Truth or Dare


I was only 18 and the sight of my perfectly curved step-sister and her jaw-dropping friend was enough to make me happy later that night. I had a secret desire for my step-sister, but somehow I'd managed to not make anything of it for over a year and a half now. But her friend was giving me such a look. 'Ughhh! I'd love to have them both right now' I thought to myself. Maybe I should hang out with my little sister tonight then? The possibilities could be endless, or the end of me if my parents found out. "We're gonna go watch a movie downstairs" My step-sister said in my doorway. I was across the room watching TV, but I jumped at the idea. "What movie Julie?""I'm not sure yet, Amanda brought a couple horror flicks over, and we're gonna go watch them. ""Okay, I'll meet you two down there in a couple minutes. ""Bring the popcorn!"I made the short trek downstairs, not forgetting the popcorn, and plopped myself right down on the couch. Amanda was right next to me and Julie on Amanda's left. They put the DVD in and we all started to watch in fear. "Oh my god!" Amanda shouted as someone got shot in the movie, and instinctively jumped towards me and wrapped herself around me. I held her in my arms to comfort her. As I held the 18 year old beauty in my arms, I wanted her more then ever and the tent popping in my pants reflected that. Thank god neither of them saw it.


  When the movie finally ended, Julie wanted to play truth or dare with Amanda and myself. "What the hell, sounds like it could be fun" As the words rolled off my mouth, Amanda gave me one of those looks again. My cock jumped once again. "Okay, I'll go first, and I pick you big bro!""I guess I'll go with Dare” What harm could my little step-sister do?"I dare you to make out with Amanda!" As the last word came out of her mouth, Amanda was already sitting next to me, and it looked like the whole thing had been staged. Did my step-sister and her friend have the same desire for me that I had for them? I could only dream so. Amanda reached over, "It's fine with me if you really want to. " It was the greatest thing I'd heard in a long time, and willingly accepted the challenge. She probed my mouth with her long, yet skinny tongue. How I wish that tongue could be wrapped around my ever growing cock. "Okay John, it's your turn to go. ""Alright, I pick Amanda. " I returned one of the looks she'd given me earlier. "I'll have to say truth""Okay, how much did you like my kiss?" I asked, wanted my ego, among another thing, to be stroked. Amanda leaned over to me, and put her lips right near my ear and slowly whispered, "I loved every second John. " Every thing she just did was very sexual, and the biting of my ear was the most of it all.

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  I was amazed. I wanted to keep playing and see how far this was going to go, but I had to go to my baseball game in an hour, so I was getting up to leave and get ready. Amanda leaned over, still sitting on the floor from our game, and looked up and grabbed my cock. My step-sister leaned over and grabbed it as well. I thought I was in heaven. "Do you really have to go?" They seemed to ask at the same exact time. "I guess I could stay a little longer" and leaned over and deeply kissed Amanda again. As our lips broke apart, Julie spoke up. "How come you've never done that to me before?"As she said that, she got up and kissed me just as I had kissed Amanda. Then, they both reached deep in my pants and started to play with my cock, and only seeming to make it bigger and harder. All 7 and half inches in both their hands and I was hoping they'd keep going. But I had to be at my game and told them we'd continue when I got home. "Fine! We'll be waiting for you bro""Well, maybe not" Amanda said to my step-sister and reached into Julie's pants and fingered her until my step-sister screamed a few times as Amanda's finger rubbed into her clit. I didn't understand what was happening, but I sure liked it. It was then when I left for my baseball game, not wanting to wait until I got home.

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   But I did come back later that night. I was more confused then ever. My step-sister and her best friend had turned into little whores! I was very nervous to see were this would go later that night, but the two girls seemed like they've down this all before. "We've been waiting" I heard Julie say as I walked in the house. "I've been waiting too!" I couldn't wait to finish what was started before. And parents were out to dinner now too! I was the happiest 18 year old in history right in that moment. "But I've got to go shower now" I continued with a sad face. Amanda and Julie looked at each other for a minute and then at me. I knew their decision in the silence. They were going to join me, I prayed at least. "Can we join?" They both said, and I was right. "If you want to" I said with a wink. I'd never really been with a girl like that, but I was trying to play off the incredible amount of anxiety I had right there. We all went into the bathroom. I started the scene by taking my shirt off, revealing a perfect six pack on my six foot frame.

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   Julie then took her shirt off and reached behind her to start taking her 36C bra off. I then kissed her and undid her bra my self. Her nipples were so perky then I gave one a flick with my finger and could tell she loved it. Amanda was next. I took off her shirt, and bra of course. But with her, I sucked her nipple and gently bit it. She moaned, and I could tell she loved it more then Julie! I couldn't wait until I got their pants off too, and I didn't think it would be long. I slowly took my tongue all the way down her body, starting at that one nipple on Amanda. Then over slowly to the other as she moaned. That was all the sign I needed to go further down her stomach. I rubbed my tongue straight down her flat stomach until I reached the edge of her pants. My tongue managed to find its way under her pants, and I slowly pulled them down. Amanda then reached down herself to help me take off her panties. My hands were shaking by this point. I've been to second with a few girls, but never that far down.

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   And not even so willingly. As her panties gave way to her perfectly shaven pussy, my step-sister Julie started to go down on her. I can see from the fire in her eyes that it wasn't the first time. As Amanda started to moan, I decided it was time for my sister to be given the same treatment she was giving. Amanda moved over and sat down on the toilet and Julie got down on her knees. I walked up behind Julie and reached around her. My hands made their way to her perky teenage tits. I played with her nipples until they were nice and hard. Then I moved my fingers slowly down her waist and took her tight pants off revealing the best ass I'd ever seen. She was wearing the thinnest thong too. Amanda was really moaning by now, and Julie was getting into it. Right then, I reached around her side and started to finger her pussy. I went right for her clit and rubbed it between my fingers as her pussy lips puffed up. Julie was so wet, and I knew she wanted it as much as I did. I grabbed her ass and forced her up and then her sit on top of me as I moved into a position to fuck her with my tongue.

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   The smell it made was intoxicating. I just had to eat her out. As my tongue probed deeper, my sister's entire body started to shake in delight. Then Amanda started to moan louder and then a heard the loudest scream in history as both came at the exact same time. I proceed to take my own pants off as Amanda came up to my right leg off her seat and ran her hand up my leg and reached my pant waist. Julie did the same thing, only on the left side. They took my pants off at the same exact time as if they had this planned for months! My cock jumped up at them and Julie gasped in awe. Amanda took my 7 1/2 inch tool into her hand and started to jerk me off. I was about to come when Julie told her to stop. Julie had a light in her eye, and I knew she wanted to make me come. She placed on hand on my cock, and moved it down the entire shaft. Then she took my head into her mouth and I came almost right away. It was the most divine feeling I ever had, and I couldn't believe it was from my own step-sister. In fact, she was the first girl ever to make me come like that. I just don't think she knew that.

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  Amanda then said we better get in the shower to clean up. We all got in the shower after getting the water temperature just right for all three. My cock was already starting to harden up again at the sight of my own step-sister bending over to grab the soap that was on the ledge around the tub. I sneaked up behind her and grabbed her asshole in my index finger and shoved my thumb into her pussy. She gasped at her tight asshole being spread, but her gasps turned to moans of pleasure as she started to shake once again. Amanda saw my cock hardening, and grabbed it and instead of jerking me off this time, she got down on her knees in the shower and started to suck me of instead. It was the best I'd had yet in my short sexual life. I came all over her face, but then Julie licked every drop off and swallowed it. Julie's drinking show turned me on once again. I started to finger her deeper in both her ass and her pussy until she s cream once again. "Oh John! I'm coming again!" Julie echoed in the tile-walled bathroom. Her body started to shake dramatically as she came all over my hand. The three of us finished cleaning up, again. Then we all got out of the shower. "Why don't we go into my room to change?" I suggested.

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   I was hoping the bed being there would be used in a much different manner. "John, Julie wants you to rape her" Amanda whispered and handed me a note that Julie, my own sister, had written to Amanda saying how she wished I'd fuck her. This is was a clear cut sign for me. I went into the drawer by my bed and got out a condom as my step-sister walked into my room just behind Amanda. Amanda grabbed Julie like I told her to and held her down on the bed. I put the condom on, not wanting to get my step-sis pregnant. I couldn't believe I was losing my virginity to my step-sister, but she was losing hers too. I took my dick and slowly lined it up with her tight and already very wet pussy. I could tell she wanted it almost as much as I did. Still, as I was living a fantasy, I felt more nervous then ever before. I slid it in, and I popped her cherry. I wanted to ram my cock into as hard as possible, but I also didn't want to hurt her.
    She screamed in pain, but I kept going. I remember the note and what Amanda said. I trusted into her as fast and hard as I could, raping my own little sister.

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       But her eyes had a fire I'd never seen before. "Oh my god John! Don't you dare stop yet!" She was enjoying this! Her screams of pain suddenly changed to screams of ecstasy. I followed her demand and fucked her deeper and harder. "Can't you get that thing any deeper? It feels so good!!!!!"I tried my hardest to go deeper, believe me. Then Amanda let go of Julie and started to suck on her nipples. Julie's already tight pussy started to close on me when she was having an orgasm. It was the greatest feeling I ever had. As Julie was moaning very loudly, I couldn't help my self and came inside her. Amanda slowly stopped sucking on her nipples, and managed to take my condom off with her teeth, which kind of hurt. It was a strange feeling after my first of what I hoped would be a lot of sexual ordeals. "I love you Julie" I said as I pulled out of her. She looked all strange. Hair all crooked, pussy red and raw, but I knew she had fun. Amanda just looked at me in amazement. She had that same look as when she first came over.

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       I knew what she meant. Amanda wanted my cock too. And I was almost ready to give it to her. I was almost ready to give it to her. I told her I need a couple minutes to rest. And she came over to me and whispered right in my ear, "I bet I'm even better then Julie!" I was hoping more then anyone had ever hoped for anything in the world she was right. Now, Amanda wanted her tight looking virgin pussy fucked too. I was still shaking from the last encounter, but I wanted to lose my virginity to someone outside of my family. I was feeling that anxiety in my gut again. I wanted to fuck her, but was afraid I was going to mess it up, even though I had made my step-sister come. She was just sitting on my bed, wrapped in the towel she had used coming out of the shower. "And John, you needn't worry about that silly condom with me, my mom's got me on the pill. Just in case, of course. ""Well, that sounds like fun. " I walked over to Amanda and she stood up.


       I grabbed her body and pulled her close and kissed her deeply and passionately. As I kissed her, she worked herself out of the towel, and my cock stood at full attention, waiting to enjoy this little girl. I'd seen her naked not even an hour ago, and yet it felt like it was all new. I was sweating already, and couldn't help myself from trembling. In fear, anxiety or what, I'll never know. "It's okay John, just relax. This won't be anything you haven't already done before. " Amanda kept instilling in my head not to be nervous. It wasn't working out to well. She slowly got back down onto the bed. I decided to get down on my knees and brought her to the edge of my bed. "Oh, John, suck my clit. " And that was all the encouragement I needed. My mouth bee-lined for her cunt, and I started to nibble, and suck, and just about everything else to her tight little pussy. I wanted to feel my dick rip her apart, but kept at eating her out.


      "Oh God, I'm about to come!" Amanda was almost screaming, so I had Julie hold Amanda down to keep her body from shaking too much. As so as her pussy started to tighten up in an orgasm, I stopped eating her out and got out. "Now, that’s not the way I want you to come little girl" Amanda seemed to shiver at the little girl statement. I couldn't tell if it made her hornier, or pissed off. But I'd find out soon enough. "That's right, come fuck your little girl John" I brought Amanda closer to the edge of the bed, almost hanging off, and slowly entered into her pussy as my hands found her clit. She quickly bit her lip in pain, but I didn't stop until all of me was in her. I sat like that for a couple seconds, maybe even minutes, until Amanda opened her eyes again. "What are you waiting for? Fuck me NOW!" She was igniting a fuel no one had ever known before. My cock became a piston, going deeper and harder into her with every stroke and she loved every minute of it. I was more then enjoying it too, as her pussy was barely big enough to take me. "Oh good God! Come in your little slut’s pussy!" Amanda was trying to get me to come in her harder. I relished in her enthusiasm and fucked her that much harder. "That's it John! Fill me up! Harder! HARDER! HARDER!!!" With every word, Amanda's pussy closed a little bit on my cock, seemingly sucking the come right out of me. As Amanda let out her last gasp before coming, I shot my first rope of love juice deep into her pussy.

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       Then a second, and third followed the first. "That was the best orgasm I ever had!" But Amanda wasn't done for the night right then. As I had pulled out of her pussy, my step-sister wanted to taste some more of my come, and got down on her knees in front of Amanda's sore cunt. "Oh God Amanda, I just want to eat you out and suck up all of my big bro's juice""Well I'm not gonna stop you hon. " And Julie got to work. I was starting to get hard again by this time, but simply kissed both of my little sluts, and went to my room to sleep. "John, thank you for last night. " Amanda said on her way out the door the next morning. "Wait, when are you gonna sleep over again?""Oh Johnny-boy, maybe next weekend. " And Amanda walked away with that beautiful ass shaking. I knew what I wanted to do the next weekend. Maybe Julie's too. . . **This is a first story written and submitted for a contest.

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       Any constructive criticism is appreciated. **.



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