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Over the next few days Tracy complained that she was sore from being put into unfamiliar positions and she was a little worried as her pussy was sore also. We had started sleeping together in her room as she had a queen size bed and I would reassure her that all will feel better in a few days. After all, I had fucked her virgin pussy with 8” of hard cock twice in a matter of an hour. What I did for her was to massage the areas that she said were sore except for her pussy as that would take care of itself. Three days after our initial lovemaking I had her on her stomach kneading baby oil into her shoulders, my hard cock sliding along the crack of her ass. The friction and the thought of being so close to what I wanted next was driving me crazy. I stopped massaging and told her to turn over. She was now facing me with her legs in between mine and propped up on her elbows.

I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to stroke back and forth. I fully intended to shoot my load onto her face and tits. As I looked at my little sister, Tracy, her eyes were glued to my cock. It occurred to me right then that she had never really seen it. She wiggled her way out from under me and told me to lay down. She took my cock in her hand, her fingers unable to go all the way around and started to do as I had just done. I was so close to coming it was unreal. All the time I was watching what she was doing.

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   Pre-come was oozing out of the end and she realized that it was coming up the ‘vein’ on the bottom of my cock. On one down stroke she put more pressure on that part and forced more out of the tip. She licked her lips and leaned down and ran her tongue across the top of my now twitching cock tasting me. “MMMMMmmmm, that tastes good” and leaned back down and slid my cock into her mouth. She took all she could, but soon I hit the back of her throat and her gag reflex took over. A little over half my cock was in my sisters mouth and she proceeded bob up and down on my dick while using her hands to stroke the bottom part. I had been so close that I only lasted about a minute. Placing my hands on her head I held her in place. “Tracy…TRACY…I’m COMING. SUCK ME…I’M COOOMING!!” I unloaded stream after stream jetting into her waiting mouth, her hands pumping in time with each contraction of my pulsing rod. As my orgasm slowed Tracy lifted her head from my cock and looked at me. There was just a trickle of come escaping from one side of her mouth. Smiling devilishly, Tracy move up and put her lips on mine forcing them apart and pushed her tongue and my come into my mouth. We kissed, each sharing a portion of my come.
“How was that big brother?” she asked.

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   “Did I do OK?”
“Tracy, that was great. I can’t wait till the next time”.
“ I think with a little practice I will be able to take it all”.
She suggested we shower and go for a swim just to relax. Showered, we went to the pool. No longer worried about clothing we skinny-dipped. Tracy swam up to me as I was leaning on the side of the pool wrapped her hand around my cock, started stroking and said “I am going to shave you. I want you nice and smooth, just like me”. I can’t wait.
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