Unexpected Return


It was Friday and I was so glad to be getting out of school. I got out of the car pool van and waved goodbye to Wendy and Sabrina, then walked gratefully up to our side door. I grabbed the mail as I passed the mailbox. I noted that both cars were gone, so that meant mom was still at work and dad was still away on his business trip. Sighing happily as I dropped the back pack off my shoulders and went through the mail, chuckling when I saw the postcard my dad had sent from Houston. It had a funny note on it about cowboys and horses and I read it as I walked back to my room. I placed the postcard on the bulletin board where I had collected all the other ones that dad had sent me from his business trips over the years and started undressing when the phone rang. Checking the number display I saw that it was mom calling and I picked up right away. She’s an accountant and since it was the end of the quarter, she was having to stay late. I told her not to worry and that I loved her and hung up. Hours to myself tonight…WTG! I headed toward the shower after hanging up my clothes wondering who would be available and what we could do tonight. As I stepped into the shower, I decided that I was a geek cause I loved my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I fight with them tooth and nail sometimes, but overall I loved them a lot. Of course, Dad would keep me wrapped in cotton and would flip if he knew about my sex life, but I think most dads are a bit protective. In a year or so I would be gone and then Daddy wouldn’t have much say about what I did. Even as I thought that I started rubbing and pinching a nipple that was already hard.

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   At 5’2” and 98 lbs. , there wasn’t much to me. But I had curves and knew how to use what I had. My tits couldn’t decide whether to be a B or a C cup, but the nipples turned hard at a thought and I kept my pussy hair free. I loved the feel of a freshly shaven pussy, especially with a tongue lapping at the swollen lips. My fingers were busy pressing and sliding on those lips as I started fantasizing what I would like to be doing. My math teacher was a good enough fantasy figure as I my hips started jerking and bucking. I thought about him backing me up against his desk as he slide his hands under my skirt. Lecturing me on being a tease while he rubbed his bulging cock against me. Telling me he was going to teach me a lesson even as he pulled my panties down my legs. My fingers plunged deeper into my tight pussy as I got more into the fantasy, the other hand ravaging my nipple as I pictured Mr. Edwards turning me so that he took me from behind, smashing my clit into the edge of the desk as he fucked me so hard. His hand in my hair, pulling my neck back as his other hand held me by pressing on the small of my back. His cock thrusting deeper and harder into my aching, hungry pussy as he took his pleasure. My moans and squeals signaling my delight as well.

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   I put my foot on the side of the tub and my other hand on the shower wall as I screamed out my pleasure, my knees almost buckling as waves of ecstasy overwhelmed me. I chuckled weakly as I sucked my fingers and finished my shower, wish there was some way to lick my cum from my pussy. “I’m such a slut!” I thought, stepping from the shower. I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my hair, then grabbed another one and roughly dried my body. I moaned as I felt the roughness of the material causing my skin to goosebump and my nipples to pucker. Already I was ready for more sex. Laughing to myself, I thought about some of the rougher sex I had had and wished it was going to happen again tonight. I wrapped the towel around my body and stepped into my bedroom, picking up to phone and calling Wendy. I could tell by her voice that she was having some kind of sex. When I heard a second feminine giggle I knew Sabrina was over at Wendy’s house or Wendy’s little sister was getting some first hand knowledge. “Wendy. Who are you fucking? Or should I ask who’s fucking you? “ I paused to listen to the sounds of moaning and slurping. Sitting on the bed, I let my towel drop as I started rubbing my tits. “Amber! OHHHHHHHH god, she’s got the best fucking tongue. ” Wendy moaned into my ear.

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  “Who’s eating you girl?” I demanded as I lay back and started moving my hand to my pulsing clit. I was getting more excited by the erotic sounds I could hear. “ Bree, omg, fuck me…tongue fuck me, you cunt!. ” screamed Wendy into my ear as she started cumming over the phone. I listened to Wendy cumming and dropping the phone as she rode the intense pleasure that I knew Bree could and did often share with her friends. Smiling I hung up the phone. Wendy had dropped it in her excitement and they wouldn’t notice it for hours. There was no sense in trying to talk to them. I just hoped that Wendy’s mom was out of the house. I knew her dad was, cause he had left them last year. “So much for doing something with the girls. ” I thought, momentarily disappointed I couldn’t be over there with them. I told mom I wouldn’t leave the house. There would be other times. I still rubbed my pussy, horny and not sure what I would do about it.

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   Idly I thought about getting on the net and cybering with some of my gentlemen friends. There was that naughty grandfather from Indiana who loved talking about some little teen sucking his hard cock while he fingered her tight holes, and there was that older gentleman in California who wanted me to be his dog’s bitch while he watched. All these thoughts made me moan harder as my fingers delved deeper and harder into my pussy. My hips were bucking and making circles in the air, but I wasn’t there yet. I still needed…. . something more. Frustrated I pulled my fingers from my pussy and after licking them clean, put on my favorite pair of baby doll pjs. Maybe I could come to a decision after I ate a bit of sandwich or some fruit. I walked into the kitchen and was looking into the fridge when I heard a car pull up. Checking the time, I was surprised. Mom must have been able to come home earlier than I thought. Maybe she and I could go catch a movie. I pulled a can of pop from the fridge and opened it while I waited for her to get in. My mouth dropped open in shock, when I saw that it was Dad, not Mom who was home early.

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   I almost dropping my soda on the counter as I flew around it to run to my dad. He enveloped me in a big hug, holding me closely as I tried to ask how, sure that it was just my imagination and my earlier horniness thinking that he was pressing against me a little too intimately for my father. Still in his arms, I leaned back to ask him about his trip and his early return home, when I found his lips against mine.
    Startled I tried to pull back. His arms let me pull away, but his hands slide down my arms to catch my hands and twirl me around. “Let me look at you, sugar. ” He said as he checked out my outfit a bit intently. “What a cute pair of pjs! You sure look like a little kid in them. ” His eyes shone a bit bright and I couldn’t decide if he was being silly or what. Before I could question him about what was going on, he dropped his arm around me and pulled me to his side. Then he picked up his suitcase. “Let’s go unpack and I’ll fill you in on my trip. ” He said. I nodded, trying not to think of his hand almost directly under my tit on my side. I silently scolded myself for thinking my dad was coming on to me as we walked to his room.

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       He put the suitcase near his closet and dropped his carryall on the dresser. “Have a seat on the bed, Amber, while I unpack. Tell me where you mom is? What’s been happening at school?” He peppered me with questions as I sat on his bed, answering them all, catching him up with the latest gossip about my friends and the events at school. Well, not all of the things we do are sexual and I can share those things with dad. As I related some of the things that we had been doing, he unpacked his carry all. Occasionally he would look up at me through the mirror. The looks he gave me seemed to scour my body through the pjs, almost stripping them from me. My head kept flashing me vignettes of me and dad in sexual positions and I knew I was lusting for him and needed to get away from him soon. I wiggled on the bed, my pj panties getting wet and my nipples hard and achy as I tried to keep it casual. “Um, Dad, maybe I should leave you to finish unpacking, while I make us sandwiches. You must be hungry. ” I offered, needing to put some distance between us while I tried to figure out what was going on. “You haven’t heard about my trip, Amber. ” He said. Shutting a drawer, he reached for the last two items in his carryall and turned toward the bed.

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       “Don’t you want to hear about what I did?” I nodded mutely as I watched him walk toward me. Frantically trying to figure out how to get through the next few minutes until I could go find one of my toys to get me off and I could return to normal. Dad sat on the bed beside me. His leg was warm against mine, the material of his pants teasing my heightened and obviously wacked out senses. I could even smell his aftershave and it just made me wetter. I licked my lips nervously. Dad watched me and then handed me a box. “This is yours, sugar. ” He said. “I ran into someone you knew while in Houston and after he found out that I knew you, he eventually gave me this to give to you. ”He watched my face as I opened the small box to find a gold anklet in the box. I gasped in delight and then in dismay as I read the note inside and realized what the writing was on the charm attached to the anklet. “Dear Slut, I remember every inch of your hot little teenage body as you slammed up and down my cock. My nights are filled with the remembered taste and smell of you as I made you cum screaming my name. My favorite night is when you acknowledged me as your master and fell asleep with my cock in your mouth and my cum drying on your well used young body.

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       Here’s something to remember me by. In memory, Steve”I looked up in shock and horror to find my dad reaching for the anklet. “It’ll look good on you, baby” He said as he fastened it around my ankle and slid his hands up my leg, using his body to press mine into the mattress. .



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