Growing up, my sister and I had always been real close. We were born only a year apart, so we had behaved like twins. I was born first, which I occasionally teased my sister about. We always shared everything and when puberty came we shared intimate details.

Our mother and father were nudists, so we always went naked around the house. I got to see my sister develop into a fine young woman. Her breasts were an ample 36D, like our mother's. My cock was 7 inches long with a 3inch girth. (My sister had always liked my cock. )

Since she was little, my sister has been afraid of thunderstorms and has come into my room and slept with me whenever one occurred at night. This worked out fine until one summer night when I was 18 and she was 18

There was a violent thunderstorm outside, lots of lighting, wind, and thunder as well as heavy rain. My sister came into my room and got into bed with me as usual. She curled up with me, pressing her trembling breasts against my chest. My cock was against her belly.

As it sometimes did, the situation made me horny and my rock-hard cock pressed into my sister's belly. Instead of ignoring it like she usually did, my sister kissed me on my lips.

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   Then she shocked me and told me: “ Cuddling with you, big brother, during a thunderstorm has always made me feel safe. But when you get hard, it also makes me horny. I've never thanked you enough for comforting me. Now let's do what we both know we want; fuck like crazy!”

I answered her the only way I could at the moment, I gave her a big kiss on her sweet lips. Then we slowly assumed a 69 position. As I started liking her clit and she took my cock in her mouth, I noticed she had stopped trembling. Moments later, she and I orgasmed and she filled my mouth with her sweet pussy juices and I filled hers with my hot, fresh cum.

Then we shifted back around and engaged in a deep, sensual french kiss, tasting our own juices. When we finished the kiss, I was hard again. My sister quickly spread her legs and I eased into her tight, wet cunt. We slowly began to fuck, gradually going faster and faster, with her meeting me thrust for thrust.

Soon we were fucking like mad, both of us moaning with pleasure. Our lovemaking was as violent as the storm outside. We were both less sensitive this time, so we were able to fuck for quite awhile. My sister climaxed several times before we came together with thunderous orgasms, soaking my sheets with our mutual sweat and juices.

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Luckily the violent storm outside had kept our parents from hearing us. Both my sister and I had had sex before and she was on the pill. But both of us agreed that the sex we just had was the best sex we had ever had (after we regained our senses that is).

“You know what, big brother, I think making love with you has cured my fear of thunderstorms. ” Really, I said, does that mean we won't be sleeping together anymore? “No it doesn't. ” she said with a big grin on her face. “I'm not going to tell mom and dad that I'm no longer afraid of thunderstorms. Every time there is a thunder storm; you and I are going to have the best sex ever!” I'm glad to hear that I said. Then I gave her a long deep kiss.
Then we made love again and fell asleep in a lover's embrace. Our parents never found out and my sister and I still have wild sex as much as we can today.



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