Ture Incest Aunt and Uncle and Me


The year was 1992 I was just starting Highschool and was over my Aunt and Uncles house for the summer before school. I am TexMex and live in Brownsville, Tx  Here we go
It was in july and I was just finish Middle School and was over my Aunts house and would be there for my family was out of town. I remember hangin out with my cousin down the street it was about 7pm and we all want to go to the park. I went home to change cloths and get a drink so I told everyone that I would meet them later. I got to my aunts house and my uncle was home and in his room. I went to change and as I was naked my uncle came in the room. I think nothing of it but when he hug me I got a little nervous plus I was naked. I could feel his cock stiff against my chest and his hand touching my ass. I was in shock and could not move. He let go and went out of the room. I felt weird but think about that much and left. Couple of days went by and my uncle was actin funny around me and was always touching me as a young boy you dont think much about this and think that family would never hurt you.
One day I was in the kitchen and my uncle wanted me to help him with something down in the basement so I follow him. My aunt was watching TV in there room and my couisn was a sleep. AS we got down stairs and in the basement my uncle was touchin me and hugin me. He was sitin on the pool table and ask me to bend down and push the cabnet door and hold it so he could fix it .

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   I try to hold it and sit on the floor but he told me to stand in front of him and bend down. I did as I was told and was bent down with my ass up in the air and in front of him. He slowly push out against me and I could feel his cock right at the front of my ass hole Uncle what are you doing I said and SSSSHHHHH is all he said and started to play with his cock in front of me. I was so scared but was still holden the door and for some reason watchin him rub his cock. He slowly pull down my shorts and rub his cock on my ass hole. I felt a finger push in and close my eyes and hopin it was all a bad dream. I started to got hot and wet in my ass and it started to feel go. He pull out and when I look up I seen his cock push in my ass. It hurt and I try to move but he said hold the door and close your eyes. I look up and seen his cock go in and out my ass and him holden my ass and pushin in me. He started to play with my balls and rub on my cock. I was feel good and sex took over me I was enjoyin this and when he ask me yo touch his balls I rub them and they where hot and it really turn me on.
We heard a noise and he let go and I got up and he told me we would finish later. I pull my pants up and went up stairs to see my aunt in the kitchen. I went to livingroom and sat and watch TV.

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  My aunt went down stairs to see my uncle. I was shakin but my ass felt good and something inside me wanted more. I sat there and was so turn on that I walk and went down the basement my aunt was come up and I got down and my uncle was moving stuff around. I walk over to him and gave him a hug and he was lookin at me. I think we need to finish everyone is up stairs I said holy shit did I just tell my uncle to fuck in my ass. He gave a smile and we walk over to the couch. I bent forword and I watch him take my pants off and rub my ass hole. As he lick and spit in his hand and rub it on his cock I was ready and he push in me I was rockin to his pump and could feel me giving hot and enjoyin his cock in my ass. I not gay I grown up jerkin off to playboys and would catch my mom naked sometime but this was just to good. He pull out and told me to lay on my back. As I was on my back he got between my legs and push his cock deep in my ass. He pick up the pace and with one hand rubing my cock. Grab and rub my balls he said and I did.
About 18 min I felt his cum in my ass and That made me pee. The feelin was so good and I was in heaven.

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   We never kiss or did he ask me to suck his cock. As he pull out I hard a pop and could feel cum come out my ass. He grab his shirt and wipe the pee and my ass and told me to go upstairs and use the bathroom to clean up. As I walk up stairs I could feel the cum comin out my ass and my cock pump with every heart beat I sat on the toilet and air was fartin out of me. I thought this was great and wanted more
read next story Hope you enjoy and I have to write this so I can get feed back and see if I am the only guy that has gone through this. jerry_eliason@yahoo. com