Tricia Finds Out


"Mom, I found this photo of you having S & M sex with a woman. She looks a lot like Ted's partner's Isabel, so what's going on? Are you lovers? Does Ted know?", she asked her Mom. "Trish, I am actually Ted's sex slave, and Isabel helps him train me in submission. They also sleep together. ", Vanessa informed her stunned daughter. "You are being dominated by Ted and Isabel? That's not bisexuality and S&M, it's incest too!", Tricia pointed out. "Yes, darling, I know it's incest, but I am in love with your brother, and he loves me the same way. Isabel helps keep both of us happy. It's really pecking order, and it works for all 3 of us. So, where's the harm?", Vanessa asked. "I guess there's none, really, but what does this mean for me? I feel kind of left out here. Can I participate?", Tricia responded. "Well, that's up to Ted, but I have no objections. Why don't you talk to him about it, and perhaps he will agree to some role for you in our lifestyle. ", Vanessa answered. When Ted and Isabel came in, just a few minutes later, Tricia presented the photo to them, saying, "Why didn't I know, Ted? I want to be part of your fun- can I, please?""Well, I supposed there's problem there, but you have to submit to me and Isabel, just like your Mom- is that clear?", he replied.

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  "Ok, Ted, I mean, Master, if you prefer that, I will submit to you, but can I have sex with Mom, as well as you and Isabel?", Tricia begged him. "Alright, Trish, but remember that your mother is a pure submissive, so that means that you will have to dominate her, too, is that understood? You will answer directly to me. ", Ted announced. Vanessa heard that from the next room, and could not help getting horny, from the thought of having to submit to her own daughter- that was the most delicious thing to happen to her since Ted and Isabel had introduced her to bondage. Sometimes, she had sex with people that Ted brought home with him, as did he, but nothing compared with having to obey her own children! That was such a wonderful role reversal for her. She walked into the living room, and Ted, Isabel, and Tricia stared at her with an obvious mixture of love, pity, and disdain. Here was a 39 year old woman, about to be subordinated to her own adolescent daughter. She trembled a bit when she saw the 3 of them, but that fear merely enhanced her pleasure. "Well, Mom, it seems that you have a 2nd mistress- your daughter, Tricia, whom you will now call Mistress Tricia. She will never have to obey you again, but rather you will obey her, as she and Isabel obey me. ", Ted declared. He gestured to Tricia to test her new authority over her own mother. "Disrobe, slave, and dance for me!", Tricia commanded. Vanessa did as she was ordered, getting the 3 of them, as well as herself, quite aroused, to say the least. Tricia then pointed to her own skirt, saying, "Hike it up, spread my cheeks, and kiss my ass! I am not wearing underpants, and I will only wear them in the future if Ted commands me to do so!" She turned around so that her Mom could comply.

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   Vanessa sampled her daughter's butt, as she happily smooched the crack of it. "Yes, slave, eat my ass! Lick to your heart's content! Taste your daughter, you naughty, bisexual whore!", she commanded. Vanessa began to devour Trish's tush, getting anal sweat and cum all over her face. Ted went into his bedroom to get the camera, which was instant, and take some more photos, this time of mother-daughter action. "Go for it, Mom; eat your daughter's butt! I am going to fuck Trish now, since you have gotten wet enough for me. ", Ted urged. He lifted the front of the skirt, made Tricia stand up a little more, and quickly entered her pussy, which was apparently not virgin, since no hymen blocked his entrance. "Well, Trish, it seems that you have been a slut! Good for you, girl, as it means that your bondage to me will go that much easier for you. Oh, Trish, my sister, you are still pretty tight, and it is going to be a lot of fun fucking you from now on; you are not going to move out, ever, are you girl?", Ted stated. "Of course not, Master, I am your slave! I belong to you, my dear brother, and I will service you as well as I can. Oh, I wish I could eat a pussy right now, so that my 3rd hole, my mouth, would be covered. ", Tricia answered him. Isabel fulfilled her wish by urging Ted to lie down so that Trish could ride him cowgirl-style, while she ate her out. Tricia was absolutey ecstatic, with a cock in her cunt, a pussy in her mouth, and a mouth on her ass. This combination gotter her than hell, and she could not stop herself from coming after her first group, bondage, incest, and bisexual encounter.

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   Ted got pretty hot himself after that, and shot his load into his sister's cunt, making her wet once again at the realization that she had just been fucked by her own, dasingly handsome, yet manly brother. Her tongue got the job done for Isabel too, and the lady cop came into her mouth. After this, Vanessa and Trish swapped places, with Tricia rimming her mother, while she ate Isabel, and Ted kept pounding away from below. Fucking his sister was splendid, and he wondered why it had never occurred to him before, but now he was fucking his Mom, and that was even better, as she was so sweet and submissive. This was just the best way for all. When he came, the 4 of them collapsed on the floor, mentally planning their next trysts already, with the hope that years were available for as much of them as they wished. .