There Can Be Only OneCh.25


There Can Be Only One Ch 25

Cathy edged backwards slightly to make way for Ross to join her in the shower. He raised his hands into the falling water allowing the warm spray to bounce onto his naked body. As his eyes devoured the beautiful girl before him, a smile crossed his face at how not more than two weeks ago his younger sister would have yelled blue murder at him for even taking a sideward glance at her fully clothed body in such a lascivious manner never mind as she stood before him now completely exposed.

Her soaking wet long blonde hair clinging to her head framed a perfectly flawless face devoid of any teenage spots or pimples. Her blue eyes sparkled as she gazed back at him.

He watched a drop of water leave her chin and fall between her perfectly rounded breasts…The index finger of his right hand reaching and gently resting on her slightly round tummy out to stop the meandering droplet. Twisting his hand slightly he could feel the smooth skin on the palm of his hand rise and fall with each breath she drew in.

He tilted his hand to cup the cascading water that ran down her glistening body, only to pull it away from the warm flesh, to see a rivulet of water gush towards the small growth of fine pubic hair that was starting to cover her mound.

His hand once more touched the shiny skin of her belly, gently rubbing it before his fingers slid down effortlessly to the downy pubic hair. He paused momentarily and looked up into his younger sister’s face…her mouth slightly parted taking in large slow breaths.

The middle finger of Ross’s right hand slid between the puffy outer lips of the virgin’s cunt, noting the slight different texture of her smooth external skin to that of her inner silky soft skin…His finger seemed to be automatically drawn deeper into the tight orifice.

Cathy flexed her knees slightly so that his hand was not hindered by her thighs. She loved the gentle finger teasing the entrance to her pussy threatening to rupture the thin membrane and yet stopping just short. She silently whispered in her own mind for her brother just to push those few millimetres further and break her cherished hymen…and at the same time pulling back so that it remained in tact. Cathy’s mind was in turmoil.

Ross eased his finger out and lightly rubbed the small nub of his younger sister’s clit as it poked its glossy head from its protective sheath causing her to moan gently.

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   The feel of it on the tip of his finger once more contrasted against the surrounding tissue.

He lowered his head under the flow of warm water to take the dark pink areola between his lips…sucking on it and tormenting the engorged nipple with his tongue. He felt Cathy’s hand on the back of his head pressing it harder against her heaving sensitive breast.

Cathy was close to reaching the peak of her arousal as she wriggled her lower body in an effort to get the finger that teased her clit to be more vigorous and take her that one step further so that her sexual relief could be complete.

She closed her eyes and pushed her head back concentrating on the pleasure her body was experiencing…her left hand grasping her free breast, mauling and squeezing to aid her approaching release.

Her whole body shook and she let out a muffled scream as the climax overtook her. Ross lightly bit down on her teat causing her to convulse even more…her own hand forcing the head closer to her budding tit, encouraging the teeth to clamp down on the engorged nipple even more.

In the few minutes for Cathy to calm down Ross continued to softly caress silky flesh with the slightest of touches as his mouth gently suckled the tender teat. Both his hand and his mouth withdrew as Cathy released his head from her heaving chest.

She lent forward and offered her lips to her brother to kiss…an offer which Ross accepted. They kissed as lovers…their tongues searching, sucking, and fighting whilst their naked wet bodies pressed hard against each other.

Cathy could feel his cock, hard and erect between their bodies. She broke the kiss and slid slowly down his body…kissing, licking and tasting her elder brother’s flesh until her lips met the shiny head. Her lips pursing and kissing the very tip of cock…her tongue teasing the small opening where she would soon feel the gush of male seed flood out…her own mind deciding that she would swallow each precious drop of cum that her brother…her Master… squirted out. Her mouth opened wider to accept the whole of his enlarged knob as he gently rested his own hands on her head to help guide his manhood into her willing mouth.

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She could feel the water on her back as her mouth was slowly used as a receptacle for her brother to fuck…she willingly let him dictate the speed and pace of his thrusts…occasionally choking when he pushed too far causing her gag reflexes to kick in.

Cathy tried but could not accept the intruding penis into her throat…she wished that she could…she wanted to please her brother…she wanted to be able to deep throat him…but want and able were miles apart at this time. She swore that she would learn to take it in her throat as Vicky had learnt to take the carrot and banana deep in her throat when the two played with each other. She would have her friend over soon so that she can watch her brother at least experience a throat to fuck…even if it meant her friend gagging as she felt pubic hair pressed against her face.

Ross was starting to thrust harder but knew that he would not be able to get the whole of his length into his sister’s mouth. With one final attempt he withdrew as the kneeling girl flew her head back gagging and choking on the flesh that tried to go deeper than her body would allow. She looked up past the hanging taut balls and man meat to see why her brother did not replace the dick in her mouth.

Ross gently pulling on Cathy’s hair made her rise from her kneeling position…her small hands grasping his muscled thighs for support in rising. She looked questioningly into his face as to why he did not finish in her willing mouth.

Nothing was said, but with a smile Ross twisted his hand causing Cathy to turn around to face the wall as her hair was pulled with the controlling hand. She felt her hair being released and her brother’s hands rest upon her shoulders. She leaned forward as the pressure on her shoulders increased. She knew what she was supposed to do. She gently bit on her own lower lip knowing that her brother was about to insert his hard flesh into another hole…she was expecting to lose her virginity within the next few minutes…and to her own brother.

Goose bumps shot up her spine as she felt hands slide from her shoulders down her back and grasp her at her waist pulling her backwards…she gasped when she felt what must have been her brother’s hard cock touch her ass.

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   Cathy shuffled her legs slightly and took what must have been a classical police lean against the wall and spread them stance. She shut her eyes and tensed knowing what was about to come.

The pounding spray of water on her back was unnoticed as she felt fingers slide under her body towards her firm hanging tits. Her eyes opened as she felt hands grasp her breasts and looked on mesmerised as they kneaded and mauled them. She could feel her brother slide his flesh between the cheeks of her ass in a fucking motion…her hair hanging down like a curtain, obscuring any sideway view.

A few moments later she tensed once more as her brother’s hands left her breasts expecting that he was now ready to deflower her. Her eyes closed again not knowing what to expect. She knew that Vicky experienced some pain at her brother’s hands…or should she say cock…she smiled at how she can still joke to herself at a time like this. She flinched when she felt something cold hit her back.

Ross had reached for the shower gel and poured a liberal amount over his sister’s back. Replacing the bottle back on the shelf he started to lather up his sister’s back…then let his soapy hands slide once more under her body to massage the soft globes of her tits. He continued to slide his shaft between his sister’s bum cheeks.

He let a soapy hand slide over her tummy to firstly caress and lather up her mound and then, between her puffy cunt lips the silky flesh of her inner cunt. He could feel his finger glide easily into the small entrance.

Stepping back slightly he reached for the gel and poured a generous glob just at the top of her ass crack.

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   Ross gently massaged the slime between her crack …paying a lot of attention to her bum hole…teasing it with slippery fingers…gently trying to probe past the closed puckered ring without exerting any real force…before travelling further under towards the virgin cunt.

Cathy was trying to relax, the soapy hands of her brother felt good as they treated her to the sensuous massage…but the thought of what was to come prevented her from fully loosening up. She had hoped that he would continue to massage her sensitive breasts longer than he did…and when he teased her anal ring she almost wanted to shove back onto the finger and feel it enter that most dirty of places. She was disappointed when she felt his fingers leave her rear passage. She closed her eyes once more…enjoying the feel of the soapy finger that was now arousing her pussy again. Her brother’s free hand was not idle as it found its way to her breasts…fondling each in turn as the finger on her clit and cunt continued to pleasure her. She tensed every time the tip came in contact with the membrane that was proof she was a virgin.

Ross once again stopped toying with the bowed girl and reached for the bottle. This time he held a palm full in his right hand and copiously coated his hard cock with the slippery substance.

Cathy tried to turn her head around to see why there was a delay in body contact, but the curtain of hair prevented her from seeing anything. She wriggled her arse when she felt a cold drop of soap hit her between her ass cheeks. Her eyes closed when a soapy finger started to tease her anal opening…she could feel slightly more pressure being exerted on her hole but still not enough to penetrate past the first defence.

Ross replaced his finger with the tip of his cock…rubbing both of his sisters holes alternatively without actually trying to penetrate either one. He knew that he was teasing his sister.

Cathy was getting more and more aroused…and yet feared what was about to come.

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   She let her right hand drop away from the wall and go directly to her clit, leaving her left arm to support her. When ever she felt Ross’s cock near her cunt she would move her hand so as not to obstruct the hard flesh from having access to whatever part of her it wanted. On each change of hole the pressure applied was increased…she knew that at any time the head would pop into either her ass or her cunt…she was starting to not care which one…as long as it went in one of them.

Ross pushed hard against the puckered brown hole…he could see that it was starting to open as gradually more of his cock head was now able to squeeze into the tight orifice…maybe the next time he would give it one final hard thrust and pop his whole length into that tight anal passage.

He guided his cock once more to the hole just below where he was thinking about plunging his manhood deep inside…he too was starting to lose control of his arousal. He teased the throbbing clit with the shiny head of his dick, causing Cathy to push her ass further backwards as her stomach muscles tightened now desiring that her brother just fucks her…she wanted him to take her there and then.

Ross eased his prick between the puffy lips and pushed against small opening…this time with more pressure until he felt the membrane prevent him from pushing deeper.

Ross could not control his lust any more and with one final steady push he felt the resistance to his cock head give way and his cock slip until a good three inches were embedded in the tight orifice.

He heard a guttural groan from his sister’s mouth and felt her whole body tense. He ignored what she must be feeling quickly realising there was no easy painless way for her to take his full length…he pushed slowly and steadily until he was fully in. Only when he felt his own tummy press against the taut soft flesh of his sister’s ass did he pause.

He could hear Cathy taking in deep breaths as she tried to grow accustomed to his throbbing member. The muscles of her cunt were flexing as if trying to push out the invading probe…that only aroused Ross even more as his prick enjoyed the waves of pleasure that were shooting through him.

Ross’s hand snaked around and cupped his sister’s tummy at first then slid down so that his finger found the little hard nub of her clit. He gently teased and rubbed it until he thought he felt his sister relax slightly.

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He slowly started to withdraw his cock from the vice like grip of the velvet glove. His hand immediately felt Cathy’s stomach tighten again…but he was not to be denied…he slowly started to fuck his little sister as she lay stooped over…her ass round and glistening as the water from the shower continued to cascade over her naked body.

Cathy’s moans were not moans of pleasure, but more of grunts of pain as each thrust and withdrawal was felt by her tender pussy. Although not a few seconds ago she wanted her brother’s prick in her she was not expecting the pain to be so severe. She knew that it was made even more unbearable by tensing up…but her body just took over its protective course and she could not help tightening her muscles.

Besides those gurgling murmurs she never spoke or shifted her body…accepting that her brother was not going to be denied the use of his slut, she knew that the order in her brother’s mind, she was first a fuck toy to him…and second a sister.

She felt no pleasure as she felt the cock push really hard against her ass and swell…followed by what she assumed to her brother sending his sperm deep inside of her cunt. She only hoped that the timing of her monthlies did not make her conceive.

Cathy and Vicky had already decided to go to the clinic on Monday after school and get on the pill…she closed her eyes and hoped it was not too late.

Ross stood behind the small framed girl…his hands resting lightly either side of her waist. Exhausted, he took deep breaths trying to regain his strength…his cock still embedded deep inside his sister.

Both heads swung around at the same time as they felt the draft of the shower door open. Cathy could just about make out who it was that opened the door as she peered through strands of hair…Ross had a clear view.

“Ohh My GOdddd” Alice Gorman looked on in horror as she saw what her two youngest were doing. She shook her head in disbelief.

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Cathy was about to stand upright when Ross’s hand flew to her shoulder holding her down in place.

“Is the door locked?” Ross was the first to respond. He thought he had locked the door when he first came into the bathroom.

Alice could not tear her eyes away from her daughter’s ass…half hidden by her son as he pressed his belly hard against it. She heard Ross’s voice somewhere in the distance. It was not until Ross repeated his words…this time they rose higher than when he first spoke, did she respond by shaking her head as her eyes slowly rose from where they were transfixed.

“Where’s dad?” Ross remained motionless as he stared at his mother…his right hand still resting on Cathy’s shoulder holding her in her stooped position.

“Wha…watching his football”, Alice’s voice shaking as she spoke softly.

It took a moment for Ross to realise that his father would not be up for some time as the sports highlight programme lasted for at least ninety minutes and he usually stays up after to watch the movie that follows straight afterwards.

His mother was one of habit…as soon as ‘Match of the Day’ came on she would spend about ten minutes tidying up the kitchen,then come up stairs and soak in a bath. To confirm his reasoning, his mother stood with her robe held tightly wrapped around her, the terry belt tied about her waist…a clean white towel hanging over her arm.

“Good…lock the door …ohh…and lose the robe…. ” Ross spoke with his usual authoritarian manner.

Alice Gorman stared at her son for a second, before, as if in a trance turned, and locked the door…losing the towel and robe before she stood naked before her son and daughter. Her eyes were once more focused on the coupled bodies.


   She gasped as she saw Ross withdraw his softening cock.

Ross released his hand from his sister’s shoulders, turning off the shower. He looked at his mother before stepping towards her and let his hand touch her smooth pussy…her cunt showed no signs of arousal.

Cathy rose from her stooped position brushing her soaking hair from her face but unable to look her mother directly in the eyes.

Ross reached in and grasped Cathy by the wrist and gently pulled her out and towards the toilet. He pushed her down until she was seated…a questioning look across her face.

Turning to his mother he spoke quietly but with that air of control in his voice.

“On your knees and clean your daughters cunt…make sure you get all my seed out of her”

Alice Gorman could not believe what her son was asking her to do…but that did not stop her from taking the few steps forward and lowering to her knees before her youngest daughter. She felt her cunt start to respond to the humiliating act that she was about to perform.

Ross stood to Cathy’s side and watched his mother gently pull apart her daughters lips before lowering her head wither tongue extended ready to lick the juices that were before her.

There was a very loud audible gasp from Cathy’s mouth when she felt the smooth tongue come in contact with her sensitive flesh…her legs parted further to allow the head easier access to her pussy…as the tongue gently lapped the thick cream from her abused hole. She started to respond to that gentle kissing.

“Clean me” Ross smiled directly at his sister.

Cathy looked disbelievingly at her brother…he had just taken her virginity and now was expected to clean his cock. “Me?”

Alice looked up from her kneeling position…

“Yes you…” His hand reached out and pushed his mother’s head back down.

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  . . “Keep cleaning…and bring your daughter off…she did not enjoy me popping her cherry” His smile broadened.

Cathy hesitated only for a moment…enjoying the tongue once more on her sensitive pussy “Yes Master”…her small hand reached out and took a hold of the soft cock…feeling it warm and slightly sticky, she lowered her head and gingerly took the head into her mouth. She was not repulsed by the taste…maybe the tongue working on her cunt and clit made it much more acceptable to her palette. She squirmed as the experienced older tongue found her engorged clit.