Twins In Love Chapter 5


Her face was beautiful and radiant. Her dress showing just enough cleavage to make it look interesting over the swells of her perky tits. I hadn't seen her dressed up this nice in a very long time. "Wow!" I said as we walked in the kitchen. "You look great, hon. ""Really Kenny?""Yeah. "I reached to pull her to me and gave her a hug. "Phil won't have too much trouble getting at these. " I said. Looking straight down at her tits. She blushed and then smiled. "I hope not. " she smiled. She pushed them into my chest deliberately now. Wiggling her chest for me to really feel her breasts and hardening nipples. I knew there was no bra underneath.

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  "Careful there hon. It will make your nipples stick out and me too!"Again she smiled. "That's the idea Kenny. "Her hips pushing in towards my cock to feel if it was really getting hard. It almost was. She knew she was agitating me. "I'm not afraid of hard ons Kenny. " she laughed. "Well, if it works on YOU, getting YOU hard, then it will surely work on Phil!"I was tempted to reach for a handful of her perky tit. Finally, I let go of her and she went out to the pool to check on everything. Karen had gone upstairs to get ready herself. I sat on her bed watching her go through her routine. This time staying naked as she did her makeup in the mirror. I couldn't help but come up behind her and caress her tits as she applied her lipstick in the mirror. How nice and soft her tits felt to my hands.

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  Her smile to me in the mirror. Feeling satisfied and happy that we could now openly touch each other. "That feels nice Kenny. " she said dreamily. "Let me lick your pussy before you get dressed hon. I want to taste you one more time, OK?"She leaned back against me and seemed to melt at the suggestion. I eased her to the bed and knelt before her pussy and lowered my mouth to her mound and kissed it. I watched her tits rising and falling softly. Her nipples hard and poking straight up. My tongue flicking into her slit and tasting her wetness. "OOOOHHH Kenny. I like that a lot. I feels sooo. . .

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  OOOOHHHH. "My tongue found her hardening clit and I licked it gently. Her hips rising and falling. My tongue flicking over and over it as it hardened to a little button in my lips. Her body was trembling and her breathing was heavier now. My mouth and tongue going up and down in her spread slit. Her juices flowing now. Her shaking and moaning were becoming more and more loud. What we didn't know was that Cindy had come upstairs and suddenly caught us. Seeing me on my knees in front of our sister eating and licking her pussy. Watching Karen caressing her own tits as I licked deep into her pussy. Soon, Karen was cumming hard and bucking against my mouth. Her hands wrenching her tits as she moaned and rolled her head from side to side. I could taste her now, flowing. My mouth filling with her wetness.

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  Finally, she raised high as my mouth stayed tight to her pussy. She froze and moaned loudly. My hands holding her hips. She came in convulsions and shivers. My eyes were wide with seeing her so excited. I stayed there until she finally fell to the bed. Her hands easing their grip of her tits. Her face and chest flushed darker red. Her pussy soaked as I slowly licked her outer pussy lips. My cock was rock hard as I stood up. Looking down at Karen now. Finally opening her eyes. "OOOOHHH Kenny. . .

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  . it was wonderful honey. It was fantastic. "Now, she spotted Cindy in the doorway behind me. "Oh my God! Cindy! Oh God!"I spun around rapidly and saw our sister there with a smirk on her face. Her eyes dropping down to see my raging hard on. "Oh Cindy, honey. " I said. Finally, her wide eyes raised from staring at my cock. "I would have never guessed that you two would be having fun like this. " " Never!" "How long has this. . . ?" "We just started a couple days ago, Cindy. " Karen sitting up on the bed now.

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  Finally, Cindy walked toward me and reached down for my cock with both hands. "Have you both fucked?"I hesitated. I almost hoped Karen would answer her. "This afternoon, for the first time. " I said sheepishly. "Yes! I wanted Kenny to be my first. " Karen added. "Are you going to say anything Cindy. " Karen asked?"No. I guess it's your business. " Her hands were still caressing my cock as she looked up to me. "This is bigger than Phil's. ""You know, I've seen you Kenny. " I've seen you naked a couple times when you didn't even know. ""So this isn't new for me.

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   I saw dad too. You're almost as big as he is. "Still with her smirk. Still lightly feeling my cock. As if weighing it. "Phil fucked me last night Kenny. It was MY first time too. ""I really liked it. He made me a woman too. ""So that's why you were all smiles when he dropped you off this morning?""Well. . . ""No, I won't say anything Kenny. I won't rat you out, Karen. "Her tits were heaving under her pretty dress.

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   Her smirk turned to a smile. "You have quite a cock here Kenny. " "Did it hurt you Karen?""Only a little Cin. But now I'm a woman too. I want Billy so bad tonight. ""Well, I hope to be fucking Phil tonight too. "Now, she looked up at me and smiled. "Let me practice my blowjob on you Kenny. Let me see how much of your cock I can take without making gagging noises that will turn Phil off?"She lowered herself on her knees and eased me back toward the bed. Her hands pushing me to sit. She looked up at me as she stroked my cock with both her hands. I was moving as if in a trance. My younger sister was feeling my cock and now wanted to suck it. Karen came to my side and watched as Cindy lowered her mouth on my cock. With Karen and I watching her.

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   Stunned. "Wow," she said. "It IS big, Kenny. " "I never saw you when it was so hard like this. ""Have YOU sucked him Karen?" "Yes, hon. "Now she lowered again and began to suck and lick my cock. Her small hands stroking all over as her mouth went up and down. She had about half of it in her mouth when she decided to push down even further. I could feel my cock nearing the back of her throat and I moaned loudly. Both Karen and I watching her suck me. "This is fun. " she said as she raised her head for a moment. "I'm not afraid of your cum, Kenny. Phil came twice like this, and I liked it. " "I choked a little at first, but then.

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  . . "I laid back on the bed now, and she raised with me to continue sucking. Her hands were tenderly stroking. A little jerky, and seeming to be unsure. Karen was watching her intently as she laid next to me. "What a day, she said. You make me a woman, and now our sister is sucking you in front of me. "Karen was still naked and I reached for her tit as I felt my cock being sucked and swallowed even deeper into Cindy's mouth. We watched her, a glow in her eyes and she sucked. Soon, her mouth and hands had me really excited. She spent some time licking and then seriously sucking up and down. She really seemed to enjoy it. A smile in her eyes. "OOOOOHHH That feels nice Cindy.


  ""I'm almost there honey. " I said. "I'm going to. . . "Karen sat up and watched as I started to shoot into Cindy's mouth. Cindy started sucking even harder. She choked slightly but sucked even more as she felt my spurts. Her little hands stroking my cock incessantly. She came up for air, gulping now, and her lips smeared with my cum. Smiling. Her hands still squeezing my cock. Seeing some gather on the head, she leaned down and sucked it some more. Her tongue rolling over the head as she sucked. "This is really fun.

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  " she smiled. I was just about empty now, and beginning to soften. That's when she lowered her mouth to try to take as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. I was really deep in her mouth. I looked down and saw only about an inch left of my cock. Her eyes twinkling as she looked up at me. Almost my whole cock buried into her mouth. Wow!I could feel her throat muscles contracting around my cock. Draining whatever was left in it. I knew she must have been doing this for quite a while. My cock felt wonderful. I was in heaven as I felt these spasms. I pulled Karen down on me and kissed her hard. My hand going to her tit. My cock buried as far as it would go in my other sister's mouth.

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  Finally, Cindy rose and stood at the foot of the bed, still between my stretched legs. Traces of my cum still on her lips. "How was I, Kenny?""Absolutely perfect honey. It was wonderful. ""You really made me cum hard. ""Oh, Cindy, where did you learn all that?" Karen asked. "I watch and listen," she smiled. "I watched other couples when Phil and me were making out. ""I caught mom and dad too. " "Really?" "Yeah. Their door wasn't closed all the way, and I heard noises the other day. I could see in their room just a little from the hallway. ""Mom was kneeling over his huge cock and sucking it like crazy. ""She was sucking his cum and a lot of it was shooting on her tits. ""Dad was moaning all over the place""It was really hot watching them fuck too.

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  ""Wow, Cin. " "Yeah, your cock is almost as big as dad's, Kenny. ""Well, now you have two of us on our knees. " she smiled. .