This is out little secret part 2 (The next weekend)


The next morning when I woke up I was alone in my bed. I got up and left my room, the house was quiet so I walked down stairs looking for my mother but she wasn’t there. I looked at the clock and saw that it was only ten so I grabbed some breakfast and went back up to my room to watch some TV.
A couple of hours past and she still wasn’t home but at around four I heard the front door. I gave it five minutes before I got up and walked out of my room and onto the landing. When I did I could hear more than one voice. “Shit!” I said to myself when I remembered that my brothers were staying for the week. So I walked down stairs and into the living room. “Joe!!” My little brother shouted before running up to me. “Alright kid. ” I said. As I hugged my brother I looked up at my mother who was staring at me but when we made eye contact she looked away, she had a look of guilt on her face. After a few minutes talking to my brothers I took them to the football field to have a kick about. My mother hadn’t said a word to me.
That night I was going out so I did the usual preparation, shit, shower and shave but when I left the bathroom to walk across the landing to my room in just a towel my mother came out of her room. We both stopped and looked at each other.

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   The tension was quite intense and we both didn’t speak. I hadn’t yet dried myself so my skin was glistening and had water running down it and I could see her looking me up and down. After about a minute of us just staring at each other I was just about to say something to her when, “Joe can I play on your PS3?” came a voice behind me. Just then my mother broke eye contact, looked down at the floor and walked past me and walked down the stairs. I turned around to face my brother, “yeah course you can. Just give me ten minutes and I will put it on for you I’ve just got to get ready first. ” I said “Okay Joe. ” He replied while turning around and following my mother down the stairs.
That evening followed its usual pattern my friends and I hitting a few bars before hitting the local night clubs till the early morning, whilst consuming vast amounts of alcohol. We finally left at around 3:30am and we all went to the local kebab shop for some food before sharing a taxi home. I was the second drop off along the way so I got out of the taxi and said bye to my friends before walking around the back of my house and in through the back door. The house was quiet so I walked through the hall into the living room where the couch had been made into a bed for me since I lost my bed to my brothers for the week. I was pissed anyway so I took my clothes off and went to sleep in just my boxers.
The next day passed very quickly I took my brothers to the beach for the day and we got home at around six. I wasn’t going out that night so when I got in I had a quick shower and just put some shorts and a t-shirt on.

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   My plan was to spend the night in my room out of the way. I was board shitless and was sick of doing nothing so I decided to go down stairs and sit with my brothers. When I walked into the living room they were watching a film. It was the Simpsons movie and it was near the beginning so I sat down and watched it with them. I sat on a chair while my mother and brothers were on the couch. By now it was nine and my mother was dressed for bed she was wearing her silk gown. About half way through the film I looked towards her and she must have seen me out the corner of her eye because she turned her head to look at me. There was a definite connection and during the rest of the film we repeatedly looked at each other.
After the film had ended my mother took my brothers up to bed and I started to set my bed up on the couch and five minutes later my mother returned to the living room. As she walked in she didn’t say anything to me she walked over to the coffee table that was in front of me, she leaned forward to pick the cups and plates off it and as she did her gown opened just enough for me to see down into it. I could see her tits hanging down and every time she moved her arms they would move. I couldn’t see what she was wearing but the sight of her tits got me hard. Once she gathered the plates and cups together she picked them up and took them into the kitchen. I was tempted to follow her but my cock was standing to full attention and I wasn’t sure how she would take it. So I just sat there on the couch for a couple of minutes rubbing my cock gently.

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   I could hear the clattering of cups and plates in the next room while she was washing up and then it stopped followed by the sound of the kitchen door closing.
The next thing I see the living room door opening again and in steps my mother. She closes the door behind her then stops and looks at me. I feel the tension in the air building. I look at her. Her smooth tanned legs shining in the light, her gown just open enough for me to see the slightest bit of cleavage teasing me. She then took two steps towards me. I knew I had to make a move, so I got up off the couch, cock pitching a tent in my shorts. She then took the three remaining steps up to me, she then raised her hands and slid them up my chest onto my shoulders then behind my neck as she moved in for the kiss. Passion and lust then took over, I fell back onto the couch followed by my mother our hands rubbing all over each other’s bodies, she straddles me and she helps me take my t-shirt off and throws it onto the floor. I pull her gown open exposing what’s underneath, she’s wearing a black silk night gown that reaches down to her thighs. I grab the front of it and pull it down and her tits fall out.
I raise my hands to them and squeeze them, I then take her nipple in my mouth and suck on it and lick it till it’s hard. I pinch her other nipple and she lets out a moan. She reaches down and slips her hand into my shorts and pulls out my cock, right then I move my hands down to my waist and I push my shorts down as far as I can, I then lift up her night gown and I see she isn’t wearing any panties, she guides my cock towards her pussy, she then starts to rub my cock against her clit, she moans again.

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   I can feel the heat coming off her pussy. Right then we hear, “Mum!!!!” coming from outside the door. “Shit” she says while jumping up off me and covering herself up as fast as she can while I’m pulling my shorts up. There’s a brief pause and we just look at each other, her nipples are still erect and are poking through her night gown as well as her gown. She’s all red and flustered, she raises her hand to her mouth and gently rubs her lips then, “Mum!!” It’s one of my brother's, she gives a short sharp blow and composes herself, turns round and walks to the door, pausing for a second before walking out into the hall leaving me on my own. I sit and listen,
“What do you want?” I hear my mother say.
“Michael keeps kicking me. ” He replied,
“Do you two always have to fight,” she says then I hear her walk up the stairs.
I sit there in silence, my cock’s rock hard, I couldn’t believe that had just happened again not just me and her almost having sex again the fact we were interrupted, I was gutted. After five minutes I could hear someone walking down the stairs, shortly after my mother walked back into the room closing the door behind her. I stood up and walked towards her. I grabbed her and kissed her. She kissed me back before breaking it up,
“We can’t!” She said,
“Why?” I replied in rather frustrated manner,
“Not while the boys are here. We just can’t. They could have caught us just then.

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  ” She said, I was gutted but I knew she was right.
“What do we do now?” I asked,
“We can talk, I guess. Maybe kiss a little, just not that. ”
I let out a sigh and she took my hand and we walked over to the couch and sat down. I put my arm around her and she snuggled up to me placing her head onto my chest. She looked down at my shorts gave out a little laugh and said,
“Still hard I see?”
“Yeah,” I replied,
“Well we might have to do something about that before I go up to bed. ”
“Yeah we might. So what do we talk about?”I said,
“I don’t know. . . How about the other night?” She said
“Okay. ” I said.
“What did you think when you saw me getting fucked of Peter?” she asked,
“I guess I was shocked at first but it really turned me on seeing it. ”
“What turned you on about it?” she asked,
“I don’t know. .

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  . I guess just watching you get fucked really hard and all those noises you were making, it was incredible. ”
“Would you like to see me get fucked again?” She said while looking up at me,
“Yeah. But how?”
“I’m sure we will come up with something, perhaps we can do it next weekend when the boy’s go back to their dads?” she said,
“Yeah. ” “I thought that you were amazing the other night, it’s rare to find a man that knows what he’s doing. And where did you learn that trick with the fingers in my arse that was one of the best orgasms that I’ve ever had. ” She said, “An ex taught me. ” I said.
By now she had her hand on my dick stroking it through my shorts and then she reached underneath the bottom of my shorts and pulled my dick out. She then stood up and turned to face me and knelt down in front of me between my legs. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke it. She then pulled me so my arse was hanging over the edge of the couch. She then pulled back my foreskin and placed the tip of my dick into her mouth. She sucked the tip of my dick really hard, it felt as if all of my blood was going to my dick and I started to feel light headed, she then started to raise her head while sucking hard on my cock to the point when her mouth broke contact with a loud pop.
She then licked my shaft from balls to tip in one long slow motion, once she reached the tip she lifted her head and opened her mouth and slowly started to take my cock slowly into her mouth, I could feel the saliva building in her mouth.

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   She inched her head down on my cock until she had six inches in and she started to choke a little she then lifted her head and opened her mouth as wide as she could then went back down forcing as much of my cock down her throat as she could she was choking herself and this turned me on even more. When she lifted her head up again a big thick string of saliva hung from my dick to the mouth she then started to suck on my balls while stroking my dick with her hand.
My balls are now coated with saliva and she looks up at me, she has saliva all around her mouth and on her chin and cheeks, she then returns her mouth to my cock. She starts to bob her head on my cock sucking and slurping each time her head does up and down, it feels so good my whole bodies tingling. She cups my balls with her hand while she’s sucking, I now start to feel an orgasm building, “I’m getting close. ” I said, she looks up at me and she removes her hand from my balls, she pulls her head away from my cock again there’s a string of saliva she reaches her hand up and grabs it and starts to rub her fingers in it. She then starts to suck again. I feel her hand near my balls. I’m getting closer by the second then I grab her head, “I’m going to cum,” right then she jams two fingers into my arse hole, just as I cum and she takes as much of my cock as she can.
 Oh my lord it felt amazing as I start to pump sperm into my mother’s mouth, the pleasures too much, my whole bodies shaking and she chokes a little. After around a minute I start to come down, she removes her fingers from my arse and releases my cock from her mouth. She then sits up and looks at me. She opens her mouth and shows me all my spunk that’s in her mouth, she brings it right up to her lips as if she’s going to spit it out and then she sucks it back in and swallows it and stands up leans over and kisses me passionately on the lips our tongues caressing together. “Night. ” She says softly in my ear before turning around and walking over to the door, she looks back at me before opening the door and walking out leaving me sat there with my shorts around my ankles.

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That week went by really slowly every day I was at work and all I could think about was her, I was horney as fuck and I couldn’t concentrate. I’d get home on the night and I wouldn’t be able to do anything with her because of my brothers we had a few brief conversations about the weekend but I still wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Then finally came Saturday. My brother’s dad came to pick them up at dinner time. Finally we have the house to ourselves. As soon as the door closed I turned to her, “Right. What’s happening tonight?” I said rather excitedly.
“Well I’m going to go out with the girls and I’m going to try to pull a bloke and bring him back here and fuck him and you’re going to watch. ” She said sounding like she has it all planned.
“How am I going to watch?” I ask.
“I’ve been thinking about that and I’ve cleared some space in my wardrobe and you can keep an eye out for me and jump in there when I get home and you can watch me through the gap in the doors. ”
“That’s not going to work. ”
“It will come on, I’ll show you. ”
She runs up the stairs and I follow and we walk into her room, she has full mirrored sliding wardrobes and she opens the end one, “See? You can sit there and you can look through this gap, just leave the middle door open a touch. ”
“He’ll see me.

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  ” I said sounding rather worried,
“He won’t watch,”
she turned around and walked over to her window and closed the blinds and the curtains making the room darker but still rather light because of the light coming in from outside, she then turned her lamp on,
“this is all the light that there will be. Watch. ”
She walks over to the wardrobes and gets in and sits down and closes the door, “See?” She said I can see the bed. Now go over to the bed can you see me?” I walked over to the bed, “No. ” She opens the door and gets out, “Told you. All you have to do is be quiet, we can also video tape it with that camera that your dad gave you for your birthday, we can put it on that shelf between the picture frames all you have to do is turn it on when we get back, I’ve checked and you can only see it if you really look and it’s a good angle. ” “How much thought have you put into this?” I asked her, “I’ve been thinking about this all week, it’s going to work. ” She walks over to me and kisses me “Now all we have to do is wait till tonight. ” She said. With that she left the room.
Later that afternoon we set everything up I’d charged the camera and I placed it on the shelf between the picture frames and she was right it was hard to spot when there’s no light.  Then at six she started to get ready and I insisted that I watch, I ran a bath for her with bubble bath and once it was ready we walked into the bathroom where she proceeded to strip, off came her top exposing a black bra and then she slowly pulled down her jeans sticking her arse out towards me and shaking it as she pulled them down exposing a matching thong. She then turned to face me and reached back and unhooked her bra and let it slowly fall off her exposing her beautiful breasts, she then removed her thong and was now standing three feet away from me naked. She had obviously been to a beauty salon because her legs and pussy were freshly waxed. She then proceeded to climb into the bath.

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The water came up to her breasts just covering her nipples she looked so sexy as she started to rub her body down. I wanted to join her badly but I resisted. I watched her for around twenty minutes, just watching her follow her ritual before she stood up. I grabbed a towel and helped her out of the bath, water dripping down off her. Her whole body shimmering in the light, she took the towel and started to pat herself down with it, starting on her breasts and working her way down to her legs, it was so hot. She then wrapped the towel around her and walked out of the bathroom across the landing to her bedroom followed by me. She walked over to her drawers and opened one,
“Do you want to pick what I’m going to wear tonight?” She said,
I walked over to her and looked in and immediately I my eyes were drawn to one particular set it was a red bra lased with black lace there was also a matching thong.
“This!” I said.
“Ok now what should I wear over it?”
I walked over to her wardrobe and had a look inside, I then saw the perfect dress it was a red satin bow dress that would hug her curves and show of those great tits, it was strapless and went down to just above her knees. Very classy I thought to myself.
“This. ”
I said she then hung it on the back of her door and she walked over to her dresser and I just lay on her bed watching as she put her makeup on, not that she ever wore much, then she did her hair. She then stood up and walked over to the bed,
“What do you think?” she said and I stood up
“Beautiful. ” I said,
I then pulled her towel off and  pushed her onto the bed then quickly got down and started to lick her pussy,
“Joe no. Sandra will be here soon,” she said, but it was too late,
I continued to lick her pussy and I looked up and saw her playing with her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples.


   Then we heard a knock on the front door,
“Fucking hell!!” I said, she quickly jumped up,
“Shit she’s here, I’m not ready. ”
“Relax I’ll let her in. ” I said while walking to the door,
“Oh and you might want to put a tiny bit of red lip stick on. Not too much though. ”
I walked out the door and ran down the stairs to the front door, I had a quick check to see if I had an erection, I didn’t so I opened the door,
“Hello Joe. Is she ready?” Sandra asked,
“No she’s upstairs getting dressed. ”  I replied,
“Okay hun. I’ll see myself up. ”
With that she walked up stairs and I walked into the living room and put the TV on. Fifteen minutes later I hear them coming down the stairs and the front door opening. The living room door opens and my mother walks in. She looked stunning the dress fitted her perfectly and it accentuated her curves and made her tits look huge, she had put the red lip stick on like I said and she had done it perfectly.
“Okay then. I’ll see you later,” she said while giving me a cheeky wink.
With that she walked out and left me alone in the house.

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   With that I shot into action, I ran upstairs and made one last check of her room, I even put a cushion on the floor of her wardrobe to sit on. I then checked the curtains were closed and I made sure everything was tidy. I checked the clock and it was only nine and I had no idea what time she was coming home. So I went and sat in my room which faces the road and opened my window so I could hear any approaching cars and I turned on my TV on low. The next three hours were torture every car that drove by I would look to see if it was her.
Then at ten past twelve I heard a car pull up I looked out and saw it was her and she wasn’t alone. I jumped up quickly took my shorts and t-shirt off, turned my TV off, ran out of my room and across to my mother’s room, I ran over to the camera and turned it on then I ran round her bed to the wardrobe, sat down and closed the door. I am now sat there in the dark naked waiting. I can hear the front door open, I could also hear voices and giggling. Then there were footsteps on the stairs, I have to try and calm myself down because my hearts beating really hard, then the bedroom door opens, and I could hear footsteps in the room,
“It’s dark turn the light on. ” I heard a male voice say.
“I am two seconds. ”
The lamp goes on and the room is softly filled with light. I can see out into the room there’s a man standing at the foot of her bed, he’s about 6’4” athletic build wearing a white shirt and jeans. I see my mother walk up to him,
“Now remember you have to leave afterwards cause my sons going to be home tonight.

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She said, “Yeah no problem. ”
With that they start to kiss and she wastes no time in unbuttoning his shirt with his help. He then took it of revealing a six pack and hard pecks, she then reaches down and undoes his belt and unbuttons his jeans and then gets down on her knees in front of him and reaches up and hooks her fingers into the waist band of his jeans pulling them down revealing a soft cock that must be a good 5 inches long.
    After he steps out of his jeans, they are now standing side on to me. She takes his cock in her hands and starts to stroke it while licking the tip with her tongue and it starts to grow. She then starts to suck it and every time she lifts her head up its bigger, then she lifts her head away from it. It’s standing to full attention and must be around 18 inches and is really thick his balls hang there and they’re huge as well.
    She starts to suck on one of is balls while stroking his cock I can hear sucking and slurping noises, he lets out a grown, as she pulls the front of her dress down exposing her bra, which she then pulls down letting her tits hang loose. She then sits up and starts slapping his cock off her tits which makes her nipples hard. I am now stroking my dick while watching this.
    “You like that,” she says
    “Yeah. Now suck my dick baby. ”
    She then positions herself slightly to the side of him just enough so she can see where I am. She takes his cock into her hand and guides it to her mouth, looking in my direction the whole time, she then starts bobbing her head up and down really fast followed by her sticking his cock as far down her throat as she possible could choking in the process she then pulls it out taking a gasp of air at the same time. She then stands up, turns around and pulls down her dress and takes it off, right then he spanks her arse with a loud snapping noise.

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       I was right she looked amazing in those bra and panties. She then reaches behind her and unclips her bra and removes it  and then her panties and turns to face me giving me a full frontal look at her and a side on view of him, she turns her head and while rubbing her pussy says,
    He nods and she climbs onto the bed facing down the bed still side on to me and he steps up behind her and she reaches back and grabs his cock and positions it at the entrance to her pussy. He then slowly starts to thrust gently in and out edging his monster in and out of her pussy. After a couple of minutes most of his cock is in from what I could see there was around 8” of his cock in her pussy and he was beginning to trust harder and faster, my mother’s tits started to swing backwards and forwards and she started to rock back onto his cock, taking it deeper and deeper into her pussy until after a couple of minutes he was sliding his whole cock into her, she turned her head my way as she started to fuck this cock harder and harder, the pleasure she was getting was evident on her face, she was loving it.
    Then he started going fully at it, pumping his cock in and out as fast as he could their bodies pounding together, my mother’s moaning like crazy they’re both going at it full on, and then he starts to slow down my mother reaches back and pulls him out. She then stands up and leads him by the cock to my side of the bed, I could see the sweat running down his forehead and chest, my mother pushes him down onto the bed so that his cock is facing me now I have a front view of it and it is huge, she climbs onto the bed and straddles him facing me she then reaches forward and grabs his cock and she gets into position and starts to take it into her pussy. She then reaches leans back onto her hands with her legs out in front and to the side. She’s now fucking him reverse cowgirl facing me,
    I can see his cock sliding into her, as she finds her rhythm she starts to take more and more of his cock in till eventually I can hear her arse slamming down on him, every so often she would lift up as far as the tip of his cock then she would slam down devouring it in a split second, as she’s doing this he reaches up and starts squeezing her tits and she’s looking my way the whole time pleasure etched into her face, he then grabs her hips,
    “I’m going to cum!!” he shouts,
    “No!! Don’t cum inside me!!”
    She jumps of and rolls off the bed  and gets onto her knees as he stands up off the bed just feet away from me and they’re still side on, she looks up at him,
    “Cum on my tits.
    I’ve always wanted a man’s load over my tits!!”
    that sent him over the edge, she straightened up and pushed her chest out
    “Oh!!!” he grunted,
    I could see his entire body tense up and followed by a spasm and a jerk as streams of cum started to squirt out of his dick blasting onto my mother’s tits, chest, neck and chin. It was the biggest load that I have ever seen he was stroking his cock trying to get more and more out until he was done my mother grabbed his dick and put her mouth to it and sucked the tip he shuddered,
    “ahh!! Stop. . . Stop!” He said as he pulled his dick away.
    My mother sat back onto her heals,
    “Can you let yourself out I need to get cleaned up?” she said,
    with that he walked over and picked up his jeans, pulled the legs right and stepped into them and pulled them up his cock wasn’t soft yet so he had to squeeze it into them he then picked his shirt up,
    “Will I see you again?” he asked,
    “I don’t know maybe. ” She replied,
    “Then I’ll see you around then?”

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       Have you got everything?” she said.
    “Yeah. See you later. ”
    With that he turned and walked out the bedroom door, I waited where I was, I could hear him going down the stairs and then the front door open and close, that’s when I made my move I opened the wardrobe door and walked passed my mother and out onto the landing and looked down the stairs. He was gone, so I quickly ran down stairs and locked the front door before running back up to my mother’s room. As I walked in she was stood facing me, cum running down off her tits town her stomach, down to her pussy and dripping down onto the floor. We both standing there naked and my cock is rock hard, she grabbed her tit and lifted it to her mouth and sucked some cum off her nipple, it was so sexy it was untrue,
    “Did you enjoy that you naughty boy?”
    I just nodded I was too turned on for words, I walked up to her,
    “does this turn you on?
    Me dripping in cum?” She ran her finger over her breasts gathering cum then she sucked on her finger.
    “Tastes good! I think you should lick it off me. ” She said.
    I was in a trance I was that turned on I wasn’t thinking at all so I crouched down and licked all the way from her belly button to her chin gathering up a huge amount of cum. We then kissed sharing his cum between us, she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it slowly. She broke the kiss,
    “You dirty boy!!” She had a look in her eye like a woman possessed, she lay down on the bed,
    “I want you to lick me clean!” She commanded.
    With that I climbed onto the bed and started to lick her chest first, then her tits, I was slurping it up there was so much, swallowing most of it I then worked my way down to her pussy which was gapped open from his fat cock, I started to slurp his cum off her clit,
    “Oh my God that’s it!!!” She screamed, with that I took my mouth full of cum and got myself up on top of her, she opened her mouth and I let it drip in off my tongue slowly she then lifted her head up to suck what was left off the tip of my tongue.
    “Now I want you to fuck me!!”
    With that I got off her and she rolled over and got up onto all fours as I got up off the bed and positioned myself behind her, I placed the tip of my cock against her pussy and it slid in, I started to pump my cock in and out of her, I could tell that it was well stretched but it didn’t mattered as she was clenching her pussy around my cock making it tighter as I started to fuck her harder and faster. I then stopped and she rolled over and I climbed on top of her now I can see her tits bouncing up and down in front of me as I fucked away at her pussy with her thrusting her hips to meet me thrusts,
    “Oh my God I’m going to cum!” She shouted,
    I started to pump as fast as I could she wrapped her arms and legs around my body and she screamed and right then I could feel her cum around my cock.

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       I could feel my orgasm building so I quickly pulled out and climbed up onto her and started to stroke my cock to the point of climax, my mother sat up as much as she could and squeezed her tits together, as I squirted my load all over them and it just kept going squirt after squirt I couldn’t believe how much there was and I fell into a heap onto the bed beside her exhausted, she sat up and looked at me and smiled, “You not done yet. Lick it up!”
    Please leave feed back in you enjoy. . . .