This Weekend With Lyn and Her Family


Lyn is the slender and all but flat asian girl that I have really taken a liking to. She is breatiful, long black hair a flawless complection. She has been taken with me also and we spend time together outside of school and since I was the teacher (subtitute) for her history as we met and others in her class I thought that doing any work at her school would not be a good idea, but, we still meet a lot and go out or she just comes over to stay now that her parents know, and to our surprise, approve of a lesbian/bi relationship. Here is how we were found out. I was talking to Lyn on the phone between classes on day and she said her parents were out of town all weekend and that I could come over and stay and we could have the house and pool all to ourselves. I agreed and so, Friday I told Steve (husband) that I would be at her house. He had the house number and of course my cell if needed. We had a good time that morniong before I left and kissed good bye for the weekend. I was wet all day thinking of Lyn and finaly at last bell jumped in the car and drove to a store near her school and there she was waiting. We got back into the car and drove a couple blocks and stopped and kissed passionately and she began giving me direstions to her house. She lives in a gated community outside of Athens and we drove there and went into the community to her home. As we drove up I was shocked at the house she lived in and we jumped out of the car and almost ran to the door. We got insie and lovked the door and she tuned and literally tore my blouse off me and dove betwen my tits, kissing and biting them al over leaving teeth marks and hickies all over them.

"Hey sweetheart, we have all weekend, remember?" I said catching my breath. "I know, but it has been a week and I need to do it now, please?" she said and so, I undressed her too and on the living room floor we made love. About midnight we came downstairs and got some wine and lounged on the sofa and watched a couple movies while we kissed and carressed eaach other.

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   Before long she slipped betwen my legs and began biting my clit and sucking on it hard and made me moan loud. "Do you like that when I eat you Tess?" she teased me. "Oh you know I do, now finish it so I can soak that lovely face with an orgasm. " I told her and she slipped her fingers, then hand and then forarm inside me and began ramming my pussy nice and hard and deep. I was just on the point of an orgasm and she suddenly stopped and sat back. I grabed for her but she stayed out of my reach. "What are you doing to me?" I moaned. "Beg me to finish" she said smiling. "Oh fuck, please finish. " I moaned again. "No, really beg me, say please," she laughed at my hips moving around looking for an orgasm. "Please Lyn, please do it, please make me cum. " I was really begging. She leaned back forward and slipped her hand in, then I felt streached some and looking down saw her other hand next to it, slipping in too. I moaned "Oh yeh, do it good for me sweetheart.

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  " I moaned and she slipped both hands inside my gaping pussy. She was now in total control of me and soon had me almost screaming thru and orgasm. After I sprayed her arms and face and hair she slipped them out and laid next to me kissing me, "I love you Tess, did you know that?" she whispered in my ear. "I love you too Lyn. " I said to her and we finished the bottle of wine kissing as we drank it down. She moved over my face and I ate her slowly and made sure she got all the pleasure she had given to me and somehow we fell asleep in that lovely 69 position. The lights had been off or very low when we fell asleep and now suddely they were bright and shot thru my eyelids. Followed by two voices speaking in very excited Chinese and then yelling. Lyn jumped up and covered herself with a shirt and tried to find something for me but we had come downstairs that night, her with her shirt and my clothes in the bedroom. I tried to cover my chest and pussy and did not succeed. Instead I ran upstairs since I was here having lesbian sex with a minor. I tried to put on my skirt and blouse but the blouse was hopelessley torn from Lyn's passioanate attack earlier that night. I pulled it together and looked downstairs where Lyn, stil half naked stood in front of her mother and father and they were motioning with their hands and had stopped yelling. Now they were talking but not calmly. I met her eyes and she motioned for me to come down.

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   She reached out her hand and took mine and pulled me to her side. She introduved me to them as if she was only a little nervous. I cannot pronounce their names but they both looked at me up and down and began, "So we understand that you have been lovers with our daughter and you are one of her teachers. " "Well, yes, I have but I did not mean for it to happen. " I said very nervous for a long time. I held my torn blouse trying to close it but it simply would not cover the most important parts. Both of them were looking at my chest and speaking to each other. Her father reached out and said, let your blouse fall open please. " he said and I did, stunned and he spoke to Lyn's mother and she spoke back to him and both suddenly smiled. He reached over and touched my neck and a pain went thru it and I went to my knees. I rubbed my neck and said, "Hey, what the hell was that? and then looking up he had taken his cock out of his pants and now stepped to my face. "You will suck it, do it now. " he commanded me. I took it, maybe 6 inches long, into my mouth and began doing as he had said. He moved his hips slowly and was enjoying my mouth when his load suddenly filled my mouth and I swallowed it down and my pussy got wet.

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   His wife was now naked and she had only a little more chest than did Lyn and she had sat on the couch and her legs were apart. "Now pleasure my wife. " he said and I went to her. She sat up and grabbed my tits and began pinching them hard, harder that Lyn had and soon I cried out but in pleasure not pain. She leaned forward and her face to mine said, "I hate other women that have big tits, I may cut them off before I let you go. First, eat my cunt. " she said and pushed my face into a very hairy unshaved pussy. I felt myself faint as I tried to breathe and she held it there forbidding me air. . . . " Part two later love, Tess.