Uncle Eugene Gets Me and Daddy Drunk, the Rest Is History


I have told you about Uncle Eugene and Aunt Maggie and how they used me for sex and how I loved every second of it. Well, eventually, I had sex with my Daddy and that started a lot of stuff that I am not sure I wanted or not but for good or bad, it happened. As I have said, I lived with Uncle Eugene and Aunt Maggie for a while, mainly during my developing years and even tough very young I always looked older because of my body and because Maggie knew how to dress me. I also had a fake ID that got me in bars and other places. Well, I had to go home for a week to take care of some stuff since Maggie and Eugene were my legal guardians and there were some papers to get done. I dressed carefully and did not fool around with Eugene while I was home because I did not want to get caught. Eugene told me after 3 days there that he was horny and was going to need relief soon. Daddy was gone the next day for the afternoon and so I presented myself naked to Eugene and took care of his build up and that just made me worse. I had not scratched the itch and it was okay but now I needed more. I think Uncle Eugene knew that would happen.

Well, the next day we were all sitting around an in ground pool that was in the back yard with a good fence and Eugene brought out cold beers and gave one to each of us. I looked at Daddy and he said, "Oh what the hell, go ahead. " and so I drank it a little at a time. I had on shorts and shirt and a bra that did not let my nipples show and sandals and we sat around. Mom was off visiting Aunt Rena for two days and so it was just the three of us. Eugene looked at Daddy, (Randall) and said, "So Quinn still giving you good sex?" I was surprised but then remembered that we had all had 5 or six beers by now and Dad was drunk enough to talk about anything.

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   He began looking at me and soon Eugene got up and started playing around and soon I was in the pool soaking wet. Even with the bra my nipples were showing through and my shorts were doing a great camel toe into my pussy lips. "Shit no, she has all but quit and I have not gotten laid in weeks. " Daddy said. He was looking at me and I got shy, my face turning red. "Too bad. " Eugene said and I knew what he was up to. "Got a great specimen here in front of us don't we?" he said as I got out of the pool. My nipples got harder. "Yeah, Brenda has grown into a good looking woman. " Dad said. "I would love to see her naked. " Eugene ventured to say handing us all another beer.

I drank my right down knowing what was coming next. "Show us what ya got Brenda.

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  " Uncle Eugene chided out, like at a game to get the stripper to strip. He looked at Dad, "Yeah baby, show us what ya got. " Daddy repeated. I was really embarrassed but knew it was going to happen. "Do a little strip tease for your Daddy. " Eugene said and moved me in front of him. He looked at me and he looked hungry and so I began to move my hips looking into his eyes. His cock was getting hard in his bathing suit and I did not know it was so big. He was watching me and I reached under the shirt and undid the bra and took it off tossing it to him. He smelled the cups that were at time about 38DDD or so. I dance and undid the shorts and let them fall to the ground and danced there in front of him, panties and t shirt and no bra. I knew Eugene was hard and I saw that Daddy's cock was at the top of his suit and just peaking out was the huge head. "Do you really want me Daddy?" I sang to him. "Do you really wanna fuck me Daddy?" I said getting bad now. "Oh hell yeah little girl, oh yeah.

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  " he said drinking the last of his beer. I took off the top and my tits were there for him to see. He sat up and I stepped closer and he took them in his hands and I stepped to him and pulled his face into my titties and he began kissing and sucking them. "Oh Daddy, suck the nipples, suck them hard. " I moaned and every time I said Daddy, my pussy got wetter. He pulled of my panties and his hand was between my legs and I moved them apart and his fingers sank three into my pussy. "Oh daddy, yes, do it like that, make me cum. " I moaned and he sank them into me and began finger fucking me good. I soaked his hand with juices and he stopped and I licked his fingers. I stood him up and took off his suit and there was a huge cock in front of my face. "They always did call you "Bull" daddy, now I know why, " i sad and bean licking the head of it. "Let's get in the water. " I said and he followed me in and Uncle Eugene did too. Daddy was against the wall of the pool and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my ;legs around his waist and felt his cock head against my pussy. I got to his ear and said, "Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me.

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  " and he pushed in and it began to go into me. I felt a shock through my body and suddenly he rammed into me and he was bigger than almost anyone I had ever had. He sank into me and I began riding him and the water around us made waves. I was going faster now and needed an orgasm when he sucked my nipples as I rode him and they did the trick and I felt myself building to my fist orgasm and I told Daddy. "That is okay baby, you just cum all you want to I am almost ready too. " he said and I held off, "At the same time Daddy, cum at the same time. " I begged and he seemed to get bigger and then a little after that I exploded and he did too, giving me two more orgasms just from his load filling me. We stayed joined like that for a while and his cock did not come out. It was still almost hard and so I rode him more. After the next time he loaded my pussy we got out and I let his cum run down my legs. I sucked my fingers after getting his cum on them.

"Damn, you two were hot. " Eugene said and his cock was totally hard still, pre cum leaking. "Oh, Uncle Eugene do you need relief too?" I said sounding silly. "Yeah baby,I do.

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  " and I got on the padded sunning cot and opened my legs for him. I reached for Daddy that had a half hard cock still and pulled him to my face and began licking him. "Come one Daddy, you and Uncle Eugene fuck me at both ends. Please" again in a silly little girls voice and he moved to me grabbing my tits as he did and I sank his cock into my throat and Eugene filled my pussy. After a long time they both filled my pussy and throat. We all laid around sunning and then went in to get supper. No one got dressed and I served Supper naked and I was desert again. About midnight we all went to sleep.

The next morning I did not dress but showered and went to the kitchen to get stuff for Daddy and Eugene and so served breakfast in the living room. They had on shorts and so just then the door opened and in came Mom. She hit the ceiling seeing me totally naked and as I turned around her eyes fell on my body and I saw the desire there that a woman has for another woman. She began cooking calling me a slut and whore and all kinds of things. Eugene got up and said, "Now Quinn it is okay, nothing wrong with a little nude breakfast. Randall and I were just going to strip down, you may enjoy it too if you let yourself. " and Mom kept up her yelling.

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   I looked at her now being two feet away and my nipples hard and my pussy getting tuned on for my mother. "Let it go Mom, you may enjoy it if you let yourself. " I said and she stopped and looked at me. "Enjoy what?" she said. "Why, sex, it is great, especially with a nice big cock like Daddy has. " I said and she began again and then I stopped her, "Look, if you were taking care of Daddy I would not have to. " I yelled at her. She stopped again and her eyes were all over my body. I turned, "Daddy, I bet the reason Mom has not had any sex with you is because she likes women. " I said and tun red to her. I turned and saw that her nipples were reacting to me now. I looked at her, "I bet you love kissing another woman and being naked and playing with another woman don't you mom. " I said and she was speechless. I began unbuttoning her dress and she just stood there. It fell to the floor and her slip and bra came off as she stood there doing nothing.

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   Her 40EDD tits came out and I caught them and then took her panties off. She stood there totally naked now and I massaged her breasts and then sucked one into my mouth and she moaned. "See Daddy, you just gotta know what to do. " and he laughed, "Well, it seems that you have to be a woman. " I sucked Mom's tits til the nipples were swollen and then kissed her neck and she moaned, "No, this is wrong. " and I said, "Who cares. " and kissed her on the mouth and her tongue found mine and her arms were around me now. I motioned for Daddy to move and led Mom to the couch and sat her down and sat next to her. She looked at Eugene and Dad and moaned low. "Now Mommy, just enjoy. " I said and was sucking her tits again and then down to her hairy pussy. "We are going to have to shave this thing. " I said and Dad and Eugene laughed. My mouth found her huge cl it and she spread her legs wide for me and I then slipped three fingers and then 4 into her pussy and she moaned louder and then with the fingers and my tongue working she soaked my face and had two orgasms one after another.

She sat there a while and I motioned her over, "Now you do me.

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  " I said and she sank to her knees and her face was between my legs and she ate me and it gave way to the fact that she had done it before. "Oh Daddy, she is an expert pussy eater. " I laughed and Mom slapped my ass. "Shut up and talk when you are told to she said and smiled and went back to eating me. Daddy and Eugene were hard as rocks and Mom was enjoying herself. Finally I laid there limp and Mom looked around. "I can't believe this all happened, I guess you two need taking care of now. " Eugene and Dad both said that they did and Mom said, "well, it is not my favorite thing to do but okay. " and she started to get over to them. I sat up, "That is okay Mom, it is still something that I really like. " and Dad and Eugene mounted me, one in my m,mouth and then I asked Daddy, "Fuck your baby's ass this time Daddy. " and he pushed into me and I let out a moan and he buried his huge cock in my ass. Mom watched and then began sucking my tits as Dad and Eugene fucked me. After that every time I saw Mom she wanted sex and Eugene and Daddy were demanding too.

Love ya

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