There Can Be Only One Ch6


Chapter 6

I eventually started to come out of my post climax euphoria with mum desperately trying to push me off and Cathy shouting verbal abuse at my mother. As soon as I rolled off mum and lay by her side she sat up and pushed her dress back down over her upper thighs and pussy.
“I …I…” mum just burst into tears and her hands flew up to cover her face, as Cathy continued her tirade of abuse. I could not make out whether she was mad or just enjoying calling mother names. Vicky was standing quiet by the door looking rather sheepish.
“You are just a whore…a cum loving, son fucking, tart…” Cathy continued to hurl abuse at mum.
“What you so mad about? “ I smiled “Did you want my cock in your cunt first?”
“Huh…you don’t think I am having you put THAT up me…not after it has fucked that slut next to you”
“He. . . we. . . he didn’t fuck…enter me” mother spat out between sobs.
“Oh no???” Cathy walked over to mum and lifted her dress right up so that the whole of her lower torso was on view with the fabric over her head “Then what the fuck is that spread over your hairy twat?”
Mother tried to push Cathy’s hand and dress back down
“Get those fucking hands down” Cathy shouted and mum immediately dropped her hands back down. I just lay on the bed and listened to them both argue…Cathy insisting that I fucked mum whilst mother denied we had had intercourse. Mother kept on trying to bring me into the conversation to help her out but I chose to stay silent which only fuelled Cathy into believing we had actually fucked.


I sat up and looked at mum’s pussy. My cum was now starting to matt on her pubic hair.
“Stop” I finally spoke. “The two of you. ”  Cathy looked at me and with a nod from my head giving instruction she let the dress go. Mother just sat there, her cunt now hidden but most of her upper thighs still on view.
“I did not fuck mum if you must know…I. ” I didn’t want to embarrass myself by saying I shot my load before I even got a chance to penetrate…fuck I would never live that down. . . ”I wanked myself over mums pussy”
Mum didn’t say anything…at least with me wanking over her was better than saying I fucked her…wasn’t it? She thought.
I looked over at Vicky. “Lift up your skirt”
Vicky looked a little taken aback, mum shouted my name as if rebuking me and Cathy still looked as though I had stopped her having fun hurling abuse at mum.
Vicky slowly did as I asked until her cute small quim was open to see.
Mum looked directly at Vicky’s cunt.

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“That cunt there is the one that my virgin cock is going to enter. ”
“Ross…stop that…right now…this has gone far enough…and you girls have gone too far as well…wait until your mother hears about this young girl” Mum directed the last sentence looking directly at Vicky.
Vicky dropped her skirt. “Please don’t tell mum…please. . . we won’t do anything”
“Shut the fuck up mum…you are not going to tell anyone…unless you want me to print off a picture of you and Mrs Noakes for Vicky to have?”
Mum just looked at me knowing I had her where I wanted.
“What pictures of mum and Mrs Noakes?” Cathy queried.
I just pointed over to the computer. “There’s our insurance”
Both Cathy and Vicky walked over to the computer…looked over at mum and back to the computer. “How…when…did they?”
I laughed…”See mum even your own daughter believes it is you”
“You mean its not?”
“Of course not you fuckwit…I Photoshop'd the image”
The two girls both burst into laughter…. ”Ohm I have to get a copy of that…”
Mum looked alarmed before I piped up. “No. . .

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  I am the only one going to have that” Cathy moaned her disappointment where as mum sighed her relief.
I leaned across and touched mums face gently. She looked at me with her face still wet with the tears that were flowing so freely earlier.
“Mum” I spoke quietly.
“Yes Ross” there was love in the manner in which she spoke…
I spoke quietly with some tenderness in my voice”
“Suck my cock…make it hard again…” She gasped I am going fuck Vicky while you hold her cunt apart” I heard a sharp intake of breath come from Vicky’s direction.
“Noooo…please son. . . ” Once again there was disbelief and pleading in her response
“Suck me hard…and you WILL hold Vicky’s cunt lips apart …either hers or your daughters…you chose…either way I am going to pop my cherry in a 14yo’s cunt in the next 18 minutes. ”
“Suck your sons cock you slut…get him hard…real hard…I want to hear Vicky scream when he breaks her hymen” Cathy verbally lashed out.
“Suck my cock mum…don’t make me force you”
Mrs Gorman let out a sigh of resignation as she turned her body slightly and lowered her head to take her sons cock once again in her incestuous mouth.
I leaned back supporting myself on extended arms as mums head started to bob up and down. My cock rose to full erection quickly as mums moth and tongue worked its magic on it. My hands automatically came up and started to force mums mouth deeper and faster onto my cock.
I looked over at the girls…Vicky was standing staring, whilst Cathy was openly masturbating herself under her skirt.

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“Strip naked Vicky and get yourself over here”
Vicky gulped audibly but within a matter of seconds was naked and sitting on the bed.
I heard mum groan…. was not sure if it was in pleasure or the thought of what was coming next when. Vicky did not take her eyes off mum’s bobbing head on my now glistening hard cock. But now her hand was rubbing between her legs. I reached out and touched Vick’s right tit…grasping it hard, moulding it…pulling. The more I squeezed and pulled the louder Vicky groaned.
“Yeah…suck him…suck that mother fucker…squeeze her tits…pull them fucking off” Cathy was getting lost in the scene.
“On your knees Cathy…get Vicky’s cunt wet for me”
“What. . . no fucking way”
I looked at Cathy and gave her a glare that meant what I said. “Only fucking ONE”
Cathy frowned at me but got between Vicky’s legs. I watched intensely as she lowered her head between Vicky’s outstretched thighs. Vicky spread her legs wider, a smile creeping across her face.

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Cathy tentatively at first kissed her friends pussy…then we saw her tongue snake out between Vicky’s tightly closed pussy lips. It was not that Vicky was holding them tight…just that I don’t think anything larger than perhaps her finger has ever entered between them. .
Mum kept on sucking my cock making obscene slurping sounds but her head tilted so that she could see what her daughter was doing to the young girl.
I released Vicky’s tit and stooped to take a hold of Cathy’s smaller breast. Cathy jumped and sat up pulling off my hand
“Don’t EVER pull away from me. . . EVER…and that goes to all three of you”
Cathy once again shot a look at me but then she lowered her head back between Vicky’s legs and her breast once more coming into contact with my hand.
I squeezed her right tit harder than I had squeezed Vicky’s. Cathy let out a muffled yelp as her mouth was once more kissing and sucking the wet pussy before her.
I was getting excited…I did not want a repeat episode with what had happened with mum so I pulled mums head off my cock. She let out a soft groan. My cock was covered in her saliva and spit.
“Enough…time for some cherry popping.

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  . . ” All three females let out a sound, each different depending on what was going through their minds at that precise moment.
I had read enough stories and knew that there well may be some blood which I did now want on my duvet cover.
“Get a towel and be quick Cathy…you Vicky get further up on the bed and spread those legs. Mum…you know what to do. ”
All three women jumped and started to do as they were told. I had noticed mum did not offer any opposition and as Vicky edged her way up and lay down, mum had positioned herself by her waist.
Cathy ran back into the room with the towel and knew exactly what it was intended for and after telling Vicky to raise her ass, she placed it under her. Cathy jumped up and knelt the other side of her friend.
I climbed on the bed and knelt between Vicky’s legs…I was fucking excited to say the least but wanted this to last.
“There is only one…. who is it”
Cathy immediately responded…”You Master”
Vicky also answered the same although there was nervousness in her voice and a scared look in her eyes.
We all looked at mum…
“Only one what?” She questioned. We all laughed.

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I grabbed mum by her hair and brought her lips to mine…I kissed her with a passion that was not meant for between mother and son. She tried to pull away but I held her head against mine. When I broke the kiss mum looked flustered, shocked, surprised…but she did not say anything.
I looked at Vicky
She nodded biting her lower lip
Cathy was once again masturbating openly…but this time her cunt was on view and we saw a small extended clit poke out between her lips getting a good fingering.
“Open her up” I looked at mum…
She leaned over and touched Vicky’s cunt lips…I saw mums fingers gently go in either side and pull the lips apart. The pink flesh that was exposed now was shimmering with moisture.
I lowered my body until my cock came in contact with the inner walls of Vicky’s lips.
“Condom son…condom…you haven’t got a condom on”
I looked at mum. . . she was right…
“Fuck the slut bareback…she won’t get pregnant…and if she does we can always get rid of it”
“Nooo. . . i can’t get pregnant”
“Put a condom on son”
My mind was in turmoil…but my cock was shouting out to me.
In one swift push I dropped my full body weight upon Vicky trapping mums hand under me.

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   Vicky yelled out as my cock head speared its way into her cunt…ripping her hymen as it did so. I didn’t even feel it break such was the force of my thrust. Vicky was still screaming and shouting for me to pull out.
I released my body weight slightly so that mums arms were not in my way. She withdrew them quickly as they also must have been uncomfortable for her pinned between the two bodies.
On release mum quickly leaned close and held Vicky’s screaming head and spoke quietly to her trying to calm her. She kissed her first on the cheek then the lips. Vicky started to quiet down. My cock had not moved since the initial thrust into her tight hole.
It was tight…my cock felt as though it was between a vice…a vice with soft velvet pads…but tight. I started to slowly withdraw my cock until just the head was between Vicky’s lips. My cock was coated in blood.
I slowly started to push it back in. Vicky renewed her moans of pain, moans I chose to ignore as I started to slowly fuck. My eyes closed.

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   The feeling was the best feeling I had felt to date and that wonderful feeling grew as Vicky started to relax and her cunt was allowing me to invade between those silky walls. I knew that I could not last very long…but at least I lasted long enough to penetrate my first cunt.
I heard Cathy to the side of me moaning…whispering obscenities as she continued to finger fuck herself. I could only hear the muffled sounds coming from Vicky. I opened my eyes to discover why they were muffled. Mum was kissing Vicky full on the lips, her right hand under her dress. That was enough…I knew I was about to blow my load.
I pulled out of Vicky’s cunt and with one movement grabbed Cathy by her hair towards my bloody cock. Her scream allowed me to shove my cock deep into her open mouth as the first spurt hit the back of her throat. She gagged as my cock kept on spurting its thick cream. She coughed and spluttered and pushed me away only to have a final spurt land right on her face.
Mum had sat up when I pulled out. I finished off squeezing the rest of my cum by my own hand…letting it drop on Vicky’s leg.
I sat back on my haunches looking at what lay before me. I smiled…exhausted.

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Cathy was doing her usual ranting and swearing calling me all the names under the sun wiping her cum and blood coated lips with both of the backs of her hands. Vicky had tears running down her face and between her legs was a cunt that was coated in her juices and blood. Mum…well how can I describe mum? She had an expression of utter disbelief on her face. A look of despair…resignation…fuck it was fucking priceless.
I got off the bed and turned to go and soak in a bath. My cock was aching. I could hardly walk.
I turned my head just as I was leaving…three pairs of stunned eyes just looking at me. “I am going for a bath…what’s for dinner mum?”
I did not wait for a reply but closed the door behind them.

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