Used and Abused


Melissa was 18 years old and a 5 foot nothing bombshell. With medium length dark hair, pale blue eyes, a cute bubble butt and perfect 36C breasts she had all of the boys at her school drooling over her. Despite this, Melissa had never had a boyfriend before and was still a virgin though she had already popped her own cherry by masturbating. Many guys had tried to go out with her, but she just found that the only thing that was on guys minds was how to get into her pants.

Melissa had a younger brother named Matt, who she got along with but wasn't very close to. He was very athletic and played football for the school team. Matt was the angel child in their parents opinion, since Melissa had been caught coming home from several parties that she wasnt supposed to go to. They always took Matt's side in any arguement.  

Melissa had only just recently began wearing sexy tight clothing that was in style and accentuated her curves, and she had noticed Matt looking at her strangely. She decided that it was nothing serious though so she just ignored him as usual.  

One day that summer Melissa's parents announced that they were going to go down to Mexico for 3 weeks for a vacation and were leaving the kids to take care of themselves since they were old enough and more than capable. Melissa's mother told her that she was in charge but she had to be nice to Matt and that they were not allowed to have a party while they were away.  

After they left, Melissa changed into some more comfortable clothes, puting on her black thong, short skirt, and tank top with no bra on since she wasn't planning on going out anywhere. She sat down to watch some tv since she didn't feel like going outside in the scorching heat. She heard someone enter and looked behind her to Matt walk into the room. "I'm going out for the afternoon, I'll be back later" he said.

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   "I'll probably have a couple guys over for the night too. But don't worry it isn't going to be a party. " "Thats fine," Melissa replied, I'll order some pizza for supper. "

After Matt left Melissa watched tv for a while longer but then grew bored since there was nothing on. She started roaming the house looking for something to amuse herself, and decided to look in her parents room for anything of interest that they might be hiding. Melissa looked under the bed and saw a small box. She pulled it out and opened it up, and was surprised by it's contents. Inside were several porn DVDs, a dildo, lubricant and several other sex toys which she didn't know the use of. Knowing that her brother would be gone for the afternoon and feeling adventurous, Melissa decided to watch a few of the videos.

Popping in the first video, Melissa lay back on the couch and watched avidly as a woman in sexy lingerie proceeded to push a string of large anal beads up her tight anus and then fucking herself in the pussy with a dildo. Melissa reached down under her skirt to rub her pussy through her black thong and found that she was very wet at the sight before her. Melissa slowly rubbed herself as the first scene finished and another came on. This time a man was putting a butt plug in a woman's ass before fucking her in the cunt in all sorts of positions. The scene finished with the man cumming all over the woman's face. Melissa was now really turned on and had moved her thong out of the way so that she could have direct access to her cute hairless pussy with her hand.

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   She slipped one finger into her pussy and began to slowly finger herself, panting in pleasure. The last scene in the porn video was of one woman being gangbanged by 3 guys, with all of her holes being filled with a large cock. Melissa picked up the intensity of her fingering, feeling herself approaching her climax. The scene finished with the men cumming in the woman's ass and cunt, and showed the cum from all 3 guys oozing out of her stretched holes and running down her thighes. Melissa squealed as her pussy convulsed and her body shuddered in extacy as a powerful orgasm took hold of her, sending waves of intense pleasure through her body.  

Getting up from the couch, Melissa opened up the box again and pulled out some of the sex toys which she now knew the use of. She had heard of anal sex before, but had never fantasised about it until now. She could picture the large string of anal beads slowly being pulled out of the pornstar's ass in the porn video and wanted to experience that for herself. Grabbing the bottle of lube and the anal beads, Melissa settled down on the carpet in the middle of the living room on her hands and knees. Flipping up her skirt and pulling her thong down to her knees, she grabbed the lube and began to rub some into her small puckered anus. Melissa moaned at the feeling of her fingers slowly pushing into her tight ass which ever so slowly began to give way to her pressure and loosen up.  

Once she felt that her little asshole was well lubed and loose enough, Melissa picked up the anal beads and put the first bead that was 2 inches in diameter against her anus. Pushing hard on the bead, Melissa cried out as the bead stretched her tight asshole to the point that it sorta hurt to be stretched that wide. The bead slipped in and she gasped at how full her ass felt with only one in it even though she still had five more beads to go on the string. She pushed the rest of them in slowly, enjoying how full they made her feel and how they stretched her little asshole, until only the loop of string at the end used to pull out the anal beads was left dangling out of here now very full ass.

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   Melissa moaned in pleasure and fingered herself to another orgasm before reaching up to begin pulling the beads out of her ass.

Just then she heard a vehicle pull up in the driveway. Her brother and his friends were home! Scrambling to put everything away and and make everything appear normal, Melissa just pulled up her thong and flipped down her skirt, taking the box of toys, minus the anal beads which were still up her ass, up to her room and hiding them under her bed. Melissa didn't realize it but she had accidentaly left the porn DVD in the DVD player.

Melissa tried not to moan as she walked back downstairs, feeling the 6 large anal beads shifting around in her ass. " I'm home!" she heard Matt call out as he walked in the front door with his two best friends Tim and Jake, both of which played football with him. "Is the pizza here yet?" asked Matt, "Cuz I'm starving!" "Shit. I forgot about the pizza. I'll order it right now" said Melissa, "I lost track of time watching tv. " 

Melissa ordered a couple pizzas and then returned to the living room where all the guys were sitting around chatting. Sitting down on the couch next to Matt, Melissa had to struggle to keep a straight face as she felt the beads shift around inside of her. They sat around and talked for a while and Melissa noticed that Matt had slowly moved closer to her on the couch until they were almost touching, and that he had kept glancing at her breasts out of the corner of his eye. "I'm gonna go have a shower," Melissa said, "I'll leave you boys to your own devices. " "We're probably going to watch Watchmen," Matt stated, "if you want to join us later. "

Melissa went to the bathroom, locked the door behind her, then took off her clothes and examined her ass in the mirror.

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   The string loop was still hanging there out of her asshole and she contemplated pulling out the anal beads, but she was enjoying the feeling of them shifting around in her too much to remove yet. Having them in her while with her brother and his friends made her feel like a little slut too, which she kind of liked. Melissa then turned on the shower and stepped into it.

After 45 minutes Melissa came out from the bathroom dresses in her black thong, pajama pants, a black bra and a tshirt, with the large anal beads still up her ass. She walked out to the living room where the guys were but she was surprised that they weren't watching Watchmen yet. Matt leered at her as she walked into the room and said, "So you were watching a lot of tv today were you?" "Yes," replied Melissa, "Thats what I told you. " Matt grinned maliciously and said, "I'm sure you enjoyed yourself," as he pulled out the box of sex toys and porn along with the Porno which she realized she had left in the DVD player. "What do you think mom and dad will do when they here that you have all of this?" 

Melissa suddenly felt kind of sick in her stomach. Her parents would kill her if they found out she had been watching their porn and using their sex toys. "Please don't tell them about this Matt! They'll never trust me again and ground me forever! I'll do anything, just don't let them know!" Melissa pleaded.  

"Anything? Hmmm. . . " Matt mused, "then come over here. I know just what you can do to change my mind.

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  " Melissa moved so that she was standing in the middle of the living room with the boys all around her. Matt looked her up and down then said, "Strip for us. Nice and slow and sexy. " Melissa saw the hard look in his eyes and shuddered before grabbing the bottom of her tshirt and slowly pulling it off. She then took the top of her pajama pants and slowly began pulling them down while bending over. All of the guys now had large tents in their shorts which they didn't attempt to conceal. Melissa then took off her bra but hesitated at taking off her thong before Matt told her to take it all off or else.

After admiring her super hot body for a while, Matt told her to stay right where she was and do whatever she was told as he ran up stairs. Tim and Jake kept staring at her and were rubbing their erections through their shorts, then began telling her to stand in different poses for them, which really jostled around the large anal beads inside her. Matt came back down shortly with fishnet stockings in his hand. "Here, put these on. I found them in mom's dresser," Matt commanded. Melissa put on the fishnet stockings and then awaited further commands. "You are going give all of us a blowjob," Matt said, and then all three boys took off their clothes to reveal their large erect cocks. Melissa's eyes widened as she noticed that they were all about 8 inches long and quite thick.

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   With tears in her eyes she went to Jake first and took his cock in her mouth. She was surprised that his dick didn't actually taste bad as she had expected it to. Jake didn't last very long with his cock in her warm mouth and pulled out to cum all over her face, some of which got in her hair. Tim lasted a bit longer than Jake but he jizzed all over her perfect tits and then made her rub it into her skin. Lastly, Melissa turned to Matt who grinned at her maliciously as she took his cock in her mouth, then he grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her face. Melissa was almost gagging as his cock hit the back of her throat every time he thrusted.  

Matt kept this up for much longer than the oher two boys and then with one last thrust, pushed Melissa's head all the way down his cock so that she was balls deep on his shaft and his cock was down her throat.
    He held her like that as she began gagging and struggled to pull herself off his cock. His grip was too strong though and he held her there as her vision began to blur and her chest ache from the lack of air. Suddenly, his cock pulsed and he shot a big thick load of sperm down her throat which she choked on before he withdrew his spent cock from her throat.  

    Melissa gasped for air and collaped to the floor on her stomach, truly crying now. Matt knelt down behind her and spread her legs apart, then tore open the fishnet stockings at the crotch so that he could get at her. Matt spread apart her ass cheeks and was surprised when he found a loop of string hanging out of her tiny puckered asshole. "What is this you little slut? What do you have up your ass?" Matt demanded. Melissa didn't respond, she just kept crying since she was feeling horrible about what her little brother was doing to her.

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       Matt grinned and said, "Well we will just have to see since you won't tell us. " Grabbing the loop, Matt began pulling and Melissa cried out as she felt the first 2 inch bead spread her asshole and then pop out. "You are a horny little slut!" said Matt as he looked at the size of the of the anal bead, "I wonder how many more you have hidden up there?" 

    Matt pulled out the rest of the beads and Melissa cried out as each one popped out of her asshole. To Melissa it now felt like her ass was a big open cavern that was stretched wide but no longer full. Matt grabbed Melissa by the hips and pulled her up so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air while her chest and head were still on the ground. Grabbing the bottle of lube, Matt squirted some inside her ass then began rubbing some into her slightly stretched asshole. Melissa felt her pussy get wetter as he rubbed her asshole, but that only made her keep crying quietly. Suddenly Melissa felt something hard press against her little asshole, then cried out in pain as Matt hammered the whole length of his 8 inch cock into her ass. But that momentary pain was quicky replaced by pleasure since her ass was already stretched out and well lubed. Melissa began to moan in pleasure through her tears, causing Tim to comment, "I think your sister likes being fucked up her ass. Give it to her hard Matt!"

    Matt then picked her up with his cock still embeded in her ass and carried her over to the couch where he sat down with her on his lap with her back to him. Tim stepped up and pushed his hard cock into her now wet pussy, then started thrusting in and out of her quickly. Melissa began to moan even louder as the two cocks pistoned in and out of both of her holes, and she could feel the two cocks rubbing together through the thin membrane that seperated her pussy from her ass. "Make sure you don't cum in her cunt," Matt reminded Tim, "we don't want to get her pregnant. I think we should all cum in her ass.

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       Jake get in there and shut her up, stick your dick in her mouth. "

    Jake did just that, grabbing her hair and pulling her head to the side so he could fuck her mouth. Melissa kept moaning onto his cock which he seemed to enjoy. Melissa was now being penetrated in all of her holes by her younger brother and his two friends against her will, but she was enjoying the pleasure that she was getting from it. She was an airtight slut. They pounded into her for some time until Matt got everyone to pull out of her and they flipped her upside down with her ass in the air against the couch and her head on the floor. Then all 3 boys took their turns blowing their load inside her stretched ass, which filled up with cum since it couldn't drain out. Melissa closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she finally had the most spectacular orgasm of her life.

    Melissa quickly opened her eyes wide and gasped though when she felt something else push against her slightly gaping asshole, then slip inside of her. Matt had the string of anal beads in his hand and had pushed one into her ass. "This should keep our cum inside of you until I let you remove them," Matt said. Melissa layed there upside down and moaned as the 5 remaining anal beads were shoved into her ass. Reaching back to feel her asshole, Melissa was surprised that she couldn't find the loop of string for the anal beads. Her idiot brother had put them in backwards, now they would be a lot harder to get out! Melissa then felt something else push against her asshole, and looked up and gasped as Matt shoved the butt plug in her ass that was already stuffed full with 6 large anal beads. Matt smiled at her maliciously and said, "Don't take these out of your ass until I tell you to, or else everyone at school will see how slutty you really are" as he pointed at the video camera that was in Jake's hand.

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    Melissa whimpered in fear and confusion at her current condition, then managed to ask, "Are you done with me?" "Not quite yet," Matt replied. Melissa moved so she was kneeling on the floor then the three boys took turns fucking her mouth since she couldn't find the will to actually give them blow jobs. They blew their loads all over her face and tits and then made her rub it all into her skin until it felt sticky with some now dry crusty cum in her hair. Matt turned to her and ordered, "You will not clean yourself until we allow you to slut. You will also be sleeping outside tonight since you are so filthy. We'll come and get you early in the morning for more fun. I own you now for the next 3 weeks, so don't do anything to displease me or I will show everyone how much of a filthy slut you are. "

    Matt grabbed a blanket off of her bed for Melissa then dragged her outside for the night.