Topic: TWIN'S WITH A DIFFERENCE 2 Twin's with a difference 2
 This follow on is more of a reminicence brought on by our antics. That is my wife's with her husband that's me and her twin now we'd had many session's on my wife and she loved every second of her twin sharing her with her new husband. We often drank loads of plonk and it loosened my tongue which in turn had given way to me telling them the lurid tales from my past about what I'd saw in the cottage with mum and dad going at it. These tales had certainly drawn the liquid from both twin's,so much so that they now always wanted me to start our sessions off with another story. It was my wife's brother's turn,it was for him to take a turn at suggesting a topic then I would relate a relevant tale.
 "I want to see how much sis' can take in her pussy,how long and how thick a one she can handle" His twin quickly added, "Yeah and what your ass can manage as well" They both smirked. 'I can give you something resembling what you're on about,but its all flesh mind. My mum and dad showed a side I never dreamed existed' "Go for it they chirped together"
 Well,in my usual place in the cupboard,dad was at it with mum,but although he was fingering her he seemed different. Lying straight in line with my spy hole,he'd pulled the bedclothes aside and was working her up nicely but,they were in conversation very close to each other's ears and in whisper's. Wrongly as it happened,I thought they had twigged they had an audience watching them. This had me bothered,because I was sure mum now made sure I had an inline view of her cunt,I wasn't so sure dad would not zap me if he knew.
 Later I found that mum indeed suspected but didn't know for sure and she certainly didn't tell dad of her suspicions. - But that's another story for another time. - I hated not knowing what their chat was about,but as mum got more carried away on an orgasm,she became more open. "I couldn't,I've only ever been with you,what if it got out,they'd say I was a whore,no,I really couldn't" Now getting really going,dad was rubbing her like fury as my sperm spewed from my hardon. "Well I need to sort something for you,look at the state you're at now, - With that,mum launched into an orgasm so great,I thought she'd have a heart attack.

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   He rolled into mum,then came deep and long up mum,then collapsed on top of her. - like I said,you'll never last for six months without a cocking and I myself would rather know who is going there than you sneaking up a lane off and on with god knows who"
 Mum not being given to swearing except in orgasm. "You cheeky fucker,what makes you think I'd be that sort of woman,six months isn't that long anyway,I'm sure I will find a sensible way if I need to" My brother-in-law tried to anticipate me. "She plans to fuck you" My wife, "No,stop and listen,its about how much a woman can take,he's pretty big,but I could certainly take bigger" Her twin tried to squeeze her pussy. "NO! Listen to the story,you'll get none if you don't" They settled and I carried on. Dad rolled off mum, "Alright,alright,don't get pissy,I'm trying to sort something,that's all. Bern' that's what you need,he's been drulling after you for years,in fact ever since we were at school" mum - "Yeah I know you see us chatting a lot at his gate,its just that all this time he's been living with his mother,anyway,remember what the rumour was at school" Reminiscing aloud, "Do you reckon it was true,after all he never married and a couple of the girls freaked after having a date with him"
 "They might have then but not now" "Explain that! Why do you say that then?" "Well,yes,I suppose at thirteen you would have freaked as well if you'd seen it" - mum lifted onto her side towards dad allowing her tits to hang sideways against his chest, - I started wanking again at this, - "Go on then,tell me" "Well, - Dad started to rub his cock back to hard. With a solid hardon, "How would you see that as a girl?" "Possible but big" "Well even when we were at school he had one as long as that soft and half as thick again,it was a real beast and there wasn't not one of us boys that didn't envy what he had hanging between his legs" - My wife now. "See,you were wrong,go on,what happened then"
Well mum started showing a side I never knew existed. "Go on,when did you last see it? Is it even bigger now?" Her still exposed pussy was showing, and her dribble as she started moving her legs excitedly "I've never seen him hard,but I reckon he could keep you satisfied till I'm up and running again" - I knew dad was coming up to an operation and talk of mum having a substitute cock started to make sense. But what about me,I could cover for him I thought as again I came because of the thought of sticking it in my mum.  "Did you?" Male twin again,now showing some excitement as he tried to put his cock in my wife's hand. "Not yet,put it away,I'm listening and its making me soaking wet already" . . .

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 "He,that is Bernard once tried to get me to look at his chicken coop,I wonder if he wanted to show me that?" Ha! Ha! "You wouldn't have run now I bet,more like you'd have let him push at you,so will you while I can't,I've worked out a way just in case you said yes" Mum rose right up and over dad and plonked down on his hard cock. Now guiding it up her she started to fuck him. "I'm tempted to say yes,but only while you can't mind if I do" "Of course,I'd keep out the way while you did him,that is unless you both wanted me to be around" "No,we'd be okay. In fact I'd prefer doing it here,that is if I do it at all mind" "I'll sound him out,what I could do is stay at the pub for a couple of hours while you had him,then come in after you've finished"
 I liked the sounds of this,I certainly didn't want my dad catching me watching mum getting it from Bern' - I knew Bern' of course and he was an alright guy as far as I was concerned even though I thought I should substitute for dad. Next time eh! Besides my hope now was to see just how big my mum could take,that really appealed to my erotic needs. Six months as well,that would be a lot of fucking and for me a lot more wanking. Innocently I secretly wondered if my balls would run out of sperm.
 So mum did manage to get a punch at dad making her tits bounce as,on standing up together,dad said. "Mind with all the extra expence it'll inccur on my drinking,I'll expect him to leave money over the bar for my booze" Thwack on his ass, "Bastard,that would mean I'm being a prostitute and you a pimp" Thwack,again. "OK! OK! I was only kidding,you wont change your mind will you? not after you agreed" "Be careful with your mouth then cripple cock" "That's cruel" "I know,but I'm no whore remember. Don't you realise I'm a bit apprehensive whether I can take it if its as big as you say it is" "Course you will,you'll swallow him balls and all" Another smack this time on his dripping half hard cock. "I'm no bucket you bastard. Now shut up before I call the whole thing off. Anyway when do you think this thing is starting?" "Before I go in,we need to see it works ok. I'll have a word with him tomorrow" FUCK! I was over the moon,mum clearly was keen to get started,but not as keen as I was to see them.

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   I was absolutely ecstatic with anticipation.
 It turned out that dad unbeknown to mum had already asked Bern' if it was a runner having seen his cock in the toilet at the pub,he'd commented to Bern, "Fuck Bern' that would make her eye's water,my missus that is,she'll be in need of a man for a month or two when I'm in hospital" Bernard had aparently shugged it off saying, "Yeah probably would be like the few other's I had a chance with,then they run like hell when I pull it out,still I manage" - that was that till later,when Bern re-approached dad and asked, "Were you serious,you know with that what you said?" "Yeah, I'd like to keep her happy and six months is a long time for a wife that's used to at least once a day over many year's Bern. She/we have known you all these years,you know a friend in need and all that" Bern responded, "I would if she agreed,course I wouldn't hurt her with it,if she said no,I'd except she couldn't handle me and I'd only give what she found comfortable,you know length wise I mean"
 From this a deal was made whereby dad would leave them to get on with it and he'd come in after they'd had it if mum found she could take it even if she only wanted to play with his but couldn't get it up there. - I gathered this when dad again was working her up the day before her first go. No mention was made of beer money but a scheme included that,if dad appeared too soon,he'd stay in the downstairs part till they came down anyway. That put my mind at rest. Dad wouldn't catch me.
 Dad fucked off early the next day and when I came home I found mum rather elated in the kitchen with some music on dancing with our Duke. - Duke is my big dumb dog. When I say big,that is when mum dances with him,he's tall enough to put his pawls on her shoulders and look past her head at whatever. On seeing me,his tail wagged but the dumb look remained. I'd seen this often when mum got a romantic mood. As she gently swung around,Duke done his best to not let mum stand on his back paws. More to the point I always unobtrusively sat in my usual place watching their goings on.
 This being that always,about three inches of Duke's pink cock would unwrap from his sheath and rub against the inside of mum's leg.

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   Her being short compared to Duke on two legs meant it rubbed just above her knee where she had quite a fleshy muscle bit. - she must have felt this as his cock was hot, I can vouch for that when I have had a feel of it and if she didn't realise that,she must have felt the shots of liquid that squirted on her as he started getting horny. - When he started this,she generally told him its over for now,although I wondered if it was because I'd shown up and what happened when I didn't. I concluded sometimes Duke had a rather smug look about his face,the horny bastard,I hated to think he had what I so dearly wanted and Bernard was about to get.
 I knew mum had seen Bern' earlier because on my way out with her,I'd carried on while leaving mum to chat with him at his gate. I'd concluded this was why she was giving Duke his moment,mum was as horny as Duke was becoming. Watching mum leaving Duke and going to the sink,She glanced my way,where I cunningly had my head in a magazine,then put a hand down her front side and I saw the back of her skirt tighten against her ass. She was obviously putting her hand between her legs where Duke had had his cock. I could see her unobtrusively pull her hand back up and look at whatever was on it then sniff it then wash it in the sink. As she turned a dirty little smile creased her lips.
 Then smoothing Duke behind the ear, "We'll be alright,you and me when he's in there wont we,I told him we would" Making out I was deeply intent on my mag' I responded, 'What's that mum,alright,yeah,course we will,I'll take care of you' - Was that another little dirty smirk? "Yeah I know,you and Duke here is all I need. Oh! Bernard is popping in for a bit in a while I doubt if your dad will be back in time. Are you in or out tonight?" 'Bit of both I lied,I wont disturb you though,I got something to do up in my bedroom if I don't bother out,I know you enjoy chatting to Bern at his gate, 'course being at school together gives you lots to recall about. - My unspoken thought is,like how big is it now compared to then.
 Knock Knock! I open the door and Bern's face was a picture,clearly he thought he had a free run only to find I'm at home.

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   Over my shoulder, "Come on in Bern' it is Bern is it?" 'Yeah,go on in Bern' she's through there' I indicate the living room. "Hope I'm not intruding" "No, he's off out just about" I make my exit, in no time I hear them nattering and begin to panic,FUCK, what if she fucks him in the living room,I'll be knackered. The door swings,I hear, "Its alright is it? you know with your boy about" "Yeah,he'll be gone out by now" What a lying cat,mum know's I'm still in,because when I go out I always say goodbye and give her a peck on the cheek.
 My brain is racing,has she twigged I watch her fucking and wants to give me a bonus? My mind searches to what she'd said to Duke,we could see her alright,we,fuck I so wanted the we to be fucking her. An even dirtier thought passed my mind now,we? me and Duke getting to fuck her,no wonder she'd said to dad, "I can manage for six months" I'm as hard as iron before I sneak into my spyhole.
 Satisfied it seems with mum's reassurance,they enter the bedroom as my heart beats like a drum in my chest. I'm about to see mum on a different cock and she's really up for it,unlike the impression she'd tormented dad with. Like husband and wife they disrobed. As his cock appeared,mum stopped stripping with one tit in and one out of her dress. I noticed she had no bra' on and her nipples were solid as hell. "What do you think" Bern said meekly, "Its at this point it always goes wrong" Mum lurched across the bed towards his manhood. "Fuck,that is some cock Bern" There it was in all its glory,dangling from his groin like a babies arm. Mum gently catching hold of it,pressed his foreskin back off the helmet. He stood legs slightly apart as mum just looked at it while moving the skin too and fro. "Your knicker's you still got them on,I haven't seen yours since we were about ten"
 Mum now sat round a bit,pull them.

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  I just want to play with it a bit,its so soft and floppy. She lifted her bum as Bern' pulled at her pants. Mum's round bum cheeks came into view just as her pubes appeared above the top of her waist band. She stood to let them drop or rather drop when helped by Bern's trembling hands. He took on my dumb dog's look as mum still held him and pressed its head against her hairs.  She fell away to the mattress and already his knob showed a reluctance to leaving her body as a glistening loop of precum quickly snapped as it trailed from his knob end to her pubes.
 Bern followed mum down but not before looking at her cunt as she brazenly opened wide to let him see how small the entrance was that this mighty cock was being offered. "I wont hurt you,say if its to tight when we do it" Mum smiled,it'll be alright,you'll see" He lay alongside her now with a leg back from mum and this cock of his laying across her thigh. - Even soft I noted it was only a couple of inches from her opening with him just against her hip. That was a lot of cock and it was only soft.
 Mum now reached down across her body pressing her tits a bit to one side and with a couple of fingers started rubbing the skin on his cock. He gasped a bit then putting a hand to her quim he started exploring mum's pussy. - God she was soaking,with no resistance at all his fingers sunk into mum's wet slit. She moved her pussy on more to his fingers and started to try to grip round his knob. "FUCK Bern' I've got to get you hard,I need to try that in,its huge" In fact it had just started to stiffen slightly.

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   I was trying to visualize how even at this point,much mum would get up her.
 "69 lets try 69 I'm not being able to play with it this way very well" He turned and I was now watching mum's pussy trickling love juice as Bern buried his nose against mum's ass and started licking her like a mad thing. Mum started jerking her ass and I felt robbed as I could barely see my mum's cunt and Bern's cock was somewhere under their bodies. - My mother must have known I was watching them,as, "Stop let me dangle my legs over the side,that will press my pussy up more for you" Easing up,she wriggled to the edge of the bed while moving more to a sideways stance from where I was looking.
 Now mum's pussy was in fact higher as Bern went back to licking deeply into her slit but I could see her belly and pubic bones fur jiggling and bouncing up and down as Bern tormented her clitoris. I could even see her hood getting licked hither and dither. More to the point I had an advantageous view of what Bern' had brought for mum's tiny quim. He was still reasonably soft and as mum put two hands around it and my mum's hands were not small little things,but real country work type fists. She would have needed another fist and even then the helmet would have been beyond that. So I was looking at an almost soft cock of three and a half hands in farmer terms. That is how they seek a horses height. I wondered if that was what she was doing,seeing if he had a cock the size of a pony.
 Between this horse play,mum was sucking at its head like a lollypop. Kissing and sucking,again his precum was trailing from her lips to his cock and it wasn't her spit. I knew mum was going to cum as she started gripping and wanking this cock like fury.

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   With head back and eyes closed,she bucked like a mad thing. This certainly had the desired affect on Bernard's cock. Now he was hard. It stood forward forever like a pony having a piss. As mum's orgasm hit full power she gasped get me Bern,get me quick before I finish orgasming.  Lithely he was between mum's thighs and this mighty cock was pressing at her quims door.
 He held it as she tried to get a hand on it. Her ass jerked as the head shot into her vagina, "Fuck! That's in,I can feel you up there. Truly amazed now I watched as mum's quim devoured this small tree trunk of a cock. She was stretched alright but up it went deeper as she lay passively taking inch after thick inch into her pussy. "Fuck! Its up the top,don't try to get it all in,just fuck me with that much" Bern' started to saw his cock into mum and she in turn opened her thigh's wider. I shot off as I saw her juices lubing his cocks skin. as he quickened his pace,her juice became a frothy white around his shaft. His pace went up a notch as mum started runting at this big cock and about another two inches found there way inside her. Then with grunts and thrusts shortening I saw his ass ring pumping as he gave mum of his balls.

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 Dribble from them now hung from both his knob and her quims circle. "A dream come true,all my life I've dreamed about cumming in you" Mum pushed him slightly,pull out a bit its pressing my womb" Lifting I saw a very slick shaft start to reappear from mum. He pulled back more and as he pulled his still hard cock from her I reckoned mum had managed 18 or eleven inches. She lifted up and rolled over, "Try again this way,you're still stiff,we mustn't waste it" Bernard mounted her now doggy style. My lurid mind wondered if she's fucked Duke this way round,finding his super size cock got deeper doing it this way round. With red knob in my minds eye I again shot off as I looked at mum's dribbling cock taking Bern into her lovely wet hole.
 Now there was no doubt,her cunt was up to his thickness,he slipped deeper and deeper,till the original ring of frothy love juice disappeared up her vagina. "Wait" He stopped pushing, mum wriggled on his knob, "Try now,gently though. I held my breath,not believing what I saw. The other four inches just went deep into my mum's pussy. Giggling, "See,you've got it in my womb now" Their hands came round to her cunt together. Feeling around,it was clear to them as I already knew mum had the whole length up her cunt. His balls could have been connected to her ass he was so deep up her. Again he pulsed short sharp thrusts,again mum trembled at its feel and again his muscles in his ass and thigh's went into tension as each little thrust now filled mum's womb with baby juice.
 They stayed for an age coupled together,then he pulled from her, "Fuck that was one hell of a fucking,say you'll come back" I just heard my mum begging for more of his cock.

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   "I can't believe you took me all, 'course I will,that was so tight on my knob" They looked at each other's bits and chuckled. I also looked at them,he had spunk trailing from his cock as did I. Mum had a very slick pair of upper thigh's with more spunk dribbling from her as I watched.
 She chucked her knicker's at him, "Here wipe it with those" In turn she used a handy towel to wipe his spunk from her. Looking at his spunk now on the towel. He pronounced, "We ought to have used something,what if you click?" Smiling, "Yeah,that would be a gasp wouldn't it" - "Ah well we'll see soon enough" I'd never thought of mum pregnant,from here forward,I thought of nothing else. Not Bernard,but me,I had to have a chance somehow.
 With Bern' gone and dad not back,I put my foot right in it. 'WOW MUM! That was something else' As I uttered this I could have cut my tongue out. "What was that then" That wry little grin was at her lips again.  'NO!Nothing I was just thinking aloud about the joke I just heard on the wireless' I spluttered, "Funny,I couldn't hear any radio" That smirk again, "I thought you were on about something else" Drawn into her web now, 'What did you think I meant?' "No it doesn't matter,I just thought,that's all" Looking staight at me now. "I know you know" I flamed up,she chuckled and said no more. But for the rest of the night she gave a knowing smile everytime our eye's now my wife was naked from the waist down and her brother already had a hard on like a broom handle.  Calmly she went to the kitchen and returned with a cucumber. "I'm only going to use this to see how thick I can take and you two will watch,I do the pushing in because I'm sure its to thick to go up there.


   With knees up and feet by her ass she started to push it in her quim. In fainess she was young and tight,I myself just couldn't see her taking it in her. Now with four inches inside the real thick part was giving her some problems. Her brother went to her aid,she watched as being completely worked up,he emptied spurt after spurt of spunk against the cucumber. I thought at that moment,he's never fucked her in the cunt only her ass because she might get pregnant by him,but said nothing as his spunk went up her quim stuck to the now slippery cucumber skin. At eight inches she started to pull it out having took the thickest part up her.
 "I think my pussy will ache tomorrow,that was really to thick for me. I measured,it was between two and a half and three inches thick. 'Not bad for a beginner' I said. Back again with a suggestion, "Yeah sis' but could something smaller have gone up farther,did your mum take more when she had someone smaller?" 'You'll have to wait to find out' I tormented. "Go on sis' be a sport,get something thin and see" "If I do,I get to use it in your ass right?" "Right?" "Okay,do it" Out she goes and returns with a plastic handled dusting mop. This handle was a couple of feet long and thin with a suitably rounded end. "That'll be to stiff" Sister laughing, "Not for my puss it wont,I've used it before,now your ass is altogether different,but you asked for it"
 Her brother looked a bit doubful about this but soon got back into things after inch upon inch disappeared up my wife's cunt. At 8 or 9 she stopped and moved around a bit, "You can take more than that,you had that much cucumber" "Shut your mouth and wait,I know what I'm doing"Having been happy with her manipulating she now stood and sunk deeper and deeper onto the handle. Suddenly stopping, "That's it,get a pen and mark it,that's the absolute most I can get up me" She gave me the privellege of pulling it out of her as her eye's told the story of the sensation she was getting.

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 In an instant,her brother had rule ready to see what depth she had. "Eleven and a half inches,fuck I got to be there to see you take a cock that long,I wonder if we'll find one" 'Hey,that's my wife you're planning to share with any old joker" "Sorry,I forgot" "Now you,poke your ass this way,I got plans for this handle" His sisters eye's glistened with excitement,I'm glad it was his rectum not mine,I was sure she'd push till it came out his mouth. But no,she gently probed at his rectum feeling every bit as she went, "That still okay,that's about eight you've up you" Onwards and upwards,in and in it went. I'll be honest I was wondering where the fuck he was putting it. "Steady,its starting to give me a burning sensation,a bit more,no that's it. Mark it"
 We did and she pulled it from him,"No sis'push it in and out a bit,its good,not too fast" I knew what was about to happen and it did,his limp dick spewed shot after shot of cum as she wiggled then pulled the handle from his asshole. The rule said twelve inches. "Fuck sis' my ass takes more than a pussy" "Yeah,just wait till its twelve and as thick as this" She had me by the cock,come on give it to me we've fucked about long enough. With all this playing my cock erupted up my wife and we all toddled off to our one bed. For the first time the next morning to feel her brother fucking her for the first time up her cunt and I was pissed when my cock just wouldn't join his in her cunt. Looking at me as she started to orgasm,she just managed, "Together,they're bigger than a cucumber" Boom,She jerked and pumped at her brother for every drop of brotherly sperm she could get.
 My story certainly rang some bell's in the twin's bodies that night.