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I woke-up early the morning after bringing Mom home. Showered and dressed in shorts and a tee, I went to the car and got her bags. I took them to the door of her bedroom and knocked, “Mom?”
“Come on in, Stevie”
I opened the door, bringing her bags with me and set them by the closet. Mom was just walking out of the bath wearing the flesh colored string I had discovered earlier. My traveled down, then up, taking in the view. “WOW!!! You look great!” Then gesturing to the luggage, “I got your bags from the car. I left them there after I brought you in yesterday. I thought it would be easier today. You were pretty out of it. ”
“You’re checking me out again, aren’t you? Well, Thank you! And thanks for bringing in the bags. I was pretty out of it. Those Mary’s really did me in. I don’t remember much. I kept trying to wake up on the way home. I was dreaming that…well let’s just say it was a good one. Did you help me get undressed? I ask because my clothes are all hanging in the closet.

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“Yes. I did. I couldn’t have you in bed with your clothes on, now could I?”
Smiling a little devilishly, she said, “No, I guess you couldn’t have me in bed fully clothed. ” Winking at me she walked to the dresser and bent straight over, opening the bottom drawer, her bikini bottom pulling into the crack of her ass. Man, I wanted to slide my meat into that. Pulling out a short silk robe, she lay it on top of the dresser, looked back over her shoulder at me, smiled again and hooked her thumbs into the bottom putting it back in place. It still didn’t cover much.
“Close your mouth, you act as if you have never seen a girl in a swim suit!” My mouth clicked shut. “I’m going to get Traci and laze by the pool. Join us if you want. If you do, though, wear something besides those big Bermudas. ” She grabbed the robe, slid into a pair of three inch sandals and walked out the door, ass bouncing with each step. watch Mom and Dad pack for years I pretty much knew what was in each bag. A hanging bag for business suits and dresses, the suitcase for everyday casual and a valise for her under things and make-up. I put away the things in the hanging bag first, then emptied the suitcase into their proper drawers.

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   I was going to do the same for the things in the valise, but when opened, I was looking at a small vibrator and a six inch long, three inch around pink dildo. Surprized, but not, I closed the case, putting it back by the closet, but leaving the other two, open, on the bed, deciding I would take my parents cars out for a spin. They hadn’t been driven in a while and I could run them through the wash while gone. Dad’s done, I got Mom’s. I ran it through the sprayer, then vacuumed, knowing she liked it kept clean.
‘Wear something besides my Bermudas?’ I thought? ‘OK! If she can show off, I can too’.
I went to the store and picked out a tight fitting, beige, Speedo-like pair. I arrived home, went to my room, put on the trunks and looking in the mirror, adjusted myself up and to the right, an outline of my package showing. Wet, it would be like a second skin. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I headed for the pool.
Sliding the glass door open, I saw Mom and Traci at the shaded, far end, relaxing in chaise lounges. Walking to the pool, I dropped the towel and dove in, swimming the length to them, then back. The water, warmed by the sun, invigorating. Lifting out of the pool, I dried the excess, put the towel around the back of my neck and walked toward them, my swimsuit clinging to me. I might as well have been naked.

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“Stevie! You decided to join us. That IS much better than those old Bermuda’s. What do you think, Traci?”
Looking at me, Traci said, “Good enough to eat. We seem to be pretty lucky today, eh, Mom” Smiling, I reclined in a chaise. She was wearing the same tie bikini I had removed weeks ago when I took her virginity.
“What more could a guy want? Alone…with two beautiful girls in bikinis? It seems to me I’m the lucky one. ” Eyeing Mom up and down, “No need to go chasing the college girls. By the way, Mom, I put your things away for you”
Her head snapped toward me, voice raising an octave, “You didn’t open my valise?!”
Looking first at Traci, then Mom I said, “No, no, I didn’t. I’m not one to fool around with a girls under things unless invited. ”
Mom, blushing, said, “Well, OK, thank you. ”
Traci looked at me. “Ya big kiss ass!”
Looking back at her, not missing a beat, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” and she, too turned red.
I listened as Mom and Traci chatted. Hearing, but not, chiming in when asked my opinion. I knew enough not to get in the way of two women talking.

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   An hour or so went by and they decided to go inside. Watching them walk away, arm in arm, twin butts, I thought ‘I am the lucky one’, then said loudly, “Hey, you two!” they stopped, turned their heads, “I hate to see you leave, but I loooove watching you walk away. ” They continued toward the house, asses next several days were spent getting back a routine. Mom working in the home office, Traci yapping on the phone with her friends, me back and forth to the college making sure all was ready to begin the new school year. I kept trying to get my sister alone, but to no avail. Always some sort of interruption. I was really getting horny. Two lovely ladies in the house, one I knew wanted my dick, the other hopefully, and I couldn’t get laid! Early one afternoon the Mom and Traci announced they were going shopping.
“Traci says that since I have lost a little weight, I should reward myself with a couple new outfits. Would you like to go? We could model some things and get a mans opinion. ”
“No”, I said, “You guys go ahead. Whatever I had to say wouldn’t stop you two from buying up the store. ” Winking at them, I added, “Just make sure it’s something sexy. ”
Traci had a look of relief on her face knowing I wasn’t going. Mom said, “Ya big tease.

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  ” Licking her thumb, placing it on her ass, “SSSSss, I got yer sexy!” and off they went. girls came home loaded with shopping bags. Holding them up Mom said, “We hit the jackpot, Stevie. I forgot how much fun it was shopping for clothes. Everything looked so good us. ” and they headed off to their rooms, not giving me a chance to say ‘Boo’. The next few days were the same as the last, Mom working, Traci talking on the phone…me getting horny thinking about their asses.
One morning, a couple of days later, Traci asked if I could take her to Roxanne’s to spend the day. I said sure and drove her over. As she got out of the car I said, “Have fun. ” She winked back and said, “You, too. ”
When I got home Mom called to me, “Stevie, can you help me put these up?” I walked into the hall where she had set up a stepstool with her bags next to it. I looked at her, my eyes taking the sight. Wearing white three inch heels, her legs encased in white stockings, white mid thigh, pleated tennis skirt and a white tank top, her bra-less tits jutting from her chest. Wow!!
“I’m going to get on the step stool I want you to hand me the bags while I put them away.

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  ” and stepped up. “Hand me the suitcase first. ” I handed it up, she positioned it. “Now the valise. ” as I handed it to her I heard something rattle inside. “There’s still some things inside. ” “Don’t worry about it, I won’t be needing them for a long time. ” She put the valise up and stepped down, her foot slipping.
“OH MY!” She fell back into me, me into the wall, my arms around her pulling her up, my hands cupping under her tits, “Are you OK?” Leaning back into me, her ass pressing into me, her head leaned back, “I am now, Stevie, I am now. ” My mind screamed at me, ‘Now, NOW!!’
My hands moved up, taking her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, teasing them hard. “Yeeessss. ” My lips to her ear, “Suzy, my sweet, sweet Suzy,” blood pumping into my member, her ass pushing against my hard 8 inches, hands barely squeezing her firm breasts,
“Stevie ooooooohhhhh, Stevie,” lips caressing her neck. My hand unbuttoned her skirt, slid the zipper down, she stepped forward letting it fall to the floor, showing her thigh high stockings held up with around the leg, pink tasseled garters. My fingers roamed to her moist, panty covered slit, putting gentle pressure into her, “MMMmmm,” then up, pulling her top over her head. She turned around, removed my shirt, unbuttoning my shorts, they, too, fell to the floor.

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She leaned into me, my cock trapped between our stomachs, one hand on her ass, pulling her close, the other, on the back of her head, guiding her lips to mine. They met. Our first kiss, tentative, knowing we should stop, unable, unwilling. Hesitation turned to urgency, our tongues dancing. She took my hand, leading me to her bed.
Laying on the of the bed, Mom looked at me, “Show me it wasn’t a dream, lick me again, Stevie, make me come, it’s been sooo long.
    ” On my knees, I put her left ankle on my shoulder licking, kissing my way toward the Y formed by her legs. I reached her wet cloth covered sweet spot. Releasing her left, doing the same to her right leg, and again reach her now soaked intersection. My tongue licking, teasing her silk covered lips, soft moans begging for release, a ¼ inch clit standing hard against the material. I took it between lips, slashing back and forth across with my tongue, bringing her closer, her fingers rolling her nipples.
    “Yeessss, yesssssss, Stevie…Stevie,”. Her body tightened in anticipation, she groaned in a whisper, “I’m…going to come!. ”
    Almost at her peak, departing her clit, I watched her arched, denied body relax to the bed, “OOooooohhh, don’t…stop, Stevie. ” I pushed her panties into her pussy with my tongue, her lips folding around each side of it as they had done so many nights before, probing, tasting the sweetness of my mom.

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       “Ahhhh, I knew it wasn’t a dream!”
    Again I took her clit bringing her close, only to let her wait with desire. Again…and again to the brink, Suzy begging, her voice never above a whisper, “Let. . Meeee…Come…Stevie…Stevie, let me Cooome. ”
    I pulled the silk off her ass, moved up her body, taking her in my arms, the head of my hard cock entering her hot cunt. Mom’s arms, legs, wrapping around me, pulling deep into her hot furnace, not letting me out, her body tensed into mine, the backs of her sandals, digging, imprisoning my ass, long nails scratching up my back searching for purchase. Her breath in short bursts, body convulsing, muscles milking the length of my 8 inch dagger, until a long, low groan escaped her clenched teeth.
    “MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm YYYEEEsssssssssssssssss!!!!”
    Recovering from the most intense orgasm I have seen, I didn’t let her rest, pulling almost all the way out, pushing back in, eliciting a little “Nnnnn” from her. I pulled out, then back in, her legs, pulling
    “ Mmm” Nnnnnn” “UUUUhhh”, each time I bottomed into her pussy.  Just a whisper, “OOoohh” Yeeess” “UUNnnnn” “Nnn” “
    My cock, a piston in her oiled cylinder . “Suzy…Suzy!…” I fucked my mom harder, her body racked in small orgasms. My balls slapping against her drenched asshole, hips thrusting up to meet mine, fingernails cutting in to my back.
    Still a whisper, “Yessss…Steevie, Fuuuuck my cuunt… Fuuuuck… Myyy…Cuuuunt! Puushhh… Ooooo…your…hot…Nnnnn…Haaard Nnnnnn…. flesh…Into…mmm…Meee!!!”
    I pounded into her, cock growing, wanting release, barely pulling out, hips grinding together “Suuuuuzy…yeeessss…SUZZZZYYY. I’M…GOING…TOO…COOOME!!!! I’MMM…Coomiing!!!!” Drilling deep, my 8 inch derrick erupted, spewing geyser upon geyser of hot white gold into Mom’s clenching, overflowing pussy!
    We spent the next several hours making love, the urgency of our first coupling gone.

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       I rose from the bed, Suzy sleeping soundly, to retrieve our clothes and found them folded outside her door. I dressed, knowing we had been found out, and went in search of my sister. I found her in the kitchen.
    “You guys shouldn’t leave your things laying around for anybody to find. Is Mom still wearing her stockings?”
    “Yes, she is. ”
    “She knows about you and me. She heard us when she called about coming home. I told her everything. ” My mind reeled. “She knows about Roxi, too. I picked that outfit for her ‘cause I knew you would like it. I’m surprised she took her skirt off. ” Moving to me. “I know how much you like to have a dress up on a girls hips while you fuck her. I like it, too.

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       It makes me feel like you can’t wait to be inside me. ” Traci put her hand on my flaccid cock. “I told her how it felt when you fucked my ass with your big dick. Mom’s never had a cock there. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to be licking her pussy while this big piece of meat is in her ass…
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