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Author’s Note: I have too many ideas running through my head. Here’s a single outlet. Theme: Mother/Son Incest. Delilah had always found cute boys attractive when growing up. There was something about their innocent faces that just made her melt and drive her wild. It had been a cute boy she’d lost her virginity too, and a cute boy she’d fathered a child with. Everything else came secondary to him being cute. Henceforth, there lied a grave problem. She had mothered an incredibly cute boy. Whether this was intentional or not, she had brought him up to be her mommy’s boy. It’s not like he had a paternal influence to cooperate with; the only cute thing about his father was his face. Outside, he was an asshole and a criminal who had gone to prison, only to be killed two years into his sentence during a riot. She didn’t particularly miss him but realised it would be hard for the boy. As she was a sucker to her cute boy, she indulged in him anything he wanted, from toys, to outings, to letting friends come over and hang out. She used to even sleep with him at night when he was younger, as it was only the two of them, and she could only afford one bed. However, she knew he wanted his independence and scraped enough money to buy him one.

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   Despite this, he continued to sleep with her as a young child growing up and she was overjoyed that he chose to continue sleeping with her instead of spending those nights lonely. Mind you, when he had been growing up, it had just simply been innocent sleep. This all changed when the boy was 18 As such with humans, he began to go through those certain changes that make a man out of him. Nonetheless, he retained his cuteness and to his mother’s constant delight, he still slept at nights with her, quite innocently. This all changed one particular night. Delilah had hit the sack early, having been worn out from work. She allowed her son, George, to stay up later just so long as he didn’t disturb her coming into bed. She had been resting for a few hours before she heard the door creak open. Bless him; at least he tried to keep his vow, the cute bugger. The boy quietly tiptoed his way to the bed and slipped under the covers. After a little bit of initial turning, he remained on his side, facing his mother and began nodding off. Delilah had been awakened now, but she was too soft to scold her adorable little boy for waking her up. She had already had a good few hours sleep before he had arrived. She turned her back to her child and curled up slightly, pulling the covers. It was when she curled, and inadvertently stuck her bottom back that she felt it.

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   She could feel his manhood against her. It was guarded by the soft fabric of her pyjama bottom and the thin fabric of his boxers. She froze on it and felt it twitch ever so slightly. Nonetheless, she was sure it moved and he hadn’t. She pressed her ass just a little tighter against his groin, but by no means were they tightly against each other. Within a minute, she knew it had increased in size. She was arousing her son in her sleep. And she was enjoying it. She slipped a hand down the front of her pyjama, placing it at her front, rubbing it ever so slightly. There was a mild dampness forming at her crotch. She rubbed her butt cheeks down and up. Now she could feel the head of it pointing in her skin quite distinctly. She slipped her other free hand under her pyjama blouse and pinched a nipple, to feel of this was real. Indeed, it was. She began to play with that nipple, pinching it lightly and squeezing it, whilst stimulating her clitoris to erect.

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   As she did this, she felt a soft rhythm build up as she rubbed herself against his growing member. It was ok, she thought. He would never know. Ignorance is bliss. She started to lose herself in the feeling of sexual ecstasy she had long since forgotten, after her husband had left them. She had devoted herself to her son as a mother and to her job, with no time for dating or men. Now, all those years of pent up repression was flowing out and taking control of her. She failed to realise her son had awoken. She hadn’t felt him begin to move in rhythm with his mother, stimulating his own cock to grow. And he knew the very basics of sex, of what was supposed to happen. And as such, he decided to follow that protocol. As far as he was concerned, this felt good and natural. She didn’t react when he placed his hands on her hips. She failed to feel his fingers slip on the inside of her bottoms. The first sign she felt was when he pulled down her bottoms and panties in one go, uncovering her assailant on his member: her bottom.


       “George!” She squealed, like a she had been caught out. This was bad. He was awake. He knew what she had been doing the whole time. It was over for her. She had ruined her life, just as her husband had. She turned her head back to face her son, who had a concentrated look on his face, staring downwards. It was then she felt his head poke against the underside of her pelvis. Was he trying to put it in her? “George, stop, this is wrong!” Even as she said that, her body betrayed her. Staring into that cute face of his, she could not deny him. As she spoke those words, the hand on her stimulated clit moved over and found his lost cock. She adjusted her position so that it now pressed against the opening of her vagina. Having rubbed herself earlier, there was enough lubrication so that his first attempt succeeded in penetrating her pussy. His hands were at her hips now, and he began to push his dick up her slowly. She almost laughed at her son’s inexperience and you guessed it, how cute she found it.

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       “You’re supposed to go in and out, baby,” she said in a doting way. She glided her hands over his and slid his up to her b cup breasts, showing him how to rub them right and pinch the nipples. At first, he allowed her to control his hand movements, but slowly, he grew more confident and moved them on his own, much his mother’s joy. Meanwhile, their bodies were in sync as he slowly drove his dick in and out of her pussy, though he never fully left it. However, he suddenly felt a desperate urge in his balls and penis and he reacted without warning: he drove the entire length of it into his mother’s cervix, causing her to jolt in shock. There, he climaxed and began to ejaculate loads after load of semen into his mother. Delilah knew this was a terrible thing to happen, with the worse consequence become very possible. Yet, she was too caught up in the moment. She was so close to climaxing too, it only needed a little more. As he shot one particular big load, he squeezed her nipples hard and that was the stimulation she needed. She snapped her head back and practically screamed as her pussy exploded in a sea of cum. As her orgasm subsided, she felt that the last of George’s cum had diminished and his erection has softened, but he remained inside, unsure of what to do. Delilah smiled and pulled herself off his limp dick, freeing it. She now turned over to her son. “Did you enjoy yourself, George?” “Yes, Mummy, I did.

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       Can we do that again?” With a face like his, there was no way Delilah could refuse. Author’s Note: Well, I’m glad I got that out of the way. Quite efficiently too, it took less than an hour. And I think this was my first incest story. .



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