Topic: Twins.  It was Spring Break and all my friends were away on vacation. Even my parents were in Mexico on a second honeymoon sort of thing. I was insanely bored so my twin brother Mark and I decided to watch "Cruel Intentions" in his bedroom. It came to the part where Cecille admits that she has never kissed a boy and Mark turned to me and said "Whats so wrong with that? You and me have never kissed anyone!" "Speak for yourself" I said with a laugh and threw a piece of popcorn at him. "Wait" he said, "you\'ve hooked up with someone?". "Yah, Zach and I made out last summer didn\'t you know?" I said. "No!" he said,"Now I feel really pathetic". "Mark don\'t worry about it your time will come" I said. "I know but. . . . Well I just want to have SOME experience you know?"
  "Mark I could help you out if you want" I replied. "What do you mean?". "Well I could you know, show you how to kiss considering I have some experience.

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  " I answered. "No way Briana your my sister thats sick" Mark said. "Mark it dosen\'t even mean anything! I\'m just teaching you and you do want to learn right?" "Well. . . . yeah i do want to know. . . . okay then fine lets do it. " he replied. "Okay now just lean in and lightly press your lips to mine" I said. "Okay" said Mark and leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine. "Okay thats good" I said.


   "Now slowly ease your tongue into my mouth and massage my tongue with it. " I said. Mark slowly started to massage my tongue with his and at this point I was getting really horny. I began to kiss him with a little more passion and slowly leaned him back down on his bed. "Briana what are you doing" he said breaking our kiss. "Don\'t worry your gonna like this. " I replied and began to undo his belt. "Bri. . . no. . . we can\'t. .

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  . i mean your my. . . OOOHHHHH GODDDDD!!!" he moaned as I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked lightly on his cock for a while and he continued to moan which told me I was doing something right so i eased it in inch by inch until I felt the tip hit the back of my throat. "OHH GODDD BRI THIS IS SOO FUCKING GOOOOD!" Mark moaned as he began to thrust his hips back and forth in my mouth making me gag a bit each time. His balls swelled a bit and I pulled off not wanting him to cum just yet.
  I climbed on top of Mark and removed my clothes. The second I removed my bra I saw Marks eyes bulge at the sight of my tits. He leaned up and began to nibble and suck on them as I moaned. I slowly lowered myself down on Mark\'s cock until it hit my hymen. "Are you sure you still want to do this?" he said. "There is no other person I\'d rather do this with"  replied and with that I shoved my tongue in his mouth and he grabbed my hips and slammed me on his cock.
    "AGHHHH" I screamed in agony.

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       Then I felt Mark sucking on my tits and the pleasure sunk in. I slowly began to rise up and down on his cock as Mark slapped and pinched my ass. "OHHH FUCK YAHHH MARK FUCKK ME OHHH GODD YAHH" I screamed. With every thrust my big titties would bounce the pleasure would increase. All of a sudden Mark lifted me off his cock and flipped me over into the doggy style position. He shoved his cock into my damp pussy and began thrusting at a jackhammer speed. "OHHH UN UN UN UN YAHH THATS IT MARK!!! FUCK ME LIKE THE BITCH I AM OOOOOOHHHH GOODDDDDD" I screamed as I came. Mark continued to thrust into me at lightning speed as my pussy contracted around his cock. "OHHH FUCKKK BRI I\'M CUMMING" Mark screamed as I felt the first spurt of his hot seed his my womb. He continued to cum in my pussy until finally he climbed off and layed down beside me.  
      Later that night as Mark slept beside me I remembered that we had not used protection. "Oh well" I thought, "All I can do is hope that I\'m not pregnant. " Nine months later I gave birth to twins. My parents still do not know who the father is although Mark and I fuck like rabbits every chance we get.

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