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I was enjoy myself jerkin off and my sex life was not there yet with my girlfriend but I got fuck by my uncle 2 times and I know he wants more. A couple of weeks went by and I hung out with my cuz and friends in the area. I was on my way home and was thinkin if I was gay or a girl trap in a guys body. I got home and no one was there and I took a shower I got in and started to jerk my cock and think about my girlfriend and aunt. As i was gettin hot pictures of me and my uncle would pop up and my ass would tinkle and my balls would get hot. I shot my load and was wondering what was i THINKING. I got out and called my girlfriend up. I was think the whole time about the sex I had with my uncle and was gettin hard again. I hung up and I need to see my moms panties so I could get this out of my head. I jerk off and smell her panties and was thinkin about my aunt when the phone rang. It was my aunt and she was going to drop by with dinner for my folks would not be in tell late
My aunt came over and we sat and talk about school and life. As I finish I went to my room to get ready to sleep. My aunt stop by and said she was going but need to use the bathroom first. I walk in on her as she pee. Jerry close the door she said. I close the door and stay in with her.

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   She stood up and I was looking at her pussy. You want to touch it jerry she said. yes I would love to but we cant tell anyone she said. I think my uncle was not fuckin her and she was not great lookin. I walk over and touch her and rub her pussy. I could smell sweat and pee mix from her pussy but as a young boy I was hard. PLACE YOUR FINGER IN MY HOLE ITS RIGHT . . . AND SHE GUILDE ME TO HER HOLE AND I WENT IN. . . . . .

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  . . . UUUUHHHH. . . . MMMMMM. . RI. . GHT. . . MM.

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  GOD. . . . MMMMMRIG. . HT THERE and she gave a push against my finger IM CUMIN DONT STOP. . . . . MMMM. . . DO.

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  . T. . ST. . MMMM as we finish she got up and load me to the livingroom. She told me to get undress and lay on the floor. I watch as she made sure all the doors where lock and got undress
I ways naked and was layin on my back and she was ass naked and was ready to ride my cock when we heard the car pull up in the drive way. it was my folks and we quilky got our cloths on I went to my room and act if I was a sleep my aunt started to do the dishs. After a hour she left and I fell a sleep. The next couple of days was hard to get alone with her and I was really horny too. I try to fuck my girlfriend but that was a deadend. One day I got home and my folks where not home yet I call over to my aunts house and my uncle answere. I was hopin that it was my aunt but it was not. After we talk alittle I hung up and need to jerk off.

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   I got to my mom room and for some reasons put a pair of her panties on. Mom was small and her panties where old sytle but I did not care. I was rubin when I heard the door open in the front I quickly grab my cloths and ran to my run. I pull my mom panties off and put then in the draw. I heard a knock. . . U IN THERE JERRY MY UNCLE VOICE SAID. I was naked and was think about lettin him fuck me. I open the door and was butt naked YOU NEED SOMETHING I SAID as he reach to grab my cock I acted like a little girl and push his hand away and walk over to my bed. I bent forword and open my legs so he could get a good look at what he wanted. YOU WANT TO FUCK ME UNCLE OR SHOULD I JUST GET DRESS. . . .

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As he undid his pants I grab my moms panties and put them on. . . . YOU LIKE MY PANTIES I SAID. . . . I GOING TO LEAVE THEM ON AND I WANT YOU TO CALL ME KAYLA. . .


  . OK he said and push me down on the bed. he started to rub me over and pull the panties to one side. . . LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK AND GET IT READY FOR MY ASS. . . YOU LIKE SUCKIN MY COCK JERRY. . . CALL ME KAYLA OR YOU CANT FUCK ME. i turn around and inserted his cock in my mouth I was a queen slut and if the guys knew they would call me fag or gay but right now I was in WONDERLAND my land on sex and who cares as long it was my secret. I suck it and lick his is all he could say. .

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  . . IM GOING TO CUM. . . . YEAH IN MY ASS ISAID. . . ready  next part to follow