Twins Are Two Times the Fun


I started working for my uncle, who was the twin's dad, a while ago. He owned his own business for a while now, selling alcohol, smokes, pop, snacks and the like in a prime location on the main strip of our township. I got a job working with him when I first turned 18 and was a stellar employee for him. It's a fun job, where you generally work with one other person, and you have no real standards or dress code. You sell goods, make customers happy and don't fuck up, and as long as you do that, it doesn't matter what else you do.
I had worked there for about eight months when my uncle brought Kat in to work for him as well. I was excited, as was Kat, because we would have fun working together, and it would be great having someone else my age to work with. Everyone else there was 21 or older, and I felt somewhat out of place with them, being so young in comparision.
Since I was one of the better employees there, my uncle put Kat under my wing after her training to get her broken in. We would always work together on Saturday night, and we'd always have a blast together.
Roughly after two and a half months of working together, we were together on one busy Saturday night in January. Kat and I had been pretty busy all night, but luckily it all died off around nine o'clock. At that point, we decided it was time to grab something to drink from the slavaged goods of damaged six packs, cases, or whatever it maybe that was broken that week. We had a handful of beers in there, and began drinking until we closed at eleven.
For those two hours, we had our normal handful of customers, but nothing we couldn't handle without any trouble. Definately nothing that could interupt our drinking.

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   Inbetween customers, we did our normal closing routine and bullshitted the entire time about our sex lives, romances and the like. By eleven, Kat was more than just a little tipsy, where as I was just enjoying a nice buzz. While I was counting down the register for the night, Kat brought up how we used to make out in our grandma's basement when we'd meet for our family's weekly dinner. I just laughed, mockingly sighed and said "Do we have to bring that up again?"
She laughed and gave me a gentle shove on my shoulder. "You know you liked it. " she replied.
I responed with a simple "Hah. " and continued counting down the drawer.
She then mockingly, almost flirtatiously, said "Well, as far as I remember, you were a pretty good kisser. "
She then proceeded to wrap her arms around my stomach from behind, as she rested her head on my back by my right shoulder.
"I've only gotten better with time. " I quipped.
I couldn't help but be arroused, but tried focusing on the task at hand.
"Oh yeah, you big man slut. "
"I resent that.

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   I prefer whore. It has a certain ring to it. "
It couldn't be further from the truth, but we were both joking. She continued resting her head on me until I was ready to make the final drop of the night.
As I was heading to the safe, Kat, almost out of the blue, just asked "If we had the chance again, would you do that with me again?"
I was caught completely off guard by the question. I stumbled with the answer. My back was to her as I tinkered with the safe, and I finally replied with "Well, are we still cousins?"
"What do you mean?" The nature of my question was vague to her in her slightly intoxicated state.
With my back to her still, I said "Well, if we weren't cousins, yes. You incredibly beautiful, and you're just a blast to be around. But since we are, I would have to say no. "
As I got up from the safe, which was shin high and secured to the floor, I turned around, to see her looking me in the face. I was a bit startled, but she didn't take notice, and while staring at me, said "Well, what if it doesn't matter?"
She moved closer as I answered her, "Well, then it doesn't matter. "
As I just stood there, admiring her beautiful facial features and her shoulder length blonde hair, which was pulled up into one of those sloppy ponytails, she moved forward and began to kiss me. Our lips met, and instantly, she embraced me around my waist as I wrapped my arms around her. We kissed for what seemed like a half an hour, but was nothing more than 30 seconds.

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   We pulled away, as she proclaimed "You're right, you're not that bad. "
Still embracing each other, she also took note of something else.
"I see I'm not that bad either. "
"I've had better. "
"I'll show you better. "
Our lips met again, this time, it was even more intense than before. Our tongues fought each other for dominance, dancing around in each other's mouths. My hands moved up and down the small of her back, but eventually ended up on her incredibly perfect ass. As we pulled away in order to grab a breath, she held on to my bottom lip with hers, and gave it a slight bite.
After the quick grasp for air, our lips locked again. This time, I found my right hand quickly guided my hand up her left side toward her small, but perfectly shaped breast. I cupped my hand around it easily, massaging it lightly.
    Still passionately engorging ourselfs, she took her left hand and guided mine back down her flat stomach to the fringe of her shirt. She then gracefully slipped my hand under her shirt, moving it back up her warm, flawless body, under her bra, to her breast.
    Our lips pulled away from each other once again, but this time, it was to remove her shirt.


       After I pulled the shirt from over top her head, revealing her erect nipples, she took a step back removed the elastic band that held her ponytail in place. After her hair fell just above her shoulder blade, she quickly shaked her head, and then gave me an intense come-hither stare.
    Naturally, I couldn't resist, and began kissing her neck. Slowing down a bit, I drifted toward her tits. I slowly began sucking on her nipple, as my hand began massaging the other breast. She gave off a slight moan as I lightly nibbled on the tip of her boob.
    "Oh god. That feels so go. "
    I switch from one breast to the other, and begin the process anew. She lets off another moan.
    "Oh yeah, suck my tit. It feels sooo good. . . "
    She says it in such a sexy way that I remembered I had my own needs.

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      . .
    Luckily, she remembered too.
    She slowly pulled my head up with her soft, silky hands, and planted another quick kiss on my lips.
    "You've paid such good attention to me so far, I think it's time I repaid the favor. "
    Without averting her eyes from mine, her hands had found my zipper, and she quickly removed my pants. Both my pants and my boxers hit the floor, and I kick them aside as I remove my shirt. As I did this, Kat grabbed my rock-hard cock in her hand, and my balls in the other. Next thing I know, she has her lips around it, and she's using one hand to fondle my sack.
    She slowly moves her mouth up and down my shaft, running her tounge along its length, and toying with the head, flicking it and circling it every so often. She removes her mouth for a moment to lick the pre-cum slowly building off my blood-engorged head.
    "Mmmmm. . . You taste really good.

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       I can't see why I waited so long to do this. "
    "I can't either. "
    She places my cock back in her mouth, this time forcing her mouth all the way down the shaft. I slowly rest my hands on her head and I begin moving her head rhythmically up and down. I remove my hands, and she begins stroking my cock and places my balls in her mouth. I let off a moan of pleasure, as her tounge playfully moves around my sack.
    She then begins to run her tounge up and down the shaft again, slowly building me towards climax. She begins sucking me full on again, as I prepare to cum.
    Sensing my approaching climax, she removes my cock from her mouth and begins stroking it.
    I let of a final moan, as I shoot four jets of cum onto her face and chest.
    "Oh Kat, you're so fucking awesome. "
    "Mmmm. . . Anything for my favorite cousin.

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    She walks off to the bathroom to clean up as I get dressed again. She comes back out a few minutes later, and I shut off the lights and set the alarm. As I lock the door, Kat says "I hope we get to do this again sometime. . . "
    I simply reply "Oh, we will. I can imagine we will. "
    To be continued. . .
    Look for "Twins Are Two Times the Fun: Part Two" for the real reason behind the title.