Topic: TORMENTING TUTOR Tormenting tutor.
 Tutor was such a tease,but mum was my teacher. Now at college a supple change happened for us male pupils and the female one's as well. Until now we had not been in co-ed. That is we had had only male teacher's as did the girls have only female ones.
 Suddenly us lads found we could have either depending on the subjects involved. Only days into college our group left at the end of the hot sticky afternoon studies red faced and not one walking off home that afternoon could not have had a hardon. The reason was our first encounter with a female tutor. She treated us like men rather than kids and instead of formally sitting or standing in front of us,she sat on our various desk tops with us getting a clear look up her rather short skirt. There before us were her panties and stocking tops/suspenders. No tights/pantyhose,presumably we thought because of the clammy conditions that prevailed.
 On reflection,we reckoned she'd perfected this control of us as a buzz. Who cared,we lost all interest in our studies and litterally panted as too who would get the best look-see. Of course the pussy became the target but no one got that much. I did see some spider legs peeping out her knicker legs though as she stretched and turned while seated to nearly catch my mate making a very suggestive hand movement by his nether region. Having noted the faint trace of her secret smile as she turned back towards me,catching me nearly sticking my eyeball on her thigh,I needed to get home PDQ to play masterbater to my rock hard beast before it split open with the pressure.

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 Worse was to follow! Heading at a high rate into my house,I took the stairs two at a time only to be stopped in my tracks by mum's voice, "High young man,I've been waiting for you to get home" - Fuck! I'd forgot mum - "I'm in here,we need to talk. Its about those sheets of yours" - Fuck! with a hardon I had no way of hiding,here I was being told to present myself to mum and I was pretty sure I knew what she was on about. My spunky sheets,it had to be!
 I tentatively stuck my head round her bedroom door making sure my body,well hardon,was hidden behind the door jam. I wanted to vapourize as I took in the scene. Mum was sat on the corner of her bed facing me, - that wasn't a problem, - It was what I could see that shook me rigid. "Hot and sticky don't you reckon. LIKE THOSE SHEETS I HAD TO TAKE OFF YOUR BED THIS MORNING! What a waste" I heard but was dumb struck,mum was sat as I said but her top was off and her bra' was pulled above her tits. Even more of a shock was the absents of her knickers. My eyes roved up and down her body,a very sexy body that I'd gone to great lengths in the past to get a look at,then wanked myself stupid having succeded on occasions.
 Now there it was hard nipples on large quite firm tits with their oreoles all puckered up while a brown bush wrapping itself around a pertly highly visible pair of pussy lips drove my eyeballs to distraction. "College has finished for today but your lesson hasn't. You must wank at least twice a day to get your sheets that covered in your cum" - She rolled backwards as she put hands to pussy and pulled the lightly tanned inner lips apart showing a very damp pink inner slit. - "A lesson is what I'm going to give you,come out from behind that door and show me,I know you were hurrying up to wank yourself off,come on lets see it" I timidly let my bulge appear from behind the door post.
 "Ever had it in with any of those girls at school? no college" - "No not yet" - "Bet you've thought you'd like too though" - Nothing gets past mum, - "That's embarrassing mum" - "Come on,you're not a kid now,just look at you,hard as iron and you ain't blinked since I pulled my pussy open for you to look at it. Go on get it out,your father is long gone and I've been dreaming of this day for ages, go on lets see it and get over here and put that sperm of yours just where you dream its going each time I hear your bed squeaking.

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   Inside a sperm hungry pussy and this one is starving" I must admit,mum laying spread eagled with her quim virtually wide open waiting to be fucked was,oh so slutty,I knew I was destined to fuck her forever.
 Okay so I hesitated,after all lusting a tutor is different from lusting a mum,my mum. By now my cock was out and though I say it myself,there was plenty for mum to quench her sperm starved quim on. With precum now in abundance.  "Go on stick it up there while I masterbate. Ever seen a woman doing that?" - God as her finger started to show me my first girl wank my balls told me go stick it up her before its to late. I dropped to my knees and thrust it at her pussy,it slipped up inside her warm smooth slippery vagina and as she gasped the stupid cock of mine shot cum all inside and over her pussy. - "God mum,sorry,it cum so quick,I've shot it in and all over you" - "Go on then do me somemore,premature ejaculation shouldn't stop you from going again. Can you? OO! Just think,I made my own son come before he's had a real fuck on his own mother,I knew I was right,you like me,have been hoping to get me to fuck with you you have I know you have. That's why I decided to show you my tits and cunt today. This sweltering heat helped,I've been masterbating off and on all day willing you to hurry home and you did"
 I had lost all thought of whose pussy I was in,I started to fuck her brains out and as she rose towards her own climax, - "Finger it as you fuck it,I'm losing control of my finger" _ "Mum,my sperm,what shall I do,were do I put it?" - "Inside me,as much as you can make,god the sensation of feeling a cock spit up inside me is exactly the most satifying feeling I reckon I've ever felt" - With a screech she went into orgasm as my beast glued the walls of her closely fitting pussy. She bit at my neck as I felt pulse after pulse of her pussy muscles squeezing my hardon. - "More,do me more,can you go again?" A flash of the tutors pussy hiding under those pink panties and my brute was off again deep in my mother's pussy.
 I could feel her soft spongy outer pussy squelching against my sac and the stickiness making her lips cling at my cock and balls made me tingle as mum now started fucking me with a vengeance. In an instant she'd pulled me out,rolled over,stripped off and pounced back on my cock with a sexy squelch as I again sunk my cock right up to our pubes.

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   - "Fuck,what a hard dick,those sheets of yours will never again be wet,but mine will be covered in our cum if you want it to be" We clung now jointly hugging as her fangs dug hard at my neck, "Fuck! Sorry,tell them it was a girl,for fucks sake don't say your horny mother gave you a love bite" - "Mum,if you want to bite,go ahead and bite,I'm not daft,I know we shouldn't but when it comes to teaching,you're the tops in my book"
 She clung harder and fucked deeper until with my thigh muscles now stretching and aching I pumped another throb of goo up mum's cunt,it done for her with belly trembling she orgasmed,once twice three times as our juices ran out and down my thighs,scrotum and stuck us together like glue. She collapsed her full weight on me,exhauted for the moment. I whispered in her ear, "That biting thing of yours mum,I enjoyed the lesson so much,you can bite my dick if it pleases you" - She lifted her head contentedly, - "Bite,suck,I'll eat it for you but now I've tried it where it needs to be,I'll skip the eating part and settle for my pussy to eat a regular meal of your sperm"
 "Oh yeah mum! The sperm thing. What if" Her hand put a finger to my mouth, "Let me worry about that,like I said the sensation of your spitting it in my cervix is simply unresistable" We slept for a while and then still all gooey,we started all over again. Its so hot in mum's bed tonight,but I'll just suffer the heat as our squelching bodies stick together as our gentle thrusting starts again. - 'Eat your heart out tutor,you show me it while mum gives me it you little prick teaser"



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