when I thought it was over, it wasn’t.
    The guy pulled out two 10” dildos. The girls looked at him and at each other and smiled. They both laid on the bed, next to each other. Then the guys walks up to them, gives them a quick tug at their nipples and slowly enters both of them at the same time. Slowly he pushed into them both and pulls out. Then he rams both of the dildos in their pussies so hard, there was a bit of blood dripping from Kathy’s pussy. So in and out he went, with a different speed every time. Apparently teasing is what he likes. When he sees that they are on the verge of Cumming he pulls out the dildos and replaces them with two fingers in Kathy’s pussy and his mouth in Chelsy’s pussy. As he suck and licked on Chelsy’s clit she moan out load “Oh Chris baby, faster, faster……….

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      I’m almost there, faster. ” And so he obeyed, seconds later his mouth was full of cum. Nice sweet cum, I know I’ve tasted it before. So he paid no attention to Chelsy as he moved over to Kathy and replaced his to fingers with his mouth. Opening her legs wider, he reached in deeper with her and was more vicious. In and out moved his tongue, circling her whole. Then with no warning cum came shooting out of Kathy’s pussy and on to Chris’s face which he himself cleaned up. All this time I’ve been recording and getting off watching my daughter and her best friend fuck a stranger. Seeing as I was running out of tape, I felt something had to be done. As no movements were made from the room I was watching, I got up and tucked in my pecker. I headed out the door and stood in front of the door where all this had just occurred. Not holding back I knocked on their door with my dick back out again. “Who is it?” I heard. Not know what to respond I blurred out, “Room service. ”“We didn’t other any room service,” they replied.

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      “Well someone did and I’m here to deliver it,” I shout back not willing to give up. Seconds later I hear the handle jiggle. Holding my breath and my dick in one hand, I feel time slowing down. The door opens suggestions; etc;Email me at just sexy_6969@hotmail. com.