Twins home alone


Megan and Sara had just gotten home from school when they remembered their parents were going to be away for the week end.  The two twins each enjoyed each others company a lot they were both 18 about 5’7” had A sized breasts and had athletic bodies.
            Since they were home alone they and found where their parents hid the porn tapes and play boys they took a few of the tapes and watched them one by one.  The first movie was a hot blonde girl and a red head who both were sucking the same cock and then as on got fucked she would lick the others pussy. 
This really turned on Megan and Sara and the stripped down and started to rub their pussys then they put in the next movie.  It was a lesbian movie and started with a girl licking the pussy of another and pulling and sucking her nipple.  This was too much for the sister and Megan left to get the dildos they had found too.

  When she got back Sara was already finger fucking her self.
Megan put on the strap on she had brought the dildo on it was about 7” long and around 2” wide.  Megan got on top of her and forced the dildo in Sara breaking her hymen right away Sara screamed in pain and pleasure as Megan kept fucking her the pain left.  They started to make out as Sara had the most intense orgasm she ever had.  Then she got up and started to suck on Megan’s breasts this made her moan with joy.  Then she worked her way down to Megan’s pussy when she parted her pussy lips and licked her clit Megan’s moans became more intense and she soon had an intense orgasm that sent white fluid all over every thing.
After Megan calmed down they got on top of each other in the 69 position and they licked each others pussy while they fucked each other with dildos at the same time they did this until they both had an orgasm at the same time and fell asleep.



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