Upside Down, Again


“Oh, come on! This whole crazy thing, you and me, this is nuts!” the blonde responded incredulously. Trisha’s smile slowly disappeared. The younger girl then suddenly grabbed her sister’s ass as she planted a long, deep kiss on her mouth. After nearly a full minute, she broke the kiss off. “Rachel, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. ” Trisha purred seductively. She allowed a brief pause for effect, before continuing“I’m going to take a shower. You’re welcome to join me, you know, if it’s not too weird for you, that is. ” The brunette then released her sister’s ass from her grip and turned and left the room. Rachel hesitated for a few brief moments, amazed at how wet her pussy had gotten from just a few words and a single kiss, before hurriedly following Trisha into their parents’ bathroom. They both stepped into the shower and beneath the cascade of steamy water from the overhead tap. Trisha took the soap in her hands and began to build a lather as she eyed Rachel’s body subtly. She then turned her sister around and began to gently wash her shoulders. Rachel sighed as Trisha caressed her shoulders and proceeded down her back, moving her hands in slow, imperfect circles as she went. The blonde then jumped slightly as her sister wrapped her arms around her and softly ran the bar of soap across her flat belly. Trisha’s hands moved with purpose, gentle, yet commanding.

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   They teased Rachel cruelly, sliding just inches from her swollen clit on their lower passes and just beneath the curve of her breasts on the upper. The older girl’s excitement was evident in her breathing as Trisha took her sister’s hands and placed them against the far wall of the shower, effectively leaning her forward just a little. She reached around and ever so gently touched the very tips of Rachel’s granite nipples with her index fingers. Before long, she was pinching and tugging softly at them, further teasing her sister’s senses. The brunette tweaked and flicked the older girl’s nipples for a few moments as she drew herself a little closer, letting the hard points of her own breasts graze her sister’s smooth back. Rachel then threw her head back as Trisha suddenly squeezed both her breasts hard, holding them for only a second before releasing them again. She pulled her own body in tight against her sister’s as she began to massage her firm tits methodically. The blonde closed her eyes and groaned, pushing hard against the wall in support of her weakening knees as Trisha caressed her breasts with a kind of powerful tenderness. After a short time, Trisha slowly snaked her right hand down Rachel’s tight stomach as her left continued kneading her tits hard. The younger girl brushed her fingertips over her sister’s ripe clit once before running her hand down the inside of her thigh, continuing her deliberate tease. She then spun Rachel around and pushed her roughly against the shower wall as she cupped her throbbing pussy in her palm. The blonde stared at Trisha in breathless desperation, her gray-blue eyes pleading for release. She squealed a moment later as Trisha began to rub her needy cunt furiously. Rachel’s whole body quaked at her sister’s skillful touch. The sensation seemed to envelop her entire being, mind, body and soul.

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   She had never imagined that so much pleasure could be derived from the mere touch of another person. Within a minute Rachel was in the clutches of another maddening orgasm. She held on to her younger sister’s slight shoulders for support as her mind clouded over from the impossible pleasure; her ecstatic cries echoing noisily off the tiled walls of the shower. Almost before her climax had fully run it’s course, Trisha gently dropped her panting sister to her knees and leaned her back so that Rachel was holding herself up with her hands on the floor. The brunette then straddled her sister’s pretty face, reaching down and gripping the back of her head as she began to grind her sweet cunt onto her mouth rhythmically. Trisha held one of her perfect tits tightly and stared down at her sister’s helpless eyes with a lusty disdain. She continued to pump her narrow hips as Rachel lapped at her hot pussy passionately. The younger girl rode her sister’s face hard for a long while. Rachel ignored the growing soreness in her arms, loving the way Trisha’s searing pussy felt as it mashed against her nose and mouth. The brunette finally stopped grinding and issued a muted whimper as she reached her own powerful climax. She reached down and grabbed Rachel’s head with her other hand as well as she loosed a surge of juices from her pussy to rival that of the showerhead. Trisha continued to stare down at her pretty sister, her soft, brown eyes blazing with lust, as her orgasm slowly subsided. She released Rachel’s head and helped her to her feet. “Still think this is crazy … or maybe too weird for you?” she asked with a sly smile. Rachel gave Trisha a long, deep kiss before answering, with a distinguishable note of wonder in her voice.

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  “No one has ever made me feel like that before. ” “Rachel, Rachel, Rachel …” Trisha began as she stroked her sister’s face. “You have no idea, girl. ” The girls kissed lovingly again, before finishing up their shower. Rachel threw on some clothes to lounge in, a pair of her old boyfriend’s lacrosse shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs to make some lunch. Trisha followed about ten minutes later, just as she was putting the finishing touches on a couple of sandwiches for the two of them. “None for me thanks. ” the younger girl said as she passed through the kitchen on her way towards the front door. “Wait, where are you going?”“Where am I going? What are you, my girlfriend, now?” Trisha asked mockingly, a broad smile forming on her lips. Rachel put down her plate. “Shut up, bitch. I’m just curious. ” She joked in response, a little embarrassed of her blatant anxiety. “You know I’m just teasing you. ” Trisha said as she took her sister’s hand and started again for the front door.

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  “Actually, I think it’s kind of sweet. ” They stopped at the door and stood close, facing each other. Trisha put on a mock serious face and continued in an exaggerated monotone. “I am going to the mall with Katie and her mom. We are going to shop for clothes and maybe some makeup, if time allows. And then …” The brunette broke off laughing as her sister playfully shoved her. “I hate you!” Rachel laughed as she blushed noticeably. Trisha then stepped close again and gave Rachel a soft peck on the lips. The older girl didn’t see her sister slip her hand into her pants. She pulled away a little and brought her hand up to Rachel’s mouth. “Just to make sure you miss me while I’m gone …” Trisha slipped the tips of two fingers just into her sister’s mouth, before turning and walking out the door with a smile. Rachel shuddered as she tasted a hint Trisha’s pussy on her tongue and eyed her sister’s beautiful ass as she walked down to her car. “Holy shit, I think I’m in love. ” She said aloud, only half joking. Rachel closed the door, only after Trisha was gone and took her lunch into the living room.

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   She turned on the television and flipped robotically threw the channels as she ate her sandwich. Although she was staring right at the TV’s random images, she didn’t really see them. The screen in her mind was instead replaying the two shows she and her sister had provided in the last ten hours. How can this be happening? she wondered silently. The question didn’t linger long though. Above all else, Rachel was content. She felt satisfied, though she suspected that was just temporary. She saw the answer to that question, and any others her conscious could dig up, in the pure perfection of their sex. Her feelings were so strong that there was simply no doubt. The orgasms she’d experienced were nothing short of life changing. And the way Trisha took charge; Rachel had always longed for a lover to do just that. But where her boyfriends had tried, and failed, her younger sister had succeeded. Perfectly. After a short while, the only question that remained unanswered was, How did I not see this sooner? When her lunch was finished, Rachel lay back on the sofa and settled on a channel, finally realizing that it didn’t make a bit of difference what was on. The blonde wore a wide grin as she closed her eyes and soon fell fast asleep.

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   She napped as soundly as she ever had, for a little over two hours, before she awoke, still wearing that same grin. Rachel pulled herself off the couch and put her lunch plate in the dishwasher, then headed up the stairs to straighten up her room. She put on music as she dinked around her room, cleaning mainly as a way to kill time before Trisha came home. As she was dusting the pictures on her dresser, one in particular seemed to catch her eye. She took the 5x9 frame in her hands and smiled as she gazed down at the frozen moment. The picture had been taken about three summers earlier, up at the Cape house. Rachel studied the image fondly, her attention first drawn to the then fourteen-year-old Trisha. “God she was even hot back then!” she thought aloud. Her focus eventually shifted to her parents. She had always known that her parents were good looking; it was pretty obvious. Sara had actually done some modeling during a break from college but when she met Dan, decided to ditch the idea and moved so she could be closer to him. But in this moment, Rachel simply saw her parents as two really handsome people, nothing more, nothing less. There was nothing sexual about the realization, at least not overtly, but it wasn’t entirely “wholesome” either. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem much to her and after a minute or two she put the frame back in its place and continued her dusting. She glanced at the clock when she had finished.

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   It was just past seven and she figured (and hoped) Trisha would be home before too long. The blonde then smiled as a sudden idea tickled her. She walked over to her dresser, opened her panty drawer and shuffled through the items until she found what she was looking for. She slid off her shorts and underwear and stepped into a pair of her sexiest panties, a tiny, pastel pink v-string she bought on her last trip to Victoria’s Secret. She then slipped her unassuming shorts back on, deciding her sexiest bra wasn’t quite as sexy as no bra at all, and headed back downstairs to wait for Trisha. After what seemed like days, she finally heard the sound of her sister’s car pull up the driveway. Rachel tried to hide her obvious excitement but had to get up to greet her when she heard the front door open. “Look what I got out of Mrs. Lewis’ garage fridge!” Trisha sang as she held up two bottles of champagne. “Right on!” exclaimed Rachel as she took one bottle in her hand and read the label briefly. “I figure maybe I can get you drunk and take advantage of you. What do you think?” the younger girl asked with a suggestive smile. “I think you don’t need to get me drunk for that. ” Rachel answered immediately. “Oooh, good answer.

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  ” Trisha responded, before the girls shared a long kiss. When they finally broke their kiss they walked together into the kitchen. Rachel put one bottle in the refrigerator while Trisha began to peel the foil off the top of the other. “I have a little surprise for you, big sister. ” Trisha said a little mysteriously as she struggled with the tightly wrapped foil. “Oh yeah, well what is it?” the blonde asked excitedly. “Patience, patience …” Trisha was cut off by the earsplitting pop of the cork, which ricocheted hard off the cabinets and whizzed by Rachel’s ear, missing her by inches. They both jumped at the sound and shrieked laughter as the champagne bubbled over. Trisha brought the bottle to her mouth and took a hearty swig before passing it to Rachel, who did the same. Once the unruly tide of bubbly had been stemmed, Rachel got some paper towels and wiped up the small puddle, while Trisha walked slowly into the living room. When the floor was relatively clean again, the older girl followed her sister into the other room. Rachel took another belt from the bottle as Trisha offered, before the younger girl placed the champagne on the coffee table and stepped close to her sister again. “So what’s my surpri--?” Rachel’s intended question was interrupted by a sudden, hard kiss. She moaned softly as Trisha’s mouth practically assaulted hers. The brunette sucked hard on her sister’s lower lip as she took one of the older girl’s hands and slowly guided it up the inside of her thigh.

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   Rachel opened her eyes and tried to break the kiss as she suddenly felt something foreign beneath Trisha’s running pants. The brunette held her head fast though and slipped her tongue back deep into her throat as she pulled her sister’s hand harder against her crotch. Rachel tentatively began to stroke the tubular object in her younger sister’s pants as they kissed for a long moment. Trisha ended the kiss and sat her sister down on the couch before taking a step back towards the center of the room. The brunette took another big gulp of the champagne and stared down at Rachel as the blonde watched her excitedly. Trisha handed the bottle back to her sister and motioned for her to take a drink, which she did immediately. She stared hard at Rachel as she slowly removed her t-shirt and reached around and unclasped her bra. The blonde trembled with anticipation as Trisha slipped her bra off and let it fall to the floor before stepping right in front of her again. The younger girl glared down at her as she spoke sternly. “Pull my pants down, slowly. ” Rachel’s anxious eyes remained glued to Trisha’s as she eagerly reached up and grasped her sister’s waistband. She gasped suddenly as Trisha grabbed her chin like she would a child and admonished her. “Slowly. ” The blonde was more turned on than ever and wanted nothing more than to please her sister. She reached up again and gently hooked her index fingers under the elastic waistband of Trisha’s baggy warm-up pants.

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   She pulled them down about an inch before sliding her fingers around her back and repeating the process carefully. Rachel then slipped her other fingers of both hands under the elastic and steadily pulled downward, revealing what at first appeared to be black leather panties. Trisha’s eyes remained on her sister’s as Rachel continued sliding her pants down, meeting some resistance from the, as yet unseen obstruction within. The older girl then gasped audibly as her “surprise” began to reveal itself. Rachel saw that what she had initially assumed to be leather panties, was in actuality, a harness. Her excitement grew exponentially as the previously concealed obstruction entered into full view; a thick, flesh colored dildo that sprang to life as she finally pulled Trisha’s pants past its head. Rachel’s eyes followed the tip of the eight-inch, realistic rubber cock as it bounced and swayed hypnotically, right in front of her face. Trisha stepped out of her pants, which had dropped down around her ankles, and took a step back again. The younger girl snatched the champagne off the coffee table once more and took another swig before dropping her hand down by her side, still holding the bottle by its neck. Rachel stared up at her sister in awe. This was by far the sexiest sight her eyes had ever beheld. Trisha stood before her nude, save for the fat strap-on presenting a stark contrast to her elegant, petite frame; the near empty bottle of champagne hanging at an angle from her right hand. She sat motionless, unable to move, as her brain took in the unimaginable image. “Take off your shirt. ” Trisha ordered firmly as she took another gulp of champagne.


  “And your shorts. ” Rachel complied instantly, practically tearing her clothes off while she stared at her gorgeous sister wide-eyed. Her pink panties were already soaked through; a wet spot the size of a quarter clearly visible directly in their middle. Trisha looked down at her older sister with a lusty, contemptuous glare as she repeatedly picked her dildo up by the head and dropped it, letting it bounce around her waist in its mesmerizing fashion. Rachel sat timidly on the couch as her sister stared her down and toyed with her stout strap-on before at last stepping directly in front of her again. Trisha grasped her dildo at the base with her right hand as she tenderly began to stroke Rachel’s head with her left. The blonde girl stared back up at her sister with an innocent, little girl expression, the dildo just inches from her face. The older girl let out a crisp yelp as Trisha suddenly seized a handful of hair and yanked downward, forcing Rachel’s pretty face up, as she dropped the dildo’s thick head to her full lips. “You wanna suck my cock, Rachel?” she asked mockingly, slowly sliding her tool over her sister’s mouth. “Yes. ” the blonde hissed and started to lap carefully along the underside of the dildo. Trisha flashed a wicked grin as she resumed stroking Rachel’s hair sweetly. She removed her hand from the base of her toy, allowing her sister to get a firm hold there herself as she closed her lips around the strap-on’s oversized head. Rachel’s eyes remained locked on Trisha’s as she took more and more of the rubber monster into her mouth. While there was very little physical pleasure to be had in the “blowjob”, there was definitely pleasure to be had.

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   Rachel felt electric, slurping hard on the big dildo as if it was a real cock. She swirled her tongue over its head with each pass as she struggled to fit as much as she could down her throat. Trisha, for her part, loved seeing her sister give her head, and the sense of power that came along with it. She swore she could almost “feel” the heat of Rachel’s mouth and the skill of her tongue, as they worked their way up and down the false dick’s fat shaft. After a few minutes Trisha had both hands on her sister’s bobbing head as she began to thrust her hips gently, essentially fucking Rachel’s face. The blonde released her grip on the dildo and reached up, squeezing Trisha’s firm tits tight as her sister pumped away at her mouth smoothly. The brunette eventually pulled her strap-on from her sister’s mouth and leaned down to kiss the older girl. They both panted audibly, their hands roaming all over each other’s firm bodies as they hungrily lapped at each other’s tongues. Rachel groaned as Trisha began to kiss and suck her neck passionately, in time lowering her face to her pretty breasts. The blonde reached down and grasped blindly at her sister’s dildo, squeezing and jerking on it hard, while the younger girl chewed softly on her little brown nipples and slipped her drenched panties off. Trisha then knelt down and grasped Rachel’s slender legs behind her knees. With a firm tug, she slid her sister down about a foot, so that her firm ass was hanging just off the seat of the sofa. “Hold your legs spread. ” she commanded gently. Rachel immediately took hold of her legs and spread them a little wider as Trisha lowered her beautiful face between them.

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   The brunette stopped with her nose no more than an inch from her sister’s gorgeous pussy. She watched in wonder as a droplet of clear juice trickled down Rachel’s enflamed lips and disappeared into the crack of her ass. Trisha then shifted her eyes back up to Rachel’s. The blonde’s hips flinched reflexively as her sister gently blew a stream of cool air directly onto the heated flesh of her literally dripping cunt. Rachel moaned out as Trisha ran a broad stroke of her tongue up the length of her puffy labia once, flicking her hard pink clit at the top. Within moments the younger girl was eating her sister’s honey-sweet pussy ravenously. Rachel squirmed around, whimpering and gasping, beneath the dexterity of Trisha’s lips and tongue. Before long Trisha lowered her insatiable mouth further and thrust her fickle tongue into her sister’s tiny, puckered asshole. She quickly wrapped her arm around the blonde’s leg, draping her hand over Rachel’s red-hot pussy, and began to stroke her swollen clit. Rachel’s lithe body was quickly being reduced to a twitching, quivering mass of flesh. Trisha sucked hard on her tight asshole as her nimble fingers manipulated her sister’s clit relentlessly. By the time she returned her skillful mouth to the blonde’s flowing cunt, Rachel was on the brink of her second orgasm. Trisha had another trick up her proverbial sleeve for her older sister. The brunette positioned her index and middle fingers at the mouth of Rachel’s anxious pussy while doing the same with her ring finger and pinky at her well-lubed asshole. The blonde’s thin torso then contracted involuntarily as Trisha suddenly buried all four fingers inside her two openings, while at the same time closing her lips over her tender, pink bud.

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   Rachel’s hips bucked uncontrollably as her sister pistoned her fingers in and out of her and sucked exclusively on her engorged clit. In a matter of moments, Rachel was coming hard. Trisha struggled to hold her sister’s waist down through the orgasm as she continued to work her juicy pussy tirelessly. When the older girl’s hips finally stopped thrashing, Trisha slowly emerged from between her legs, her mouth and chin glazed in her sister’s tangy-sweet fluids. She pulled Rachel off the couch and instructed her breathless sister to get on all fours, a few feet from the mirrored wall. The blonde turned her head back and watched closely as Trisha knelt down behind her. The younger girl grasped her strap-on with her right hand as she took a firm hold of Rachel’s waist with her left. Rachel began to whimper softly as her sister pushed the fat head of the dildo against her slippery pussy. “Oh God!” the blonde groaned deeply as Trisha suddenly sunk a third of her latex cock inside her. The brunette grabbed her sister’s waist with her other hand as she slowly began to thrust in and out of her tight cunt. Rachel moaned and panted as Trisha steadily drove more of the dildo inside her with each pass. The brunette ran her hands up to her lover’s shoulders and drew her fingertips hard across her back on their return as she increased the pace of her thrusting. Rachel’s moaning remained constant as Trisha fucked her, still in a relatively slow rhythm, with six of the dildo’s eight inches. The younger girl’s hands slowly caressed her sister’s smooth back before eventually coming to rest on her shoulders. Rachel’s head swayed and bobbed unsteadily as her sister began to fuck her a bit harder.

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   Trisha then took a handful of her blonde hair and gently began to push and pull her head around. “Yeah, you like that?” she asked rhetorically as she pumped Rachel’s expanded pussy faster and faster. Trisha then yanked Rachel’s head up, eliciting a wounded cry, and held it tight. Both girls stared at their reflection in the mirror just a few feet away, Rachel through squinted eyes as her sister drilled her hard. They watched each other closely in the mirror. Both were experiencing the best sex of their lives, better possibly than they would ever again experience. And they both seemed to know it; seemed to communicate it even, albeit wordlessly. Somewhere, in the far back of Rachel’s mind, she wondered if they were scratching the surface yet. After a long while the younger girl pulled her dildo from her sister’s aching pussy and flipped her over on her back. She mounted the dazed blonde and immediately resumed fucking her ferociously. She snatched Rachel’s wrists and pinned her hands to the floor above her head as she brought her face down close to her sister’s. By this point Trisha was pounding her older sister with the strap-on’s full length and girth at a frantic pace. The girls’ faces were so close that their noses nearly touched. The look of lust and excitement in Trisha’s eyes served to fuel Rachel’s rapture, inevitably bringing her ever closer to yet another climax. The brunette sensed her sister’s imminent release.

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   She kissed her deeply and continued to blast away as hard as she could as Rachel began to come wildly beneath her. The older girl screeched into her sister’s hot mouth as her back arched awkwardly, her orgasm shaking her to her very core while Trisha continued to drive her tiny ass into the carpet relentlessly. After a few long moments, Rachel’s tide of sensation softly began to fade away. Trisha finished her off with a final series of powerful thrusts, leaving the entire dildo buried in her sister’s abused pussy as she remained on top of her. They continued to kiss each other intensely as both girls slowly caught their breath. “Damn, Rach; you almost make me wish I had a real cock to fuck you with. ” Rachel smiled. A huge, exhausted, satisfied smile, and after a pause, answered. “That was as real as it gets. ” They kissed lovingly again; Rachel squealing as Trisha playfully pumped her hips a few more times before finally letting her strap-on slip out of her sister’s spent pussy. “I could fuck you all night. ” Trisha said as she knelt up and squeezed Rachel’s smallish breasts tenderly. Her sister tilted her head mischievously and responded in perfect time. “What, you got somewhere to go?”.



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