Unconcious Mother 2: Mike's


Last night went almost perfectly. In the morning, the three of us woke up to my mom making us french toast. "Hey guys!" she smiled, "I thought you'd be up soon. "We ate quickly, thanked her, and went back up to my room. "Oh my god, dude!" Mike said. "She's clueless!""Hey, keep it down. " I said. I was still taking all the procausions I could. "So it's your mom tonight, right?""Yeahyeah," said Mike. We went to Mike's house for lunch and convinced his mom to let us sleep over, and Will and I went home to rest up for our -yet another- big night. At around seven o'clock Mike called us to come over, and we did. His mom was watching a movie in her room upstairs, so we discussed how we would give her the pills. After much talk, we decided. "Hey mom, we're making Root Beer Floats, want one?" Mike yelled up. "Yeah, sure hun!" she called back.

It was perfect.

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   We made four, and put the pill in the fourth one. It dissolved and Mike brought it up to her. He came back down with a wide grin. "She'll be out like a light in no time. "To pass the time we played videogames, but none of us could get our minds off of Mike's mom. She wasn't exactly spectaular-looking, but she wasn't badlooking at all. She stood about 5'7 with blonde hair and C-cup breasts. Her body was slightly thick, but still nice. After about an hour or so we went upstairs to check on her, and she was, just as we suspected, unconcious. She was in full longsleeved, pantlegged pajamas, and it took some work getting her out. The top was button down, so that came off no problem. But her bottoms were the hard part. Will and I had to lift her up while Mike rolled them down. And so there she was, lying on the bed in just a bra and panties. He nipples just barely showed through the cloth of her bra.

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   Mike lifted her upper body up and I unlached the back of it, and her big breasts were released. Then Will and Mike tugged on her panties to get them off. Under those panties was one of the most beautiful pussies I ever saw. It was shaved and looked like that of a twenty year old's. Without thinking, I started to climb atop her. "Not so fuckin' fast, man!" Mike stopped me. "For one, you.