Vacation With Jess


This is my first story I've ever written so please go easy on me :P
This is 100% true story, and actually happened to me, but names have been changed to protect the innocent :)

My names John, I'm 6' 2 tall, 18yrs old with brown hair and dark brown eyes. My friends have always thought I looked Greek, I have golden tanned skin much like everyone else and my family, and always have had a muscular body from starting weights since I was 18 Today, The house was very busy this night, as my family and I were all going away for vacation and were doing all the last minute packing like mad. My family is just me, my sister Jess and my parents. As siblings we've never been close, and had gotten into many fights before over everything. She's 18 a year younger and has always been the snotty stuck up daddy's girl, always getting what she wants and doing whatever it took to get her way. Even with that said, even as her brother i noticed early on her body and how it was developing. Jess has a natural slim athletic figure, at 5,9 dyed blonde hair with at least 32C cups and gold brown muscular tanned legs, perfected from baseball since she was 5. Her face, oh her face. She was blessed with cherry red pout lips, long dark eyelashes and sexy green eyes. Her ass was probably her most noticeable feature as I was growing up. She had an amazing one, like plump and full, yet firm and supple. Today she was stretched out, almost catlike on the coach watching TV. As i entered the roomand pulled out my Maxim mags hidden far off in the corner, she flashed me a smug look with those eyes.

"Bringing your porn with you? Can't even go a week without it?" Jess said sarcastically.

"Ha why don't you shut up and keep watching your Jersey Shore, bitch" I replied back as I turned around.

Just as I turned she yelled, MOM ARE MY BAGS PACKED!?, typical I thought she was so lazy she wouldn't even pack her own shit.

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I grabbed a beer and went upstairs, finishing up packing my luggage and putting it into the car as my dad was about to close up the compartment on the roof.
We used a luggage attachment on the roof of our van so me and Jess could sleep in the back laid out while we drove the 16hour trip.
Just as the it was latched shut, i hear Jess behind me laughing.

"You forgot one John" smirked Jess, without even turning I knew she was just trying to annoying me, and i couldn't do anything about it as my parents were the old fashioned type where girls
shouldn't have to do any labor and are fragile. haha, Jess fragile? She's held her own against boyfriend that tried to go to far i knew. Nevertheless I was going to have to lift her suitcase.

I reach down and grab her suitcase, I lift it easily enough, but I knew what was packed was way more than what Jess needed.

"Are you planning on come back with us?" I fired at her.

"Funny asshole" Jess said as she began to turn back to the house, I would've swore i saw a hint of a smile on her face.

We all got everything together and jumped into the car to begin the day long trek in the van. Today was a scorcher and I couldn't help thanking god for whoever made a/c.
Dad was the designated driver in our family, like always had a unbelievable sense of direction and didn't use maps at all. My mom was riding shotgun with him, and When i say dad was 'designated' i mean that
by the time we were half way into the trip, my mom would have drunk off wine she brought with her, or passed out. Today was a lucky day for me mom was passed out and dad was completely focused on the road and his Shania twain CD blasting into his ear buds.

Me and Jess were in the back, It was pretty cramped even with hardly any luggage so me and Jess were squished at the waist together.

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   I was wearing a undershirt and sweats, Jess was sprawled out next to me, wearing those clear button away see through short-shorts and a black thong. Her swollen breasts were covered only by a little tight white tank top, with was much too small for her, with a
quick glance i also knew she wasn't wearing a bra, as her nipples stood out plainly against the fabric of her shirt. Wow. What a slut I thought, shes going to be in the car all day with her family and still dressed like a whore who wanted to be fucked. . still, in the back of my mind I had to admit, she looked sexy as hell.

I glanced up to the front, my dad was intently focused on conquered the roads, and my mom was leaning against a pillow, out like a light. The thought came to my mind, my bag was right next to me, with all my jacking material magazines. I pulled out one with a busty blonde laying naked on the front, maxim was maxim i figured and i had like 6 so i wasn't really picky at the moment. I glanced over to Jess, she was leaning against the other side head in her pillow with her ipod in.
her eyes were closed and I saw the steady rise of her tits up and down, so I guessed she was asleep. YES, i thought, i was getting hornier by the minute imagining jacking off with my family all around me. My uncut dick was pulsing growing bigger by the second. I pulled the huge cover that Jess had been hogging the entire trip over up to my stomach, and bent my knees up towards the roof under the cover to get some room for the deed. Even if one of my parents looked, they just think we were sharing a cover, awesome.

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   I flicked open the Maxim and flipped through until i got to a centerfold.
I looked over at Jess again, she hadn't moved an inch, what luck i thought!I began to get back business, I noticed how sexy my younger sister looked while she was asleep. Her full lips were so hot, and as i was right next to her i could see every curve of her tits, and could feel her shapely ass pressed up against me. Without even thinking, I felt my hand begin to stroke my cock slowly through my pants. I knew it was wrong thinking of my sister this way, but
I couldn't help it, and i didn't give a fuck about maxim or sin or any of that atm. Suddenly I caught a whiff of something that smelled of strawberry and rosemary. I leaned over towards Jess and inhaled deeply, it was her shampoo and it smelled better than what she usually wore. She was smoking hot, young flesh laying there just aching to me caressed, squeezed and fondled by me. My sister was and always has been a heavy sleeper, and i knew that at this moment, she wouldn't wake up short of a fog horn getting blown a inch from her face.
I slipped my other hand under the cover and stopped short of her shorts, they were so tight and showed off so much ass i couldn't believe it. I gently unclasped the buttons on the side of her shorts and it popped apart easily from the strain it had been under. I quickly undid the other 3 and lifted it off her. My boner at this point was bulging through my pants and pulsing with the need to fuck, every second it wasn't satisfied my need grew bigger. I pulled down my sweats to my knees and my 8' cock sprung from it's prison pointed straight up hard as steel. God how i wanted to have those luscious lips around the tip of my cock.

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I decided then i needed to be satisfied NOW. I gently slid her shorts completely off, and before me was her bare ass, covered only by her slutty thong. I wasted no time and grabbed her tanned ass with one hand fondling it and marveling at its sexy firmness, with my other hand stroking my cock. god i wanted to put my dick between those cheeks and spread her pussy wide and pound her to pieces. I needed her pussy, I grabbed her thong and began to pull it down, just as I did, i felt a hand on mine, stopping me in my tracks.
My mind whirling as i Looked up, and those green cat eyes gazed right back into mine.
She leaned over, giving me a wide view of her melon breasts barely concealed, and whispered "I know what you want, and your not going to get it from magazines" She gazed into my eyes, her face was devoid of any expression.
I was dumbstruck, I had just been caught and had no idea what to say or do, so i said stared.
Seconds ticked by, and she let go of my hand and glanced at my cock, her face not concealing fully her amazement at its monstrous length and girth.
Jess leaned back to me and whispered, "What are you waiting for johnny boy" with a smile spreading from her lips and i saw a glimmer in her emerald eyes.
HOLY SHIT, i thought to myself, my younger sister caught me sexually assaulting her and shes saying what are you waiting for?. . . her subtle smile earlier today before we left sprang into my head, and realization struck home, she was planning this! the slutty clothes, the pretending to be asleep.
And I'm wasting time right now when shes telling me to keep going?! I came back to the present with Jess's smile still on her lips and her hands already lifting her tank top over her head.

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   Her tits were beautiful, they were perfectly round and full, and of the firmest shape. Not saggy at all but perfect with small pink nipples standing out hard. My cock twitched again and i couldn't believe it was now 9' pulsing, rock hard fuck stick. Jess
began to fondle her tit's, teasing me. I pulled her back next to me and palmed both of her sexy spheres, sucking and licking each tit back and forth pinching each nipple and thumbing and tweaking each.
she slide her hand down without warning over my chest and under my undershirt across my solid abs, then slowly moved to her pussy and slipped two fingers into her perfect shaven mound, massaging her clit like slut in heat.
I could tell Jess was getting really horny as her tongue would dart out licking her lips slowly in all i could describe as pure sex. I was so horny i couldn't think, all i cared was my younger sisters sex goddess body was all for me, right here, right now.
I kept licking and sucking her tits and felt her body begin to shake and she leaned into my chest as she let out a suppressed moan. She was cumming! I just made my younger sister cum for me, and I couldn't have been more horny for her sex.

I whispered into her ear, her head still buried into my chest softly panting, "My Turn Jess".
With this she lifted her head to look into my eyes, a mischievous smile spreading across her perfect mouth.

"I think i know just what you'd like john" she said softly as she licked her lips.
I knew what she had in mind and nodded glancing down at my waist flashing her a smile.

She slowly slid down, her golden flat stomach brushing against my supremely erect manhood.

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   Lower and lower she went, until her head disappeared under the covers right around my cock.
I bent my knees up tenting the cover and giving me the perfect view of what was to come.

I felt it run through me like electricity when her lips parted around the head of my shaft, her supple red lips engulfing my steel like a Popsicle. Her mouth was so wet and tight, saliva coating the head of my cock as a natural lubricant. I felt her tongue dart and lick at my head, swirling around it licking every inch before she took the full head into her mouth. My fucking god, this was the best blowjob I've ever gotten in my life. I felt every pulse of my cock, and i knew she could feel it too. She began to bob her head taking only the head at first, but more slowly each time. I grabbed her tits and cupped and fondled them as to let
her know I was enjoying her amazing blowjob, she gazed up at me, my dick still sheathed in her mouth, and grabbed my balls kneading and groping them with her one hand, and stroking the remaining 7 inches of my engorged cock with slow tight pumps of her hand. I could barely hold in my grunts of pleasure, Jess looking like a sexy cat with her small hand barely enclosing around my massive hard-on. I couldn't take it anymore, I could feel in my balls, the building before release. I grabbed the back of her
head and pushed her head forcefully down onto the rest of my prick. She gagged but stopped, probably realizing we would be fucked if my parents heard, and I felt myself beginning to cum. I shot load after load of my hot cum deep into Jess's throat, i felt her swallowing desperately struggling to keep up, as i filled her stomach with my molten seed. This was the biggest load I've ever had in my life, and it wasn't over, I kept shooting, firing over and over and Jess gave up, my juices filling her mouth and spilling down out of the corner of her mouth in huge gobs down her face.

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   I pulled out and aimed at her tits, with my last and biggest load covered her tits with cum. I couldn't believe it! I had just fooled
around and gotten the best blowjob ever from not just my own sister, but someone who was my enemy. The liner jumped into my head, it's true what they say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. But as I looked into my sister's beautiful eyes and she gazed back into mine, what I saw for that one instant I'll never forget, true love staring back at me. I smiled and looked up and down her cumsoaked body, beautiful still and she smiled back, licking her lips as if she wanted more still. Jess leaned into me, whispering into my ear in a sultry voice, "I have a feeling this is going to be a good vacation bro".

To be Continued in part 2 soon depending on what reviews i get from readers.
I'd be more than happy to make another part, let me know in the comments what you think :)



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