Vegas, Baby .........


Well I was out the door within the next 30 minutes. I headed down to the hotel's club / dance floor. I met up with my buddy, Miachel, at the entrance and we walked in together. At the door we were greeted my a gourgeous women wearing almost nothing. She had milky white skin, brown hair, and some beautiful light brown eyes. She placed a mask over my eyes and gave me a kiss on the cheek. So I walk in with my mask in place and my eyes wounder around the room looking for Chelsy, 5 minutes later I gave up the search and lost Miachel ,so I started to dance with a very sexy red head. The hours passed and it was about 2:45 am , by this time of the hour my 'manhood' had been rubbed against almost every girl in the club. It was then when I bumped into this young girl with soft white skin and dirty blond hair. I didn't get a look at her eyes with our masks on but her body spoke for itself. From what I could see she was wearing a 'kid size' thong and I think a strapless. So me and this girl started dancing, her back was facing me as my (soft 6. 5") cock rubbered against her nice round ass.

My hands explored her body. I touched her soft yet firm stomach, my hands then found their way onto her thigh then her inner thigh. I was inches away from her pussy and I thought "Hey, you only live once.

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  . . . . " and I placed my hand on her thong,right over her pussy, waiting for a slap form this girl but on the countrary she kept on lowering her body as if to touch my hand more. After this nice moment, pussy in hand, I managed to let go and explore the rest of her body, and all this time my cock is ready to abandon ship. My hands moved to her upper body and went to cup her tits, when I did I noticed she wasn't wearing anything to cover herself up. She was loose, as a reflect, my fingers went to the middle of the tender tit and found. . . . nothing. Where were her nipples, was I dancing with a nipple-less freak ? Then, as I explored the problem I found out she was wearing paisties. This got me even more hot, I started to foundle her tits as I kissed her around her neck area. I'm sure she got hot too because after a few minutes of that she turn around, threw me on the wall, gave me the most passionet kiss ever and tugged on my cock.

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   I broke the kiss, grabbed her hand and led her to the elevater. As we waited for the elevater we kissed and foundled each other. The elevater came and we where still kissing as we walked in. We got to my floor and stubbled into my room. I was taking off my clothes as fast as I could. We reached the bed but I was only half naked, she took care of that. She threw me on the bed, dropped to her knees and unzipping me. My cock flew right out, a thick 7. 5" hard. She screamed with joy and slowly started to strock my cock. Up and down she went, teassing my head. But I coundn't take it anymore, I grabbed her head and rammed my cock in there. She started slowly going up and down, licking the head. Then she picked up speed taking it all in her mouth, in & out, in & out, in & out as her hand messaged my balls. " I'm cumming, I'm cumming " I yelled.

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  " In my mouth, baby, come on in my mouth" I heard her say. That voice sounded femiliar. But I didn't think much of it as I came all over her face and mouth. I saw her lick herself clean. Then it was my turn, I picked her up, threw her on my bed and jumped right on her. We kissed for a few seconds then I licked my way down. I reached her round, tender tits and gently removed her paisties with my mouth. I love tits, after I removed her paisties there they were, her soft, plump, pink nipples. I devoured the like a beast. I sucked on her tit like there was no tomorrow. As this was happening my right hand found the lonley tit on the other side and started to pick and pull at it, while my other had found its way to her treasure chest. I tucked my hand under her thong and slipped a finger inside her wet pussy. I was in heaven. I wiggled and bent my finger all around and finger fucked her her hard, a little blood dripped out. She was close, I could feel it.

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   I pulled my finger out and in came my cock. I rammed her so hard, her mask, which was still on, fell off. To my surprise, it was my very own Chelsy. But I couldn't stop, no matter how bad she would hate me, her pussy was to good to let go. My cock was all the way inside her on that first thrust. In & out I pumped, harder and harder every time. I picked her up as I was about to cum and pumped harder every time. " I'm cummuing, harder, harder" she screamed. " Me too" I said. Then I came inside her, not worring about anything knowing she was on the pill, then she came with a loud moan and we both collasped on the bed, breathing hard. " That was great sex" she said. " Who are you anyways?" She went to unmask me, I was so tired I didn't even bother to stop her. She took my mask off and gasped. " What the fuck are you doign here ? " she screamed. " Same as you " I camly replied.

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   She sat there and though about what just happended. She looked at me and positioned her herself infront of my penis. She lowered and her head and gave it a whirl. She took my soft penis into her mouth and sucked it clean. In & out my penis moved until I couln't take it no more. Within the next couple minutes I was groaning out loud as my cum splattered everywhere. I sat smiling as I watched her clean it off. We sat together as she talked about how great this was and how now we can take care of each other and so on and so fourth. After a while I blanked out and started to think about Kathy, Chelsy best friend, and how good of an ass that would be. I snapped out of my trans when I heard the phone ring. " Hello ? ". . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . " Oh hey, no everything's fine. How are things over there? ". .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . " Ok, I'll see you soon. Bye "" Who was that ? " Chelsy asked. " Your Mom, she wanted to know how everything was and when I would be home. "" Ohhh " she said with sound of relief. " So. .

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  . . . . . . . . . . now what ? " she said. . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  . . . . . To be continued. . . . . . . . . .

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