Trina's BIG Night


Trina’s BIG Night
   Fourteen year old Trina Childers stormed into the house slamming the door behind her. She had been on a date that she had looked forward to for months and it had not gone as she hoped. She had waited for moths for seventeen year old Scott Morton to break up with his girlfriend Cindy Trummel. When it happened she wasted no time letting Scott know that she wanted to go out with him. Now Trina was a beautiful girl, in fact she had modeled in several ads that appeared in major magazines, so she could get any guy she wanted. She was 5’ 8” slender with perky 34A breasts and long legs that ended in a perfect ass. But she wanted Scott. He was the local basketball hero, he stood 6’10” with dark hair and he was part Cherokee so he had a dark complexion. She had also heard all the stories about him, the guys on the basketball team talked about how his dick hung five inches soft and girls that had dated him talked about being stretched by his ten and a half inch monster. She was no virgin, she had been with some of the local jocks as well as some of the photographers and models on her photo shoots, but she wanted Scott’s monster.
   Her parents were out of town and her older brother Brent was still out when she stomped into the house. She stripped out of her clothes thinking a nice hot shower might calm her down. As the water beat down on her flawless skin she ran her hands over her small breasts feeling the nipples poke her palms. ‘MMMMMM this feels so good’ she thought as she slid a hand over her flat stomach and through the small patch of black hair above her pussy. As her finger slipped into her wet snatch she moaned then remembered her date and her temper flared again. How could he have refused to fuck her? Nobody had ever turned her down, people lined up just hoping for a touch of her hand.


   She finished her shower then dried herself and went to her room where she flopped onto the bed still as nude as she had been in the shower. She lay on the bed idly rubbing her pussy as she remembered her date.
   It had started out great. They had gone to a nice restaurant for dinner then to the local theatre. Inside the theatre they had kissed and made out. She had put up no resistance when Scott had rubbed her breasts or when he rubbed her pussy through her jeans; in fact she was hoping this was a short movie. After the movie they drove out to the lake and parked. Scott grabbed a blanket and they walked to a secluded spot and spread it on the ground. Things progressed quickly as Scott kissed her then pulled her t shirt over her head exposing her small breasts, she hadn’t worn a bra. He leaned down and ran his tongue over her hard nipples sending a shiver down her body to her pussy. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her tanned legs. He sat up and looked at her, damn she was beautiful with her long dark hair and her small breasts then her flat stomach and her white bikini panties showed bright in the moonlight.
   Scott grabbed her panties and slid them down her long legs exposing her small patch of pubic hair. He could feel his cock getting harder as he looked at her. He kissed down her stomach then down her left thigh past her knee to her foot where he licked and sucked each of her toes.

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   She was moaning and her pussy was dripping as he finished the left foot then moved to the right. After licking all her toes he kissed back up her right leg and down the inside of her thigh carefully avoiding her pussy. He was driving her crazy and she finally couldn’t stand it so she grabbed his head and pulled it to her waiting pussy and said. “For god’s sake eat me!”
   He laughed as his tongue slid between her lips then up to her clit. He was careful not to let her get off; when he’d feel her legs shaking he knew she was about to cum and he would change his attack to drive her crazy. After what seemed like an eternity to her he took her clit in her mouth and sucked while he licked it quickly with his tongue. Her hips jerked and she ground her pussy against his mouth as she screamed and flooded his mouth with her sweet nectar.
   As her orgasm subsided her body went limp and she lay there breathing hard trying to catch her breath. That had been one of the best orgasms of her life but she knew it was nothing compared to how she would feel when his huge cock stretched her pussy. He crawled up to her kissing her, she could taste herself on his tongue not that it was a new taste to her, she often licks her fingers after she plays with herself.
   She pushed him to his back and quickly pulled his t shirt off followed by his jeans. Her heart was racing as she pulled his underwear down releasing the monster she had dreamed of. She took it in her hand marveling at how her fingers wouldn’t quite reach around it, oh how she wanted it in her; it was everything she had hoped it would be. She crawled between his thighs and watched as she stroked it with both hands, even with both hands wrapped around it there was still four inches sticking out. She bent down and ran her tongue over the head and she felt it jerk in her hands.

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   As much as she wanted it in her she knew she had to taste it too. Ever since she was 18 years old, and Mr. Elliott, her six grade teacher, had gotten her to suck his cock, she had loved the taste of cum. She opened wide and took the huge head into her mouth, licking it while she rubbed his huge balls with her hand. She slid lower trying to take it all but there was no way she could swallow this huge cock. She gagged as she felt the head hit her throat and she pulled back to the head. She developed a rhythm and was finally able to get over half of it in her mouth and her throat.
   Scott groaned as he felt the head of his cock enter her throat. He had been sucked by a lot of girls and even a few boys but she was really good. As her head bobbed up and down he felt her massaging his balls and he could feel his cum starting the long journey up his cock. Trina felt his balls tighten and his cock swelled even more if that was possible. She pulled back till just the head was in her mouth. Then she sucked and licked along the underside of the head sending him over the edge.
   She felt his huge cock jerk and then her mouth was flooded with his hot cum. She swallowed after each spurt making room for the next, the last thing she wanted to do was waste any.

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   He shot a huge load at least seven strong shots followed by three smaller ones and she didn’t lose a drop. She was concerned when she felt it softening but she kept stroking it till it was standing tall and strong again. She kissed her way back up his body then kissed his lips letting him taste himself. His cock jerked as he tasted his cum on her tongue, on nights when he would jerk off in bed he would lick the cum off his hands, it was the best way to get rid of the evidence.
   She looked at him and said. “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel this monster tearing me apart. ”
   “Oh yea, I want to fuck your tight pussy, to feel it gripping me as I bury my cock in you. I want to hear you beg me to stop. ” He said as he was looking in his wallet for a condom. “Oh shit, I can’t believe it. ”
   “What? What’s wrong?”
   “I don’t have a rubber. I had one today but I bet that little prick of a brother of mine, Robert, took it. ”
   “That’s ok, we don’t need one. I’m on the pill.

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   “I’m sorry but I don’t fuck anyone with out one. I’m too young to be a daddy. We’ll have to do this another time. ”
   “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You’re gonna turn down a chance to fuck me! I’m a model for god’s sake. ”
   “I know you’re a model and I’m dying to fuck you but I just can’t. I’d be happy to eat you and get you off again. ”
   “FUCK THAT!” She screamed as she jumped up and grabbed her clothes. “I can’t believe this! Just take me the fuck home!”
    They were quiet as he drove to her house. He tried to kiss her as they pulled into her drive but she jumped out and slammed the door running into the house.
    Now she lay on her bed sobbing as she slides her vibrator in and out of her pussy. “I can’t believe it I was so close to feeling that huge cock. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so upset. What if he won’t want to go out with me again?” She muttered as she fucked herself.
   When she had gotten out of the shower she had forgotten to close her door and she didn’t hear her brother get home. Brent had been to a party and had gotten pretty high before his date had run off with a college guy.

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   So he was drunk, pissed off and horny. He walked down the hall towards his room thinking another night of jerking off. When he passed Trina’s room he saw her fucking a vibrator in and out of her pussy. He stopped in his tracks and his dick got harder as he watched his little sister pleasing herself.
   He stood in the doorway and said. “Do you need any help baby sister?”
   She nearly jumped out of bed then she grabbed the sheet pulling it up around her neck. “What are you doing? Get out of here!”
    “I’m sorry I just thought you looked like you could use some help. Didn’t Scott’s big dick satisfy you?”
   “That’s none of your business. But if you must know he wouldn’t do it because he didn’t have a rubber. ” As she talked she watched his hand rubbing his crotch and she saw a huge lump stretching down his thigh. “What about you? Didn’t Sherry take care of your needs?”
   She couldn’t believe how big the bulge in his pants was. It looked as big as Scott’s, but she had never heard any stories about her brother. Then she remembered Brent hadn’t started dating till a couple of months ago when he turned sixteen. Even then he had only dated a couple of girls and they lived in a neighboring town. He had never played sports so maybe nobody had seen his monster.

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   She let the sheet fall, exposing her tiny breasts and smiled at Brent and said. “So my ‘big’ brother wants to help his little sister get off. Why don’t you take your clothes off so I can see if you can help?”
   Brent couldn’t believe this was happening. He had jerked off many nights thinking about his model sister. He quickly removed his shirt revealing his smooth chest and flat abs. Then he unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs stepping out of then. Now he was left in just his boxers and she could see his dick throbbing down the left leg. He hooked his fingers in the waist band and pushed them down his legs. He heard her gasp when his twelve inch cock was fully exposed.
   “OH MY GOD! It’s bigger than Scott’s. ” She exclaimed feeling her pussy tighten around the vibrator. She reached down and pulled it from her pussy then threw it across the room. “I see we won’t be needing this. ”
   Brent walked to the bed pulling the sheet off so he could see her beautiful body. His cock jerked as his eyes roamed her body.

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   He crawled into bed with her pressing his lips to hers in a very passionate unbrotherly kiss. He felt her tongue against his lips and he opened his mouth so their tongues could dance. He had only had sex with one other girl and it hadn’t gone too well. She had said his cock was too big and that it hurt so they had gotten each other off by hand and mouth. But now Trina wanted his big cock and he was going to give it to her.
   Trina broke the kiss and licked down his throat then took each nipple in her mouth as her hand stroked the mighty python protruding from her brother’s crotch. He moaned as he felt her kissing her way past his navel then he shivered when he felt her tongue slide over the head and her lips wrap around his cock. She slid her mouth down his huge cock taking about five inches into her mouth and throat. He had his hands in her hair and was moaning as she worshipped his cock.
   “Oh Trina, you have know idea how long I’ve wanted you to do this. It feels so great to have my sexy little sister sucking me. ”
    She pulled it from her mouth with a pop smiled at him and said. “If I had known you had this beautiful cock I would have been all over you years ago. ”
    She renewed her efforts on his cock sucking hard as she bobbed her head, she wanted to taste her brother’s cum then have her pussy stretched by this monster. Brent could feel the cum rising from his balls and he tried to pull her head away as he said.

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   “If you don’t stop I’m gonna cum. ”
   She just mumbled and bobbed her head faster as she licked his huge head. His hips jerked trying to shove more of his cock down her throat. She felt his legs tighten and his cock jerk then her mouth was flooded with her brother’s cum.
   “FUCK TRINA, I’M CUMMING! HOLY SHIT I’M CUMMING IN MY SISTERS MOUTH! OH YES SUCK IT!” He screamed as his cock pumped shot after shot of gooey cum down her throat. As he felt her swallow the last shot he was amazed that he was still hard. She kissed back up his stomach then pressed her lips to his as she reached between them and lined her pussy up with his huge cock. She felt it at the entrance then sat down sliding three inches into herself. She shivered as she felt her pussy stretched wider than it ever had before.
   “OH GOD, YOURE RIPPING ME APART! FUCK YOUR HUGE!” She screamed as she slid another three inches in and her body shook with an orgasm. She sat there panting catching her breath before she started moving up and down enjoying the six inches she had in her. Her mind raced as she wondered if she could take it all. She only knew one thing. She was damned sure gonna try.
    She started sliding lower on each stroke her legs shaking as she finally took the tenth inch.

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   She had to stop again so she could get used to being so completely filled. Brent was just laying there gritting his teeth trying not to cum too soon. He was thankful she had gotten him off before but he had never felt anything as good as his sister’s pussy on his cock. He could swear he could feel her heartbeat as her walls gripped his shaft.
   “Trina this feels wonderful. Your pussy is so tight. ”
   She laughed and said. “Big brother any pussy would be tight with this big fucker in it. ” With that she took a deep breath and sat down driving the last of his cock into her pussy. “OH FUCK, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I’VE GOT IT ALL IN ME! FUCK THIS FEELS AWESOME!”
   She started taking longer stokes loving the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She grunted on every down stroke as she felt her pussy spasm with a small orgasm. “Oh yea I’m riding my brother’s big cock. Man, I wish I had known what was just down the hall from me. Please don’t stop fucking me. ”
   “Your pussy feels so good Trina.


   I love you and I love fucking you. ”
   He could feel his orgasm approaching and he grabbed her hips and held her as he slammed up into her. She was screaming as she drove her pussy onto his cock. She could feel it swelling even more and she knew he was going to fill her with cum. “FUCK ME BRENT! LET ME FEEL YOU SHOOT YOUR HOT CUM INTO MY BELLY! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” She screamed as she felt the first shot of his cum coat the walls of her pussy triggering the biggest orgasm of her life.
   They held each other as they recovered from their mind blowing orgasms. They fell asleep holding each other and with his cock buried in his sister’s pussy. When they awoke the next morning they started where they left off. They fucked in every position and every room of their house. They each knew they had found the perfect partner. Scott called the next week wanting to take her out again but she refused.
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