Twist of Fate


Twist of fate.
Sarah Hare was 43 years of age five foot tall and a slim build weighing only seven stones, her petite body was offset by her generous 36DD breasts, which combined with her shoulder length blonde hair made her a real eye catcher. Married to her 53 year old husband Keith for the last 22 years, they had two children a son Mike and a daughter Amy. Mike is now 18 years of age and has left home whilst Amy is fourteen and studying hard at school.
The story I am about to relate to you begins when Mike was thirteen years of age and still haunts his mothers dreams and fantasises. It all began one day when she returned home from her full time job as a Senior Executive Officer with a well known fashion company; as usual she headed straight to the bathroom cast off her smart efficient tailored suit and sensible underwear, casting the tights and underwear into the laundry basket. Now slipping beneath the hot steaming spray of her rainforest shower, she lazily soaped her large breasts and delighted in teasing her already erect nipples.
Stopping herself from dropping her hand between her legs and from playing with her shaven cunt, she reluctantly rinsed off her soapy body and wrapped the large fluffy bath sheet around her petite frame and slipped from the bathroom across the hall and into the master bedroom. The reason she had stopped her play in the shower she was saving her horniness for later that night as she was eager to make love to her husband as he had been in poor health recently and was finally given the al clear to resume loving making.
As she sat cooling on the foot of her bed she caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye as to some movement in the hallway, she thought no more when she looked across the hall and saw her thirteen year old son in the bathroom. She was about to chastise him once more about making sure the door was closed when he went to the loo but was curious as to why he had not gone to the pan, instead he was busy rummaging in the laundry basket.
She decided to wait to see what he was looking for, and even saw he was disappointed about something and the she could not believe her eyes; there was her own son with his hard six inch cock out, her freshly discarded tights in his hand, with then hand raised to his face, he was smelling the gusset as he slowly wanked his cock. Then suddenly he dropped his hand down just in time to catch the long stringy strands of his spunk as it cascaded on to her tights. Quickly now she ducked back out of sight as he just as quickly replaced the tights and tucking his semi hard cock back into his pants, he turned and left the bathroom heading straight into his bedroom slamming the door behind him.
Silently now Sarah, moved back to the bathroom and retrieved the tights, she looked at the white strings of sperm now soaking into her tights and suddenly she could not resist for she raised the tights to her face and without thinking she snaked her tongue out and tasted the white thick liquid, Instantly in horror, as if burned by the fluid, she dropped the tights back into the basket and fled in disgust back to her own room. Now as she dried herself off, she kept mumbling to herself what type of mother would watch her young son masturbate and then go taste his seminal fluid like she had just done.

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   Almost embarrassed to even look at her son later, she could not get the sight of him masturbating into her underwear out of her mind.
That night as she made slow passionate love to her husband she could not stop the evil thoughts of what her own son’s cock would feel like slipping into her own cunt and even more alarmingly in her mind was a thought of how it would feel to have her husband fucking her cunt and her own son slamming his cock into her arse. No matter how she tried she could not get rid of the lewd images in her mind. In those images she was not just acting as a whore for her son but she was tied up with her hands behind her back, a large obscene ball gag forced into her mouth preventing her from refusing the advances of her own son.
She was reluctant to admit to even herself that she had just experienced the biggest hardest orgasm of her life with these thoughts invading her mind. She slept uneasily that night as the images continued long after her loving making with her husband ceased. In her highly erotic dreams no longer was she making love to her husband but she was bound unable to move as two young boys around her own sons age were using her cunt and arse with their ever ready youthfully hard cocks.
Her dreams were even interrupted by the alarm clock as she had to get up for work again. She showered once more this time allowing her fingers to caress her hard little clit and her other hand pinching and twisting her left nipple. She groaned her way through a shattering orgasm then quickly showered, dried and dressed before avoiding her young son at the breakfast table she slipped off to work. All day at work it played on her mind that she was having these thoughts about her son and in thinking about it she found her cunt was constantly wet and she often longed to go to the loo to play with herself, a feelings she fought hard all day to resist.
That night as usual, she entered her home, and climbed the stairs slipping into her bedroom to collect her dressing gown and headed immediately for the bathroom. Such was her pent up passion which had raged in her horny cunt all day long that she hastily pushed the door not noticing it never closed fully. Quickly she was out of her smart skirt and blouse; she removed her bra and tossed it into the laundry basket. How her hard nipples ached and longed to be pinched.

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   She carefully removed her tights and was about to remove her already wet panties, when she had a wicked idea. She immediately began to rub her swollen cunt lips through her silken panties. The first slightest touch caused her clit to twitch and thousands of electric shocks coursed into her inner most recesses of her cunt.
The second firmer touch caused her cunt lips to part and the wet patch on her blue silken panties to spread even wider. By the fifth or sixth stroke her cunt was having spasms in the throes of its climax. Unseen by Sarah was the eyes of her son as he eagerly watched his own mother in her shuddering climax.
Twenty minutes later she was showered and refreshed although still feeling guilty about the thoughts she had as she rubbed herself to orgasm. She had hoped her son would once more enter the bathroom immediately after she vacated it and in doing so would find her still wet fragrant panties. This time she deliberately left her bedroom door open and sat in a position she could see the bathroom door.
Sure enough, within seconds of her making herself comfortable her thirteen year old son Mike entered the bathroom in a hurry and never even touched the door, leaving it wide open. He went straight to the panties and held them up looking closely at the dark blue wet stain. By now Sarah’s heart was pounding louder than a kettle drum as she secretly willed her son to return the favour she had carried out the previous night.
She did not have to wait or hope for long, for instead of merely sticking his tongue out to touch the wet patch, Mike opened his mouth and popped the entire wet patch in his mouth and sucked hard as she stroked his cock. Then just as he was about to come he whipped out the panties and wrapped them around the end of his cock. He then unleashed a torrent of spunk over the top of his mother’s wet patch.

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Such was the scene Sarah witnessed her cunt went into overdrive and she actually came without touching herself although she had to bite her lip not to give her presence away. Mike carefully placed the panties back in the basket and sneaked back to his room. Now his mom’s mind was whirring like a demon, she wanted so much to go and examine the panties but feared Mike may come out of his room too soon. So she shouted him and when he appeared at her bedroom door she asked him to go an errand for her.
Once he left the house she walked over to the bathroom and located the cunt stain panties with the fresh spunk still soaking in to them. With baited breath and before all courage deserted her she popped the panties into her mouth and sucked the mixed flavours of the sperm and her cunt juices. Again her body reacted with a strong orgasm and she crept away to her bedroom on really shaky legs.
For then next few days the pattern was repeated with Sarah coming home and rubbing her cunt through her panties followed by mike going onto the bathroom to suck her wet panties and then deliver his load on to them before his mom would return to the bathroom and suck all his sperm from the panties.
After the following weekend, her husband Keith announced to his family he was going away for four weeks on business for the company he worked for and promised to call his wife every night. Sarah dreaded hearing this news for her sexual desires were running away with her and the only thing keeping her from literally raping her son was the relief her husband had orally given her each night.
Well the first night Keith was gone, Mike had three friends over and was in his bedroom, Sarah heard them talking and walked into Mike’s bedroom and said hello to them all. As soon as the door swung open the sound of chatting stopped and four pairs of eyes stared at Sarah. She actually shuddered as she felt the eyes virtually undressing her. She blushed and muttered hello Mike as she turned and retreated. No sooner had the door swung closed then the chatting started again and she was sure she heard one of the friends telling mike his mother was one hot little fucker.

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   She almost turned round to chastise the use of such language from thirteen year olds but thought better of it as their staring had set off her need to masturbate again.
Sarah slipped into her bedroom and grabbed her toiletries and headed back out to the bathroom. She closed the bathroom door but did not lock it as was the custom of the house. She quickly stripped down to just her panties and as she closed her eyes and imagined posing sexually in front of these four boys. Such was her passion she failed to notice the door open slightly and the four pairs of eyes watching her.
This time she shoved her hand inside her panties and was pinching her clit with her right hand as she probed her cunt opening with a finger and her left hand instantly went to her right breast and began twisting the nipple. Just as she was about to orgasm there was a sudden rush and she was grabbed by four sets of hands. Then she was forced on to the floor with her hand still trapped inside her panties. Rope was put around her arms at elbow level and tightened pulling her arms together behind her back.
This not only secured her arms but forced her to thrust her large tits forward. Sarah started to try to tell them not to be silly but her own son’s hands over her mouth prevented her from doing so. Then the tights she had removed only minutes earlier were used as a gag allowing her son to move his hands down onto her hard aching nipples.
Next one of the friends Mike called Jason; slipped a dog’s collar around her neck and fastened it, then a lead was attached and with a hard slap of another one of Mike’s friends hand on her arse persuaded her to crawl on all fours and they led her across the hallway to her bedroom.
Now with more room to work Mike spoke up, “Mom I know you have been wanking and eating my spunk from your wet stained panties! So now you are going to show us all just how much of a whore you can be!”
Sarah was unable to answer and merely knelt there shaking her head from side to side.
Mike then announced, “Mom let me introduce my friends, this is Jason, Tim and David, and together we have formed the musketeer mum fucking club! We have already fucked Jason’s mum and now it’s your turn!”
Sarah began to struggle as her eyes filled with tears, her mind began yelling at her she should enjoy this as she had been fantasising for a while now about fucking her own son and here she could have four youthful ever hard cocks.

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   While David held the lead, she watched avidly as Mike, Jason and Tim removed their clothes. She marvelled at the strength of the hard cocks ranging in size from six inches to eight inches. The from behind her stepped a naked David and she almost collapsed as she saw his monster ten inch cock.
Soon she was surrounded by the four youths who felt her all over as they probed their cocks against her skin. She tried desperately to resist but her cunt was bubbling away like a cauldron and her hard nipples were begging to be sucked. She now wished she had her mouth free to such on the cocks all around her.
It was Tim who first spoke to her in a way she would come to love; when he said, “Mrs Hare, by the time we have finished with you, you will willingly be our cock loving whore, you will beg us to let you drink our spunk like the cum drinking slut that you are! You will beg us to fuck your cunt, mouth and even arse and will always display your cock teasing cunt when around us!”
Sarah shook her head in defiance but deep inside she knew she already was half way to being what the young boys wanted for she craved their cocks so badly right now she would have run naked clear across town if it meant she could be fucked hard by the big ten inch cock. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted when she heard the Mike was going to be the first of the group to stick his cock into his mom’s body.
Now Jason, Tim and David crowded around her head as David spoke, “If we remove your gag are you going to try screaming, think before you answer because if you are going to scream I should point out that this will be laid across your arse cheeks severely!” he said pointing to a ten inch leather paddle. Almost as a demonstration David hit his other hand with the paddle creating a loud cracking sound as the flexible leather hit his outstretched hand.
Sarah now realised how serious this was becoming, not only was she about to be technically raped by her own son, no that’s not strictly true because it’s not rape if the woman actually wants it to occur, but she could face a severe spanking with a paddle which she had never entertained any thoughts of being interested in previously, although it now added to her excitement. Reluctantly she nodded her agreement not to scream or shout.
The tights forming the gag was untied and removed and she tried very calmly to talk to Mike, saying “Son, you don’t really want to do this to your own mother, do you? You know it’s terribly wrong and it’s called incest and could get out of hand babes, now why don’t you untie your mum and you and your friends can run along and nothing will be said or done about this!”
Mike responded by slipping his hand down the back of the panties Sarah was still wearing and sticking two fingers in to her over heated soaking wet cunt. Before he actually answered her, “Oh yes mom, I really do want to fuck you and see you fuck my friends too, maybe when we have seduced all our mother’s we could get you to join David’s, Tim’s and Jason’s mum as our naked slaves so you could suck on each others cunts after we had filled them with our spunk!”
Sarah as about to say something when David stuck his prick into her open mouth, this seemed to be the signal for the remaining boys to spring into action. For Mike yanked down his mother’s panties and slowly shoved his hard cock into her cunt until his balls were slapping against her skin.

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   The other two boys dived on to her tits sucking and licking the nipples; they even pinched the quarter inch thick nipples between their teeth and pulled. Sarah’s mind went in to over drive and she began groaning around the ten in cock in her mouth as David face fucked her.
Suddenly David pulled out and Sarah now lost in her incestuous fucking began urging her baby to fuck his mother hard and fast, “Oh baby, mommy likes your cock rammed hard in to her cunt, baby I want to feel your cock pushing into my womb, mike, please make your mummy proud of you by giving me your lovely spunk deep inside me. ” Sarah moaned.
It was not long before Mike started to feel his ball tingle and he suddenly pulled out, quickly moving to his mom’s side he unleashed his load all over her face telling her to take his load like the fuck slut she was. No sooner had he withdrew from her cunt than Tim was up her pounding just as hard as her own son had and he unleashed his load inside her cunt. Pulling his now cum covered cock from her cunt he made Sarah slowly lick his cock clean as if she was licking an ice cream whilst Jason slipped his cock up her now slick cum laden cunt; half way through his fuck, Sarah suddenly began trembling as the first of her orgasms ripped through her body. The pounding cocks never ceased to pummel her cunt, always as soon as one cock came it was replaced by the rock hard youthful stamina of another cock and at one point she had her own son’s cock in her mouth as the smaller cock of Jason up her cunt and the monster ten inch cock buried deep in her arse.
Not to be out done, Tim was stroking his cock against her cheek as he fisted himself till he left the last load of spunk dripping from her mouth and nose. Sarah was exhausted and could barely move when suddenly the front door bell rang. Almost in panic Sarah looked at the bedside clock and saw it was 8 pm and it had to be the child minder dropping off Amy. She persuaded Mike to slip on his pj’s and pop down to let her in whilst the rest of them cleaned up.
The four boys disappeared into Mike’s bedroom, whilst Sarah spent some time with Amy before reading her a bed time story and tucking her into bed. As Sarah came out of Amy’s room the four boys were waiting for her and pointed to her bedroom. Fearing what they may do to Amy, Sarah quietly walked into her bedroom where Mike said, “Slut, show us your cunt!”
Without hesitation, Sarah raised her skirt and opened her legs revealing her well used and slightly sore cunt to their view.

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   David walked forward and slipped two fingers gently into her cunt and asked, “Are you going to be our fuck toy?”
Again with out hesitation Sarah answered, “Oh yes boys I will do anything you want!”
The boys laughed and said, “two down and two to go, David it’s your mother’s turn next, you know the procedure, make sure she sees you wanking into her clothing, it never fails!” To be continued.