Tracy gets her brother 6


“Hello” I said wondering who was on the other end.
“Steven, sweetie, How are you?”
“Fine, Mom, how’s Dad? How’s the trip. ”
“He’s. . . only interested in work. I am staying an extra week. Gonna take in some coastal sun. Then I will be home. Dad needs to stay for another month. I tell ya, this business is brutal. If I thought I could reel in the deal by screwing the guy I might have, but, I don’t think he is interested in sex. ’ almost to herself she said, in a voice I could barely hear, ’at least I would be getting’ laid’.
“What was that Mom? I didn’t quite catch the last. ” knowing full well what she had said.
“Nothing, nothing.

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   Maybe your dad can get somewhere. This would make our entire year and we would be able to help you more with tuition. Is you love life OK? You are a good looking young man. A girl would be lucky to hook up with you. You dress nicely, you're polite and I know you have a lot to offer. You need to wear a different pair of trunks around the pool” Laughing just a bit, " I know if I were just a bit younger I would be chasing you. "
I had never heard my mom speak of sex at all and it took me aback for just a minute. Mom is good looking and was only 39 having had me at 18. The more I thought about it, Mom is just an older version of Tracy. 5’8”, 135#+-, strawberry blonde, 36” tits and a good looking ass. She stayed in shape, watched what she ate and dressed to the nines when working. I started to think about Mom in a completely different manner. Maybe I would investigate her wardrobe in the next wee to see what is what. I was screwing my sister, why not my mom if the opportunity arose.
“How’s Tracy doing? Is she being the good girl like I told her?”
“Yea, Mom, she’s good alright.

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   We went out to dinner the other night and she was the perfect lady. ”
“Did she wear 'that blue thing' that she thinks I don’t know about? God, she is growing up so fast. It must be like a second skin. I don’t know how she wears underwear in that thing. ”
Thinking about Tracy in ‘that blue thing’, and Mom’s tits and ass got my cock to stir. I could see my sisters back arched, her head thrown back using the headboard with her hands to push her ass back onto my cock. ‘That blue thing’ pushed up over her hips as I had driven my oiled 8" piston into her fever hot bowels. I pushed my boxers down, releasing my hard meat and started to stroke.
“No, Mom, we just went to a local fast food. Maybe I could get her to model that for me. ” and laughed thinking about what Mom would look like in it as it would ride higher on her legs, just covering her ass because she was taller and hugging tighter because of the few extra pounds. "You would look good in it. "
Just then Tracy walked into the living room.
“What…Who’s on the phone?”
Into the phone I said “ Just a minute Tracy just walked in. ” covering the mouthpiece I said “It’s Mom.

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“It’s Mom!? And you’re jackin’ your meat!?”
“Here, talk to her” and gave the phone to her.
“Hello, Mom?” pause “I’m just fine. I just wondered who was on the phone because Steven doesn’t look like he’s talking to his mother” pause “It’s just ‘hard’ to explain” pause “Here’s Steven, I will call you later. ” pause “I love you, too and don’t worry, Steven is watching my every move. ”
Tracy handed the phone back to me and dropped to her knees in front of me. As I talked to my mom, my little sister was pulling off my boxers. She leaned in and took my cock into her mouth. I think she wanted Mom to hear as she was sucking and slurping and licking and creating quite a bit of noise. It was a bit surreal, talking to my mom on the phone and having my cock sucked by my little sister. I was telling her about things I had done around the house that I had taken care of and Tracy was taking me into her throat. I told Mom the cars were OK as I had started them and Tracy pushed a finger into my ass. A sharp intake of breath and Mom said, “Are you OK? You sound a bit out of sorts”
“YES, yes, yes” as Tracy worked her finger deeper into my ass. “I’m just fine. Mom, I just need to get off…the ‘phone. Tell Dad ‘Hi’ for me and Trace”
“I’ll tell him, but I don’t know if he will hear.

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   He keeps his face buried in that damned computer of his. Again just low enough to think I didn’t hear, ’ I got something that needs something’ buried in it’.
‘I wonder if I try’, I thought, ‘if the opportunity arises it seems I am game for this. ’ I was considering getting my sister involved in a three-some and thinking of fucking my mother. This was all going through my head as Tracy took me into her throat again. I was sooo close to coming. I covered the mouth piece. “MMMMMMMmmmm” as she pushed another finger into my ass and as my mom was giving me her flight information, “YEEEESssss, Traaaacy, mmmmmmmm” I exploded in her mouth, my cock shooting the rest of my load into her throat my ass spasming around her two fingers. I don’t know how I maintained my composure enough to continue with Mom. Tracy pulled her fingers from my ass, pulled her mouth from around my cock and pushed the phone away. Kissing me, she forced my come into my mouth. ‘Mmm, that tastes good’ 5 or 6 seconds passed and I was back with my mom.
“Did you hear me? Did you get the flight info?”
“Yes, Mom, 1074 at 18 AM. We’ll both be there to get you. ”
I put the phone down and stood up, pulled up my boxers and looked at Tracy and said, “you little devil.

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“I wasn’t the one jackin’ off while talking to Mom. ”
“I was thinking about you in ‘that blue thing’ as mom puts it and I got a little hard. What’s a guy to do?” I didn’t tell her I was also thinking about mom.
“Oh, god, she knows I have that. Is my privacy nothing?”
“Don’t worry, she’s OK with it. Go get that girls card and call her. We have another week to ourselves. I will tell you later”
Tracy retrieved the card and I handed her the phone.
“What do I say?”
“Tell her who you are. I’m sure she will remember. After all, she gave you the card.
    She’s expecting the call. ”
    Tracy dialed the number and waited.
    “Hi, this is Tracy. I met you a few nights ago at The Boxcar.

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      ” pause “Yes, I would like to meet you. ” looking at me, ‘get a pen and paper’. pause “I’m sure my boyfriend would be happy to join us. 3949 Yellowbrick? Saturday about two o’clock? Sounds like a good time. ” pause “I don’t know. He might. ” She gave me a look and a devious smile. “He is pretty adventurous. We will see you then. ”
    Tracy hung up the phone, sat on my lap and looked at me.
    “Are we sure we want to do this? I’m happy with just you. ”
    “We seem to be pretty committed to meeting her. I think you want to explore this. I’m sure I do. Any way we have four days to think about it”
    Tracy climbed out of my lap and asked could I take her and a couple of her friends to the mall. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

       Sure I could but I need to get a few more things done here so call when you are ready to come home. She called her friends and we got into the land yacht, picked them up and headed off to the mall. Strange, I thought, as they talked to each other as 18 year old girls do, she sure doesn’t sound like she just had an 8” cock in her throat, babbling on about clothes school and music. I dropped them at the mall and they said they would be a couple of hours. Cool with me. I got home and called the local college finding out when the last day I could transfer. Three weeks they said and I told them I would have my transcripts faxed to them and would the please call. This would not only save me money, but also my parents who had promised to help. I wanted to be around for a couple of reasons. One: Tracy. Two: There was something going on with Mom and I wanted to know what was up.
    Once done with that I went upstairs to my parents room and started look through my mom’s clothing choices. Closet first. I found the usual business suits, blouses and casual sun dresses. There was a garment bag hanging also and I took it to the bed and unzipped it.

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       Bingo. There I found a number of ‘those little blue things’ only red, black and white. I searched her dresser and in the bottom drawer found all the little under things that go with the dresses. Thongs, garters, silk stockings all in an rainbow of colors. Three string thong bikinis. Red, Yellow and one so close to flesh colored that one would have to look twice to ensure she were wearing anything at all. It had all been covered with cloth to protect it and as I was putting it back as it had been I found a medicine bottle. Hmmmm. I looked at the label and it was for my dad. 100 mg’s of Viagra. A bottle of thirty with about twenty-five left. I found another container an transferred all into it . ‘Mom’s not gettin’ laid and Dad has Viagra. We shall see. ’ I would wait until she got home and get a little more info from her.

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       I think Dad may be in trouble.
    To be continued…
    Phil Stevens
    Tracy and I had cleaned up after our little shaving escapade and now the phone was ringing. I was in the living room wearing boxers, relaxing. .