Valentine's Day Siblings


Brianna jumped and quickly tucked the bottle under her bed when she heard the front door slam. She rolled over quickly and picked up the school textbook she'd discarded on the floor yesterday, flipping the book right-side up and acting as if she had been reading it the whole time in case somebody came in. The smell of liquor on her breath was pretty strong and she was sure that if anybody sat down next to her they'd smell it. She swept her long chestnut mane behind her nervously and straightened the thin T-shirt she was wearing, aware her nipples were very obviously poking out from her previous sexual excitement but unable to do anything about it at the moment.
She relaxed when she heard the door to her big brother's room slam a few moments later, satisfied that her parents hadn't returned early. If they had, she'd have had a tough time explaining why the door to the liquor cabinet was hanging wide open and several bottles were missing. She silently crept out of bed, wobbling unsteadily as the full effect of the booze hit her, and peeked her head out the door to make sure nobody was there. When she didn't hear anyone in the hallway she crept out, leaning heavily on the wall for support, and slowly made her way to the kitchen so she could close the door. At least now nobody would be likely to notice the missing bottles before she could replace them.
Then she realized Adam was supposed to be at a party right now; it was halfway across town and he couldn't have been there more than a half hour if he was back already. She burped drunkenly and decided to check in on him. She staggered down the hallway, feeling her way along the wall, until she came to Adam's door. She wavered there, unsteady, before the hallway stopped spinning enough for her to knock twice. "Adam?"
When he didn't answer, she shrugged and headed back to her room to lie down. She collapsed heavily onto her soft comfy bed, rolling over until she could watch the steamy R-rated movie she'd put on. It was Valentine's Day and she was lonely, and more than a little horny.

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   She was just starting to get back into it, rubbing her pussy through her shorts, when Adam knocked on her door and came in. She propped herself up against the headboard and tried to act as sober as possible.
"Hi Bree. Sorry I didn't answer when you are Mom and Dad gonna be home?"
She coughed and tried to make sure her words came out unslurred. "They shed -
"Linda. . . broke up with me. She told me right after I drove her to the party, then went to hang out with Keith Whitmoor . " He sarcastically accentuated the last two words; Keith Whitmoor was a football player all the girls seemed to drool over. He had a reputation for being a "hump 'em and dump 'em" kind of guy, but for whatever reason the girls still flocked to him.
"I tolju she was trash! I shwear Adum, one of these days you're gonna lishen to me!" She couldn't help but slur her words a little with that outburst and Adam narrowed his eyes at her, then leaned in to sniff her breath. "Have you been drinking?"
"Yup!" Brianna chirped with a drunken smile. "Wan shum?" She leaned over his edge of the bed, shooting out a hand to steady herself that landed on Adam's inner thigh. She grinned drunkenly, Adam unable to see, and retrieved the half-empty bottle from under her bed.

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   "There we go!"
"No, I'm - Aww, what the hell, gimme that. " He swiped the bottle from her, opened it, and put it to his lips. Brianna watched as he drained off several swallows of booze before tilting the bottle back down and coughing lightly, making a sour face as the strong drink burned the back of his throat. "Good ainnit?" Brianna giggled, wavering unsteadily as she propped herself up on one elbow. She collapsed back onto her pillow with a smile as Adam continued to drink from the bottle.
"What kind of a bitch breaksh up with her boyfriend on Valentine's Day?" She hiccupped. "Thash cold. I'd never do that to my boyfriend - if I had one I mean. " she frowned.
"Don't call her a bitch Bree. " He took another long swig from the bottle, making a face as he swallowed the fiery liquid.
"Dude, she was a total bitch. She never came over to visit, she never called you, you spent a fortune on her and she never got you anything in return, she made you drive her everywhere, and she never gave you any in five months of dating. And she broke up with you on Valentine's Day! I'd call that being a bitch. " She poked a finger into his chest with each point, finally resting her hand on her brother's chest when she finished.

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   Adam brushed her hand away and took another long drink from the rapidly emptying bottle, wincing as he swallowed. "Gah! How do you know she didn't give me any?"
Brianna giggled. "I can hear you through the ventsh, moaning her name every night as you jerk off. " Adam could feel his face burning as she laughed, slapping his arm drunkenly. "Oh, don't worry Adam, It's okay. I play with myself too you know. " Adam unwillingly found himself picturing her lying spreadeagle on her bed as she hungrily fingered herself, and shook his head to get the incredibly erotic image out of his mind. She just laughed drunkenly, knowing the effect her words had had on him. Adam took another long drink from the bottle, finally polishing it off and belching. By now he'd probably had almost as much as Brianna, and it was just starting to kick in.
"Hmm. We're both home alone on Valentine's Day and hard up. This sucks. " She frowned, staring at the movie, then grinned at him mischeviously. He glanced back at her with a curious look, then quickly scooted back up against the headboard as she swung a leg over him and straddled him, sitting down a little too heavily on his lap and grinning drunkenly at him.

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   Adam banged his head against the wall as he pulled back to avoid Brianna's drunken kiss. "Ow, dammit Br- OW! What the hell are you doing, Bree?!"
She pulled back, looking wounded. "I just wanted a lil kiss. It's Valentine's Day and I don't have anybody. I'm lonely!" She pouted.
"But I'm your brother!"
She shrugged as if it hardly mattered, emboldened by the knowledge that she was drunk. "It's just a lil kiss, whassa big deal?"
Normally Adam probably would have refused, but he was feeling really hurt and lonely himself after having been dumped by Linda, on Valentine's Day of all days. Combined with the potent alcohol and the assertive boldness of Brianna's advances, he didn't resist when she leaned in a second time and pressed her lips to his gently. Adam was lost in the sensations of her lips against his, momentarily forgetting that she was his sister, and pulled her closer as the kiss continued longer than it should have.
He didn't even notice when the kiss crossed the line from sisterly to a girlfriend kiss, and he forgot to protest when her tongue wedged its way between his lips and she ground herself against him as she invaded his mouth lustily. He found he had placed a hand on her shoulder only when she slid it down to cup her breast. That was enough to break his reverie, and he pushed her away from him. "What the fuck, Bree?" he slurred.
In for a penny, in for a pound, she figured. "What? I just wanna get a little action.

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   And don't tell me you don't want it, because I've sheen the look on your face when I step out of the shower!" She did have him there; Adam couldn't help but think naughty thoughts when she came out that door, dressed in practically nothing. Still. . .
"But you're my sister!" he protested, his resolve starting to ebb.
"I'm also a girl who's offering you sex. " She stared into his eyes, daring him to refuse her.
"But you're still my sister!" he repeated, a little more weakly than before. He had to admit he was severely tempted, but not to her; if he admitted that to Brianna he'd stand no chance of resisting, and he still wasn't sure he wanted to do this. "You're just saying this because you're drunk!"
"Maybe, but I've wanted it for a long time. There've been a lot of nights where I fantasized about you and played with myself as I listened to you jack off in your room. I so just wanted to walk in naked while you were doing it and fuck you senseless, but I never got up the courage. Well now I'm lonely, I'm horny, and I'm sick of just playing with myself while I have to listen to you stroking it only ten feet away. I want you, and I'm gonna have you. "
"But-" he began as she peeled off her shirt to expose her jiggling tits, and leaned in to dangle them in his face.

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"I know you want them, Adam. It's okay, you can touch them, I want you to. " She took his hands and placed them on her naked breasts, giving them a little squeeze over his hands. "Mmm, that feels good baby. You can touch me, it's okay. " His resolve was crumbling, and he made no effort to remove his hands when she took her hands off his and placed them on his shoulders. He gazed up at her.
"But this is wrong!" he replied weakly. It was evident in his voice that he wanted this badly, but he didn't think he should.
"Oh come on, I know how horny you get. I can hear you jerking off two, sometimes three times a day. Well guess what, I get horny too. I wanna fuck just as bad as you do. You need some pussy, and I need a good hard cock in me; if we can satisfy each other's needs why should it be wrong?
Adam didn't respond, obviously considering her answer.
"I mean, Linda never gave you any relief, and you're gonna just turn it down when you can have it so easily? C'mon, I know you'd much rather fuck my warm wet pussy every night than your cold dry hand.

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   You can have it if you want. You can have everything," she continued coaxingly. He was still unsure. "But what if-" he began.
"Look, I'm already on the pill for my cycle so we're not gonna be making babies or anything. And nobody needs to know, nobody's gonna find out. I'm just a girl who wants to fuck you, who just happens to be your sister. I don't wanna marry you, I don't wanna make babies, I just want sex. And if nobody will ever find out, then what's the big deal?" Adam's face was awash with the strain of repressed longing, unable to give her a response. Brianna leaned down to whisper into his ear.
"All you have to do is say yes, that's all. It's easy. . . just say yes and you can have as much sex as you want, whenever you want it.

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   No strings attached. You won't even have to buy me flowers or any of that girlfriend stuff, you'll just come to my room and say 'I wanna fuck' and that's it, you'll get to fuck me. I'm just down the hall, you don't even have to leave the house. You'll never be hard up for sex again. "
Evidently that broke the last of his resistance, as after a long moment of consideration he started kneading her tits and took a nipple into his mouth. "Mmmm!" moaned Brianna, gyrating her hips on the obvious bulge in his pants. Adam released her nipple and looked up at her anxiously. "This isn't gonna make things weird or anything is it?"
Brianna laughed, feeling the booze retake control. "Of coursh not. We'll still be brother and sister and everything, we'll just screw each other whenever we want. "
"And nobody will ever know?" he asked skeptically.
"Well I dunno. Are you gonna tell anybody?" she asked with a grin. Adam shook his head emphatically. "Well neither am I, and we'll make damn sure Mom and Dad never find out, so I guess you can fuck me without any repercussions, huh? Now suck !" she commanded him, brushing his lips with a nipple.


   He immediately took it into his mouth and suckled, making Brianna moan.
"Mmm, that's good Adam. Suck on it! Now the other one!" she ordered, turning her body slightly to present him with a second jiggling tit. He took this one into his mouth as well, bringing up a hand to gently squeeze and knead the other. "Ooh, that feels good. " She ground herself against his hard on, dry humping him gently as he suckled.
"You have too much on," she declared tipsily, and started pulling the bottom of his T-shirt up his chest. He leaned forward slightly to free the bunch forming at his back, then lifted his arms and released her hardened nipple from his mouth as she yanked the shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. She slid down his body, kissing him passionately and grinding her tits into him. She could feel the wispy thin hairs that were just starting to grow on his chest as they brushed against her tits, and could taste the saltiness of his lips on her tongue. She moaned softly and he moaned back, then gasped sharply as she reached under her and squeezed his bulging cock through his jeans.
She lifted up off of him, biting his lip seductively as she rose, and hopped off the bed to close and lock the door. "Just in case," she whispered, grinning lustily. She sauntered back over to him slowly, pushing her chest forward slightly to show off her tits, then grabbed his feet and rotated him until they were dangling off the bed. "Lie back," she ordered, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans.

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   She tugged at the top, sliding his pants down his ass as he lifted his hips off the bed, then past his knees and ankles to drop to the floor. Adam was breathing heavily in anticipation, and she crawled up to kiss him deeply and squeeze his cock through his boxers before she slid
back down, her breath hot on his crotch even through his underwear.
"Let's see what my big brother has in here," she grinned lusciously, sliding a hand underneath the elastic of his underwear to encircle his cock with her fingers. "Oooh!" she squealed like a little girl. "It's so big and hot!" she giggled, then slid down the front of his boxers with her free hand so she could see it. It was big and thick, with little blue veins running down the shaft. It looked almost angry somehow, standing proudly, fleshy red and hot to the touch. He was smooth and completely hairless, which Brianna found she liked to her surprise. "You shave?" she asked him curiously.
His blushed even more furiously than he already was. "Linda, um, told me she liked it. . . so I did it and hoped she'd, ya know, do it with me. "
Brianna looked back down at the angry red cock in her hand, then back up at his face.


   "I like it. " He smiled awkwardly, then moaned loudly as she bent down to lick the head tentatively. "MMM!" she said, licking some of the clear precome off the tip of his dick. "Yummy. "
Adam's quiet groans filled the room as she took his dick into her mouth and began to suck him furiously, bobbing her head up and down rapidly. She paused on the occasional upstroke to swirl her tongue around the head, then resumed sucking on him as he moaned uncontrollably, feeling the incredible sensations of a first-class blowjob.
"Oh shit Bree!" he gasped, holding her head in his hands as she rapidly sucked him off. He loved the hot wetness of her mouth on his shaft, alternating with the cool air as she raised her head up to circle her tongue around his head before plunging back down as far as she could. It felt like she was sucking all the blood in his body into his cock, and when he looked down he was greeted by her grinning eyes as she bobbed her head up and down. He shuddered as she started gently kneading his balls, trying to make him come. It didn't take very long; he needed this release.
Her only warning was a shuddering intake of breath before he started squirting shots of salty semen into her mouth. She sucked on him rhythmically, feeling his dick pulse in her mouth as he came, and she found she had to swallow after every couple shots before her mouth filled with his come. The boys she'd sucked off before usually didn't squirt enough for a single mouthful, but apparently Adam came in buckets.
    She smacked her lips as she finished his final load, sampling the unique taste of boy come once again.

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       She wasn't sure whether she liked the taste itself or not, but she definitely liked the process enough not to mind.
    "So," she said as Adam came down from his climax, panting heavily. "Do you wanna eat my pussy first or should we just fuck?" His slightly embarrassed grin told her that sister or not, he was looking forward to getting his cock into her as soon as possible, and she laughed. "Okay, fine, maybe next time. " She leaned in close, her breasts jiggling erotically. "And I promise there will be a next time, a lot of next times. I'll probably never get to hear you jerking off through the vents again," she mock pouted. "But I guess we gotta get that hard first, huh?" she teased, pointing at his limp cock dribbling come onto his thigh.
    She unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them, sliding them seductively down her hips and dropping them past her knees, then stepping out one leg at a time and kicking them off. She crawled up onto the bed over him, clad only in little pink panties, then turned her body around so her face was above his softened cock and he was staring up into her panty-covered mound.
    "Take them down, Adam. " she said softly. He reached up to grasp the elastic band of her panties, and slowly slid it down the curve of her ass until her pussy finally came into view. It was swollen and pink, her pouty lips lightly covered in curly brown hair that still had little drops of dew clinging to them from her arousal. He could smell her musky scent, a powerful smell that made his dick twitch slightly.

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       Brianna, looking down at it as she felt him take down her panties, laughed and lowered her upper body to gently kiss it and lick it.
    Finally her panties were stretched between her thighs, down as far as they could go with her straddling him, and Adam wet a finger in his mouth to slide into her. Brianna moaned as he slowly plunged it into her pussy, inch by inch, until it was in up to the knuckle. "Ohh, that's gooood Adam!" Brianna began rocking her hips gently against his finger, fucking herself slightly on it, and Adam started copying her moves, pulling his finger out and plunging it back in. Slowly at first, then faster.
    "More!" Brianna cried softly, rocking her hips in time. Adam pulled his finger out of her and wet his middle finger, then slid them both back inside of her. Brianna's moan was even louder, and her rocking increased. Both could hear the delightful squishing as Adam plunged his fingers in and out of Brianna's wet pussy, and could smell her arousal as she got fingerfucked.
    It didn't take long before Adam was hard again, and Brianna ordered him to stop, which he did reluctantly. She lowered her pussy to his face.
    "Taste," she said simply. He raised his head and licked her open pussy, tasting her juices. He loved it. "Just so you know what to expect next time.

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       But right now I need your cock in me. " Brianna pulled her panties up so she could swing her leg back over him, then sat back down on the bed and quickly slid them back off. Adam spun himself around so he could rest his head on her pillow, watching as Brianna climbed on top of him and grabbed his cock.
    She leaned back on her knees and positioned him at her entrance, then slid down onto him in one smooth stroke. Adam gasped sharply as he felt his cock slide up into her warm, wet tunnel, and Brianna moaned loudly as she felt him fill her pussy up completely. Both stared into each other's eyes with a look of smoldering lust, wanting to get as much pleasure out of this fuck as possible, as Brianna started rocking back and forth on Adam's cock. She threw back her head and groaned, enjoying how delicious it felt to have her brother's slickened cock sliding in and out of her, and Adam was panting as he got ridden by his horny, lust-driven sister. She stared down into his eyes, bouncing up and down faster and faster. "Do you like how my pussy feels, Adam?Are you glad we did this?Do you like getting fucked by your sister?Do you want me to sneak into your room every night and ride you till you come?Do you want to fuck me every morning in the shower?Wanna feel me come on your cock?Wanna fill my pussy with your come?" she asked him rapidfire, simply to hear herself talk, not waiting for his responses as she rode him.
    "Oh God!" was all Adam could say as she fucked him. Just "Oh God!" over and over and over as he bucked his hips into her to meet her downstrokes, then rocked his hips back, hands on her hips but with her controlling all the action. He could feel every soft slippery ripple of her insides as his cock slid wetly in and out of her pussy, her delicate tissues stroking his dick like a million tiny fingers as she pulled up off of him and then slid back down his shaft to lusciously envelop his cock with her warm soft wetness. She could feel every vein and every bump as his hot cock throbbed pleasurably inside of her, plunging deep into her clenching pussy and pressing deliciously against her as she bottomed out on his shaft, then the gentle drag as she lifted off him to do it again. Their bodies made wet slapping sounds as Brianna fucked herself on her brother's stiff cock.
    Eventually it got to the point where she was practically slamming herself down onto him, pushing his hips down into the bed, then lifting off of him, then slamming back down onto him again as quickly and forcefully as she could, her head thrown back in ecstacy as she pounded herself onto her brother's swollen dick.

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       One could barely hear the protesting squeaks of the bed and the loud "SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!" of their bodies colliding over Brianna's high-pitched "OHHH!s" and the deep groans of Adam. They were both covered in a slippery sheen of sweat, yet they continued to fuck ever more energetically.
    "OH FUCK YESSSSSS!" hissed Brianna as she pounded herself down onto Adam and shook with her magnificent climax. Her pussy spasmed around his thick cock, rocking her hips and squeezing him rhythmically as she wailed in absolute pleasure. Adam could feel her juices gush around him, dripping down his smooth hairless balls and down the crack of his ass. He looked down and could see her pussy twitching as it spasmed so pleasurably around his cock, and it all worked together to push him over the edge himself. He groaned low like a bull and came, arching his hips up into her as his dick shot out thick streams, his hot come pouring into her in spurts between her rhythmic clenches. She could feel every pulse of his cock as it squirted his come into her and felt every shot hit somewhere deep in her belly, prolonging her own orgasm as well as his. Squeeze, spurt. Squeeze, spurt. Squeeze, spurt. Squeeze, spurt.
    Finally it ended, and Brianna collapsed onto Adam's rising and falling chest, panting herself with the exertion of a really good fuck. They just lay there panting for a moment, recovering from their ride with Adam's limp wet cock still in Brianna's soggy pussy, before Brianna swallowed and gasped, "you know, you never did actually say 'yes. '"
    "Yes Bree, yes, oh hell fucking yes!" Adam wheezed.

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    "You want some of that every night? As long as we don't wake up Mom and Dad I mean?" She grinned at her brother, her new boytoy.
    "Oh yeah! Just as long as they don't find out. "
    "Mmm, good. " She kissed him softly. "Because if you'd have said no you'd have woken up to me raping you every morning anyway, so it's not like you really got a choice. " Adam just laughed.
    "Oh God, I'm so glad we finally did it," she sighed. "Now you can have me whenever you want. " Brianna laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes, just breathing. "I definitely wanna fuck at least once a night, and once or twice more today before Mom and Dad get home. In fact, as soon as you get hard again you're gonna do me doggystyle. " She felt him chuckle, and she didn't have to look up to see Adam's big grin.
    "This was by far the best Valentine I ever got," Adam laughed, and Brianna could only smile and agree.
    said , they're not gonna be back till late, so I guess you and I have the place to ourselves. How come you're home so early?" The grimace on his face told her she'd hit a tender spot, and he sat down on the bed heavily.

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