This is our little secret part 3


Topic: This is our little secret part three. . . . something specialWe started to do this every week my mom would go out bring some random man home, fuck him and when he left I’d fuck her. We did have some disappointments one guy had a really small cock and another guy shot his load after literally ten seconds. My mom was starting to get a reputation around the town but we didn’t really care, it made it far easier for her to pick up a bloke. Obviously I would defend her honour if somebody said anything but the most I heard was a mate saying your mum’s getting about a bit. Needless to say the black eye he then had for the best part of two weeks made sure nobody else said anything.
We were now well practiced in our hobby, we had fitted a lock to the inside of her wardrobe just in case someone tried to open it, also since we liked to film the action and have sex to it during the week we invested in a nanny cam which is a camera inside a stuffed animal and that sits on my mom’s dresser on the opposite side of the room to the wardrobe. We had also spent a small fortune buying lingerie for her because I just loved to see her dressed in it.
We were both really happy and my mom seemed like a new woman and when her friends asked her what she was doing sleeping around she simply told them that she was making up for lost time. We talked about sex all the time, things we liked, things that turned us on, our fantasies and things that we would like to try one day. Turns out her turn on is to take control and dominate while having sex, she thinks it’s a massive turn on to be watched while having sex and her fantasy is to have sex in a public place with a chance of being caught and she would like to try anal one day. We would also talk about our hopes for the coming weekend, she would say “God I hope he has a big cock and knows what to do with it. ” We would often get over excited during these conversations and just go at it there and then.

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    Our sex life was great but we always looked forward to the weekend just because of that little extra bit spice that it had and this week was no exception, we had bought her an extremely sexy black basque with matching briefs. The basque hugged her curves giving her a very sexy hour glass figure. It cupped and lifted her boobs and when she had this on she was irresistible the second my eyes caught sight of her my dick would be rock hard and I couldn’t restrain myself, unfortunately for me I wasn’t allowed to have sex with her wearing the outfit till the weekend.
The weekends could never come quick enough for me and this one was no exception, when I was at home I was fine but when I was at work time would slow to a crawl seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours and I was constantly turned on and I think my dick spent 90% of the working day hard making it very difficult to actually do any work what so ever.
Finally the weekend would arrive, Friday night’s I spend out on the town with my friends and coming home at stupid o’clock in the morning and climbing into bed with my beautiful mother. We never had sex on a Friday as a rule which was often torture if you’d been dancing with a girl rubbing your cock for three hours.  
Saturday had become a day of routine, in the morning my mom would change the bed sheets and I would set up the camera and remove any of my things from her room that had migrated their way in from my room in the past week. Mom would then go shopping and I would put in an appearance round my mates to talk about the night before, basically just talking about all the crazy drunken things that we did and the girls that had caught our eyes and when asked if I was out tonight I would use my usual line “I haven’t got the cash. ” The rest of the afternoon revolved around our mini tournament on the PS3.  
I arrived home at around five, when I walked in my mother was in the kitchen dressed in her robe ready for getting in the bath. I walked over to her and took her in my arms and kissed her. While we were kissing my hands loosened her robe and it fell open allowing my hands access to her bare flesh. “Okay you calm you’re self down. ” She said to me, I step back and gazed down over her naked body her 34DD’s with erect nipples, her clean shaven pussy and her silky smooth legs she was my Goddess. She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs and into the bathroom.

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   The room was like a sauna it was really warm and was full of steam, the bath was full and she had put bubble bath in. It was then she started to undress me, first she lifted my T-shirt above my head and then her hands were unbuckling my belt before they unbuttoned my jeans and I pulled them down exposing my already hard cock. As I finished removing what was left of my clothing my mother removed her robe and tested the water and climbed in, the water and bubbles covering her body.
I quickly joined her in the bath her at the bottom and me at the top. Her foot soon found its way to my cock, she started rubbing it slowly up and down. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes concentrating on the many pleasures running through my body. She then stopped and the water shifted I looked up and she was moving around adjusting her position. She was now on her knees facing me, she reached underwater and took my cock in her hands. She shuffled herself again. She took a deep breath and ducked her head under the water, disappearing under the bubbles. Her mouth found my cock a pulse of pleasure shot through my body like nothing that I had ever experienced. She started to suck my cock, I could feel her lips sliding down my shaft, I could feel the air bubbles on the tip of my dick and her head started to bob up and down on my cock for a short time then it stopped and she came back up to the surface. Taking a quick gasp of air at first while continuing to stroke my cock. Once she had caught her breath she took another deep breath and dived down again. I was really close as her tongue found the tip of my dick, her lips then engulfed my cock and she was stroking and sucking my cock at the same time, after taking it deep into her mouth she started to suck the tip of my cock, she then stopped and started to blow on the tip, this sent me over the edge and I grabbed her head and pushed my cock as far into her mouth as I could.

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   My orgasm was intense and she choked, a big glug of air came to the surface quickly followed by her head. She took one big gasp of air into her lungs. I was still coming down of the orgasm, my cock still pumping cum I can feel it leaving my cock. She catches her breath and I grab her and kiss her passionately on her lips.
“Did you enjoy that?” She said while still short of breath. “That was incredible!” “Your turn. ” She said while shifting her position again so that she was sitting down. She then lifted one leg out of the water and hung it over the side of the bath and then lifted her other leg out and rested it onto the ledge on the other side of the bath. I quickly shifted onto my knees, trying to work out the best position to get into. I reached under and started to rub her pussy and she responded straight away. I took a few deep breaths and ducked under the water using her legs as guides. I used my hands to part her pussy and set to work straight away sucking on her clit, I felt her legs twitch as I started to slip two fingers up into her pussy, using them to rub her G spot. It all seemed surreal doing it underwater, the sounds, you can’t see anything, you can feel the water sloshing around a round you then the pressure on your chest when you need air. I lifted my head up to the surface to catch my breath, I kept fingering her while I was up, her head was tilted back, her eyes closed tight, she was bighting her lip and her hand was squeezing her breast thumb and finder pinching her nipple. I then ducked down again, I started licking her clit and then sucking on it again, then an idea popped into my head and I started blowing bubbles over her pussy to which I heard muffled screams, I felt her whole body tense and her pussy contract down hard onto my fingers and I then returned to the surface.

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I didn’t even get to take a breath, she grabbed my head and kissed me with a crazed passion, I then had to push her away to get some air into my lungs, then we kissed again. Once she had come down I left her in the bath while she washed her hair. I dried myself off and went into her room at collapsed naked onto her bed totally exhausted.
 I just laid there for around twenty minutes until she got out of the bath and she came into her room with a towel wrapped around her and another on the head. She sat at her dresser and started to do her thing, she dried her hair, styled it, make up etc. Then came the point where she started to put on the clothes she pulled her basque and the briefs, she put the briefs on first then the basque, I helped her tie it up. She then pulled out some dark thigh high stockings that I hadn’t seen her in and it almost sent me over the edge when she had put them on. “Someone approves. ” She said gesturing to my now hard cock. “You look fucking stunning!!” I said back, “Just think when you will see it next. ” She said with a cheeky grin. “I can’t wait. I want to fuck you so badly. ” I said, “I know baby. ” She then pulled out a dress from her wardrobe.

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   Black was defiantly the theme for the evening, it was strapless, hugged her frame and covered her all the way down to her knees and it showed a lot of cleavage.
She then slowly put it on, running her hands over her body to smooth it out, I got up off the bed and walked up to her and she turned around. I took the zipper in my hand and slowly pulled it up. She then turned to face me, my hard cock rubbing against the front of her dress, “How do I look?” She asked, “Fucking amazing! You’re amazing. ” I said, she smiled and kissed me on the lips, “you best go put some clothes on Sandra will be here soon. ” She said pushing me towards the door and I pulled her out onto the landing with me, where we kissed again. Just then we heard a knock on the door, “Shit!!” She said running back into her room and me darting for mine, closing the door behind me and grabbing my clothes, putting them on as fast as I could. “Joe can you get the door please. ” I heard from outside my door. I checked myself in the mirror then opened my door and walked down the stairs. I opened the front door and Sandra was stood there, it was raining and she’d gotten a little wet, “Took your bloody time!” She said, while barging her way past me, “Sorry Sandra I was having a shit. ” I said with a smile. “Cheeky little bastard!” She said, “Now, now no need for the language is there. ” I said. Me and Sandra often talked like this, I’ve known her all my life and she loves me so much she’s constantly trying to get me with her daughter Sam who is rather attractive but has a voice that not even a priest could listen to.

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   Sandra walked up the stairs and I went into the living room, put the TV on and lay down on the couch. After a couple of minutes I hear my mother’s door close and then footsteps coming down the stairs.
My mother popped her head round the door, “Right I’m off. I’ll see you later. ” She said with a smile, “Yeah see you have a good time. ” With that she disappeared behind the door and Sandra’s head appears, “What you doing tonight Joe?”  She asked, “Just going round a mate’s a little later. ” I said, “Our Sam’s in the house by herself. Pop round and see her if you want. ” She said while disappearing behind the door, “Not going to happen Sandra. ” I said. I heard a little laughing and then the front door open and close.
I checked the time it was only eight and I knew that it would be a few hours before she would be home so I went up to my room and put a film on and sat and watched that. The time always seemed to go slow when I was waiting for her to come home, the excitement and anticipation always seemed to make the time drag over. The film finished and I checked the clock and it was only ten to ten. It was torture so I got up and went to my mother’s room, I tidied the things off her bed and squared everything else up.

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   I sprayed some of her perfume onto her bed to make the room smell more like woman, since I’d been sharing the smell of my aftershave and deodorant was starting to get into everything. I primed the camera, sorted out the pillows in the wardrobe and gave the room a full check over then went back to my room. I then looked at the clock again and it was still only ten so I turned on my PC and started surfing the net just to fill in time, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay on long due to the fact it takes ages to turn itself off.
Over the next hour I started to write the first of this series just to fill in time, it was such a turn on reliving that night while writing. Next thing I know was I could hear a car coming down the street. Shit no time out came the plug. I glance at the clock on my wall it’s midnight. I quickly strip and run to the window. It’s a taxi and I can see a man in the passenger seat and my mother in the back behind him. He opens the car door and I make a run for her room, I turn the camera on, check its aim, run round her bed and jump into the wardrobe and lock the door. This was the exciting time right now, waiting, wondering, the anticipation building, my heart beats faster and faster the adrenaline starts to circulate around my whole body, while I sit and wait in the darkness, listening out for my mother and her companion. It’s deadly silent, all I can hear is my heart beating and my shallow breaths. I then hear keys in the front door, the lock click open and the door opening. I can hear muffled voices and the door close. I hear footsteps on the stairs, soon followed by more, I can still hear voices, something seems amiss here,
I can hear more than two voices and the sound of more than two people coming up the stairs.

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   What’s going on? I’m thinking to myself. I’m nervous. Did Sandra see me and my mom on the landing? Possibly! You can see up the stairs if you look through the glass at the right angle. No she couldn’t have seen us. Then what’s going on? I’m now scared the footsteps are getting louder and louder as do the voices. How many are there three? Four? I can hear laughing, sounds like two men. I hear the door handle move. I sit there staring through the gap in the doors out into the dark room as the door opens. My heart is bursting out of my chest as I hear footsteps in the room the two men are clearly audible now. I see a slight silhouette of a woman move across the room in front of the window. A slight rattle and a click of the lamp and the room is filled with light. All my questions are answered, now I can see what’s going on. Standing inside my mother’s room are two men, then there a voice from behind them, “Come on lad’s let me in too. ” Right then a short man barges his way past one of the other men and stands next to him. I can now get a good look at them, the two taller men are both around 6’1”, 6’2ish one has really broad shoulders, short brown hair that’s spiked up looks like he works out and wearing jeans and a shirt and the other man is slimmer with an average frame, slightly longer hair and it looks like he spends far too much time in front of a mirror and is wearing trousers and a shirt and the short man is around 5’5ish but looks like he works out quite a bit and has a near shaved head and he’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt all of the look like they were in there  late thirties or early forties.

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All three of the men are staring at my mom. She turns to face them, “How do we do this?” The short man says. My mom reaches her hands back and unzips her dress and pulls it down, revealing the most amazingly sexy sight that I have ever seen and lets her dress fall to the ground. She walks up to them, “less talk more action that’s how we do it. ” She said. Fuck me did that turn me on and the men responded to that too. Soon there hands were all over her body. The short guy wastes no time and he reaches down and pulls down my mom’s briefs exposing her pussy, the other two guys are both have one hand on her tits and one on her ass, squeezing and rubbing she starts to kiss one and the short guy slides his hand between my mom’s legs, she takes a small side step to open her legs and give him better access and he starts to rub her pussy. One man lifts her breast out of the cup of the basque and the other copies him. They both start sucking on her now hard nipples like they were breast feeding, the short guy is now fingering my mom, she now looks over at me, a smile on her face telling me that she’s enjoying it, she lets out a little moan and the men respond, one of the taller men stops and steps back, he takes off his shirt and she places her hand onto his chest rubbing it up and down before moving down to his belt buckle, she can’t undo it with one hand so he does it for her and starts to unbutton his jeans, she reaches her hand in and pulls out a rather large looking cock it’s not hard yet but I can already see that it is at least seven inches and looks rather thick.
The other guys take this as a sign and they both stop what they are doing. They remove their shirt and T-shirt respectively and start to undo there trousers. The other guys cock is now rock hard as my mother strokes his cock, the little guy pulls his jeans down to his ankles and pulls them off throwing them to the side. My mom now gets down on her knees facing towards me and the short guys straight in there, the problem is he’s right in front of my mom and I can’t see anything just his bare ass and her pussy between his legs, I see her hand rise up and take the other guys hard cock again. His cock has to be nine inches full erect, the skinny man now pulls down his trousers and I couldn’t believe what I could see he is this tall skinny guy and I look down and he has a huge dick, it’s totally out of proportion to his body its soft and it’s got to be eight, nine inches and is rather thick, not as much as the other guy.

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   My mother turned her attention to him she shuffled towards him and grabbed his soft cock, I could now see her, she dipped her head and stuck her tongue out licked the underside of the tip and then took it into her mouth and started to suck it. She was now side on to me the short guy had now moved round to the other side of her and I could now see his dick which was fully erect from what I could see it was around eight inches but he had some big balls hanging down under it.
I looked back at my mother who now had this cock around semi erect and it was growing and growing each time she bobbed her head up and down, her breasts bouncing as she did it. The other tall guy was stood behind her stroking his fat cock waiting for his turn, the short guy reached down and grabbed my mom’s hand and guided it to his dick and shuffled round towards the skinny man and he was now more side on to me. My mom then stopped sucking the skinny mans cock and turned her attention to the short guy, taking his cock straight into her mouth, I couldn’t help but look at the skinny guys cock now it was fully erect and it was huge. I was side on to it and it must have been eleven, twelve inches long and was now almost as thick as the other mans dick. The other tall man knelt behind my mom placing his dick between her ass cheeks and wrapping his arms around her, squeezing her ample breasts. He started to kiss the back of her neck. My mom now moved one of her hands down towards her pussy to stoke the dick that was now underneath her and the other hand to the skinny mans dick and began to stroke it slowly, stroking the whole length of his shaft her hand barely fitting around it. She now stopped sucking on the cock that was in her mouth and stood up, walked over to the foot of her bed and climbed on. She was now side on to me again on the bed on her hands and knees. “Who’s going to fuck me first?” She said, the bigger of the tall men walked towards her,
“Me. ” He said in a deep voice, the other two the short guy and the skinny guy walked around both sides of the bed, the other guy took hold of his cock and shuffled forward behind my mom. He places his cock against her pussy and starts to rub it up and down against it causing her to look back at him and moan, it is now when he starts to stick it in, the fat tip of his cock slips into my mother’s pussy and she lets out another loud moan, the man starts pumping it in and out really slow, edging it in bit by bit, his thick did squeezing its way into her pussy. The other two then climb onto the bed and face my mother while on their knees with their dicks inches from her face, she reaches her right hand up and grabs the skinny guys cock and takes it into her mouth she then places her hand on his hip.


   The other guy has now managed to get his dick all the way in and is starting to fuck her harder, she begins to rock back onto his cock and he grabs her by the hips, her tits bouncing backwards and forwards, I can see his dick glisten as it comes out of her just before slamming back into her, she yelps as he slams his thick cock into her pussy, she now stops sucking the skinny guy and turns her head to the short guy. She now reaches her hand for his cock, but before she’s even grabbed a hold of it he guides it straight into her mouth, he then grabs her by the back of her head and starts pumping his cock in and out of her mouth slowly at first and then gradually gets faster, he’s trying to pump the whole of his cock into her mouth and she chokes a little but he doesn’t stop.
I look at her but I see she doesn’t want him to stop she lifts her hand up to his waste and starts bobbing her head up and down on his cock as fast as she can, I can hear the choking noises every time his cock touches the back of her throat, saliva now starts to dribble from her chin, mean while the big bloke is pumping away behind her, sweat is starting to drip from his head and run down his body he now stops and slowly pulls his fat cock out of her pussy. My mom stops sucking the short guys cock, saliva all over her face, she catches her breath, “Who’s next?” With that this short guy jumps off the bed and walks behind her, he takes a hold of his eight inch cock and slides it in to her pussy. She now takes the skinny guys cock back into her mouth, the other guy walks around the bed to stand next to them, my mom reaches her hand up and takes his cock in her hand and starts to stroke it, the short guy is now fucking my mom as hard as he can their bodies slamming together over and over. He smacks her arse with his hand causing her to stop sucking and gasp with pain but she soon returns to sucking this guy’s monster cock, which she now starts to take as deep into her mouth as she can, she’s choking on it but she still continues the try and take in more, she’s turning bright red and fighting her body to take his long dick into her throat, she then chokes again and lifts her head up, a long web of saliva hanging from her chin and his cock as she catches her breath. She now starts to fuck the short guy really hard slamming back into him meeting each of his long hard thrusts, I can see she’s really enjoying it, in fact she closes her eyes and dips her head down, “Don’t stop!!!” she screams, “Right there. Yeah!!!! I’m cuming!!!” She then screams into the blankets as their bodies slam together as she cums on to his cock.
The short guy now pulls out and walks round the side of the bed she turns to him and takes his cock into her mouth, sucking all her juices from it. She then sits up on the bed and pulls the skinny guy down and positions him across the bed his head on the opposite side to me next to the other two, his legs facing me. She now straddles him facing me, in reverse cowgirl, she puts her legs out in front of her and reaches down, takes his dick in her hand and raises her hips to meet it. I watch as his tip disappears into my mother’s pussy as she slowly guides it in. She now sits back and reaches her arms back and starts to fuck his cock taking it deeper and deeper into her pussy. I can now see the mess she’s in, her stockings are slightly ripped, her basque and tits were covered in saliva and her makeup, eyeliner and lipstick were all smudged, but she didn’t care she was slamming down on this guys huge cock by now taking the best part of ten inches into her pussy each time, the other two guys were behind her head looking on, she turned her head towards the larger of the two and tilted it back just enough so she could take his cock into her mouth, the short guy reached across her body and started to squeeze her left breast while her other bounces up and down as she continued to fuck the skinny guys huge cock as he pumped it in and out of her.  
She soon stopped sucking, “Oh my God!!! I’m going to cum again!!” She screamed again as she came onto this guys cock, she then slowly slipped his cock out of her pussy and climbed off him and stood up, I can see her come dripping from her pussy and onto the carpet.

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   The skinny guy then sat up as she turned and lay down on the bed, the guys walked around to the front of her the short guy first, he climbed on top of her and she lifted her legs onto his shoulders, lifting her pussy up as far as possible, “Do not cum in me!” She said to them as the short guy began to fuck her as the other two looked on stroking there large cocks. She turned her head towards me again she was licking and bighting her lips, closing her eyes she wanted me to know that she was loving it. The short guy now tired and slowly stopped and moved out of the way for the bigger guy who this time ploughed his cock straight into her pussy and began pounding it, her legs spread out either side of him. Both of them were exhausted and started to get slower and slower and he pulled out and she sat up on the bed, they now surrounded her cocks sticking out in front of them, she slowly stands up and walks past them and then drops to her knees facing side on to me back towards them. They now edged forward towards her she reached and took hold of the skinny guy’s dick with both hands and started to stroke it. The other two took a step forward and began stoking their dicks. She guides the skinny guys cock into her mouth and removes her hands placing them onto the other two dicks and began stroking them. The skinny guy began stroking his dick while my mom sucked it, this was it.
“Oh shit I’m going to come!” Shouted the skinny guy. My mom removed her mouth from his dick and stuck her chest out just a jet of sperm squirted out of the tip of his cock and sprayed her across the face, followed soon after by another jet that he shot into her mouth, he continued to stroke it and more cum dripped out over her tits. She then spat out his cum letting it run down her chin and drip onto her breasts. This was too much for the short guy as he then shot his huge load straight over her tits covering them in thick white cum. She then turned to the last guy as he stroked his large thick cock in front of her face, she reached her hand up and started to play with his balls and that was it he clenched his body as he shot his load right onto my mom’s face and into her hair, he even got it into her eye. They all kept stroking their cocks but they were spent, staring down at my mom as she knelt there soaked in cum.   “Can you guy’s let yourselves out I need to clean up?” She said, “Yeah, no problem,” said the short guy as they all turned and started to gather their clothes off the floor, as they did that she looked at me with the one eye she could open and licked her bottom lip and smiled, I looked down and I could see her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy, the men were now starting to get dressed and soon had their clothes on.

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   The then looked at my mom, “Okay, see you again sometime. ” Said the short guy as he left the room followed by the skinny guy, the bigger guy then smiled at her, “Hope you enjoyed yourself?” He said, “Oh I did. ” She said as he left the room.
I then heard all three walking down the stairs, then the front door open and close. I stayed still for a couple of seconds listening, my mom looked around, then back, “Okay they’ve gone. ” I then unlocked the wardrobe and opened the sliding door, I could barely stand up as I’d been sitting so long. I quickly ran to the doorway and looked down the stairs. The hallways dark and quiet, I can hear voices outside that are getting quieter and quieter, I then slowly started to walk down the stairs in the dark  towards the front door, I then locked it then ran back up to my mom’s room and closed the door. She was now laid on the bed on her back with her legs over the bottom of the bed slightly sat up, looking at me, I walked up to the foot of the bed and stood between her legs and looked down on her. She was covered in cum her face, her breasts, her basque and there was even some running down her leg. I crouched down and she sat up on the edge of the bed the cum started to run down and drip off her nipples, “You know what to do. ” She said, I nodded and leaned forward and took one of her large nipples in my mouth and started to suck on it. Her nipples were already hard, I started to get excited and the more I licked and sucked the more cum I got in my mouth but I didn’t care by now, I then start to lick the cum off her face and then we share a kiss.
She then shuffles back onto the bed and I climb on dick primed for action, she opens her legs and shows me her beaten pussy, I now guide in my eight inch cock, our bodies come together and the cum starts to rub off onto me, as I start to thrust in and out of her she stopped me, “Ahh baby stop! I’m too sore. ” This was a disappointment for me, I pulled my cock out of her pussy, “Don’t worry you will still get to fuck me.

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  ” She said, “What?” I said, “I was going to wait till your birthday but since tonight has been so good I want you to have it now. ” She said, “Have what?” I asked slightly confused, “I want you to fuck me in my ass. ” She said, “Are you sure? Are you ready for that?” I said, “Yes, I’ve been preparing myself for weeks. ” With that she got up off the bed and walked over to her dresser and opened the draw, she reached in and then pulled out a tube of K&Y jelly then turned and walked back over to me, “Put some on your finger,” she said and I stuck my finger out and she squeezed some onto it, it felt cold. I then rubbed it a bit and she bent over in front of me sticking her ass in my face and I was now staring directly at her arse hole. I reached up and placed my lubricated finger against her hole and started to rub it slowly, and she let out a small moan. She then reached back and handed me the K&Y jelly, “Here, you will need to use plenty. ”
She said, I now squeezed more lube onto my fingers and placed the lube onto the bed. I now reached up with both hands placing my left hand on her ass cheek and my other hand to the middle where I pressed two fingers against her tight little hole. Her arse hole started to open and my fingers began to slide in, I could feel it wrapping around my fingers. Once in I started to slowly pump my fingers in and out and her hole started to get looser, I pulled out again and picked up the lube squeezing more onto my fingers before sticking them back into my mother’s ass, I now added a third finger into her hole and started to pump in and out again and she begins to rock slowly back onto my fingers. I now stood up and withdrew my fingers from her ass and she turned to face me, she reached down and picked up the lube and squeezed some into the palm of her hand then moved her hand to my throbbing cock and began to stroke it slowly covering it with lube, I lean in and we kiss as she continues to stroke my now very wet dick, she then brakes the kiss and look me right in the eyes, “I think we’re ready. ” She now steps to the bottom of the bed and bends over it, I now position myself behind her.
I look down and I can see her wet hole glisten in the light, I take hold of my cock and place it against her tight hole. I start to apply pressure and her ass starts to open around the tip of my dick, her hole’s so tight it’s hard to get my cock in, but slowly her ass stretches around my dick, I pull the tip out a little bit then try again this time the tip goes in and the first thing I notice is how tight it is, I edge my cock out a little bit then back in trying to fit more in, and I continue to do this and the more I did the looser she became and the deeper my cock got.

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   She looked back at me, “Do you like fucking your mommy’s ass?” She said, I nodded, “Yes. ” “Take it slow. ” She said, as I started to pump in and out in longer and longer strokes. It felt great her tight hole sliding up and down my shaft. I now grabbed her hips and started to rock her gently back and forth to meet my thrusts, I was now able to get my full eight inches into her ass now and my balls were starting to slap against her pussy as our pace quickened up. Before I knew it my cock was gliding in and out of her and I began to pound her ass, “That’s it baby fuck mommy’s ass! Fuck my tight hole!” She said. Those words were too much for me and I started to feel the cum starting to rush from my balls, I tried desperately to hold on to my orgasm, but it just gained momentum, “Fuck I’m going to cum!!” I shouted, I then stuck my cock as deep as I could into her, as my orgasm erupted and my cum started to squirt out into her.
I then slowly pulled my cock from her ass and as it came out some of my cum dripped out down onto the carpet. She slowly stood up to face me and we wrapped out arms around each other and hugged each other. We were now both really sticky from the cum that was all over us, we then lay down on the bed together and she cuddled into me, tired and exhausted we fell asleep together.
I know this is a long story but there was a lot to tell, I hope you enjoyed it and I welcome any feedback.